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Avatar n tn pain in neck on rt side and base of neck has large lump, sometimes my right hand goes cold like it has no circulation
Avatar n tn My husband hurt his shoulder working it is around his left shoulder blade the pain is raidating down his arm and is making his hand numb.
Avatar f tn About 7 yrs ago woke up w/tingle/numb in feet, next day legs, next day hands. Went to dr. Every test possible EEG, spinal tap etc.. Every test normal except they did find 1 lesion top of spine which left permanent scar tissue thus hitting nerve leaving me numb from neck down- more like the hum of a tuning fork. Was on prednisone for 6 mos- only thing that took pain away. But have limited use of left arm and no individual finger control.
Avatar n tn I still have pain, increasing as I use my right arm more. My pinky is still numb and now the tips of all my fingers are numb, I have a pain in my wrist that follows my thumb line upward and sometimes it goes to all of my fingers, sometimes it stays in the thumb and it feels like it does when you stick your tongue to a battery. that little zzz you get. Also, my neck and shoulder, down by the shoulder blade, ache like a rottening tooth!!
Avatar n tn I had a spinal fusion (C5-C7) in Nov 2006. Sorry to say I've been in more pain ever since the surgery. My disks had ruptured and it took almost 2 year before I could have the surgery, thanks to workers comp. My doctor says that is probably why I'm still in so much pain. They did a rotator cuff repair first thinking that it was causing my pain. Then I had the fusion and after that didn't help they did surgery on my elbow, thinking I had an intrapped ulnar nerve.
Avatar f tn Please help.. I have back problems, but never have I experienced this much pain.. Monday I started to have pain in my neck. It felt like I hade a crick in it from sleeping on it wrong, but I was at Walmart when I started experiencing the pain. It got worse that night. The pain then started going down to my shoulders. When I laid down in my normal sleeping position, on my left side with my arm under my pillow, I couldn't put my arm under my pillow because the pain was so bad..
1323398 tn?1274656287 I still experienced a popping in my neck on the right side and my head would fall to the right side and my shoulder and arm would go numb. While driving my arm would go numb, MRI was taken that showed a little fluid in my shoulder but the Dr. did nothing here I am in 2010 and I am still having stiffness in my neck my shoulder popping and my arm going numb it is simple as drinking a bottle of water and my arm would give out and I would drop it.
Avatar m tn I have pain in the neck ,shoulder and arm and numb finger. A the pain hurt so mad. Been to Doctor and ER.
Avatar m tn Hi guys, 3 weeks ago I work up with left shoulder pain esp. on the side and upper shoulder. The symptoms got worse and I had an X ray and MRI done of my shoulder. Everything checked out ok. a week later pain got worse and has radiated to my upper back and lower neck. Now I am having trouble lifting my left arm!! I can lift it if I use my right arm to assist but I cannot lift it on my own.Like I have no strength or something is wrong with my nerves???
Avatar n tn This morning, my left arm felt weird. I felt tingly in my left arm and there was pain above my elbow. I tried to do something but my fingers felt a little numb on my left arm and I couldn't do anything. Then I felt something pop inside. It wasn't a bone or joint but something went pop. Everything was OK for a while but then my fingers feel a little numb again. Is this serious?
Avatar f tn I am now in excruciating pain in neck n shoulder side of face numb arm hurting n fingers feel asleep. This can't be normal... Please help if experienced this!!!
Avatar n tn I have pain in my left shoulder into my neck plus my left ear is feeling numb any thoughts as what this might be
Avatar f tn I dont have any neck or back pain though. And it's always just my fingers. No one else?
Avatar f tn Hi there sorry to hear about your pain. Do you have any pain in your neck at all? Sometimes a bulging or herniated disk can also cause shoulder and arm pain. If it continues, I would definately get it checked out sooner than later. GOOD LUCK and keep us posted.
Avatar f tn Hi. I'm an - almost - 16 year old girl, and last night I woke up and my entire right arm (from the shoulder to the tips of my fingers) was numb. But not in the "tingling" sense ... but more like I didn't HAVE a right arm. In panic, i tried punching, pinching, and shaking my right arm in hopes it would start working again. Then I hung it over my bed to get the blood moving and it slowly started feeling like an arm again. Is there a reason this happened?
Avatar m tn When reaching out with left arm a bolt of pain shot through my hand starting from the middle fingers, shot up my arm and caused a stiffness in my neck. My neck and shoulder became very painful with soreness. My skin at the base of my neck on the same side is numb.
Avatar f tn You need to see your doctor. It may actually be a problem in your neck rather than in your shoulder. An MRI should tell the tale.
Avatar f tn ive been having alot of pain in my left arm for the past two days... i dont really know whats going on if anyone could help.. it feels numb and shooting pains come and go..
Avatar f tn it started in my right hand now i have the numbness in both it wakes me up and i also get it in my hands when on the mobile it goes numb so i switch hands. i am right handed but my left arm aches more through the day i also wake up with swollen fingers...
Avatar f tn Over the last four years I've had pain and numbness in my left arm. A couple weeks ago, I moved in a strange way and my feet and entire left arm went numb. They've done nerve tests that came back normal, my x-rays are normal, although my spine is slightly curved. I keep having pain from my neck to my tail bone and through my left arm. They can't seem to figure out why. Any ideas? I'm on gabapentin and valium which help some but physical therapy hurts more than anything.
Avatar f tn I have been wearing bite guard for last year and it got better but started hurting again this week really bad and having spasms in jaw and now my neck is killing me on the left side. Pain is going up the left side of neck and down left shoulder into arm. Have not had chance to go to doctor yet but am wondering if anyone with cervical disc problems has ever had it to affect temple and jaw area of face??? Am thinking maybe this isn't TMJ at all....
Avatar m tn I had a nerve block 10/25/12 for rotator cuff surgery it was not in my neck but was in my left arm just below my shoulder my arm was numb down to my fingertips but the shoulder was thumping when i woke up it was numb for 24 hours now i have numbness in wrist and forearm where it is not numb it is a constant ache in that area i was not told about the possible side affects i dont think these are RARE OCCURANCES i think these are every time occurances that they dont tell you about
Avatar m tn Sometimes my hand tingles or goes numb. It is a constant pain and is affecting the left side of my back and arm. What do you think is going on? what can I do to make this pain go away?
Avatar f tn This sounds like either a nerve problem originating in your neck or Carpal Tunnel. Do you have an neck pain or neck problems? Have you had an EMG?
Avatar f tn Let me start with a little history, years ago (around 8 years ago) I use to have a sharp pain in my left upper arm that was so bad I would not use it for fear of it hurting even worse after about an hour it would stop and be normal. Then a few years later I was folding laundry sitting on the floor and I reached out to grab my drink and I suddenly got dizzy and I totally missed my drink my arm just did not operate correctly.
Avatar m tn I started with neck pain and know the pain has moved down my arm all the way to my hand. Nothing has helped and the pain is gettting worse. I have a shooting pain going down my arm all the way to my fingers, and my fingers are starting to go numb. The pain is 24/7, it hurts so much and nothing will help, tried heating pads, hot showers and alot of aspirin. I went to the hospital and all they did was say that I slept on it wrong and they gave me a shot for the pain and that was it.
Avatar f tn 13 months ago I had neck surgery 2 disc replacement and infusion because my right arm going numb and pain.. now I'm having the same problem on the left side. But can't turn neck to the left 3 months after surgery and surgeon is mad saying there is nothing wrong. Even after the physical therapist couldn't turn my neck to left and sent me back to surgeon 10 months ago. I'm worried the sergon might have done something wrong and now is refusing to help me..
Avatar f tn The symptoms include pain at the level of the problem (i.e. neck or back etc) and pain that may radiate down the arm or leg (depending on where the problem is). In more advanced cases, muscle weakness or sensory symptoms such as tingling or numbness may occur. A radiculopathy is often diagnosed based on history, physical examination, and MRI of the spine. Treatment includes anti-inflammatories, pain medications, sometimes physical therapy, and in some cases surgery.