My breasts burn

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Avatar f tn Okay the right upper part of my chest hurts and its like my breasts but its just one side. Is it heart burn or is it my milk cause my breasts are big so do you ladies think its full of milk thats weighing my boobs down...
Avatar f tn I have had heart burn the last two nights. I have 5 days til my period. Have any of u had heart burn before bfp? Is that a sign of pregnancy?
Avatar f tn Have you talked to your doctor about that at all? the burning and stinging may indicate an infection already. You can also try a hot washcloth or a heating pad, poor girl, already have to deal with this part of it!
1152782 tn?1451105026 Periodically I feel stabbing pains all through my breasts. Or does it just feel sore like when you workout and your muscles are sore and tired??
1152100 tn?1262061447 I was very fortunate with chemo. Anyway, I have big breasts and have some very bad peeling and burning under my breast. The skins is hideous looking. My Radiation Oncologist has seen it and seems very concerned, but is this normal? I have a permanantly purple breast and side from the Gentian Violet. Today he gave me a script for Silver Sulfadiazine. Is this going to help at all? What can I do? I am losing big pieces of skin.
299356 tn?1218119764 At 36 weeks along, I am having really tender breasts and actually a burning sensation in my nipples. Does anyone else have this at all? I think I have Reynaud's Syndrome in my nipples when I breastfeed (this is my third), but I wondered how much of the pain and discomfort I feel is related to that and how much is just normal. (I posted this in Breastfeeding and Oct. 08 Babies, too. Sorry if this is a repeat for you!
299356 tn?1218119764 My cousin had major issues with yeast in her nipples before delivery. Myself...nothing like that comes to mind. I would mention it to your OB.
220217 tn?1209683277 OK - sorry if this sounds strange, but I have the worst bright red heat rash under both of my breasts. I had rather large breasts to begin with and now they are getting bigger along with my belly so they are laying right on my belly causing the rash. I've tried diaper rash cream but it doesn't seem to help but for a little bit and then it starts to burn again. Any body got any remedies or ideas?
Avatar n tn I continue to get dark/discolored spots underneath my breasts. It looks as though i have a reash of some sort - sometimes itch/burn, not too often - irritation is red at the beginning and turn dark brown within days - goes away and comes back. Do you have any idea as to what this could be?
10678677 tn?1413257866 okay sense ive been pumping an after a while my boobs start to hurt/burn is that from getting full of milk??
1352916 tn?1276988568 I was getting in the shower before I looked in the mirror and spotted a bright darkish pinkish spot (about the size of the head of a nail) on my left breast and I nearly freaked out - considering that my friends aunt just went through breast cancer. What does that spot mean? It doesnt hurt, burn, itch, or show signs of even moderatly being sore.
Avatar f tn but yesterday i went into our hot tub (BIG mistake) and my skin felt like it was on fire. When i woke up this morning, the underside of my breasts were bright red/purple. This is an area thaht never sees the sun so it got burned REALLY bad. I put lotion on it hoping it would sooth the burn some but i dont know what else to do!! Could this lead to breast cancer?? im only 17!! Can someone give me some advice?!
1152100 tn?1262061447 I was very fortunate with chemo. Anyway, I have big breasts and have some very bad peeling and burning under my breast. The skins is hideous looking. My Radiation Oncologist has seen it and seems very concerned, but is this normal? I have a permanantly purple breast and side from the Gentian Violet. Today he gave me a script for Silver Sulfadiazine. Is this going to help at all? What can I do? I am losing big pieces of skin.
Avatar f tn I have recently noticed I am bruising very easily on my breasts, such as when I scratch. Is this something that I should get checked out?
370181 tn?1428180348 Two years ago, my husband I and were working in the yard, picking up a ton of fallen branches from a storm and dragging them to a burn pile. Some of these branches were huge and heavy and took all my strength to carry them. I noticed on about my third trip that I had a burning sensation in the area just above each breast. I also had a burning sensation in the center of my chest which I did put down to the GERD.
Avatar f tn But I have tons of recurring cysts all over my body. The heaviest concentrations are my in armpits, under the breasts and in my groin area. I'm pretty sure scabies, yeast infections, and other common skin problems can be ruled out.. I've looked at pictures all over and none really match what I have. Oh, I should probably describe how they look, yes? Okay, well, the acne appears to be mostly under the left breast. The right has a little bit of acne and cysts.. But under my left breast..
Avatar n tn Like when the sun shines on my chest, even through my shirt or even shirts, my skin gets like a sun burn[even in just a few minutes], pain through the center of my breasts and just in the past couple of weeks, I have had this thick bloody paste coming from my nipple, not all the time, but it does happen. Kind of scary due to my mother died of cancer just two years ago, and her mother and grandmother both had breast cancer.
Avatar n tn Anyhow, now two days after my period ended, my breasts have been slightly tender at the nipples...not as much as the usually are before my period. BUT, I also have this burning sensation that shoots through them. I have been experiencing a little heart I thought that might have been the cause...I really dont know. I am confused and worried because I have only had sex twice in my life...a long time ago, and now I am worried that this time, when I do not have sex, I am pregnant.
990689 tn?1250730795 as i have grown out of tops and bras and the blue veins in my stomach and breasts are more visible. Also my nipples have darkened in colour and are tender.. As well as this i am experiencing all of the common symptoms and am verrry aggitated at night and urinate even more frequently too. and sometimes have hot flushes.and heart burn. I had one neg pregnancy test 3 weeks ago.. Please help..........
Avatar n tn We did not engage in oral sex, but I did suck on her breasts. After that my tongue tasted something bitter and felt like it coated with something. She left the next morning to another state to stay with her family. I called her and asked her if there was something on her skin - body lotion, soap, etc. - she said maybe soap but she wasn't sure. The tongue didn't really feel bad at first, just has a pasty texture. However, by Tuesday it burned like crazy.
Avatar m tn Hi,I have just recently noticed a burn like mark on my right breast.I know that I havent burnt myself so Im at a loss at to what it could be.My mum was diagnosed with breast cancer at about the same age as I am now (39).Does any one have any idea as to what this could be? Thanks in advance.
Avatar f tn OMG I had this between my breasts and around my neck, scrubbed the hell out of it, tried anti fungal only faded a little. I was trying to get rid of a wart I had and was listening to Kent Hovind who said to use zinc.
Avatar f tn This last week my breasts/nipples have been insanely itchy and the skin around my nipples has been chapped,I've tried unscented vitamin e lotions, petroleum jelly, cold compresses, I've even attempted putting chapstick on them and just nothing is helping me! It's driving me insane!
Avatar n tn i have had this weird rash on me for about as long as i can remember. it usually happens in between my breasts, like in the creases there, my breasts dont touch. also it happens underneath by breasts. im african american, and the color of the rash is a slightly darker brown and its patchy and squiggly looking, like it maybe a fungus kinda thing. sounds gross know. i also get it on my under arms and on my stomach. doesnt itch at all and sometimes it goes away but its mostly always there.
Avatar n tn I went on two types of medication and my blood pressure lowered immediately, but the red dots have become even worse. They started on my arms, then spread to my stomach. Now they are on my breasts, legs and back. They do not itch, or hurt in any way. They look just like cigarette burns, and even heal like them. I have not been exposed to the sun. These are not bug bites. They are not flea bites or body lice.
Avatar n tn My bras no longer fit, standing or lying on my sids hurt (weight of breasts pull them down). I have pain behind my breasts, my nippls burn and itch. And my sternam (spelling? middle of rib cage) is sore and painful to the touch. I hate coffee and tea, don't drink energy drinks, rarely drink alchol, and have pop mabye once or twice a week at most. I do have cycst proplems (ovaries) So there is a big chnce that I have a new one or an old one has burst.
Avatar f tn Also I have a subaceaus cyst at the top of between my breasts and I've squeezed it twice today it still hurts terribly and I don't know what to do I cannot do to the doctor this is too disgusting and embarassing. It was when I saw this that underneath that in the center of my chest was a dark patchy area. At first I just thought it was dry so I peeled it off but then it started to hurt a lot and I realised that was my skin!
Avatar n tn I am going through menopause. I also had a biopsy last year for a cyst in my breast. they said they did not appear cancerous and was part of menopause but did a biopsy that was negative. Now I have one nipple that bleeds in the morning when I bend over or sometimes my nightshirt is stained. Both nipples burn on and off and itch but this is not constant. the bleeding bothers me. I know I need to go get it checked. Can it be part of menopause?
730826 tn?1317946934 I woke up this morning and pit on my house robe. When it hit my nipples it hurt SO bad. It felt like a combination of on fire and like there were clamps on them. I did have one nipple pierced for not even a week. The pain feels similar but so much worse. Any idea what its from or how to make it not hurt so bad?
Avatar n tn Yesterday I started getting really sore breasts and had to take advil and today it got worse. I started feeling sick to my stomach and heart burn kicked in so I took another pregnancy test. Negative. What do you think could be wrong?