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Avatar f tn I have been wearing bite guard for last year and it got better but started hurting again this week really bad and having spasms in jaw and now my neck is killing me on the left side. Pain is going up the left side of neck and down left shoulder into arm. Have not had chance to go to doctor yet but am wondering if anyone with cervical disc problems has ever had it to affect temple and jaw area of face??? Am thinking maybe this isn't TMJ at all....
Avatar f tn Does anyone suffer from lower jaw pain? I have intermittent pain on both sides of my lower jaw but chewing doesn't make the pain worse.
Avatar f tn Hi Huma, Welcome to the Pain Management Forum of MedHelp. I am glad you found us. Mollyrae is correct. This pain should be addressed immediately. Left shoulder pain and chest can be cardiac related. Heart or "Cardiac" pain does not have to come in the commonly know "crushing left-sided chest pain." Cardiac pain can be shoulder, neck, jaw, arm, hand (EITHER RIGHT OR LEFT) or just show itself as extreme fatigue. You need to be evaluated asap.
Avatar m tn the left side of my neck hurts toward the side (main muscle/tendon going down from the jaw to the shoulder, and under my jaw, from what I can tell is inside my jaw. there are ridges on my jaw towards my chin that hurt, and also the space in between my jaw hurts. Don't know if it is glandular or tmj related. odd stuff. Cannot see my doc until next Thursday. anything that I can do?
Avatar n tn I have recently started having random joint pain, shoulder, wrist, hand, knee and have found that resting the joint in a splint or brace reallly helps. However, the latest pain is in my jaw - this happened last night. Anybody else had this?
Avatar n tn I have been in sever pain for 5 weeks now. It started with shoulder pain that was so bad I hyperventilated and they called the ambulance. The ER doc said it was frozen shoulder. It is not, this pain has since traveled all over my body affecting all my joints. It is debilitatingly painful in my hands, fingers, elbow, shoulder, hip, knees, ankles, and even my jaw. It affects different sides of my body at any given time.
Avatar n tn Pain in this area always alerts a physician to first check the Gallbladder. The Gallbladder also refers pain to the right shoulder. If the shoulder and jaw pain was on the LEFT side of the body, the heart and cardiovascular system should be evaluated and clinical correlation is required. Other less likely considerations would be accute myocardial infarction, gas, indigestion, intercostal neuritis, and diverticulitis.
Avatar m tn I'm in my late 20's and have been experiencing pain around my heart/lung area when taking deep breaths. It's been going on for a few days now, and I now have minor pain in my left shoulder as well. I have been under some stress lately, so I'm not sure if it is related. Has anyone else experienced something similar?
1755089 tn?1376053555 That is why when I went to one doctor before being diaganois with Chair they told me I had TMJ because my jaw hurt, facial pain, and a hard time swallowing. When explained about this I was told. Look at the big picture of your head, neck. All the muscle etc all have to work together and if one muscle is stuggling you will experiece pain in different area's of your head. I think that is why Chairi is so hard to find because of experience's like you are having. I wish the best.
Avatar m tn Also on one particular day i felt some pain on my shoulder blades, starting more on my left shoulder area. But it subsided by the next day. I also noticed today that when i started walking i could feel pain on my hips. I'm 32, male, with high LDL and high SGPT. and borderline sugar. Please help as i'm getting very nervous. Could this be any viral or something. I'm not having any fever , sore throat, headache, rash or diarrhoea etc. I stay in Dubai where the summers are too hot.
1947337 tn?1331423890 You say you have good teeth, then does your jaw click when you bite or chew? You may have TMJ, which can cause nasty jaw pain. I have it. Muscle relaxers are usually the best treatment and massage of the jaw muscles outside of the jaw under your ears. Also, place your tongue at the bottom of your mouth flat. Try to pin the tip of your tongue to your bottom teeth. Then try to open your mouth straight without your jaw popping out of place.
Avatar m tn Sometimes there is associated pain to insufficient supply of blood/oxygen to heart cells that is usually chest pain, but sometimes there is shoulder, back and jaw pain. Your age almost rules out any occluded vessels, and if you had a decrease of blood pumped into circulation with a valve disorder, you almost certainly would have other symptoms such as shortness of breath, muscle fatigue, chest pain, etc.
Avatar f tn i get a sharp pain behind my left ear it can last days in spasms comes lasts a few seconds then goes i get a few mins rest then it happens again today nothing so far but i would like to know what is causing it
Avatar m tn About 5 months ago I woke up one morning with a bad neck ache towards the corner of my jaw beneath my ear on the left side. It got better during the day, but i had a nagging pain on the muscle that runs down the left side of my neck for the next month or two. It felt like a constant crick in my neck. It finally went away. But it has came back once for about a week only to be more my left shoulder than neck.
Avatar n tn When people refer to jaw pain and heart attack where on the jaw is this referring to. Is it lower jaw or up near the cheek on the upper jaw. Is the pain intense or throbbing.
1500525 tn?1458529998 Lately I have been having sharp pain below my left rib cage. I have heard that this can b Angina? I have CHF & usually my Angina affects my jaw, ear, shoulder ,arm, fingers... y is this different?
Avatar m tn Started last week with discomfort in my neck when moving pain progressed across my shoulder now has gone up to my ear and across my jaw just on my left side.Any suggestions?Could it be caused by window open in car on that side.
727650 tn?1231287999 About two months ago under my tongue it is gettin this white marblelized look to it and my right tonsil feels sore but not swollen the pain is slowly getting worse on my right side of jaw and I wear my splint everynight. I also have bad pain in neck and shoulder on the right side.
Avatar f tn drawing up by sunday morning i could not open my jaw and was in the worst of pain, during the day on sunday (same day as jaw) the palm of my right hand started and by sunday night it was completely drawn and pain was aweful and extended to almost my elbow. went to doc on monday did thousands of dollars worth of blood work everything came back negative told me it must be viral. im now on my third week with joint pain still moving from joint to joint now in left hand fingers.
146298 tn?1258712247 They go from my eye to my jaw and specific points of pain are jaw, base of skull, top of skull, behind ear, where shoulder meets neck. When I have such a headache I am very dizzy, technically it's vertigo. After the ache has begun my nostril slowly closes itself and adds a bit to the pressure, but I've had sinus headaches and this is different. Something in my head seems to be swelling and blocking the nasal passage rather than the nasal passage being blocked and causing the pain.
Avatar f tn Wondering if the problem that I have with my could cause jaw pain??? I noticed on Sunday afternoon when I was eating lunch that my jaw was hurting - hurt to open my mouth and hurt while chewing. I think I have TMJ, although no dentist has agreed with me, but my jaw clicks and I can see it shift when I open my mouth. So now I have this jaw pain that almost seems connected somehow to my neck -- just not sure if it's a possibility?? And how can I relieve it??!!?? Any input is appreciated!
Avatar f tn I cannot get my neck massaged in great detail or I get such intense jaw pain for the next week, its unbelievable-- even that I think is crazy as to how much the pain flares without touching my 'sore spots'. I went to a chiropractor and they were able to isolate my 'sore spots' and estimate where the true problems are coming from.
Avatar f tn But mainly being left handed has not helped ease the pain. I also get slight pain in my left side of jaw but my eye is not bothered. I am sorry yours is :-/ thank you for the encouragement!
Avatar m tn I have always had chest pain at least some point every day for the last 10 years. Over the last couple years I have I have started getting left shoulder and Left jaw pain. That is why I was given the Anagram. After the test last year I still had my normal chest pain. (I have gerd as well as IBS and was told my ephogus was messed up),but the jaw and shoulder pain seemed to go away. Fast forward to march of this year. the should pain and jaw pain came back in full force.
Avatar f tn Hi I have cervical fusions also and live in pain but my jaw never goes numb I do get the pins and needles in my arms however I would check out the Jaw pain with a Dr ASAP ......
Avatar n tn I was on various doses of Abilify for the last 6 months. My med shrink was convinced this was the med for me. I kept having reactions to it and I finally put my foot down and said, "NO MORE." The last reaction was severe pain in my jaw radiating on the left side of my face and down to my neck and shoulder. It was excruciating! I saw my primary doc who diagnosed Trigeminal Neuralgia and prescribed Gabapentin.After 2 days of being on Gabapentin, the pain was gone! NO MORE ABILIFY!!!
Avatar n tn It can spread to the shoulders, the jaw, or the left arm. Another cause of chest pain that radiates to the shoulder blades could be a tear in the aorta, which is a medical emergency. It would be most safe if you were evaluated as soon as possible.
Avatar n tn I have over the six years i have suffered stomach pain but recently it has become worse. it is in my chest and between my shoulder blades; it radiates up into my knock and Jaw. I went to A & E at the weekend as the pain was so bad, they checked out my heart, kidneys, liver and pancreas; they all came back clear.