No periods while breastfeeding

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Avatar f tn If I breastfeed after delivery does uour period still comes for 4 to 5 weeks or does it stop while breastfeeding. & if I get stiches Im going to have pain down there and bleeding at the same time??
395769 tn?1318453282 I've been breastfeeding for nearly 7 months now and have had no AF. I love it!
948280 tn?1285620308 Hi, it is definitely possible to get pregnant while breastfeeding. However, it is also possible that your periods are not regular yet. Considering you are a month late, you should take a home pregnancy test as it should be accurate by now.
Avatar n tn First of all let me come to Andrea's defense. She in no way discussed only ONE side of the issue as opposed to the comment "I see no difference". As I look back I see that she even pointed out that environment played a large role in the way a child turned out as well. Scientists are not the only ones studying the link between breastmilk and increased benefits to baby.
Avatar n tn You can get pregnant while breastfeeding. Once you start having periods again, that means ovulation is taking place again. I had a cousin that got pregnant while nursing. And I believe one of our "forum family members" got pregnant while nursing. Infact, in a way, it can be easier to get pregnant nusing because until you have your first period, you may not have been aware that you just ovulated a couple of weeks before. But if you are on the pill, I'm sure you are probably fine.
Avatar n tn I think it's normal to have irregular or no periods on that pill, but more common is not having a period while breastfeeding if you are exclusively breastfeeding and still feeding overnight. My baby is nearly 8 mos old and I have not had a period yet.
Avatar f tn I know of a friend who is pretty regular with her periods while she's nursing her 8 month old. Good luck finding answers... I would LOVE to get pregnant again now - I know of many ladies who have gotten pregant while nursing so it's anyone's guess!
Avatar n tn ) But do period cycles go back to normal right after you have your first period after stopping breastfeeding??? anyones advise would be so helpful!!! and no i havent taken a pt yet.
Avatar f tn hi, now i know that you can get pregnant while breastfeeding but my question is, do you have to be having periods for you to ovulate? i havent had a period since i concieved my daughter who is now 8 months old. and i also am breastfeeding so i am wondering if i could still get pregnant?
Avatar f tn So, you cant get pregnant while breastfeeding bc you dnt have a period, which equals no ovulation. Yet, women do get pregnant while bf.. How?
Avatar n tn I would freak out too. Did you have long periods before? Anyone can get preg while breastfeeding but the pill should have worked after a week? I dont know can you look at their website? I thought back in the day when I was on the pill it took a month to work?
1108272 tn?1292904416 ☺ You CAN have your period while you're breastfeeding, although the cycle is generally off and you won't have a typical 28 day (or however many days is your average) cycle. I breastfed my first until he was 8 months old, and I bled post pardum for about 6-7 weeks. I got my periods back regularly when he was about 5½ months old.
Avatar f tn Me and my partner want to have a brother or sister for her but my periods haven't started yet so I'm just wondering if anyone has any advice or stories to tell if they have been in a similar situation to mine or has anyone gotten pregnant while breastfeeding and had no period. I love breastfeeding my little girl and want to continue till shes 1.
346568 tn?1196260516 It is possible to get pregnant while nursing so there is no way of knowing unless you test. I wish there was - ***** not knowing when we're going to ovulate or get our next period! Good luck.
9536744 tn?1414125631 Some women get their periods while breastfeeding. If you are lucky and don't, then you can likely expect to not have one until you start weaning. This might be something like a nighttime and morning feeding only. And if you get pregnant while weaning, you might not have a period until you wean your next baby. Haha...guilty.
192291 tn?1345403735 Yes and no. Breastfeeding releases chemical responses in your body that cause you to not ovulate. But in order for that to happen you have to nurse around the clock, and pumping isn't as effective as baby suckling. Some women do get pregnant while nursing and don't find out for months since they don't have a period. I nursed for two months and it took another two months or so to get a period again. It will take time for a period to come back!
5961981 tn?1394036782 Also, if you have any opinions on other forms of contraceptives that have worked for you while breastfeeding, I'd be more than glad to hear about em. Please and thank you in advanced.
280369 tn?1316705641 As far as the period while breastfeeding I don't know. I didn't have a cycle the entire time I nursed my first and then with my second it started immediately after the first month like clockwork while exclusively nursing. With the pumping thing, I would guess that it was most likely affected by being sick. Just keep drinking plenty of fluids and eating well. Good luck.
Avatar f tn My menstruation then stopped. Ocassionally, I will have a few spots, but no real bleeding. I AM breastfeeding almost exclusively. I have heard of breastfeeding amenorreah, but I can only find stories concerning women who have not resumed their periods after birth. Pregnancy isn't an option. I had a tubal the day after my daughter was born. What could be the issue here?
353148 tn?1293064764 So, I have heard some women don't get their periods while breastfeeding, but it has been almost 4 months! Is this normal? I haven't seen my Dr. since my 6 week check up and at that time I was at the end of bleeding from giving birth. I'm not missing it or anything, but I still get cramps around that time and they seem to be getting worse each month. This last month I almost couldn't stand it. What do you all think? Is this normal or should I call my Dr?