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920032 tn?1550683756 Watch your diet (keep it low on sweets and not too many carbs), and exercise, and try to keep your weight or get it to your 'ideal' weight.
919799 tn?1246037666 Whats the "normal" ranges for TSH? Mine is 0.22 my dr said its low is it low or normal? Iam so confused still waiting to see an endocrinologist I have my first appt. on the 18th.My main symptom is excessive hair loss,fatigue,muscle weakness,heart palps,fast heart rate but am on asthma meds that can cause that to and on bc pills.
1597714 tn?1299831689 Reference ranges vary from lab to lab.Your FreeT4 & FreeT3 look high / upper range based on my lab ranges - but you need to contact your doctor to provide you with the reference ranges used for your results.
Avatar f tn Yes, it is the same with your adrenals as it is with your thyroid. Just because you are within 'normal' range doesn't mean that your reading is normal for you. I barely even function. I would find a naturopath that is experienced in diagnosing and treating adrenal fatigue for treatment. Most of mainstream medicine does not recognize it and people just get worse, and I for one don't want to end up with adrenal 'insufficiency', a.k.a. Addison's. We both definitely have risk factors.
Avatar f tn Hello, I just came back from the endo who tells me I'm in the normal ranges: FT4 1.11 (.8-1.73) T3 98 (72-180) T4 6.2 6.2 (4.9-12.9) T3U 33.3 (24.3-39) FRee T4 index 2.1 (1.5-3.8) TSH 2.56 (.178-4.53) although it was previously at 3.
Avatar f tn Our data indicate that each individual had a unique thyroid function. The individual reference ranges for test results were narrow, compared with group reference ranges used to develop laboratory reference ranges. Accordingly, a test result within laboratory reference limits is not necessarily normal for an individual." Andersen S, Pedersen KM, Bruun NH, Laurberg P.
368646 tn?1208397487 I totally feel your pain! I am going to my Dr. on Wednesday armed with as much information as possible. I have a TSH of 4.12 and the Dr. insists that is completely "Normal". I sure don't feel normal though! I also have been trying to conceive with no luck, and am sure this is at least part of the reawon. So I am going to try to get him to run all the antibodies tests to prove to him what I am feeling is Hashi's. Good Luck!
Avatar f tn Because she is only a general practitioner, I'm questioning whether she'll know exactly what is normal and what is normal high, and low.......What do you suggest are normal levels for the TSH, T3 and T4? Do my T levels seem really out of range? Thanks!
Avatar n tn Her pediatrician claims these numbers are a little high, and thinks she should do a 24 hour holter monitor, and I am wondering what the normal ranges for a five hear old are? Her 6 year old sister has a sleeping rate of anywhere between 90-104. Thanks in advance!
Avatar f tn At age 7 her cholesterol was high and her thyroid came back abnormal. After further testing, all came back within normal ranges. She has three siblings who don't have any weight issues She plays soccer, hockey, tennis, swimming, volleyball and rarely watches TV, always outside running around. We do not have soda or junk food in the house. We have lots of fresh fruit and veggies for snacking. We drink low fat organic milk, cut out preservatives as much as possible and drink lots of water.
Avatar f tn Free T4 0.93 0.6-1.6 TSH 1.83 0.34-4.82 Gaining weight. Losing hair. Very very dry skin. Britle nails. carpal tunnel. Just plain tired all the time. I do take yaz. IDK if that changes anything. What do you guys think?
Avatar f tn It is hard for me to keep the weight on. I drink weight gain. If I stop drinking it, I start to lose weight so then I start drinking it again and my weight goes back up a few pounds. Then I stop and my weight starts to drop again. I've always been skinny, but I have had problems keeping the weight on since I had my first child at age 22. I am now 39 years old. He said since I do not have problems losing weight then it can't be hypothyroidism.
Avatar m tn But again, I just think it is all related, mood swings, bloating, when not on the pill i can go anywhere from 3-8 mos with no period, weight gain, difficulty taking any weight off, cold, tired. I do take a multi vitamin and b complex. help please.
Avatar f tn 3 PG/ML which is low but in the normal reference range, my TSH has changed from 4.45 to 2.76 which is now in the normal range, FT4 is 17 also normal and lastly thyroid antimicrosomal Ab is 214.96 which is way out of normal (0-5).
Avatar n tn Weight gain is not a side effect of levo; it's a symptom of being hypo. Can you post your most recent lab results, along with the lab's reference ranges, since these are lab specific and must come from your own report? Knowing where your levels are within the ranges will help members comment more fully on your situation. Even if your labs are considered "normal", meaning in the normal range on the lab report, that doesn't mean those levels are "normal" for you.
Avatar f tn 9 NG/DL Just looking at the 'normal' ranges from my lab, it seems like I am on the very low end of normal. Considering I have multiple symptoms would medication be warranted? I have since found a new doctor and happen to have an appointment tomorrow. I don't know much about thyroid other than reading online, but everything I have read says that a normal range may not mean normal?! Thanks!
158939 tn?1274918797 Could you color code the BMI section on the weight tracker to reflect "normal" weight, "overweight" and "obese"? It may also be helpful if the ranges for weight and BMI were listed for our heights.
Avatar n tn i have all the symptoms of hyperthyroidism but the doctor at the emergency room said my tests were normal. i looked them up online and found that they were not. T3=32 T4=9.9 TSH=.79 i am 50 been through menopause years ago.
2003882 tn?1327608026 A slight variation this side or that of these ranges is considered normal. Also the weight range will vary with race, ethnicity, and with the region in which you live. It is important to discuss this with your doctor if you feel you have weight issues. Take care!
Avatar f tn Everyone is different but notice how these are WELL up into the ranges far above the low ends of most reference ranges. Losing weight is almost never easy even when the Thyroid works perfectly. So adding low (Hypo) thyroid which controls and results in low Metabolism only makes matters MUCH worse.
Avatar n tn i cannot explain the weight gain. The doctors are baffled, I know that they originally thought it was thyroid - though my tsh levels are in the normal range, my t3/t4 conversion is off. Nothing i have tried to correct it has worked. I am so upset because I don't liek the way I look... as well, i'm trying to get pregnant and i don't wish to be 80 lbs overweight. Please help...?
Avatar f tn I am 55 years of age and have Hashimotos disease, my weight is low ,however despite exercise and normal eating, I cannot move weight from my lower body. I currently take 100mg of thyroxine. I am constantly hungry experince joint pains and puffiness and bloating. It is a real battle to maintain my weight. My doctor says my dosage of medication is correct and that I need not worry about the types of food I eat. This is contary to what many books say.
Avatar n tn I wore long underwear, summer and winter, never went a day without having to take a nap, and dragged myself around the rest of the time. I gain 55 pounds over the next nine years. Finally, my doctor "noticed" that my TSH had risen to 78. I've never lost the weight. "Normal" ranges ruined my life. You should be getting copies of your tests and keeping your own records.
Avatar f tn I am having extreme fatigue,dry brittle hair with hair loss,achy joints,heavy/irregular menstrual cycles,inability to lose weight. I have been dieting and I exercise at least 4 days a week with combo of cardio and light weight training and have actually gained weight since doing so. I watch calories and carb intake. I have a job where I am on my feet moving 8+ hours a day so I do not have a sedentary job.
Avatar n tn I wish I had to worry about increasing my weight -- I'll gladly "loan" you some....... LOL You have symptoms of both hyper and hypo -- can you post your latest thyroid test results, along with the reference ranges from your lab report, so members can further evaluate them and comment further.
Avatar n tn Trying to distinguish between hypo t and lifestyle effects would be a very difficult task; however, with a TSH that high, you could certainly expect to have no energy to do anything but sit around ( and gain weight ). JMHO You also say that you feel a bit better. Does that mean that your TSH, T4 and T3 are now at acceptable levels? Don't just let your Dr. tell you that your thyroid results are " normal ". Find out the actual results and compare to the normal ranges.
Avatar f tn When you tone muscle it becomes a heavy mass, heavier than fat, therefore you will weight more but as you said losing inches. This is totally normal and healthy! Im a qualified personal trainer and what you described there is totally normal, your losing weight in a healthy manner which is hard to do so fair play to you, keep it up! The thyroid will set you back and losing weight will take longer! If you are worried and need any advice you can PM me!
Avatar f tn Not all labs use the new range for TSH, so even if you''re in the lab's normal range, it still might not be normal. Free T3 and Free T4 are the actual thyroid hormones, with Free T3 being the one the correlates with symptoms. Many doctors believe that TSH is all that needs to be tested, and they are wrong. Thyroid hormones control metabolism, body temperature, heart rate and other body functions.
140437 tn?1215113342 The charts indicating weight to height ratio totally contradict the BMI ranges for normal, overweight and obese.