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1008457 tn?1333959329 BMI stands for body mass index which is calculated by weight in kilograms divided by square meters of body height normal up to 25 kg/m2 30 means obesity > 40 means morbid or severe obesity
Avatar m tn For instance, I tend to retain a lot of fluid, so if my weight jumps up to 153, I'm obese, going by BMI, but the extra weight isn't fat, it's fluid. According to the height/weight chart, normal weight for a 6'1" man could be anywhere between 152 and 192, depending on frame size.
Avatar f tn I think they worry about things such as preterm labor when you aren't gaining enough or if you start underweight. I'm pregnant with twins and I'm normal weight but they made it clear that I should aim to gain at least the minimum amt of weight in my 1st and second trimester to avoid preterm labor. Her doctor will probably check her weight and ask her to gain the required amount which is a little more than she would have to gain if she was average weight.
5314819 tn?1371280997 BMI now showing as normal instead of overweight just need to get the weight off so its not going back there.
1065978 tn?1265233926 my BMI is 25.2 Underweight = <18.5 Normal weight = 18.5-24.9 Overweight = 25-29.9 Obesity = BMI of 30 or greater http://www.nhlbisupport.
Avatar f tn unfortunately my BMI is at 830 9. I had weight loss surgery 2 years ago, lost 50 pounds, and then gained it back. This pregnancy was a surprise and my boyfriend and I are thrilled but I am nervous about my weight. Its not like we can use the weight now lol the best we can do is to be healthy during all pregnancies. My doctor told me that I shouldn't game any more than 11 to 20 pounds during the pregnancy. That won't be a problem I don't think because I can't seem to eat anything at the moment.
Avatar f tn Finally at a normal wieght, but still have 13 pounts to get to goal 165 lbs. Last time i weighted 165 was when i was 21 years old. Im still not giving my self enough credit for loosing 25 lbs thus far. I know its a great accomplishment. I need to continue to stay focus and reach my goal. Fit into a size 10 (loose) and bring body fat down to 21 %.
4261944 tn?1530523938 200lb Current Weight: 154 1/2lb Goal Weight: 144lb Total loss: 45 1/2lbs Total waist inches lost: 8 Total hip inches lost: 8 1/2 Total thigh inches lost: 5 1/2 Anyone can achieve the 'impossible'
Avatar n tn My diet is very normal/nutritious but I can't gain weight. I've been around this weight for the past 3 or 4 years. Even when I consume an excessive amount, I don't gain weight. What could possibly explain this weight issue? Graves disease? Hyperthyroidism? I have IBS and I'm on antidepressants for the anxiety that ensues. Could it be a digestive issue? I've been to a gastroenterologist many times before, and he is confident that there's nothing more than IBS.
476246 tn?1418874514 Meaning that I am normal weight. On the tracker chart, it puts me at 2977. This would put me on the border of obese. BMI Categories: Underweight = <18.5 Normal weight = 18.5-24.9 Overweight = 25-29.
Avatar f tn For me I tend to become over weight when I'm pregnant. I start of normal for My weight but gain uncontrollably. My first pregnancy I started at 110 and weighed 180 by the end gaining 70 pounds with my second I started out at 130 because I got pregnant again so soon (4 months after having my first) and I went back up to 175 and now that I'm on my third I'm only 12 weeks anns have gained 17 pounds already.
1339332 tn?1329857966 My nephew has always been slim but I've noticed this summer that he's looking chunky around the abdomen. Our entire family has struggled with overweight/obesity for generations. Is BMI calculated the same way in kids as in adults? Is he overweight and if so, how much?
Avatar f tn It bothers me when my doctor asks me if I have an eating disorder and even wants me to gain weight!! I really feel like bmi does not determine if someone is healthy or not because my brother is in amazing shape and is considered overweight by the charts. Is bone structure a valid argument for my low bmi?? I can tell my doctor thinks I am just making excuses, but I really am a petite person who happens to be tall!! I'm just concerned.
Avatar m tn Decompensation of cirrhosis (that is, development of ascites, variceal hemorrhage or hepatic encephalopathy) was observed at higher rates in patients at the upper end of BMI—31% of overweight and 43% of obese patients—compared to only 15% of patients with normal BMI. Researchers noted the probability of developing clinical decompensation was significantly higher in patients with abnormal BMI.
Avatar f tn I had pnd and lost a lot of weight, my bmi went down to 15.9 at lowest (it was 18-18.5 pre pregnancy) it's not back up to 17-17.5 ish I've had blood tests and a scan showed some scarring and pco my fsh was elevated at 14! But had an amh done that was normal!! Drs say all results are conflicting?! And to gain more weight (I'm trying) I had a pill induced period (withdrawel bleed) that was normal flow for 7 days!!
545538 tn?1295995617 BP,Glucose,Cholestoral all were normal. I have seen them steadily increasing as I gain weight. So for me BMI is a major factor in my health. For me I have to lose weight and I know it will add years to my life.
Monkey 9 which is just a teeny bit over the normal weight category from 25-29.9. SO that is really pretty good! You should watch your weight and not gain more. Be sure to exercise so that you are fit at that weight, or even drop a few pounds. Good luck!
Avatar f tn Your midwife or doctor will let you know how much weight is ideal for you to put on during your pregnancy. If you have a normal BMI they say between 11 - 16kg weight gain is fine.. I at 29w and I think I have gained around 10kg so far, but in the beginning weight gain was very slow! At this stage I think your fine :) But remember weight gain is not all you putting on weight.. bub, fluid, placenta all add to it.
Avatar m tn BTW I doubt you lost 4lbs of fat today, probably most of it is water weight. Best to lose weight gradually anyway -- like 1-2 lbs per week. Not sure what your nurse means by "make no diff".
Avatar f tn does any of you ladies know what the average normal weight gain you put on throughout pregnancy?
Avatar f tn Look up weight gain according to BMI and it will give you a good idea on the amount of weight you should gain according to your body type.
Avatar f tn Your normal weight is 158-110= 48kg :)
Avatar f tn You can however try to maintain a weight below 130 pounds to remain in the BMI range of normal weight. So, roughly you need to lose about 40 pounds. Take care! The medical advice given should not be considered a substitute for medical care provided by a doctor who can examine you. The advice may not be completely correct for you as the doctor cannot examine you and does not know your complete medical history.
Avatar f tn I am 5'9 and started at 190. My Dr. said a 30 lb. gain is healthy for a woman with normal BMI, but since I was in the next up category of "Overweight" I should try to only gain about 20 lbs. Here I am at 23 weeks and I am up 20 lbs. already! I am now swimming to try to get stretched out and keep in shape without stressing my joints...hope between it and healthy diet I can stay under 30 lbs. ....I can tell if I succumbed to my cravings every 2 hours I will gain way more!
Avatar f tn My Dr told me i don't need to gain a lot of weight as long as the babies growing.
Avatar f tn It depends on your prepregnancy weight and BMI. With my first I put on 37lbs but I started at 198lbs so it really was way too much even tho my dr never said anything. This time I understand he just doesn't care about weight, never weighs or measures me, but starting at 198lbs again the hospital has told me I shouldn't put on more then 20lbs and the majority of that should be in the 3rd trimester.
Avatar f tn I'm 18 weeks n 3 days I only gain 6 pounds sense I been pregnant is that normal??
4261944 tn?1530523938 First time I will ever praise BMI but today I reached 'normal' !!! The drive to not be in that 'obese' category was what started me on this journey. Today marks the day I achieved my real dream, and that was to healthy. While BMI doesn't matter that's still another statistic and I wanted to beat it and achieve something. Yay =) 50lbs lost!