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408795 tn?1324939275 I have extensive Osteoarthritis in my upper back and neck from an accident I was in over 20yrs ago. I had an accident and I broke my right leg and my left arm. As a result my right leg is slightly bowed and therefore around a half inch shorter than my left leg. As a result it has affected my back and neck. Lately my legs have been swelling and itching, mostly the left. I certainly feel it's all related to my right leg injury.
Avatar n tn No arm or shoulder pain, in fact only symptoms for prior surgeries were nerve pain in arm - never had neck pain! At no time did any doc tell me I had OA. I specifically asked this new doc if he saw any disc or bone spurs at that level and he said no. Lab work for RA was all negative. Has anyone had a similar experience???
Avatar m tn The following symptoms WERE with me (Feb-Apr). 1. Bending forward my neck and very worst tingling in my hands (A electrical sensation was moving from my fingers of my hands towards my arms), it was lasted for one month 2. Blurred and uncomfortable vision (sometimes) 3. Weakness of my legs 4. Cramp of the muscle of my lower leg (left) 5. Jump of muscle (arms) BTW, I had fever (38.8 oC) because of tonsillitis, so my hands started to tingle for a short time!
Avatar n tn Constant fatigue, seem to need to nap 2-3 times daily real problem as I teach daily and can, at times barely stay awake) Neck and shoulders ache daily Left arm daily feels like being squeezed most days Feet swollen when I wake every morning Joints and muscles ache at night Wake up frequently pain walking upstairs radiates from neck to arm Cramps in calves-at least 1/2 weekly Hip pain every night and can be severe, mostly left but can be both Lately I have been having pain in my right ribs
Avatar m tn You do not say exactly where in the arm the pain is and if you had a fall or any type of knock. Pain in the arm can sometimes radiate from the shoulder and neck area of the spine and can also be caused by swollen or torn tendons, bone problems like osteoarthritis, muscle problems and overuse of the arm if you do any type of repetitive work. You should make an urgent appointment to see your doctor to examine you and determine the underlying cause.
Avatar n tn It seems neck problem.It can lead to Shoulder pain, Arm pain - both forearm and upperarm, fingers, stabbing pain in your chest (left side), tingling/numb sensation in your left and sometimes in your face and stabbing/shooting pain in your neck. ( As balance change,possibly affect your knee ) So.Take care!
1318375 tn?1274324381 Please someone help! I've been having pain in my neck, back, shoulder and arm for about 9 months now. I've been in pain management after MRI results came back showing I have 3 mild bulging discs in my cervical spine. I also have a herniated disc in my thoracic spine. I've had many steroid injections, nerve blocks, and even a radio frequency procedure (which was not fun). I've had mild relief from the procedures but it's always back within 3 weeks or so.
Avatar n tn I've been having alot of neck, shoulder and arm pain. My doctor ordered an MRI and the report showed bulging annulus c6-c7 but no focal disc protrusions, mild posterior lateral spurring on the right at c5-c6 with a slight thecal sac encroachment. What does this mean? Will this get better on it's own? I have severe pain that travels down my left arm so bad I can't even use my arm. It's worse when I first get out of bed in the mornings. Is this going to require surgery?
1422878 tn?1284588193 im having neck pain...my arm hurts. and my hand is tingling. my neck hurts when i move it.... and it makes a cracking sound when try to move it. What is going on?
Avatar n tn It is now sharp shooting pains in my neck, shoulder, and right arm.(sometimes into my head also.) All on right side. Also my neck pops really loudly now, and my shoulder burns and feels heavy. I had a cervical MRI in Sept 2005. My doctor (work comp) said it was normal but put me in PT. This has relieved only the tenseness in the muscles. On my therapy note I saw my Dx was cervical DJD.
Avatar f tn HI LADIES, What can be wrong with me??? Breast,Neck,Arm,Shoulder and pain going right through my back all on the left side,I'ts been there for over 3weeks went to Doc she just gave me a pain killer and said come back in a month,I'm scared stiff,the pain is dreaful,,,it feels like I'm having a heart attack, CAN ANYONE help,please..........
Avatar n tn The symptoms include pain at the level of the problem (i.e. neck or back etc) and pain that may radiate down the shoulder, arm or leg (depending on where the problem is). In more advanced cases, muscle weakness or sensory symptoms such as tingling or numbness may occur. Radiculopathy is best diagnosed with MRI of the neck. Shoulder pain in the setting of a tremor may be due to Parkinson's disease. The tremor in Parkinson's disease occurs at rest and improves with movement.
Avatar f tn position, whereby the pillow is actually stretching my neck so that I could breathe normally. Since then my arm does not have the problem again. If your problem still precedes, you can try my experience.
Avatar m tn I have taken avapro for high blood pressure and Lipitor for cholesterol for the past 10 years. My concern is left arm pain located on the inner part of my upper arm. This pain can happen at any time can be sharp or a dull ache. There is no chest pain or shortness of breath with the pain. Can this pain be heart related?
Avatar f tn I had a cervical spine injury several months ago (banged my neck on some machinery) that gradually lead to a straightening of my neck (shown by xray). I was not able to move my neck at all at first, and had pain and tingling down my arm, and a stabbing pain in my shoulder blade. Worst of all was the vertigo and head pressure. CT's showed no bulging discs. Muscle relaxers have helped, but the pressure in my head never went away and is becoming maddening.
Avatar f tn I am not in pain, I am uncomfortable because I feel the constant need to move, stretch, and crack my neck and back. I also feel it in my arm and hand when my back is acting up. I think it has something to do with my nerves, I just don't know what...
Avatar m tn Could it be osteoarthritis of the neck? The spine? Is it RA? Is it both?
Avatar f tn very interesting reply, i had fusion C4-5 18 months ago, relief with neck/shoulder arm pain- still have alittle. but now have bad headaches and neck to mid back stabbing pain that is relentless, never had that before surgery. would you say that relaxation works for low levels of pain? i had tried every procedure that i'm aware of.....
Avatar f tn Female, mid forties, I have moderate C4-C5 disc degeneration, mild canal stenosis C-3 C-4/C-4 C-5, midline protrusions at C-3 C-4 also C-6 C-7(no stenosis at that level). Right arm burns frequently, right hand numbness and have tendonitis in right shoulder. L-3L-4L-5L6 minor narrowing. Have lower right sensitivity in my back and have done for several years, numb right foot. Dx’d sacroiliitis. Neck has started hurting when I turn my head or try to hold my head up straight.
211940 tn?1267884866 believes that I may have a pinched nerve in the neck which could be responsible for the pain in my right arm which also makes my hand and arm numb and swollen. She also told me to take 2 of the Vicoden every 4 hours at night (so I take it twice), I tried this and had the first painless night since this started almost a month ago. Problem is, I don't want to be on pain meds, I want the problem to go away. She did have me get a bunch of x-rays of back, neck, and arm.
Avatar f tn Along with this, migraines appreared and right arm, and tingly fingers. I am extremely fatigued and cannot do any house hold tasks. I can only stand for a few minutes at a time. My migraines mostly start at night when I lay down. But now they are continuous. I just had an MRI of my neck but no results yet. What is wrong with me. I am going crazy and I have 5 children to care for. Makes life rough.
1280306 tn?1271271386 Last spring I was suffering from neck pain that led to headaches. The neck pain had been there from the previous fall but not the headaches.Then I started feeling pressure in my forehead,went to the doctor they did a cat scan and I had a really bad sinus infection.Lasted for about 3 weeks,went to the ears for another two weeks and finally disappeared! A couple of days went by feeling pretty good then all of the sudden felt an extreme head pressure and a swelling in the side of neck!
Avatar n tn i got tingling in by body and my right arm and back of neck gets heavy... i also get what i think are muscle spasms in my calves... and like you i went to the ER and my tests came back okay... i am also freaking out about MS... (was crying everyday). The tingling is getting a little better, i am going to see another neurologist for a second opinion... but i wanted to let you know that you are not alone.
1088646 tn?1256953523 Basically massage your neck area very gently so as not to bring on a migraine or headache with opposite hand to opposite side of neck. So left hand massage right side of neck very gently and then do the other side. For your upper back put pillow on your bed. Place your upper back on the pillow so your head is hanging off the pillow. Arms out to the side. This gives you a good stretch through your chest and upper back. And do some gentle breathing.
Avatar n tn It feels like a stiff neck, shooting pain and ache through L breast, down L side, behind collar bone, up neck. Female age 61, history of Type II diabetes in control, osteoarthritis in cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine, also feet, knees, hands. Dx of fibromyalgia 1993. Double mastectomies and reconstruction 1997, massive infections with 2 gram neg bacteria, debrided 3x in OR till front of abdominal wall open 5 cm deep, pubic bone to ribs, side to side.
Avatar f tn He might, but he also added in when I questioned if there was anything that could be causing this kind of neck pain at all and the migraines, and weak arm/hand. He said there is nothing in this report showing me that it would cause any symptom you have! You need to see the Psychiatrist (more or less because he is saying I am crazy). 1.) it is not all in my head and 2.) I am NOT a hypocondriac! This is literally painful. I don't get him at all!
Avatar n tn How many of you have been bothered by periodic stiff neck, pains in the neck and shoulders, and related pains or numbness in the neck, shoulder, and arms. I have really noticed an increase in this problem since becoming SVR, and think that it may be connected to both the former HCV infection, which often provokes joint problems, and also to all the interferon that I did over the years.
Avatar f tn Been OK till 1 1/2 years now. Treated 3 years ago for arm pain and neck pain(PT). PT helped.No arm pain but neck hurts lots and area in neck has numby feeling and back hurts a few inches further down.DR said something abt cervical vertibrae there not herniated but will.? Been trying to keep up with PT showed me abt way I hold my head and posture. But does not help the pain. Started having dizzy spells. Never falling.
Avatar n tn I have the cracking of the neck to and I know it is arthritis, I used to do the collanetics neck exersises, I guess it did work, if you have any additrional information about this please let me know. Also I wont get into details because it is a long story, but about 10 yrs ago 51 yrs old,I had a terrible ear infection and my neck cracking, they got me in Antibiotis and it did not help.