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Avatar f tn I'm 24 weeks as well I've put on 16lbs as of now.
Avatar n tn my sister in-law had a non eater too and she used pedia-sure drinks. she mixed 1/2 and half and got rid of the formula. also she made it so Cameron had to drink out of a big boy cup or nothing. she also did potty training bribing for eating things like yogurt ect. she started him on yo-baby yogurt because the vanilla has a mild flavor and a smooth consistance. Cameron still isn't much of a eater at age five but he does eat ,he is normal in all other aspects.
Avatar f tn Her weight is between the 10-5th percentile for her age. She is still within the growth chart. It sounds like she is not only is ‘picky’ eater but eats more like a vegetarian. Children can eat as vegetarians; however, Protein (essential amino acids) is the main ingredient that needs attention. You get protein by using dairy products which can come from animal or plant sources, such as, milk, soy milk, rice milk, yogurt, soy yogurt, cheese, soy cheese, soy ice cream, and rice ice cream.
Avatar f tn From your measurements, his weight is just above the 50th percentile for his age which indicates his weight is within normal range. At 5-7 months you can start to feed him baby food - strained meats, vegetables, fruits, infant cereals, if he is refusing the infant formula. Suggest following a meal schedule for the solids, such as 3 meals a day- breakfast, lunch, dinner and between you give him the bottle of formula, if he takes it.
Avatar n tn He falls in the 10 percentile for weight. The doctor says, it will be good if he gains another 4 pounds. He is very active.Everything seems to be normal except for eating.He does not open his mouth for anything, since the first bite.The only way to feed him is to keep him engaged in something interesting. The moment he is aware that I am feeding him, he starts spitting.If I try to force into his mouth,he simply shuts his mouth and pushes me away.
Avatar f tn And it seems she dont gain weight so much. For a year she just gain 1 kilo. Please help me and give me some advise.
Avatar f tn I have heat exhaustion symptoms (red skin, headache, muscle weakness and cramps) yet I'm not dehydrated. I sweat very little. (I drink a lot, also pedia-lite and other electrolyte drinks; my urine is practically clear). It gets to the point where it's hard to breathe and only being in the cold and not moving helps (takes a few days to truly recuperate). But...I also have gastritis (delayed gastric emptying).
Avatar f tn I would see the doctor again and see if they are able to try something else with you to ease the sickness. But like I said weight loss is normal amongst a lot of pregnant woman. Even with no sickness I lost weight around 5lbs, slowly getting it back again now though.
677421 tn?1253346443 I asked my OB about this but she is not that concerned so I assume that it's Okay for me to do so. My son is now 8 months, has been continuously monitored by a pedia-cardio. Does anyone have a child with CHD and can relate to me please?
Avatar n tn Just wanted to add that we switched my DD to Alimentum at 4 months of age and it has been wonderful! The little rash she had on her cheeks cleared up within a few days. I'm guessing it was excema (sp?) from the milk allergy but overall she's a brand new happy baby! She also has acid reflux so a new medicine there made all the difference. Alimentum is expensive and it tastes AND smells really bad...but it's SOOOOO worth it!
Avatar f tn hello, 109 fasting is higher than normal. 125 five hours after eating is also higher than normal. Normal fasting for children should be in the low 80s. Normal 2 hours after eating for children (assuming it was a regular meal) should also be close to the fasting levels. This sounds like early diabetes. You pedia is right to be watching this closely. Limit the amount of carbs your daughter eats. Avoid fruit juice and soda.
Avatar n tn He is also a picky picky eater. About a month ago. I noticed his weight had not changed in over 6 mo. This really concerned me. I took him to the doctors and they ran a whole bunch of tests. All the tests came back normal , he was just under wight. I now give him pedia sure on the days that I can not get him to eat nothng and I also give a vitamin a day. I would see your doctor and make sure his growth is normal and then try to get him to eat.
Avatar n tn All the tests came back normal , he was just under wight. I now give him pedia sure on the days that I can not get him to eat nothng and I also give a vitamin a day. I would see your doctor and make sure his growth is normal and then try to get him to eat. I found that finger foods work great for my son. Bologna and cheese he loves and can carry it around with him. I also found that he loves hot dogs and Pizza.
Avatar n tn 7 kg, 'tho small, may be normal. This weight represents the 5th -10th percentile - which is well within normal limits. NOW - the question I would ask you and your child's doctor is - Has your child grown at a normal rate, meaning has she always been small? If so - then I would be inclined not to worry about her weight. If she has definitely lost weight, particularly over the long term, then that needs attention.
454286 tn?1205886667 I asked what it was and she said, I really cant tell you, but my partner thinks its a possibility given my son's short stature and weight. I said "short stature"? He is 4 feet tall and he is only 4 years old. He also weighs 87lbs. I have done some reading about it and there might be some similarities which I always thought were behavior issues that we needed to address, till Prader-Willi was told to me. My son is scheduled to have testing for this done on April 30.
Avatar f tn He is a stick. We have done bloodwork that all came back as normal. All newborn screenings were normal. Is there anything I could be doing to get her to eat more? The ped wants her to see a GI specialist. I'm not sure I see the point in that, as he hasn't told me what it is that the GI doctor would be doing. We are on an HSA health plan, and there is no money at this point to go see a specialist. However, we will have to find the money if it's absolutely necessary. Is it absolutely necessary?
Avatar f tn We had a barium swallow study done, which came back normal; and recently had an endoscopy that had normal results. Still waiting on the results of the biopsy. Has anyone had this experience, and found an effective treatment or solution?
Avatar n tn Prior to that, she nursed and took bottles well. She has not gained weight since she was 11 months. She weighs 21 lbs. She has had chronic constipation since approx. 4 mos. old and has been using lactulose to manage. She takes 3-4 packets daily. Her endoscopy/sigmoidoscopy showed irritated stomach, inflamed colon and bowel with an enlarged bowel. Tests for allergies, absorption problems, cystic fibrosis have been negative. Her blood work has been normal with no anemia.
Avatar n tn For the Upper GI endoscopy it showed gastric musocal abnormality characterized by erythema, this was biopsied, showed normal examined dueodenum, which was biopsied as well. For the colonoscopy the impression was congested mucosa from rectum to spenic flexure this was biopsied. The colonoscopy showed the left colon biopsy showing non-specific mild acute and chronic inflammation and hemorrhage with no evidence of microscopic or collagenous colitis. The same for the right colon biopsy.
Avatar f tn My husband also thought things would go right back to "normal" after I detoxed. Whatever he thought was normal anyway. That really irritated me! As for the appetite, I had none what so ever. I had to make myself eat and even drank ensure to try to get some of my energy back. It too all my energy to just get around let alone eat. I lost about 20 pounds during that time, but can now say that 15 of it has found their way back! Are you trying some vitamins?
242516 tn?1368227505 html symptoms that are worse than those of a normal cold or that haven't gotten better in 10 days • a high fever • an earache that gets worse • a pain in your face, especially on one side • shortness of breath • a health problem that makes it more likely that you will have problems with a cold (for example: asthma and other lung diseases or a disease that affects how your body fights infection) These are general guidelines, meant to be taken in the whole context of your health history by
Avatar n tn A doctor made me blood test, and nothing unusual, just my haemoglobin is 138.0 (normal 140-180) and erythrocite 4.44 (normal 4.6-6.2). Everything else seems to be normal. The doctor said that I have a quickened pulse of my heart (I forgot to ask him about the beats per minute). I feel the taste of blood yet, especially when I stand up.
Avatar f tn My doctor told me that things would get better in time, it just takes awhile for the remaining intestine to adapt. It took about 6 months for me to maintain a weight of 120 lbs. (I am 5' 4"). It's been almost 2 years now and I have problems every day with digestion. I have diarrhea every morning that lasts sometimes until about noon (some days are worse than others), and the rest of the day I have digestive pain, cramps, sometimes bloating and gas from whatever I eat.
Avatar n tn If he feeds you with the same bullc***, I would find a different one. Recurrent fevers do not sound normal and giving him antibiotics so often, as you know I'm sure, is not that great for his immune system. I hope you find answers soon. All the best.
298579 tn?1192250448 1 Are you underweight, normal weight, overweight or obese? I would say normal...however did put on some weight over the winter but symptoms haven't gotten any worse 2 How old were you when the pains started? 23 years old 3 How long have you experienced the pain for? I am now almost 26-3years 4 Do you get pain a) after sexual arousal, b) after a bowel movement, c) after urinating, d) after exercise, e) all of the above all of the above but at different times after each for example a.
Avatar m tn Bless you for trying----- but even if s/he will it will probably be for just 10-30 days of 200 mg doxycycline. Since you're reading Dr. Bs guidelines you can see that the 'normal' amount for Lyme is 400 mg per day for...... a very unspecified time. More like months. This is not some 'ordinary' disease. The replication/division time of the bacteria (much longer than most bacteria, if you've read Tom Grier). (No, Tom Grier does not walk on water!
Avatar n tn I take him in for a check every few weeks or so, but lately (I suspect because the weather has been hot) I have been noticing that he dehydrates rapidly, and the problem arises more frequently--he barely ever goes to the litterbox without a liquid glycerin suppository. I know his urinating is normal, because I am frequently monitoring his trips to the litterbox. The last two times I have taken him in for checks, they have given him sub-cutaneous fluids and an enema.
Avatar n tn Then in early November he wouldn't walk, after x-rays and blood work all came back normal our pediatrician diagnosed him with toxic synovitis. He began walking and was back to normal in a couple days. However, the occasional complaint of back paincontinued, most of the time when he was laying down. We took him back in to the Dr. and had more x-rays done. Then in the beginning of December he began to complain of back pain when he was in his car seat.
Avatar f tn Sobrang sakit nasa medical field ako kaya naiintindihan ko na wala na talaga tayong pag-asa gumaling pagdating sa gamot si God nalang talaga yung pag-asa natin.
Avatar m tn elow guys.. ngpachek aq knna.. svi ng doc ok dw nandun p dn un eh.. hbvdna 220uiml sgpt normal alt normal.. hbsag reactive hbeag nonreactiv.. no nid dw ng treatment.. healthy lifestyle lng dw.. gs2 q tlga mwala .. kht pinapalakas nya loob mu.. alam mung ml ulungkot k p rn kc limited ka e.. aun ung ayaw q..mrmi aq gs2 gwin pro d mu mgwa.. at ayaw q un.. sna tlga gumaling n tau or mgkaroon n ng cure toh.. sna..