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Avatar n tn The blood clots in menstrual blood is the innermost lining of the uterus and it may have thick blood clots or light particles also. It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided. For exact diagnosis, you are requested to consult your doctor. I sincerely hope that helps. Take care and please do keep me posted on how you are doing.
Avatar f tn When I was about 19 I started passing huge clots. It would continue for days at a time. These clots were sometimes the size of my fist. So I underwent tons of testing. They found some cysts on my ovaries. The checked everything else. I even went to a hormone specialist. They gave me an answer of "syndrome x" ( basically I don't think they had an idea). So I went on birth control. I finally started having normal periods. 2 years ago due to lack of insurance i stopped taking it.
Avatar f tn I have always had very heavy menstrual cycles with medium sized blood clots. This month I have been bleeding more than I normally do and it has lasted about 2 weeks now. Today as I was leaving work I stepped up to get onto my van when I felt a very large blood clot come out and I began to bleed very heavily that I had to remove my skirt and place it between my legs just to soak up all the blood. I was very scared. I began to feel very weak and dizzy as I was driving home.
Avatar n tn I'm 26 and just recently started getting super heavy periods, it worries me when I see the blood clots thinking there might be something wrong with me.
Avatar f tn Understanding Menstrual Blood Clots Clots are the natural result of the body functioning well. They are a natural way of controlling bleeding. When menstrual bleeding is heavy, clotting tends to occur. Experiencing menstrual clots can be upsetting. If the clots are large they can be painful and cause cramping as they pass through the cervix. The following is a brief explanation as to why menstrual clots (often large clots) are formed. All blood contains a clotting factor.
Avatar f tn Gynecological conditions like polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), and uterine cysts or polyps, can also bring about alteration in menstrual cycle. Even sickness and stress associated with it can delay periods. However, pregnancy is still the most common cause of delayed or missed period. So if there is a history of any unprotected intercourse then pregnancy should be ruled out. For your periods, miscarriage should also be ruled out for which you should get your serum HCG levels checked.
Avatar n tn does anyone know if blood clots during the menstrual cycle affect the chances of becoming pregnant? i was on the pill for almost 2 years and now my partner and have been tryi to concieve for 10 months unsuccessfully but the last couple of periods i've noticed clots. i'm concerned that its going to have a drastic effect concerning us concieving,gettin wat we're both desperate for?? or does anyne have an recomendations for concieving?? we're getting frustrated with ourselves at the minute.
Avatar n tn hi, i know that clumpy blood clots are ok to have during periods but small ones.. do you take advil or motrin for pain during your period? i got also in the past big clots that really freaked me out, and when i spoke to my doctor she said that advil and motrin thins out the blood so the period goes through faster so it could be why you get clots . but what about another misscarriage? do you just get clots or do you have tissue like discharge also?
Avatar n tn I am 39 years old and for the second time in five months I have had an extra period mid-cycle, these are the same as my normal periods, very heavy with large clots. Do you have any idea what is causing this?
Avatar f tn hi, i have had this problem before, are u on birth control? are ur periods irregular? this might have somthing to do with it. i had very heavy blood flow and bad clots on the 2nd week changing pads every half hour or so, i nearly went drs, cant say this is normal i wuld go and get it checked out to be on the safe side! gud luck!
Avatar f tn If you continue to miss periods, for more than 3 months or more in between, you may need to have some hormoen levels checked. You may have a form of polycystic ovary disease and you may need to check with your provider for some medications to help regulate your periods. Hope this helps! Dr B!
Avatar f tn I started off Spotting the first 3 days and then I started bleeding heavy with big clots. It is now the 26th of Janurary and I am still bleeding and passing clots. I've been having headaches and feeling very fatigue. The longest my cycle has lasted was 6days, which is normal for me. Both my mom and my sister has had fibroid tumors, could this be the same problem i am having?
Avatar f tn however it has been over a month now and I am still bleeding but the last two weeks I have none stop blood clots that are about the size of a cracker and here within the last week I have started to notice that the blood clots are starting to become flesh colored I am not sure what is going on I am haveing awful pains in my lower stomach and fell very tired and weak!!
Avatar n tn Is it normal to have blood clots during my period? And, if not what could be wrong?
Avatar f tn Heavy bleeding, Pain with sex Blood clots, menstrual cramping? Do you have children? Did you have one recently? within the last year? Hormones play a big factor when it comes to irregular periods as well as things like Endometriosis, Adenomyosis, PCOS etc.
1582332 tn?1296928465 I was only diagnosed last year and alot of things do make sense now. Endometriosis does cause the heavy periods, severe abdominal pain, cramping. I hope this helps.
Avatar f tn Well on the 12th I started again it wasn’t really heavy but I was passing blood clots the size of a half dollar and the bleeding and the clotting didn’t stop until November 3, 2007. I went to the obgyn and she changed me to Level 28. Well everything went back to normal. May 7, 2008 I started my period with tons of clotting varying in size from a quarter to a half dollar and I didn’t stop until June 12th and started again on the 14th that whole time it was heavy and lots of clotting.
Avatar n tn I have always suffered from heavy and long periods. In 2004 I detected a lump in my left breast. It was painless. In 2008 March I got it operated, reports suggested it was Fibroadenoma. In the same year from the month of August I started experiencing irregularities in my menstrual cycle. Apart from being heavy and lengthy (7-8 days) a new cycle started only after 10-15 days after the previous one. I consulted with my doctor.
Avatar n tn I have a doctor appointment tommorrow that I really need to go to and I think that I'm coming on my menstrual cycle had can I stop it for a day? Please help me because I had an bad irration down there and I had been waiting on this doctor appointment 4ever and been dealing with this pain and itching!! So HELP ME a.S>A<P!!
Avatar n tn If you have only started them within the last 3 months then it is quite common to have periods which last a while and with clots in. Obviously don`t ignore it, but when I started my periods they lasted the same length of time as you!!it was a never ending period with clots in!!If you go the doctor he can suggest to put you on the pill which will make your periods regular and alot better.By the way sex does not cause this,so don`t worry about that....
214734 tn?1197086320 I have had regular periods since i started mensuation at 11 untill recently, having 2 children last one 2 years ago. i have experienced for the last 3 months really large clots; i have never experienced this before and wondering what it is? sometime foul smelling and not sure if i have misscarried or not. As me and hubby trying is this normal? if so why just starting now?
Avatar n tn My wife has been experiencing irregular menstrual cycle for the last 06 months. She is 34 year old. After having checked with doctor and subsequent test, she found thyroid problem. She started taking medicines as per dr prescription for the last 5 days. She was expecting her periods on Dec 20 this time but she started light spoting from Jan 03. After 03 - 04 days she started heavy bleeding with medium size blood clots. I am worried and seek advise. Thanks & Regards.
Avatar m tn I'M on the yaz bc pill i just dont know what to do periods are very heavy and clots then cramps please help me i dont wan to become anemic and my nails beds are pale HELP ME PLZZZZZZZ.
Avatar n tn My period has been really weird, I have had it since like 2008, and ever since 2009 it was all normal, with no problems, Until June of 2010 when I started to bleed a lot heavier, and have lots of really big blood clots, it got to the point where I couldn't walk, or sneeze, or cough. And when I did all those things it would all feel like it was just pouring out. I would always have to go to the washroom, and wipe away blood clots, and blood. It was horrible. I am only 15 years old.
Avatar n tn Are the clots big? I had clots the size of golf balls and 1 i passed on Wednesday the size of my hand. I also have small clots when i wipe myself too...but I can also say that when I use the bathroom I always have clots at the bottom of the toilet bowl...
Avatar n tn As menopause approaches, it is common for periods to get closer together and have clots. The best thing is to ask your doctor to do a blood test for FSH. That is a hormone test that causes eggs to develop. As the number of eggs gets fewer, the FSH level increases and in the process, gives doctors a marker for menopause.
Avatar n tn I had passed menstrual clots before but this was totally different. The day before, I felt weak and feverish, and came home to go straight to bed. That night, I thrashed back and forth with a huge fever. I don't believe I have ever felt the same since. The next morning, I woke feeling weak but free of fever and went to the toilet. This is when I passed the tissue. I scooped it from the toilet and put it into a glass jar.