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Avatar n tn My husband hurt his shoulder working it is around his left shoulder blade the pain is raidating down his arm and is making his hand numb.
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Avatar f tn Went to emergency with severe pain in right shoulder, up into the neck and down the right arm (woke up with it). Have been on 500 mg. Naproxen , twice daily, for 3 weeks, and 10 mg. Pms-cyclobenzaprine every 8 hours. I'm still experiencing pain plus some new tingling down the arm. Should I be going back to my doctor? It seems this is taking an unusually long time to get better.
Avatar f tn I sometimes experience shoulder pain, pain radiating to my left breast and tingling pain in my thumb. I don't know if taking vitamin B12 and using ice and cold patches will be good for you but they certainly help me. Maybe you can ask your doctor before trying. I hope and pray for your fast recovery.
Avatar f tn A few months ago, I was stopped dead in my tracks (was leaving work, simply walking to my car)with this horrendous pain under my left shoulder balde. It was so bad, I could hardly breath, turn my head or walk to my car. It went away w/in a few days to a week. About a month after that, the same thing happened (was just standing on my front porch, went to go inside)but to the right side this time.. Again, that went away with in a few days..
Avatar n tn Hi Mary, Welcome to our Pain Management Forum. I am sorry to hear that you are experiencing constant arm pain. Which arm is it? I don't see an actual question in your post so I won't try to guess what it may be. If you do have a specific question please feel free to ask it. ..... And please provide a bit more info. How long has this been going on? Again, which arm? This could be a shoulder problem or a spinal structure issue.
Avatar n tn I would get sharp and shooting pains that went from my neck all the way down my shoulder and down my arm and through my right thumb and forefinger. The sensation is like if you put your arm on an electrified fence and held it there. If the pain gets exceedingly worse, it would be time to go see a neurologist or someone who specializes in spinal injuries or surgery.
Avatar f tn t have the constant pain like I did, but if I try to stretch my arm or move it a certain way, I get a burning feeling the runs from my right shoulder all the way down my arm to my hand, the burning pain usually goes away after a couple min. I can still use my arm, but I don't have the same range of motion, I can't lie with my arm under my head, and even trying to shave my legs is a chore. Anyone have any idea what might be wrong. Would an exray show if something is wrong with the muscle?
Avatar f tn I am a Licensed Massage Therapist. Is your Pain down the side of your arm or down the back by your scaps? I highly recommend that after your first trimester that you go see a massage therapist and a chiropractor. Both are very safe for pregnancy and will help tremendously. Don't use bio freeze right now. Instead use moist heat NOT A HEATING PAD.... instead use a rice pack. The moist heat will penetrate copper into the muscle. Then every 15 min alternate it with a cold compress.
Avatar f tn Your symptoms appear to indicate that swelling or other issues in your shoulder are aggravating the nerve that runs down your arm into your fingers. Are you doing anything to treat the shoulder injury like taking advil and applying ice periodically? Are you able to keep the arm and shoulder relatively motionless as with a sling to keep it from getting reinjured? How did the injury happen?
Avatar f tn Please help.. I have back problems, but never have I experienced this much pain.. Monday I started to have pain in my neck. It felt like I hade a crick in it from sleeping on it wrong, but I was at Walmart when I started experiencing the pain. It got worse that night. The pain then started going down to my shoulders. When I laid down in my normal sleeping position, on my left side with my arm under my pillow, I couldn't put my arm under my pillow because the pain was so bad..
Avatar n tn The tingling is now gone, but I still have upper back/shoulder blade pain and arm pain. The pain ususally starts in my upper back, then under my armpit, then my upper arm feels tight and starts to hurt and the pain then radiates down the front of my arm, under my wrist and sometimes into my hand. And I still feel as if my arm is weaker. Last night I had some muscle twitches in my shoulder and when I lean back to stretch my upper back my shoulder does hurt some.
Avatar m tn I get migraines in the back of my neck and right shoulder and a sting also around my right shoulder blade at times. Depends on how I hold my arm the pain will travel down my shoulder and arm . It doesn't matter if brushing my teeth,rinsing dishes, folding towels,typing,writing,driving everything makes me have the nerve pain. I am taking 800 mg ibuprofen 2 times daily and sometimes a Valium at night to relax neck and help me sleep.
Avatar f tn About 16 months ago i begain to have pain in my right shoulder assicated with a small knot as time went on the knot got bigger and now i suffer from from pain that starts with my right shoulder but then it goes up my neck and all the way down my right arm the major pain is in my shoulder and the top part of my arm and the rest of my arm has this tigglling num feeling that is painful and as of few months ago i have a samll knot on the left sife of my shoulder with the same begaining pain that st
Avatar n tn There is a constant mild pain now in the neck, the shoulder, and arm, but I also get like a high, sharp pain which at times becomes a pulse that goes from the arm to the shoulder and then to the neck. Some other times it starts like an electric discharge and a sharp pain in between my left thumb and the index finger and then the back of my arm starts pulsing in pain; and then there are times that I just get a sharp pain in a general area and does not pulsate to another area.
Avatar f tn t satnd as well as she said he could and two hundred pounds of dead weight riped down on my left shoulder. Sence this has happened i have had very bad pain in my shoulder, neck arm and back, i can't move my arm at all without tears my neck i can't even turn it. And i have very bad numbness in hand to the point where it's hard to hold on to things. Also i have been getting bad head aces. I don't know what to do the work comp Dr.
Avatar f tn I have constant pain from my back, at my left shoulder blade that goes into my left shoulder and radiates down my entire left arm. I find knots in my back and arm that feel like bruises. What could this be?
Avatar m tn I have pain in my neck, right shoulder blade area and my right arm. The pain is different depending on what I am doing. When lowering my head to get in my car or just moving up and down, the pain is in my neck. Sitting in bed it is in my shoulder and arm and sometimes my arm will have a slight numbing sensation. Coughing and sneezing, there is shooting pains through all three. Does anyone have any ideas what might be causing this?
Avatar f tn So I'm 23 weeks and the last 2 days I've had really bad neck and shoulder pain. I did break my collarbone about 3 years ago but I don't think that's what its from. Could it be my boobs getting bigger weighing my shoulders down?
Avatar n tn I had a 2 level cervical fusion and never had any neck pain.Only my left arm and shoulder hurt.I went to my Dr. because I thought I was having a heart attack.
Avatar m tn What causes severe pain to radiate from neck down to shoulder and arm and prevent a person from raising his or her arm above their shoulder, except if they are lying down with back against the mattress?
Avatar m tn Im sorry I have the same exact pain, mine comes from my neck down my shoulder with numbness in my arms. nerve tests were neg; im having a mri and i know nothing will show. the pain is dull and aching and drives me nuts. i take percocet and well that helps get me thru jumping out the window from the pain! I am researching alot because if the mri says nothing, i know i have pain so theres got to be something?
Avatar f tn m getting the run around. The neck pain I have lived with for years but the shoulder and gripping pain in my upper arm is really ugly. My shoulder hurts when I move it but the gripping pain around my upper arm (about half way between shoulder and elbow) feels live a red hot band squeezing my arm. It causes me to double over in pain and I have very little use of my left arm on most days. The hydrocodone does little to ease the pain.
Avatar f tn I have been wearing bite guard for last year and it got better but started hurting again this week really bad and having spasms in jaw and now my neck is killing me on the left side. Pain is going up the left side of neck and down left shoulder into arm. Have not had chance to go to doctor yet but am wondering if anyone with cervical disc problems has ever had it to affect temple and jaw area of face??? Am thinking maybe this isn't TMJ at all....
Avatar n tn I've been having alot of neck, left shoulder and behind my left ear pain. Its not regular.if i take rest it goes away but when i lift my 10 months old baby(8 kg) for even 20 min in my left arm its comes out.if i do some light physical work(in kitchen or home) it increases it spreads in my back and goes up behind the ear.when i come to office i get rest, pain decreases.i am software engg. by profession.
Avatar f tn m just another person like you dealing with pain in me left arm, shoulder and neck. It is a sharp piercing pain that goes all the way up to the shoulder and neck. I have been checked all over, MRI, MRA, spinal tap, EEG, EKG and other test too numerous to mention. My left arm is very weak and if I try to use it, the pain is excruciating. I can't sleep on it and it wakes me in my sleep. My neurologist latest diagnosis is it is all in my head. Depression. Get over it.