Why are my breasts producing milk

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7249185 tn?1399663162 You have started producing milk. It's really because they are growing in size and are getting irratated. Scratching too much increases stretch marks. Try rubbing them and putting cocoa butter on them.
Avatar f tn The other day when my husband and I were fooling around he said that milk came from my breasts while he was suckling them. I have also got milk out by squeezing them. Why is this happening and how can I get them completely dry?
Avatar f tn yup its just colostrum right now u wont get ure milk until 3-4 days after birth if u decide to bf
Avatar f tn Im 14weeks & I was wondering when does milk form in my breasts. My breasts feel larger and are always sore...
Avatar f tn i havent brest feed in two yrs. but when my husband ***** on my brests milk comes out .and can that make him attached to me?
Avatar f tn Real milk doesn't usually come in until a few days after birth. If its colostrum you are thinking of it varies. With my first pregnancy I didn't leak prior to baby. With my second it was like a week or two before delivery and with my recent pregnancy I was 23 weeks pregnant but with this last pregnancy my breasts didn't get any larger until after delivery.
5627474 tn?1374148775 I would look into donating your breast milk. With my first son he wouldnt latch on. I never thought about donated milk but ive looked into it this time around. There are lots of places that will let you sell or donate it. And its tax deductible.
Avatar f tn That's me ALL the way. I had my first when I was 19. I tried SO hard to breastfeed him and was unsuccessful. It was heartbreaking for me but at six weeks he looked so frail and was at the breast every 45 mins to an hour and cried a lot. I just wasn't making milk. I called La Leche, they told me to drink more water so I drank more than a gallon a day and it still didn't work. Finally at two months, I broke down and had my husband get formula.
Avatar f tn They think they will feed the baby so they are producing milk and keep producing until they realize they aren't being used. I do agree with LyakGarcia in that you should try to breastfeed especially since you can and have the milk for it, the benefits are really the best for the baby, but if that isn't the route you are willing to take it helps if you get into a hot shower and let the milk leak out.
Avatar f tn I'm 23w3d and mine seem to still be the same, just abit bigger, but not sore or anything. I don't know if I should be producing milk yet or not, or whether each woman is different :/ but there is hardly any change with my boobs.
Avatar f tn I'm not sure if I'm producing the amount of milk I'm supposed to, I have an 8 day old and he won't latch, I've tried nipple sheilds and he doesn't take it. So I have to pump and bottle feed him. I'm only getting around 4-5 oz total from both breasts every 3-4 hrs sometimes longer. I have to go back to work next week and its impossible to save any milk bc he drinks it as fast as I can pump it. I put it in the freezer and by the next pump its gone.
Avatar n tn I'm 12 weeks and my breasts feel so full.
1663743 tn?1302916403 If your breasts feel empty, that's good! Your body is constantly producing milk, but it is learning to anticipate the times and amounts your baby will eat. If your breasts felt full or tight, it would mean they were producing too much. Your baby's doctor or a lactation consultant will help if you are concerned. Don't give up!! You are doing great and your body is well-equipped to handle this :-) congrats on your little one!
680700 tn?1226526346 Have you tried pumping? Its important to keep stimulating the breasts to produce milk.
Avatar f tn All size boobs are able to produce milk as far as I know. With my first I gained a lot of weight during pregnancy and was a dd and had a slow start to producing milk. With my second I barely gained any weight so my boobs stayed their regular size, b, and I had an over production of milk. I had to pump after I was done feeding in order to be comfortable. I wouldn't be worried. Some women's milk doesn't come in until a day or two after the babies born!
Avatar f tn If no milk is coming out from your breasts at all, then you will not be able to start making the milk to come to feed your baby by breast. If there is a small amount of milk that comes from your breasts, you can encourage more milk to come by the baby suckling on the breasts more, and you can also encourage more milk to be produced by massaging and gently squeezing your breasts to encourage the milk to come through your nipples.
Avatar f tn Okay thank you guys (: I was getting kinda worried lol
5306344 tn?1370122121 Its all different for all ladies. Some ladies wont even start until baby is born. Technically you dont start producing milk until a couple days after baby is born. You produce something else, cant remeber the name....something like collustrum???
Avatar f tn ll be 18 weeks Thursday. My nipples are frickin HUGE though. Last night my 4 year old kicked me at 2 different times when I was asleep....ohhh the pain!
Avatar f tn As of a few days ago, my breasts are producing liquid (I wouldn't say that it's milk, but I wouldn't swear that it isn't either). I've also gone up more than a cup size already. It's not a lot as yet, but I wonder if this is normal or not. I also lactated for about a week and a half after a 9 week chemical abortion back in May of '08, so maybe I just start really early or something.
Avatar f tn The delivery of your placenta releases a surge of hormones that triggers your breasts to start producing mature milk. It usually takes 48-72 hours after delivery for that milk to come in. It can take longer if baby is preemie or if you have diabetes or are induced. I wouldn't worry.
Avatar f tn You can get colostrum in your breasts at any point in your pregnancy. It's the milk before the actual milk lol. Kind of yellowish white. I started leaking at 18 weeks and it's happened on and off. The real milk comes usually within 72 hours after birth. Til then, the baby drinks colostrum.
Avatar f tn s different for all women but the average time to start producing colostrum is between 20-30 weeks. I started producing colostrum at about 23 weeks, and some women don't even produce anything until baby is born but that is rare.
Avatar f tn I am 5 weeks pregnant, how long does tender breasts last for, as mine are very sore!!!!
14863556 tn?1436982791 Yes, once your baby exits through your birth canal, your body will send a message to your brain that will make your breasts start producing milk.
Avatar f tn Ate great bit I wasnt producing enough. My doc said some people with thyroid problem do have problem producing milk. I tried pumping after she ate every 2 hours. I eventually dried up on my own and she had to go to formula. I really dont want that to happy with my second baby. I am due in 1 wk. Is there anyway to help milk production other than pumping to help?
Avatar f tn I'm 35 weeks pregnant. Lately, my breasts feel as if they're filling up with milk even though they don't look fuller and nothing's leaking. Is it possible for me to be producing milk already? Does my body know what it's going through the second time around and that's why it's doing that? Or is the pain related to something else? Anyone experience that with their second pregnancy? Thank you for your replies.
6763424 tn?1426255108 Massage your breasts taking a boyish shower an just let the water run on your breasts pump a lot like every 2 hours an there are cookies an shakes you can make that a lot as well
Avatar f tn Okay so like this is my first child &&' i am 30 weeks so my question is how is the breast milk is surpose to come when it first start coming ? Such as blood w clearness , clearness , or just white . Not sure , need a lil help . ??
Avatar f tn But how can i increase my milk supply? Right now she on a mix of both breast and formula. My dr said to pump about an hour after feeding. Which i have been doing but i only pump out about 2 oz or less each time. my breasts only feel "full" about twice a day which is when i get the full 2 oz. i want to be able to get her on breast milk alone and start "stock piling" it.