No period after abortion

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Avatar f tn Okay question??? Why have you had unprotected sex after an abortion!??!!??!!? I have had one & I am quite sure you dont want to do that again!!!...So i suggest no more of that!!!! But that sounds very wierd & you should go see a doctor immediatly... ur supposed to have a period 4 to 6 weeks after ur abortion & you should have went back or called the place you got it at & told them!!
Avatar f tn omg i did medical abortion. & 1st period was kinda heavy like medical abortion bleeding was. but 2nd period now is brown and 10 drops 1day and 4 drops 2nd day.....this is crazy abnormal. no cramping just slight left ovarian pain 3 and 1 day before "period" for 30min-hr felt like i just wanted a warm heat pack. other than that nothing. weird. if i remember, i'll come back & tell u about days 3+ if i have any!!
Avatar n tn No one knows why you dis it or for what reason but some people's parents force them when they are at a young age. I don't Luke it but my Mom made me get one before I had my daughter I cried and told I did nnn t want to and that it should be my choice nit hers but she didn't care I cried the whole time was there and after I didn't speak to her for two weeks but I got pregnant again and I told her s e had no say.
Avatar n tn I sadly had an abortion on May 17th 2011. I was and still not capable of supporting a child. I started taking birth control right after my abortion. I'm now three days into the sugar pills and no signs of my period. I did have sex 3 weeks after my abortion. I'm kinda worried and would love some advice.
Avatar f tn had a late term abortion april 9, 2010. started period may 24th, 2010 period stopped on may 30th, 2010. having sex from period til now and im having mucus but can i be pregnant cus we are trying please help me figure it out and let me know what i can do to get pregnant....Thank You!!!!!
Avatar f tn well i did get the pill from the doctor and was waiting for my period and when i got the spotting i started the pill assuming it was my period.. and no way would i have an abortion id get rid of him first ,il make an appointment with my G.
Avatar f tn well...after 9 days of bleeding while abortion, i continued to bleed again for 14 days due to injury in the internal area. is that a complication ?
Avatar n tn I was instructed to not have sex for a.week after the.abortion Gandhi bled like like a stuck pig for days after the procedure. The Depo shot may have something to do with no period but the Depo isn't 100% effective especially only after one injection. So could you be pregnant??? Its possible. I recommend if you don't want a baby then use condoms as well as keeping up with your Depo shots.
Avatar f tn Hy I had d and c abortion two months Ago I saw my period 36 days after but the second period is 4 days late and mhaving back pain and my tummy seems bloated pls m I to worry I dnt want to get pregnant
Avatar f tn I have gotten, lets say, a 'few' abortions and after my second one, within 3 months of it I got pregnant and It was extremly painful (I am not kidding you, it hurt A LOT) and the doctor told me that getting pregnant so soon after could cause complications and that it's only really safe 6-8 months after an abortion to let your uterus kind of ...
Avatar f tn I had abortion on June 16. I got my heavy periods on July 3. Now it's aug 11th no periods. I did pregnancy test on 4th aug it came negative. Met docter did ultrasound negative. I was getting mild pain from aug 3rd it comes n goes. Docter gave me anti bacterial pills. some1 with similar experience answer me wat it is ?? N wat it can b??
Avatar m tn then you most likely got pregnant after the abortion (you do not need to have a period to get pregnant). Because there has been no change in the size of the sac in a 2 week period this means that the fetus is not developing correctly (has passed). In most cases like this a womens body will miscarry naturally but sometimes the body fails to recognize what has happened - this is called a missed miscarriage and fetus can remain in the uterus for weeks or months.
Avatar f tn I saw my period for 9 days after an abortion,had sex around my ovulation period but took postinol instantly.i am two days late,having all the signs of menstration but my period has not still started.please i need an answer instantly,my fiancee and i are not ready to have a baby now.
Avatar f tn like she said it may take up t 6 months for u to get ur first period!if after 6 months u still havent got a period then i would consult a dr just to find out y u havent!when u had the abortion u should have been given antibiotics and been asked back for a check up to check nothing was left behind!th antibiotics would have been all the tablets u needed unless they found an infection or something that required a further course of tablets!
Avatar f tn You are very fertile because you can start ovulating as soon as two weeks after the abortion. If you are not trying, I would get on the pill or use condoms.
547512 tn?1273245025 Maybe somebody can put my mind in pace? i miscarriage two months ago and still no sign of period. I feel very strange and worry for this reason. i heard it could take a while to have regular periods back but i havent bleed at all and I start to go crazy.
Avatar f tn Can the sac pass after three months though?
1488123 tn?1288982829 SO, after baby no. 2 i got on nuva ring and i looped it for 1 year and 2 months. meaning i changed it and put in a new one on the same day so avoid period and it worked. i took it out 3 days before my senior prom and didnt have a period for like 6 months. then i had a period every other month starting from there. then in july of 2008 it completley stopped... then i had one a period in june of 2009 havent had one since... although, in july of this year my dr tried provera and i had a period...
Avatar f tn I was wondering if your cycle remains the same and I should get a period January or close to it. The abortion was. HUGE mistake none the less it happened. Just not sure when I should expect my next period. Any info would be appreciated. Also when will be my fertile days.