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Avatar n tn Hi there. There are various possibilities for these symptoms of shoulder pain and numbness right arm like nerve root compression due to degenerative disc disease of the cervical spine compressing the nerve roots exiting from the neural foramina. Cervical spondylosis, bony spurs irritating the brachial plexus as it passes through the axilla. Trauma, frozen shoulder also could contribute to the symptoms.
Avatar m tn Rotator cuff signs and symptoms would consist of shoulder pain and also deltoid muscle pain in your upper arm, weakness during shoulder functions and also clicking in the shoulder with popping a prominent feature in some people. It occurs in a dominant arm and the pain may interfere with sleep and worse at night. There is problem with lifting of weights with the effected shoulder and decrease in ability to move the arm, especially out to the side.
Avatar f tn Did they check your collar bone? I have torn rotator in shoulder and the pain does travel but not normally down from front & to back. Shoulder pain normally goes up & back. (following nervous system path.) That is why I ask about collar bone. should ask about it. & some imaging to confirm.
Avatar f tn Is severe shoulder pain radiating under the shoulder blade to the underarm indicative of spreading lymph node cancer?
Avatar m tn i have an adapta DR pacemaker, and was implanted little over 3 years ago. from time to time i get a burning sensation around my lead and pacemaker connection, with this i will have a pain from that area to my shoulder. my wires/leads stick out under my skin a little more then rest of my pacemaker, but i dont know if this is common since my pacemaker is placed on my right side of chest.
Avatar f tn Good morning, Another thought which happened to me. I had shoulder spurs which I had removed but wasn't recovering like I did when I had my other shoulder done. My right shoulder hurt on top and in my shoulder blade. To my surprise I learned that a bad gallbladder can cause shoulder pain. Had mine out 10 days ago and most of shoulder pain is gone. You didn't say if you had any other symptoms other than your shoulder. Who would have thought a gallbladder would flair a shoulder up.
Avatar f tn Has the doctor provided you with a specific diagnosis that can be determined to be the source of your pain symptoms? What diagnostic tests have been done so far? It is very difficult to assess your symptoms with the information given. Shoulder pain can be related to disc problems in the cervical spine or any number of related conditions. Post again with any results and we will try and assist you further.
Avatar n tn Iam having the same pain back pain shoulder pain and neck pain all in the left side but it all started right after a breast biopsy and its been giong on for a yr.I have no idea what it could be if you find something out please post it THANKS....
Avatar m tn hiya, i had an accident the 3rd week of april but didnt do anything my car was lifted of from the side. and had a shoulder pain after 4 weeks,my question is, is my shoulder pain related to my accident, whats the longest time you will feel any symptoms after the accident?
Avatar f tn t have the constant pain like I did, but if I try to stretch my arm or move it a certain way, I get a burning feeling the runs from my right shoulder all the way down my arm to my hand, the burning pain usually goes away after a couple min. I can still use my arm, but I don't have the same range of motion, I can't lie with my arm under my head, and even trying to shave my legs is a chore. Anyone have any idea what might be wrong. Would an exray show if something is wrong with the muscle?
212591 tn?1247106094 I am SVR for five years and have developed progressively worse shoulder pain on both sides, but worse on the right. Sleeping at night has become a total challenge, and it feels like the whole shoulder girdel is under intense pressure and pain when laying on either side. It is similar to, but worse than the residual pain that I still feel in my hips, lower back, and ribcage (costochondritis), which all come and go, enexplained and unprovoked, from week to week. No solutions yet for any of it.
Avatar f tn I hurt my shoulder a couple of weeks ago and every so often I get a sharp pain all the way down my are into my fingertips what can I do?
Avatar m tn although it is quite difficult for me to give you a precise opinion here without being able to examine you, but I would try to provide you some relevant information about your shoulder pain. Your symptoms could be suggestive of either some nerve injury or a pressure on the nerve due to the muscle spasms. Another possibility in your case could be damaged the soft-tissues such as muscles and ligaments if you are over-doing any shoulder exercises or lifting heavy weights.
Avatar f tn m a 38 year old female and for the last few months have been having some strange symptoms. My left shoulder aches, I have a terrible bloated/acid feeling in my stomach and a feeling that something just isn't right. A couple of weeks ago I went for a stress test (treadmill), echocardiogram as well as had a holter monitor for 24 hours. Everything came back normal and the cardiologist I met with said my heart is fine. Could something have been missed?
Avatar f tn Thanks for you reply, yes I have been diagnosed with endometriosis but Im one of the rare cases that does not have any symptoms until this shoulder pain, and its the weirdest thing. i was diagnosed by chance when I have my caesarean section.
Avatar f tn ve learned to carry my purse with both hands in front of me up against my body--helps alot with shoulder and neck pain--or, I put it in the cart.
Avatar m tn I am sorry you are having shoulder pain. There are multiple reasons your shoulder can be painful. I am assuming you did not consciously injury your shoulder. The shoulder is made up of three bones: the scapula (shoulder blade), the humerus (upper arm bone), and the clavicle (collarbone). The rotator cuff connects the humerus to the scapula. The rotator cuff is formed by the tendons of four separate muscles: the supraspinatus, infraspinatus, teres minor, and subscapularis.
Avatar n tn Went to phisio, which helped with the initial horrible pain, but now I still have shoulder and upper shoulder blade pain, and also neck pain, occasionally along with it.There are times when the pain is still felt in my chest as well, although numerous trips to the hospital has assured me that mu heart is fine.(still a very scary feeling!)I also occasionally have a numbness in my left arm. Please help with suggestions!!! I've had an MRI done on my neck, and that was fine too.
Avatar f tn She seems as if at the back of her kneck she has the pain. Any suggestions? Can I give her OTC human meds for pain?
Avatar n tn At other times, the tear may not cause any pain. Shoulder instability from a damaged labrum may cause the shoulder to feel loose, as though it slips with certain movements. Hope this helps.
647754 tn?1270036911 I keep the sling on at all times except dressing, bathing and exercising my elbow and lower arm - no shoulder rotation. I see no improvement in the pain or stiffness in my shoulder to date. Should I be able to bend my elbow and point to the left (outside) or is this an exercise to avoid? I cannot even begin to do this either because of the pain or because of the tightness.
Avatar n tn I have had symptoms of abdominal pain (dull in lower center and right) with nausea, vomiting, lethargy, chest tightness, left shoulder heated radiating pain, headaches, frequent urination. I was diagnosed with H pylori and have been on triple antibiotics- Amoxicillan, omeprazole, metronidazole. I am also on Sucralfate for acid control, promethazine for vomit control and Hydrocodone for pain control. Does this really sound like H.
Avatar m tn I had surgery 2 weeks ago and had my gallbladder removed. I had righ shoulder/arm pain/chest pain, nausea and burping with acid reflex. After the surgery for a few days (3 days) i had BAD shoulder pain which i was told this is normal because of the gas they give you in surgery. It did go away after 3 days and i felt better than i had in awhile. Now im starting to notice my shoulder is starting to hurt again, does anyone know if this is this still from the gas or should i be concerned?