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Avatar f tn I'm 20 wks 2 days an I have also only gained 1 lb but I have a good size bump!
Avatar f tn I have had digestive problems ever since I was born. As a young child I was consitantly drinking pedia-sure and pedia-lyte for my health. As a result, I've always been sick, at least once or twice a month. My condition seems to be worsening over the past few weeks. I can not hold down solid food and I'm currently on a diet of Pedia-sure and small amounts of soup. I do not feel hungry and every time I have something like Pedia-sure I feel stuffed instantly.
Avatar f tn He was ok till his 6th mos then he had diarrhea till now and its been 3mos his gain in weight is too slow and he is so little, anyone who had the same case as ours? As advice by our pedia, we changed his milk from cow base to soya base, his stool analysis is ok (no trace of bacteria or virus).
Avatar f tn At the age of 3 and 1/2 years she is very talkative and she can easily grasp/remember instructions and her doctor told us she is not a DS, her thighs and body as a whole are of normal size. Her neuro-pedia and neuro-surgeon told me, that they can not find any reason why she can not walk... By the way my baby was delivered normal and clear during her new born screening! Do not know what to do.... Please help...
2170635 tn?1357911686 So be sides me being really specific about geting a new born laxative for my 3week old baby my mom and.boy friend decided to get pedia-lax ages 2-5 -.- I hate that they dont listen my mom says its safe but I do not trust it as he is no were near 2! The laxative is that bulb on liquidy could it possibly be safe ??
Avatar f tn I am 24 weeks and look small. My doctor told me to drink pedia sure because Im having issues gaining alot of weight. And I didnt feel kicks and alot of movement until I was 23 weeks.
Avatar n tn my cousin used Appeton Weight Gain for her son. Ask your pedia which food supplements/milk/food would he recommend.
1737159 tn?1316672635 t open his eyes any more, I called his pedia and we were advised for admission in the hospital. The pedia said that she can refer me to an optalmologist if I choose, but the possibility is there should be a surgery because there's already an abcess. But Im skeptical about the surgery, because it might deform his eyelid and he might be scarred for life, my son is just 4 years old. Is it really necessary to do surgery or the swelling will just go away in time?
Avatar f tn hello, teh SGOt and SPGT has been retested and the result is normal. His Pedia wants to continue the Kids Kit medicine but worrying if he will get yellowish skin again.
Avatar n tn The best thing I can recommend that my doctor recommended to me was to try my best to get down some ensure shakes, try Pedia light or Pedia light pops (sometimes frozen stuff like ice is easier to hold down), and also try freezing some Gatorade (only to the point of a slushy)... the ensure shakes have lots of vitamins, protien, calories, etc that we need and it is just a small bottle and was much easier to hold down versus food (not all the time, but most of the time).
Avatar m tn Every bit of that sounds normal to me. Except the type of poop. Yellow is normal, but being little balls means she is a little constipated. May have to buy her a baby laxative. Newborns make tons of funny noises and for some reason always sneeze! Don't worry she will be fine.
Avatar f tn And it seems she dont gain weight so much. For a year she just gain 1 kilo. Please help me and give me some advise.
Avatar m tn hi.Thanks for the answer.I had an appointment with the pedia of my daughter and she prescribed me a cream and its really working for the fingers of my little girl.About the dandruff she was saying that since my daughter is having an atopic dermatitis it is normal for her that during winter she going to have it. But as i can see it everyday for me that is not a normal.
Avatar f tn and now im afraid coz my baby diagnose by pedia that she have primary complex...Her pedia give me list of medicine to I bought those medicine.i read all the precaution of that ...ias i read it... natakot ako pra sa anak ko...pra hindi kayanin ng liver niya ang mga gamot na un...pano kung maging reactive siya sa hepa...paranoid talaga ako ngaun...
Avatar m tn few months ago hani weight was 10 kg now 9 kg ..the weight become down ... im am very worried ...plz plz help me..if u no any anti allergic milk?i live in kuwait..the weather was dry..n many people have skin problem ...i also have allergi with 2 foods..and exzeema also....
Avatar f tn Hi, im a mom of a 12 year old CP boy, my son was diagnosed at the age of 18 mnths, since then, we send him to OT for rehab, so far were happy that he was able to walk at 3 years old and grow normally despite its spasticity, everything is normal but then last week, his pedia circumcized him and now his spasticity worsen, he can hardly step his right leg, hes so stiff, we havent seen him like this before, is it possible that anesthesia made it worse?
Avatar f tn good day and thanks for the reply!! we had a follow up checkup with our pedia neuro and according to her she had a normal head circumference and we are worried having hydrocephalus. on 2009, he had an mri suggested of cerebellar hypoplasia. do the cerebellum will be developed as time goes by. by the way, my grandson is 2 years old turning 3 this october.
Avatar m tn Last June 24 I had a breathing problem and little palpitations (but not as always) so I went to a pedia-cardiologist for a check up. Then the doctor gave two tests, 2D Echo and ECG test. The results, in my ECG test it said that I have sinus arrhythmia which is normal, while on the 2D echo test, a PFO or a whole in the chambers of the heart was found, the doctor said there's nothing to worry about so I went home without any medicines, just a tailored diet.
Avatar f tn Hi! I am a 31 year old female in otherwise healthy condition but need help figuring out whats going on with me in the summer esp.: I have internal temperature regulation issues; i'm either hot or cold never comfortable. Its easy to deal with in the cold, but in the heat I just get very ill because I cant stay cool. So every summer I have a lot of health problems: When exposed to the heat I seem to get really sick.
Avatar f tn I would see the doctor again and see if they are able to try something else with you to ease the sickness. But like I said weight loss is normal amongst a lot of pregnant woman. Even with no sickness I lost weight around 5lbs, slowly getting it back again now though.
1400336 tn?1280753890 My daughter is already two years old now, when she was 5 mos old she got hospitalized due to seizure and was diagnosed by her pedia neuro that she was a shaken baby. When we were informed, my husband and I was so shocked because we never hurt or abuse our child. Our daughter's Pedia Neuro discussed to us that if we did not hurt or abused our child, maybe there was something wrong in the way we carry our child, or maybe her blood vessels was weak.
Avatar n tn My daughter is sick and she takes Adderall xr 10mg can I give her pedia care muti-stymptom cold pluse acetaminophen?
Avatar n tn Is it getting him attention I would imagine it is , so it may be a good idea to ignore the habit, sometimes children do things to get attention, so focus on his positive side not the negative, praise him when you see him doing something right.You have seen the doctor who has checked him out , next time he seems like he is going to throw up, walk away and do not feed into the issue once it doesn't get attention it may go away ...
Avatar m tn My 3 yr. old son's left eye constantly blinks, this happened after he was punched by another 3 yr old toddler on his left eye. We brought him to the pediatrician but the pediatrician forwarded us to a pedia-opthalmologist. the doctor didn't see any substance inside the eye, the eye is clean. he just gave us an antibiotic drops but my son's left eye still blinks after a week now.
Avatar m tn Its surprising that all his blood reports are normal. He does not cough and has no chest congestion. Even the Doctors are not coming up with a concrete solution to this Problem. Why the chills aggravates only during evening when the weather here in Mumbai is warm even during evenings?
Avatar f tn t give antibiotics or decongestant as what his pedia had advised unless the said condition ran a week or so. So, I just asked him to drink a lot of water instead then it stopped for 1 week then it came back again. Just this 2nd week of June 2014, he snorted with little blood on his mucus then after that, when he tried to spit there was slightly maroon color to little light red blood on his saliva. Prior to slight nosebleeding, my son complained of abdominal pain.
Avatar m tn Hi, my daughter is almost 3 1/2 years. My daughter is small. We went to wic the other day and they are concerned cause she hasn't really gained any weight. Now I am 4'11" and weigh 103 lbs. She is tiny just like me. They freaked me out and made me feel like I am a terrible mother. She is a very picky eater and she has many food allergies so I am limited two ways on stuff to feed her. She doesn't eat much snacks. She loves fruit and veggies.