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Avatar n tn In the mornings I wake up with pain around my interclavicular ligament and capsular ligament of the shoulder. My days are spent sitting with light stretching.
Avatar n tn Im the same as above, `i only get this when im lying in bed asleep and then i wake up in real pain, my shoulder blade hurts causing the pain to get worse on my shoulder which, causes numbness, tingling, horrific pain, arm is limited and i seriously dont know what it is or how to get rid.
Avatar n tn When sleeping on my side too long I wake up with pain in either shoulder, sometimes quite severe with some tingling in one or both hands
Avatar n tn I have a lot of tension in my neck and shoulder blades. My headache, in the last few days, has eased up and it seems like there is pressure in my eyes -- like they're strained. I have a history or anxiety, depression, hypertension, and my BP has been elevated the last few days. I have a bounding pulse at a resting position. Could this be because of hypertension/sinus?
Avatar n tn Sometimes even sleeping in the wrong position can cause this type of thing. Numbnes and pain as you describe is usually caused by a pinched nerve. The nerve in your case is most likely in your c-spine, or your neck. It should go away if you simply slept on it he wrong way, or if injured another way, it can be a big deal. Call your doctor if the pain is unbearable. He/she can recommend what to do next.
Avatar f tn night I had to sleep in a wierd position with my neck. Woke up on Sun. and could not move my arm for pain. Went to the er yesterday. The doc said tendinitis,and gave me a shot of toradol which helped a little. I asked if this could be coming from my neck and they said they did't think so. I was doing some more reading today and read somewhere that certain discs could make it seem like there was problems with the rotator cuff.
Avatar f tn My name is LISA and I am a 40-year-old woman with pain concentrated in my left shoulder and radiating to my upper arm and armpit area. I also have numbness and tingling traveling down my left arm to my little finger. This pain and numbness intensifies on movement of the shoulder such as lifting my arm across my body, sitting, sleeping and moving It also is very uncomfortable to sleep at night. I can not lie on my left side as it causes increased pain and numbness to the arm.
1679858 tn?1346768781 for me it is too much pressure , plus I have reflux and need to be on an incline. The problem with sleeping on my side is I also have EDS and my shoulder pops in and out of joint and it hurts as well as my hip... U do not want to prop ur head up if iti is creating a big gap from the bed to where ur head is again u r affecting ur neck and thrusting ur head forward.... If u want to use pillows u need to use them from ur hips on up and it is easy to slide off them....
Avatar f tn I recently made a cotton neck roll to place between me and my pillow (to help support my neck) and it has helped slightly. I tried memory foam pillows but they are just to big or high for my comfort. I also have a long neck. During the day I do have some neck pain, but it's not really that bad (it used to be so bad but I fixed it with physical therapy). I also use hot and cold packs which fix my neck during the day, if needed.
Avatar f tn But then I wake up this morning and the whole back of my neck is in pain, and I cant stretch it or touch it without pain. And it comes with verry annoying pains in both temples and ears and behind my eyes as well. And thats not the worst part, my shoulders both are in pain when I move them, or lift things. All the way down to the palms of my hands, and then when I change sleeping positions at night, my hips hurt the same way and all the way down to my feet ..
Avatar n tn He gave me the injection in a trigger point and miraculously the pain in my shoulder AND neck disappeared for about 4 or 5 months. When it came back I thought I could get another injection, however, the second time it didn't help. I asked the doctor to MRI my shoulder since the relief of pain from the injection indicated that my shoulder might be the culprit of the neck pain. Instead he sent me to a rheumatologist to check for fibromyalgia.
Avatar m tn Last October I felt a burning sensation on top of my left shoulder, and a stabbing pain my left shoulder blade. Severe arm fatigue, pain where my deltoid meets by bicep. Urgent care doctor proscribed Tramadol. I used for 3 days and could not sleep. I was told this would help me sleep as my shoulder pain was waking me up at night. After 3 days of insomnia I quit taking.GP proscribed Cymbalta. I tried taking it for 2 weeks and had to quit due to unrelenting headaches at the base of my skull.
Avatar m tn In the mean time, Ice alternating with hot/wet compresses, light massage, and support of the head and neck while sleeping, for instance, a rolled up towel under the neck, might give you some relief. Be careful with NSAIDs -- if they're not effective, discontinue. ANd always take NSAIDs with food to protect the stomach lining. Best wishes.
630344 tn?1280108583 They increased the neurotin and have no luck so far. Drowsy, dizzy and in pain. I just seen a rheumatologist and he seemed like a dip and treated me like nothing was wrong with me and that I would need a second opinion anyways, because he didn't think that he could help me. He sent me to have lab work, I am talking at least six vials full. So my question is there anyone out there that has had something similar to what I have going on and if they have received any help?
Avatar f tn I WAS A ACTIVE PERSON BEFORE THIS HAPPENED. NECK and left shoulder HURTS ALL THE TIME. DULL THROBING PAIN AND hand numbness. NECK POPS ALL THE TIME AND SOmetimes wakes mee from sleep with a stabbing pain. MY SHOULDER ALSO CATCHES SOMETIMES LIKE WHEN I'M REACHING FOR SOMETHING. No strength in left arm. PLEASE RESPOND NEED ALL THE HELP I CAN GET! Surgeon appointment Nov.27 to look over MRI with me.
Avatar n tn I was in a car accident last May. Have 2 Bulging discs in neck. I have severe pain in me neck and back and shoulder. I had a nerve block done on Wednesday, dont feel to bad. Drs saying its not herniated and not pinching any nerves nothing they can do. Doed that mean I have to wait for them to herniate before anything can be done. Nerve block will only last a couple of weeks. On muscle relaxers and migraine meds. never had this problem before dont know what to do.
Avatar n tn In 09/2005 he sent me to have another ct scan after sever loss of hand control and still sharp pain in right side of neck and shoulder pins and neddes in the hand and fingers. the results was a pinched nerve at c7-t1. back to surgery in 11-2005 after lossing our son in a motorcycle accident in 10/2005. the surgery was great the pain at the neck area was released during the surgery. but still had major pain in hand and shoulder and back.
Avatar n tn Hello, From your symptoms it looks like a spasm of the trapezius muscle which can occur due to faulty position f the neck while sleeping. using thick pillows or performing simple, everyday movements—such as habitually holding a telephone between the ear and shoulder. I suggest you to apply cold compresses on the right side shoulder and take some anti inflammatory pain killers like Diclofen or Ibuprfen after prescription from your doctor.
Avatar m tn As I was gaining muscle weight, the pain felt less frequent, but at times was unbearable (waking up from a poor sleeping position, any sudden back tension, etc.) The pain is quite sharp and located around/underneath my left scapula. The only remedial solutions I've attempted are stretching, massaging and, after much haranguing from my parents, acupuncture (roughly one year). I believe the acupuncture ultimately made my pain considerably worse.
Avatar f tn Is there anything in the meantime I can do to make the pain end so I can sleep at night? Ie seems the more I try to massage the shoulder/neck the more it becomes painful and tender. i can ont afford continues massage therapy either. I don't want to rely on sleeping pills to get me thru each night because they will become immune after awhile.
Avatar f tn A person with TrPs in the scalene muscles may experience pain in any of the areas shown in red, but frequently cause a person to experience shoulder and upper limb syndromes. Pain in the upper medial border of the scapula. Numbness in the hand in the ring and pinky fingers may also occur as well as edema and stiffness of the hand that is reportedly worse in the morning. Differential Diagnosis: 1.Thoracic Outlet Syndrom (TOS). 2.Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. 3.C5-C6 radiculopathy. 4.
Avatar n tn what happens here is the chest muscles, the scalenes, the scms and upper traps get short and tight, and the muscles that support your scapulas in he back and the thoracic spine become weak and stfretched. a classic sign of this is mid back pain and chest muscle tightness and pain. the solution is to strengthen the mid back and do trigger point work/stretchig of the pecs, scalenes, scms and upper traps. Erik Dalton has a good website o this syndrome.
Avatar m tn The pains are constantly present and are located between my spine and left shoulder blade, my left trapezoid, and my left chest between the breast bone and nipple. The pain increases when breathing deeply and also while lying down on my back. But the weirdest part of all of this is while lying on my back or on my left side, if I breathe in deeply I can hear & feel clicking or popping deep within the chest. This also occurs on the deep exhale.
Avatar n tn I know it took me over a year to put it together that any time I wore high heeled dress shoes, I would have upper back and neck pain for several days. One other thing I noticed in my case is sleeping later actually seemed to make it worse. When I sleep a whole 8-10 hrs, I wake up in pain. If I set an alarm for 5 hours, it is more of a stiffness. Good luck finding an explanation or cause & please post back if you find out something. I know the pain is unbearable.
1485281 tn?1287951992 I also get severe neck and shoulder pain with my sinus problems and this has been happening to me my whole life. there has to be a reason and a connection between my sinus problems and my neck and shoulder pain.
Avatar m tn Holding the phone for a long time can cause a spasm in that arm and shoulder. PS I hate taking chemicals and take Naproxen only if my alternatives don't work.
Avatar f tn I saw my neurologist in March and she gave me some medication because initially she thought it was a pinched nerve in my neck that was causing it. The meds didn't help at all and the shoulder just got tighter and more painful. If I reach beyond my range of motion it is excrutiating pain. It is hard because sometimes you act reflexively like when you are dropping something...soon you begin to think twice about responding to anything lol.
Avatar f tn My sister had similar severe hand, wrist and up to the shoulder pain as well. The pain was so bad she actually ended up sleeping in a recliner so she cou8ld hold her arms in just the right position. She also has RA like me and just attributed it to that. Then she was recommendtd to get checked for Carpal Tunnel and low and behold that is what she had all that time (still has RA). She found a surgeon who only does carpal tunnel surgery and had one wrist done and was in instant relief.
Avatar f tn Hi matd, I broke my neck playing softball some years ago and have had issues with neck pain and shoulder pain as well as headaches periodically. I have purchased several expensive pillows that promised to relieve the headaches and pain but none of them worked. I found that if my pillow is flat and my neck well supported I sleep more comfortably and wake with less pain and headaches. There are a multitude of opinions on facet joint and cervical injections.