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Avatar n tn Hi, I just had a hemi-thyroidectomy and feel hypothyroid symptoms more than ever, but my GP tells me that my TSH and T4 levels are within normal limits. Relative to the tests a year ago, the TSH has jumped to 2.95 from 1.2 and T4 from 4 to 9. He claims they are still normal and I am arguing that they are different than before. The doctor says that lab's upper limit for TSH normal is 5.0. I have read that most have adopted 3.
Avatar n tn My cholesterol two months ago was 181. In trying to gain weight, I'm afraid that I'll make that number increase just out of necessity. Any ideas? Lastly, I also consume a lot of natural sugars. I drink a great deal of Odwalla beverages and 100% Orange/Apple juice. I don't drink soda at all, which is probably beneficial, but I am wondering how much sugar is too much, even for someone trying to put on weight. I've tried to Google it, but nothing of much stock has come up.
443249 tn?1231185554 My TSH was just ran and this time I was given a # instead of just told normal. It's 3.13. With a weight gain of 75 lbs. over the past 5 years, so I'm worried. I've not changed what, when or how much I eat, except for less and my weight will drop a few lbs. only to go higher. Could this be my thyroid? I know about thirty years ago I was put on thyrolor 1 (sp?) when my weight started to go up at a fast rate. I was put on Levrothroxin (sp?) but had adverse reaction a couple of yrs. ago.
Avatar n tn iam a maxillofacial surgeon by profession. iam suffering from hypothyroid since 7 months. iam on thyroxine 100mcg & my TSH T3 & T4 levels now are with in normal limits. My concern is that iam gaining weight & there is some fluid or thick gelatinous collection in the abdominal & flanks area. which is affecting my personality & makes me worry. i want your suggestion to get rid of this. iam doing regular exercise like waking for a 1-2 kms everyday using thredmill. pls suggest.
Avatar n tn Some of us are just need to eat more than most people in order to gain weight and to keep the weight normal, but with the proper balance of calories and insulin, you should be able to reach normal weight and stay there.
Avatar f tn Dedicated imaging through the sella demonstrates no evidence for selar or suprasellar mass. There is normal enhancement of the pituitary gland. the pituitary stalk midline. The cavernous sinuses and cavernous internal carotid ateries are unremarkable. The optic chiasm is unremarkable. The is an incidental note of increased fluid within the left mastoid air cells which has increased as compared to prior examination. Will losing weight help. I am 5'3 and I weigh 290lbs.
Avatar n tn If your body is used to a TSH of 0.8, you could be having symptoms of hypothyroidism even if your blood tests are normal. "Normal" for a large population includes a wide spread. "Normal" for you involves a much smaller spread. A difference of .75 either side of where you have been with your TSH when you were healthy can give you symptoms. So you can have very good bloodwork numbers and have hormone levels that are making you ill. Every person is different.
Avatar n tn The average recommended weight gain is 25-35 lbs. but that is for normal weight, otherwise healthy people..If you are considered underweight a weight gain of 40-50 lbs is recommended. And if your cond=sidered overweight...well that depends...But this is something you should ask your Dr. Because they know your current weight and medical condition/history. It varies from person to person. Try eating healthy nutrient rich foods, not fast food..if at all possible.
Avatar f tn My understanding is you can push your HR up to the "normal" limits if it doesn't make you so breathless you can't even talk. From the general rule I'd say 80% of 220-46 = ~ 140. This is obviously too high for your condition, but I offer it as a limit imposed by your AFib condition. I am in permanent AFib, and a past runner, so my interest is more than academic. The advice I get from my cardiologist is I can go to about 140 if I can take it, and I can.
2047155 tn?1527167564 I am drinking NOTHING but water until I hit my goal weight then i may add juices after I know I can maintain the progress I have made. Also, does anyone know a good amount of water to drink a day? I hear a gallon..
Avatar f tn So at only 500-1000 calories if you are even moderately active you should be dropping weight fast. 3000 calories under/over your daily normal limits (as above) is all it takes to lose/gain 1 pound/approx 0.8(ish) kgs of body weight (this assumes the somewhat wide range of what is considered 'normal' metabolic processes) if you are under-eating by 1/3 to 2/3 of your required calories every day I would expect you to lose between 1 to 2 pounds (up to 1 kg) every week.
Avatar n tn My Hematologist tested and says that my thyroid is within normal limits as of a few months ago. I have been dieting (eating 5 times a day, about 1500 cals) and working out 5 days a week. I have not lost one single pound and I'm on my fourth week. This is the first time in my life I have not had control of how my body is responding to diet and exercise. Do you have any suggestions such as seeing an Endocrinelogists?
Avatar n tn thyroid function tests are within normal limits since 3 years. PLEASE ADVICE REGARDING USING VICTOZA PEN.FOR WEIGHT REDUCTION IN SUCH A PATIENT?!?
964860 tn?1264892461 try to drink lots of water even though my doc said it don't do nothing but is better to be kept well hydrated a few weeks mines dropped to 10 from like 14/15 and i got scared even though it was still within normal limits so i drinked so much water i thought i was gona throw up and the next they it was on 12. Just talk to your ob and maybe he should do growth scan.
Avatar m tn In 2014 I had a minor heart attack. They put me a stent into my 1/3 LAD. After that I have done 2 stress test with 12 MET and any problems with heart.. I had also 3 echogram. second and last one show that there is no visible damage on my heart. After one year I went in gym to practice some "easy" body building (weight lifting). I take simvastatin , emezetibe and aspirin 100mg.. I'am active 4 day/week (running, wights, aerobics)... What you think? It's ok to practice weight lift?
550943 tn?1330731180 Does anyone know of a good source of information i can get a hold of for continuing weight training during the first trimester of pregnancy? I know there are benefits and want to do it properly. Background: I want to TTC again after my miscarriage and I am currently walking five days a week and weight training three days a week.
Avatar f tn I think that Barb meant that there are no side effects from the synthetic T4 in Levo. There are members who have had reactions to the fillers and changed to different brands. I totally agree with Barb that the weight issue is most likely due to medication dosages inadequate to raise the Free T3 and Free T4 levels enough to relieve symptoms, including low metabolism.
Avatar m tn I am now doing this (eating about 50 g of carbs a day) and have managed to stop insulin for now (with good blood sugar numbers if I can keep within the carb limits) and lose weight. Calorie control is important for weight management, but I personally believe that carbohydrate control is even more important than the gross calories. Your doctor's way of dosing insulin is rather old-fashioned and there are new dosing regimes that can be more effective.
Avatar n tn "Normal" can mean anything from Hypo to Hyper. Often it means Hypo. Normal is 0.8 to 1.8, somewhere in there. "Within normal limits" is around 0.40-5.0. My lab uses 0.34-5.00. If your TSH is over 3.0, you could be sub-clinical hypo and show all the symptoms. So if 4.2 is normal for your doctor, you may be in trouble. You need to start asking for a copy of your tests and look at the results and see how they fall within lab limits.
1418633 tn?1314550345 It's then i started papaya leaf juice and now my platelets are back to normal(post treatment).Guess it means either papaya leaf juice works :) or the treatment is not working :(.I'm counting on the former.Going for my HCV RNA test tomorrow after 4th shot.Hope things work out for good.
11240317 tn?1416687142 As a general rule heavier ladies aren't supposed to gain much weight during pregnancy anyway. And maybe the weight you put on is helping your body's ability to have a baby? Naturally women are supposed to be larger than society wants us to be for child bearing purposes. It helps our bodies house a baby and deliver them. Can you imagine being about 90 pounds and having a baby? Ouch! No thanks.
Avatar f tn I hear the guidelines for the thyroid function test have been narrowed so more people fall outside of the normal limits. You need to know where you fall in the "normal" range. If it is in the middle or less, you could very well need help. Synthroid (synthetic thyroid hormone), which is prescribed for hypothyroidism is a very serious treatment with serious side effects.
432882 tn?1204165181 and meds will be prescribed to get that TSH moved back into normal range. Normal is .3 - 3.0 so you see with 0.019 you are way bleow the bottom of the .3 scale of normal. I have to ask AR about that slick detective work - how did you know Sinapore? What a slick dude.
Avatar n tn My normal weight is usually around 118 lbs and I am now up to about 160. I have been gaining weight very badly rapidly but have been eating less. The docs did my TSH level and it came out to be 4.94 but he told me this is normal. I don't know whats going on so could someone tell me if this level is normal or what they think could be happening. Thanks alot for the help.
Avatar n tn He said my uterus was twice the normal size but still within normal limits, He also noticed fybroids which he biopsied and said theres no problem there. He did say my thyroid was on the low side and put me on a low dose of Synthroid. I have been taking it for 2 mos and have noticed a difference with my energy, hair and sking but I am bigger than ever! I know I cant be diagnosed over the net but any suggestions of other things to check?
1257808 tn?1322765815 Thyroid does have a huge affect on your metabolism rate and thus your weight. Too high and you can loose weight, too low and you'll gain weight. Thyroid is also associated with mood including depression and anxiety. Some people can get off of or have no need to take anti-depressants or anti anxiety medicine simply by getting their Thyroid levels balanced correctly. However there are other hormones in your body as well. They all have to be in proper balance and that can be tricky.
620923 tn?1452919248 U do not need to tell us ur weight or how much u want to lose,u may just want to weight in on current events in the news or on a topic Chiari related..... We can also bond over weight loss trials and tribulations as will still be a thread on Thursdays..... It seems no one was into the exercises for those with limitations.....but if neone is...u can post here about that too....