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Avatar f tn Please help.. I have back problems, but never have I experienced this much pain.. Monday I started to have pain in my neck. It felt like I hade a crick in it from sleeping on it wrong, but I was at Walmart when I started experiencing the pain. It got worse that night. The pain then started going down to my shoulders. When I laid down in my normal sleeping position, on my left side with my arm under my pillow, I couldn't put my arm under my pillow because the pain was so bad..
Avatar f tn I'm 34 weeks and I find sleeping with a body pillow helps a lot :) and having a bath right before bed helps relax you to fall asleep
Avatar m tn I have had a sharp pain in my top back left shoulder, and it's shooting up my head on the left side, and it is very sharp.. It hurts pretty bad, and reply as soon as you can.
Avatar f tn One day recently, I woke up with pain in my right arm muscle area between my shoulder and my elbow.This pain continued for some weeks. I was barely able to lift my arm. I use the computer a lot and thought perhaps it might be a strain from holding my arm in the position while working the mouse. Before going to sleep I prayed to the Lord to give me insight as to how to get rid of this horrible pain in my muscle and this is what came to me....
Avatar f tn I recently made a cotton neck roll to place between me and my pillow (to help support my neck) and it has helped slightly. I tried memory foam pillows but they are just to big or high for my comfort. I also have a long neck. During the day I do have some neck pain, but it's not really that bad (it used to be so bad but I fixed it with physical therapy). I also use hot and cold packs which fix my neck during the day, if needed.
8851068 tn?1400201603 I also have pain in the neck area, starting from my head and continues to my shoulder that lasts for days, but I always thought is just the cold or sleeping for too long/short hours, is this can be serious?
1369090 tn?1278377313 in reading this thread u added that he has back of head and neck pain...has he had a MRI of his brain and or cervical spine for this?...was the dr informed? May I ask, does ur DS have ne other issues u did not consider were related?
Avatar m tn In the mean time, Ice alternating with hot/wet compresses, light massage, and support of the head and neck while sleeping, for instance, a rolled up towel under the neck, might give you some relief. Be careful with NSAIDs -- if they're not effective, discontinue. ANd always take NSAIDs with food to protect the stomach lining. Best wishes.
Avatar n tn The reason that I know that it is from this injury is because I get dull pain on my shoulder and that is what wakes me up. I think that the neck pain comes from me tossing and turning all night long in order for me to find a comfortable position to sleep. What medical experience do you have to say that it is a pinched nerve. I was hoping to get a medical student or doctor to help me find a solution to my problem so that I can sleep.
Avatar n tn Hello, From your symptoms it looks like a spasm of the trapezius muscle which can occur due to faulty position f the neck while sleeping. using thick pillows or performing simple, everyday movements—such as habitually holding a telephone between the ear and shoulder. I suggest you to apply cold compresses on the right side shoulder and take some anti inflammatory pain killers like Diclofen or Ibuprfen after prescription from your doctor.
Avatar f tn I cannot lay on the left side of my head or it wakes me up throbbing. I have had this for 9 YEARS. I have had 4 MRIs,xrays, been to headache clinic been to pain clinics. I have had 4 nerve blocks and numerous medicines. Seen 2 neurologists. I have arthiritis in my neck and can't lay on my shoulders I have to have shoulders below my pillow. I go to a rheumatologist but that doesn't help. I'm all out of ideals and tied of pain every night.
Avatar f tn My sister had similar severe hand, wrist and up to the shoulder pain as well. The pain was so bad she actually ended up sleeping in a recliner so she cou8ld hold her arms in just the right position. She also has RA like me and just attributed it to that. Then she was recommendtd to get checked for Carpal Tunnel and low and behold that is what she had all that time (still has RA). She found a surgeon who only does carpal tunnel surgery and had one wrist done and was in instant relief.
Avatar m tn The pains are constantly present and are located between my spine and left shoulder blade, my left trapezoid, and my left chest between the breast bone and nipple. The pain increases when breathing deeply and also while lying down on my back. But the weirdest part of all of this is while lying on my back or on my left side, if I breathe in deeply I can hear & feel clicking or popping deep within the chest. This also occurs on the deep exhale.
1732414 tn?1419736738 Arm pain may be due to an injury, and also can be referred pain from degeneration in the cervical area (your neck). Ideally you do need to see a doctor about this and get help from a physiotherapist. Having a massage in the shoulder blade area may help to relieve any tension. A physiotherapist would be able to determine if your problem is coming form your neck. Try applying heat or a cold pack to see which one helps you.
Avatar m tn Evaluate shoulder position during sleeping since lying on ones side with the arm down (protracted shoulder girdle) may act as a continuous stretch throughout the night exacerbating this condition.
4715985 tn?1371582997 So i read online that the best way is sleeping on your left side with pillow between the knees. Wgich wouldnt be a problem but over night my left arm gets really tired and my shoulder is killing me. So i end up on my back wich i researched online yet again and some info said that its not the safest way to go because from my understanding theres a major vein in ur back and the baby can squish it which can cause complication for you and/or baby. Is that true?
Avatar f tn Hi, I was wondering if sleeping wrong that gives you neck and shoulder pain can add to having a migraine??
Avatar f tn Hi matd, I broke my neck playing softball some years ago and have had issues with neck pain and shoulder pain as well as headaches periodically. I have purchased several expensive pillows that promised to relieve the headaches and pain but none of them worked. I found that if my pillow is flat and my neck well supported I sleep more comfortably and wake with less pain and headaches. There are a multitude of opinions on facet joint and cervical injections.
Avatar f tn I would have some pain when moving my neck and could feel it down to bottom of shoulder blade. My shoulder and deltoid area became sore in weeks to follow. My grip strength did improve, still have shoulder weakness and now muscle twitching on that arm and also on other parts of my body., but no weakness there. I was adjusted several time by the chiropractor and given massages as well. The pain in my neck area is pretty much dimidhed now or non pain at all on some days.
Avatar n tn I've had this problem for 15 years. The pain is awful, takes days or even weeks to fade, and comes on for no apparent reason. Standard OTC meds like NSAIDs and acetaminophen do little if anything for it.
Avatar f tn Definetly have it checked out. I have similar pain too but no bumps or nots. For me I can't sleep unless I sleep in a position that doesn't aggrevate my pain. And it's not the same position either. I keep having to roll around in bed until I can find a reasonable position. It could be nerve related or something to do with your bumps.
Avatar f tn Compared to other posts here about very serious issues, this is petty, I know, but still it is interfering with my life rather much. About week ago I woke with a severe muscle pain in my shoulder, just above and inside the shoulder blade. I know it's from somehow sleeping in the wrong position. That happens to me very occasionally. It's not MS-related, I'm sure. A shower fairly hot, if not as hot as I'd otherwise like, does help. I let the water beat on the sore place.
Avatar m tn about 10 years ago i was lifting a heavy item when i felt a pop in my neck just behind my right ear then i felt a throbing banging sensation in the same position i sat down and after a while it calmed down after that i felt very dizzy for a few weeks but every time a strained i got dizzy and if i stained really hard i would get the same banging feeling in my neck i also get a grinding in neck around the same pos as initial injury since then it has just been a down hill slope ive had constant s
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