No period after abortion

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Avatar n tn I have had the smae problem no period for almost 3 doc say to come back after this week if no menstrual.this happened before and there were still tissue left behind that reattached and my body still thought iwas was not found at 2week check up,so go and see about this...
Avatar m tn When i had the depo injection years ago my periods did stop for 3 months at a time but not after the first time of having it. I had no pain after the abortion, no funny discharge or no temperature so i know i didn't get an infection.
Avatar n tn I was instructed to not have sex for a.week after the.abortion Gandhi bled like like a stuck pig for days after the procedure. The Depo shot may have something to do with no period but the Depo isn't 100% effective especially only after one injection. So could you be pregnant??? Its possible. I recommend if you don't want a baby then use condoms as well as keeping up with your Depo shots.
Avatar f tn Hi I'm 20 and had to get an abortion due to some personal issues. Now that I have everything fixed and healthy again, when am I able to get pregnant or even have my period again? It's been six weeks now.
Avatar f tn Sometimes things can go bad after abortion, but if you have had tests ran, and you are all ok, thats probly not the case. Sometimes getting pregnant can take quite a long time even for the healthiest of people. You need to make sure you are monitoring your ovulation every month, to catch the release of your egg, to time intercourse accordingly. Good Luck, Don't give up.
Avatar n tn There are no states that completely prohibit abortion. Roe V Wade ruled that women may abort a pregnancy up to the point of viability, with certain restrictions according to state laws. Many states require parental consent. Many have a waiting period. Some vary by "point of viability". But to the best of my knowledge, there is no state that completely "bans" abortion. You are putting the cart before the horse.
Avatar m tn They DO NOT offer the services they say they do. There is no after councilling, and things like that... what they say they offer doesnt happen.... Trust me, I was meant to go back after a week for a check up, That was last Novemeber, I still haven't been baclk, because they forgot, and never gave me an apt. Also... There has been a pattern of this... your next pregnancy MIGHT end in MC.... as this can be a result, it happend to me and a few other people I have spoken too...
Avatar f tn Any hesitation in abortion means that really isn't an option for you. If you really feel you cant support a child, then adoption can be both a beautiful gift and sacrifice. If you decide to keep your baby, remember that where you are today, will not be where you are tomorrow. And just because you both may have a rough start, it does not mean you cant have a wonderful life for you and your baby later.
Avatar f tn u want ur baby to have a good life and if u cant provide that find someone who can or do ur abortion. its ur decision and no one elses and no one needs to know. the earlier u do it th better. ull just bleed it out with a pill, kind of like a heavy period.
Avatar n tn The effects are bad after an abortion, not to mention the emotional fallout.....
Avatar n tn I'm going to pray you don't get an abortion. God doesn't bless people with children for no reason. He blessed you knowing you could do it. Even if you choose adoption, dont betray God. Please sweetie rethink your decision. God have you this baby, and he will by all means support that baby. Also if you say your boyfriend is verbally abusive, you should rethink being in a relationship with him. You'll be in my prayers, and I send u many blessings.
Avatar n tn It's started based on your cycle. You would start taking the pill on the Sunday after your period starts. You will take 3 weeks worth of pills, then during the 4th week you have your period. Then you start all over again with a new pack on the Sunday after you started. Stress can affect your cycle - it can make you late. Then, if you're late, you'll stress even more. It's a snowball effect. Eventually your period would start but the agony of not knowing if you're pg makes it very hard.
Avatar f tn I had an abortion when I was 17 and it was so painful I wanted to die my babies father and his mother forced me to do it and I was so scared and afraid I listened I layed on that bed and cried I wanted to die sometimes it doesn't hit you until the baby is gone out of no where I went through depression I stopped eating I started using drugs really strongly but i know now what I did was the biggest mistake of my life I shouldn't have let any one tell me that was ok but I did and pay for it every d
Avatar m tn I seen the most saddest video of "partial abortion". It is so heartbreaking; Idc if 4 weeks or 40 weeks it's terrible to do. You choose to have sex knowing there is risks for pregnancy that's your concequence. No baby deserves to feel such terror and pain. They didn't ask for it. There's fights on what if your young and to scared to tell your parents well that's not an excuse if your not to young to have sex then your not to young to at least Carey a baby for 9 months.
Avatar f tn Many states will not do an abortion after a certain period of time. Has your daughter been to the Dr to see if she's healthy enough to carry a baby? Things like this can happen, women don't know they're pregnant and don't take care of themselves like they would during pregnancy. This does not mean that they won't have a healthy baby. If your Dr is seeing a Dr and getting proper nutrition and getting her weight back up the baby could be just fine.
6387609 tn?1393278331 And it's wrong that some women use abortion as birth control. After having one abortion, I think birth control such as the pill or something should be mandatory.
Avatar f tn I just still can't come to terms with abortion in a situation like that, after knowing how they are done, seeing pics, etc. It's a life, even if they are conceived in horrible situations. In early abortion, they scrape or suction the baby out. When baby is older, they crush its skull and take them out piece-by-piece. Sometimes they do saline injections to kill baby, then deliver them.
Avatar n tn I could be way off base, but I guess I just don't want you to feel as bad as I did, because my depression increased 100 fold after my ordeal. I had no idea how much love I could feel for another person until I became a mother, and what really surprised me was how wonderful it felt to feel needed. If there's one thing I've learned from all the horrible experiences in my life, and the abortion was just one of them, it's that things always have a way of working out.
Avatar f tn i did not and still dont have any pain on my lower abdomen after the abortion. i did not have intercourse after the abortion till today, as i am waiting for my period to start. what could be the reason of not having my period yet? and is there any chance that i'm infertile now?
Avatar n tn I don't Luke it but my Mom made me get one before I had my daughter I cried and told I did nnn t want to and that it should be my choice nit hers but she didn't care I cried the whole time was there and after I didn't speak to her for two weeks but I got pregnant again and I told her s e had no say. Your period is supposed to come the day after that's when I got mine.
Avatar n tn My last period was on May 12. After testing positive, On june 20 I had performed a medical abortion and my period was back to normal on July 26. Althought this time it lasted 9 days instead of 6 as usual, everything else was normal. My question is the following: I have been using condoms with my husband and was expecting to get my next period on the 23 of August, it still hasn't come yet althought I took 2 pregnancy tests and both tested negative, could I still possibly be pregnant?
Avatar f tn omg i did medical abortion. & 1st period was kinda heavy like medical abortion bleeding was. but 2nd period now is brown and 10 drops 1day and 4 drops 2nd day.....this is crazy abnormal. no cramping just slight left ovarian pain 3 and 1 day before "period" for 30min-hr felt like i just wanted a warm heat pack. other than that nothing. weird. if i remember, i'll come back & tell u about days 3+ if i have any!!
Avatar f tn I was lucky all the way thru life, it came and it went, no fuss no pain no bloating etc.
Avatar n tn not my decision and hate myself for it. however i have had no period yet and show negitive on digital tests but, have some signs..i'm not asking if i still am but, could it be possible to be again?