My breasts grew overnight

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Avatar n tn Hey everyone, I also wrote in 'sore breasts' and got this result. My breasts usually get sore right before I get my period and then by the end of the cycle my breasts are back to normal. I usually get my period at the end of the month, and my breats have been sore for about two weeks now, and no period yet.
Avatar f tn I got the brown spots (giraffe spots as my older sister points out -_-) i can't even remember when. It's between my breasts ,it was small but it grew bigger and sorta grew under my right breast. It is also in the middle of my neck. At first, I thought it was dirt so i scrubbed very very hard. It went away a little bit but started getting bigger. But i gained some weight, too. So now i'm kinda thinking it does have to do with my weight.
Avatar f tn and i also moved out when i was 17, so i've had my own place for almost 4 years now. got my car in my name when i turned 18. i grew up fast i went from being a 9 yr old to a 20 year old overnight ..My father died when I was 9 and my mom shut down completely and some other stuff happened that i'd rather not mention.. i made sure she was fed weather i ate or not.,I made sure i got to school on time everyday, and all my homework was done, house was spotless, and still maintained straight A's. .
Avatar f tn I took a pregnancy test and it was negative, I plan on taking another in a weeks time just to be sure. My right breasts nipple has become red and is mostly all the time errect. I don't have any unusual bumps or lumps anywhere by my collarbone,armpit or breast. My nipple has no discharge but is extremely sensitive and not dry or cracked . I've googled plenty just out of concern until I get to see a professional who would probably be best to talk to. But I hope this is okay.
Avatar f tn Wish I had that complaint lol I'm 23 weeks and look like I could pop
753310 tn?1233768781 I don't have any on my stomach...I have a couple on my breasts though. breasts grew drastically (pretty much overnight I jumped a cup) so I think that is why. The belly was more gradual. I have heard from my friends that the stretch marks on the belly don't really come in until the final few weeks when your baby is just growing and growing. I have read that stretch marks are more hereditary than anything.
Avatar n tn She let me try some of his steroid cream and his strong antibiotic ointment and it has cleared up almost completely overnight. Im relieved finally! My eyelids were so bad that they were bleeding, red, swollen, and a layer of skin peeled off on top of my eyelids and underneath them everyday. I could barely put my makeup on everyday because my skin was sooo raw from the peeling but I had to, otherwise I'd look like a freakshow in a horror movie. IT WAS THAT BAD!
1651109 tn?1328225919 I kinda stayed the same until third trimester then boom! It`s like I grew a watermelon under my clothes overnight. One of the things that saved me from worrying about it was my doppler, otherwise I probably would have been demanding to be seen In early pregnancy much of the weight, etc. is water retention and bloating. I am not so convinced we really are showing with baby until later simply because baby is not very big yet.
Avatar n tn In the beginning, I thought we'd gotten lucky on the first attempt! My breasts were sore and swollen within a week, I was having funny little belly twinges, and on day 19 of my cycle I had an out-of-nowhere, gone in ten seconds, powerful face hot flash. I'd heard from a friend that, for her, that was a sign every time so the arrival of my period 4 days early was a disappointment.
9038886 tn?1402129326 I was a 34B before my son was born, when my milk came in they grew to 36E overnight but after two years of nursing they're a 36C now, not quite as perky as they used to be but with good support they look fabulous. I used them for their intended purpose and will do it again with this baby - if they look a little tired afterward that's okay with me, my partner loves my body and is proud of how I nourish and protect our children.
Avatar f tn I took a pregnancy test and it was negative, I plan on taking another in a weeks time just to be sure. My right breasts nipple has become red and is mostly all the time errect. I don't have any unusual bumps or lumps anywhere by my collarbone,armpit or breast. My nipple has no discharge but is extremely sensitive and not dry or cracked . I've googled plenty just out of concern until I get to see a professional who would probably be best to talk to. But I hope this is okay.
10591196 tn?1411439382 I started worrying though when I started to see a brown spot develop and thought it must be an ingrown hair but I had my doctor check it out and he told me I grew a third nipple lol when I told my bf all he did was laugh cause I worried so much about it haha.
Avatar m tn ) Thanks best wishes to you too, will post after my doctor's appointment, hopefully it's nothing serious.
Avatar f tn My first Symptoms were a Constant Runny Nose and I had absolutely NO appetite! Good Luck Sweetie!
3242625 tn?1346796450 ,but then out of the blue my feet grew from a size seven to a size nine practically overnight and I've been urinating a lot but it's not all coming out and I've been vomiting a lot mom says with her first pregnancy her feet grew that much in only less than a month along..I would be about 3-4 weeks if I'm pregnant but the HPT came back negative but I'm having other symptoms of pregnancy like the fatigue and areola and nipple darkening and my feet are killing me!
Avatar n tn Im 15 wks & 3 days prego. I am 5'1" & weigh 116. Its my first pregnancy & my stomach grew like overnight & i was ecXited abt a wk ago then went back dwn 2 days later....jus looks like im a lil bloated right now....
304970 tn?1331429594 -) you may just being going thru the "ackward stages" as well.
Avatar n tn It's so aweful as a woman to feel that you are worth nothing more than a pair of breasts... My breasts are the same size as when I met my husbad( got larger with pregnancy)After 12-13 years of dealing with emotional issues over this and some other things that have come up in our marriage because of my surgery we are now in the middle of divorce... I can't live with shallow Hal any longer.. I'm a cute, educated, good mom of 3 with great sense of humor and a passion for my job ..
544292 tn?1268886268 I am an addiction counselor for last 18 years on a hospital detox unit. My first acquaintance with "ultram" 12 years or so ago was when the drug rep brought us several cases of ultram samples. Told us how great it was. We read the literature, checked the PDR... near the end there was a short paragraph; something like "potential for abuse and dependence considered minimal.
Avatar n tn I too have the sharp pains in both of my breasts. I went back to my doctor and was given steriod shots in both breasts which are very painful!!! It helped to flatten my scar and now I dont have the sharp pain in my right breast, but however I still have them in the left breast. Try getting a steriod shot to help! If not, this is only if you have keloid scars you can try to have them remove some of your scar by radiation, which was suggested to myself. Hope this helps!
Avatar m tn It causes me to have spasm coughing and if I cannot control this to 3 or 4 coughs my windpipe closes over making it hard to breath in or out. The last one about 2 years ago stopped me breathing in and out completely for 10 to 15 seconds and I thought I had bought it. The spasm cough causes it all and when it goes away (usually 4 to 5 days) things are relatively normal although a normal cough stays with me for weeks after.
Avatar n tn Literally with both of my boys I gained nearly 50 lbs (literally 1/2 was water weight in the end and then add 8.5 lb babies into it) and with my first I was down to my pre-pregnancy weight in 2 weeks and my youngest took only 3 weeks. No other dier plan allows for eating what you want, no significant exercise and allow that dramatic of a weightloss.
898530 tn?1268622382 WoW isn't that another story? My boobs grew overnight after the trigger injection, then kinda stopped but now are bigger and heavier? I then had sharp stabbing pain 3dp2dt, is that too early? I have read that 2dt can implant earlier. I am choosing to believed it was the start of implantation. Im now 8dp2dt and still have random mild cramps, normal?? The thing i'm holding on to is, I would normally only cramp on the first day of AF so I must be pregnant - OKAY!!
Avatar n tn Hello. I've never had problems with my weight until I got older and got put on antipsychotics specificly Invega. Most the other anti psychotics make me gain even more weight but now I'm usually around 15-30 pounds overweight at any given time. Now Going into the food portion of what happens here as I do get enough exercise such as walking and even intense cardio and sometimes weight lifting. I eat typically.
Avatar f tn The surgery is typically just an overnight stay (at least was for the 7 surgeries in my family . . . I had it twice) and, of all the surgeries we've experienced, is a pretty easy one to recover from. Ask your surgeon how many of these surgeries he/she does in a month. You want someone experienced in thyroid surgeries. If this isn't a surgery the surgeon does a lot, find another surgeon.
1035252 tn?1427231433 My vent is on one of my friends. We grew up together and know each other really well. She's currently 33 weeks pregnant and is driving me mental. She's constantly asking if we have stuff for her or what we're getting her or if she can have our things.
Avatar f tn Then a week and a half later, I wore it again to another night out with friends. The thing is, my face had ballooned. And in pictures, my trunk area under my breasts (which also has an odd 'love handle' kind of collection of fat) grew, my back seemed bigger, my acne went psycho on my, the hair is even worse, and even my father commented on my face breaking out. He hadn't said anything like that since I was in high school. I felt very self conscious.
Avatar n tn So I had a check-up with my internist and she examined my breasts and checked my armpit, the lump is not swollen and no pinkness, like you'll miss it if you didn't know that it gotten swollen. She said my breasts are fine and it could be a swollen lymph node due to my period, cough, and canker sores - my immune system was down that week.
Avatar f tn I have always had slightly extra skin in my armpits since i think i started to develop breasts, tried to ignore it but now i turned 30 this july (they look like golf balls under my arms now)and decided I had enough, the shame of not being able to wear vest or sleeveless tops or even going to get my breasts measured, the pain i felt when my breasts became engorged after my two children, the embrassment of not feeling sexy in front of my husband.
Avatar n tn Is that normal? Also, my tummy all of a sudden popped BIG. I am big in breasts and tummy but no where else. My sister in law said I look like 7 months pregnant instead of 5. I am not eating bad food--just more small meals more frequently. Does the hunger taper off after a while? I also walk dilligently each day. My baby girl I was told already is bigger than normal but not abnormal. Has anyone ever experienced a rapid weight gain--growth like this?