Blood clots during period after abortion

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Avatar n tn Hey I'm 18 years old and sexually active.. I get blood clots also, long fleshy clots ( gross).. I have been having my period almost every other month for about 3 years now. I only recently got my period in 9th grade, and when I do get it it's mean, CRAMPS KILL ME..Could the sex be the cause of my delays?! and could my irregularity affect my fertility!?
Avatar n tn I know that clots are normal during your period but this time everytime I use the bathroom nothing but clots come out. I have never seen it like that. I have had my period since i was 11 and I had my son 3 years ago so i seen alot but not this. Anyone know of any casues why and do you think I should worry?
Avatar n tn After my son was born a week later i was in the ICU with pulmonay embolisms (Blood clots). 95% of my lungs were filled with these little blood clots and all the doctors told my family to say there goodbyes to me, and start making arrangements because i wasnt going to make it. No one told me how bad it was. About two weeks in Icu and in the hospital on 8 different meds, i made it. In Feb (my husband had a snip-a-dick-ta-me) 5 weeks before this. I found out i was pregnant.
Avatar f tn Wow. First off let me say, that you should really see a doctor illegal or not. I definitely don't know how long it takes for a pregnancy test to become negative after an abortion but if you are still having a positive test the best thing you can do is see a doctor. Legal abortions are dangerous to illegal ones are even more so. There is a possibility that they didn't get all of the tissue and that is why you are still showing positive but only a doctor can really tell you.
Avatar n tn I was told I'm probably not but a couple weeks along, after all the testing I started passing quarter sized blood clots the same night, slightly heavier bleeding, and every so often cramping (at times bad, at times not), and it has not stopped, I was told so long as I don't fill more than one pad in a couple hours time, then don't worry. No one said anything about taking it easy, bed rest, nothing.
Avatar n tn As far as the pregnancy thing goes, if you had sex before your period you should be fine. Most women ovulate 14 days after their period for five days, being more fertile on days 4 and 5. So, do the math. If you think it was on one of those days, you better get a test done. Good luck and be careful. Tarp the load!
1354660 tn?1277141079 I recently had a medical abortion on Thurs July 17th, and now I am experiencing severe cramps, with an odd colored discharge (think a watered down brownish/reddish color) as well as lots of small blood clots. I have taken midol which generally eases my cramps during my period, but it seems to do nothing for me right now!!! My back feels very tense and nothing I do eases the cramps. I can't book anymore time off work and these cramps are just ridiculous!
Avatar f tn I know many women have asked this question before, so I wanted to post a journal entry about getting my period after D&C. I had to get a D&C on April 2, 2008 after finding out that my pregnancy was non-viable/missed abortion. My doctor told me I should start my cycle within 4-6 weeks after the D&C, and I started my period yesterday, May 4, 2008. I thought it would be a light cycle following the D&C, but it actually seems to be heavier than normal.
Avatar n tn I was told that my uterus had been to badly dammages during her birth and after non stop period like bleeding for 8 mos the OBGYN informed me that my only option was a hysterectomy. I was devistated but went through it, {I still am greaving and want a baby}. When I went in for my post opperation check up 2 weeks later he told me I had a bad case of fibroids and endometriosis, he also removed my cervics. Every month I still have a period it is more like a bloody mucus.
Avatar n tn It is now Sunday and I am passing clots and some blood. I guess that is a good sign that my body has finally acknowledged the miscarriage. Maybe now I will not have to have a D&C on Tuesday. I have my appointment tomorrow with my OB. I am hoping that I will just continue miscarrying naturally and not require any surgery. I have had very little cramping which I guess is a blessing considering everything I have gone through.
891774 tn?1241540193 Hey- I had was passing clots my 7th week (literally the whole week. I'm now at 9 weeks) with blood obviously. Mine started during the weekend as well and that Monday I went in to see my DR. She was pretty convinced that I was in the middle of a miscarriage. I requested a u/s that day and saw the little bean with a heartbeat! She said everything looks perfect, they just weren't sure what was causing the bleeding and the clots. I've sensed stopped the bleeding and the passing of the clots.
2002019 tn?1327509144 and it was determined I was in the stages of a Threatened Abortion. After I left, the pad I was wearing became soaked still with reddish/ brown blood. No cramps. I thought because of the pelvic exam to determine that my cervix was closed probably amplified the bleeding. Here it is Wednesday of the same week, I woke up Tuesday and Today with the feeling of morning sickness so I took my pill and am acting pregnant until I know for sure.
Avatar n tn Cramping may come in waves with increasing and decreasing intensity. You can expect bleeding heavier than a menstrual period with large clots. During this time, you will pass the embryo although you may not see it since it is very small. The amount of bleeding when using the Medical Abortion is greater than with aspiration abortion Risks Vaginal bleeding with medical abortion could be extremely heavy.
Avatar n tn It is not just after my period it starts out as a light brown creamy discharge with a slight odor, then I get my period. During my period the blood is mixed with a normal brown discharge and it is a little clumpy. Then after my period is over I have a dark brown clumpy (not to be gross but it looks like poop) discharge. That goes on for about a week then it starts all over again...
Avatar n tn although it is great to not have a period, it does mess with getting pg since most drs want you to have a period after a m/c before trying again, this is because you could have a higher chance of m/c
Avatar m tn I ended up passing alot of blood clots and it went away.. Though when I was checked up in the Er that night the doctors said there was no signs of anything being wrong or any signs of retained products... I am pretty positive afterh earing from others that I passed retained tissue that day prior to going to the ER. But you have not been passing clots... My period returned October 6... I hope the Birth control pills help.
Avatar n tn Nxt morning came heavy like a normal period, blood clots and such some bigger others smaller...? Pregnant or not. Will wait til blood is done to see if my body is still hving symptoms. Anybody have an idea...
147932 tn?1226969710 but no cramping and the blood is gone allready and yesterday it was only brownish blood, i guess that means dried up blood from somewhere?? i called my ob and they told me to take it easy and not to worry bc it not red and it is allready gone and i have no cramps with it. so that eases my mind ALOT. i just want everything to go well and i want this baby so bad and i want her ot be healthy and i am doing everything to make sure of that. thanks for the replies, keep us in your prayers please...
Avatar n tn Progesterone during pregnancy is controverisal because it can cause incomplete abortion and relax the uterine wall. however, if it is established that the patient has a luteal phase defect (low progesterone production during the luteal phase) then prometrium is indeed indicated to maintain the pregnancy. Progesterone is the hormone of pregnancy and must be present for a mother to maintain her pregnancy.
Avatar n tn I was was diagnosed with endo at 33 after having pain (right side only) not just during my period, but on and off during my whole cycle. I was scheduled for a lap, and low and behold, I ended up pregnant. I am thrilled because I wasn't sure that was even possible. I am 5 1/2 weeks in and I am experiencing the same endo pain I had but more severe. This is not only reallllly uncomfortable, but worse than the pain- its making so paranoid that something is wrong or will go wrong.
Avatar f tn on day four I had some more bleeding and 2 really stiff blood clots... Like jelly but sort of stiffer... after that bleeding stopped. Soooo after 3 weeks and my breasts were still tender and... Uhm... I dunno my cervix seems to change position from a normal low to an extremely high and ripe cervix during the day... And I eat way less now... I can barely finish a sandwich without feeling really really full... I just can't eat anymore.
Avatar n tn Hi May_be, I went 8 weeks without my period and blood and urine kept coming out negative, and the day before missing my second period, I started spotting and later on that day, it started flowing like a river. So, just give it a bit more time and if it still doesn't start that second month, go get tested again. Sometimes your body tend to skip a month, for different reasons. I just knew I was pregnant, but it crept up on me soon as I was getting ready to miss the second month.
Avatar n tn I always had regular periods the lasted 6-7 days during the time my IUD was in me. We had regular intercourse about a week after (during my ovulation) and onward until Nov 7th when I got my period. What is strange is that my period only lasted 4 days and was moderate to light flow. It ended quite abruptly so I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this? I have been feeling nauseaus and dizzy at times with insane cravings for carbs.
Avatar n tn Also stopped using my birth control pill 2 weeks after the surgery to try for pregnancy. Since the pill, I've had 1 full-on period 2 weeks post surgery (Feb 5-10), then had what looked to me like implantation bleeding for 3 days (Feb 20-23). Since then I've tested twice and got BFN results. Yesterday I again started getting the same type of bleeding at first just when I wipe (pink-brown discharge)today just a little on my liner.
Avatar n tn A few days before my period and during my period then they quit until it's due again. I still have no answers to this. So if anyone finds out anything, please feel free to share!
Avatar n tn Hi I am 25 years old and had my period about 2 wks ago it was a light period but, I noticed it didn't have no blood clots what so ever...I've been getting these god offly cramps in my uterus/ovaries. This pain hurts so badly to the point where I just have to curl up in a ball or either lay on my sides on my bed in order for them to go away. Now my husband and myself have been trying to get preg.
564024 tn?1224115236 Threatened Miscarriage Symptoms A heavy feeling in the pelvis or stomach during the first three months of pregnancy. Period-like cramps or tingling twitches. Bleeding that occurs either when the normal menstrual cycle usually happens or at other times. Sometimes this is simply implantation bleeding, but sometimes not. Bleeding that not only continues but increases in amount and frequency.
Avatar n tn I since then have had sex multiple times during my ovulation period and shortly after that I have been having severe soreness in my boobs and especially the nipple area. So sore that I can't let the pressure from the shower head hit them. I can't stand for a tshirt to even touch them. I have had a hyped sense of smell and slight cramping. I went ahead and took a First Response test 4 days ago and it was positive, so I took another one and it was also positive.
151928 tn?1275710937 My RE thought that I was having a molar since I got pregnant after my 2nd MC before I even had a period and when he checked my levels they were already at 43,000! I'm prob 5 or 6 weeks along....The problem is that the week before I got my ultrasound, I bled and it was red on two seperate times. So then I get my ultrasound and they rule out the molar and see a sac, fetal pole and a heartbeat. The DR. said it measured right on target...
Avatar n tn Hello! I know this is a very hard time for everyone to have a miscarriage and then most of all not to know what to expect. It helps to have others who have been there and hear their story and know you're not the only one and what you are experiencing are normal even though very painful. I was 12 weeks pregnant, found out on my 12 week US that the baby stopped growing at 8wk 6day and had no heartbeat. I had an US two days later on 6/29/10.