Why are my breasts producing milk

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Avatar f tn I know everyone is different but ill be 28 weeks as of friday and I feel something is wrong since my boobs an nipples arent sore at all anymore like they were in beginning of pregnancyn but my main question is if they randomly start to leak which they can at any time.. would my breasts or nipples hurt prior to that? Next question is how can someone prepare to make nipples stronger for breastfeeding? My sister said she scrubbed hers with a lufa during pregnancy to make them tougher.
Avatar f tn As of a few days ago, my breasts are producing liquid (I wouldn't say that it's milk, but I wouldn't swear that it isn't either). I've also gone up more than a cup size already. It's not a lot as yet, but I wonder if this is normal or not. I also lactated for about a week and a half after a 9 week chemical abortion back in May of '08, so maybe I just start really early or something.
Avatar f tn My milk never "came in" with my first born. I Tried breast feeding but never really got anything to come out. I would pump for 2 hours straight and only get a 1/2 ounce between the two nipples. I'm wondering, did anyone else have this happen, but go on to have a normal breastfeeding experience with their second? I would really like to, but if there is something wrong with me where I just can't, then I'd like to prepare for that too.
5306344 tn?1370125721 Its all different for all ladies. Some ladies wont even start until baby is born. Technically you dont start producing milk until a couple days after baby is born. You produce something else, cant remeber the name....something like collustrum???
Avatar f tn This drug raises prolactin levels and is used to induce lactation in women adopting babies who want to try to breastfeed those babies. My doctor also gave it to me when my milk supply was very low in the first few weeks. 6. Make sure you get plenty of rest. Ideally you rest when the baby's sleeping and skin-to-skin whenever possible. 7. Drink plenty of fluids. You can also google relactation. There are some really good sites. One by a lady called kelly mum also great.
Avatar n tn it feels very similar to when they are producing milk, nor had I found any lumps or masses upon SBE. But then last month I had a burning sensation within my right nipple. Felt as though there was an open fire being held within the center opening of my nipple. Now this month things are a bit different...my breasts were only there normal size for a week, before enlarging again.
Avatar f tn Im 14weeks & I was wondering when does milk form in my breasts. My breasts feel larger and are always sore...
1665009 tn?1303179198 After 4-5 days of having her she rejected feeding from my breasts and 6-8 days she rejected my milk completely. I just recently found out that the reason why is that she is lactose intolerant. Well I'm still producing milk and I am now completely engorged. I have tried the "No More Milk"tea from Earth Mama <3 Angel Baby, I've done the cabbage trick, warm showers, tight bras, everything. Nothing seems to be working. What can I do?
741877 tn?1265953800 Breastfeeding is very difficult and the less I fed and supplimented with formula, the less my son wanted my breast becaue the less milk I was producing. My son eventually weaned himself off of my breast by 2 months. My advice, keep trying to feed him only breast and make sure to pump if you do decide to suppliment. You want your body to think that you are nursing.
189192 tn?1261345228 Once my supply has started to dry up, is to late to get it going again by regular/frequent pumping or once it starts to dry up it is done?
1431138 tn?1294570494 As I've been looking at some of the other lady's posts I'm starting to feel like I'm not producing as much milk as I should be. I know right now with my duct being clogged and having mastitis it's harder to pump. But I can hardly get 3-4 oz at a time to store in the fridge and then he wants to eat right away so I give him the bottle I just pumped. Is this normal or is there something I can dobro increase my milk supply? Oh I forgot to mention he is just over 6 weeks old.
Avatar n tn I stopped pumping over a week ago and I still have milk in my breasts. I didn't tell you guys that shortly after Logan was born my dr. was diagnosed with esophageal cancer and closed his office for atleast the summer. I have been left feeling very alone. I haven't even had my post partum checkup yet. Will have it on the 22nd at almost 12 weeks post partum. But anyway, I have called the nurse at the new dr.'s office, but she doesn't seem very informative to me.
1123420 tn?1350564758 Recently we thought about adopting and started the process and I started pumping so I could BF the baby but then we decided to have our own together.(my tubes were tied and I had them undone) It was hard even when my milk came in. You will have your "let down when the baby cries and I have found that lots of mothers loose lots of milk by that when the baby is not attached. You will have a let down when the baby cries even if you are not anywhere near them!
680700 tn?1226529946 Have you tried pumping? Its important to keep stimulating the breasts to produce milk.
Avatar f tn I'm 35 weeks pregnant. Lately, my breasts feel as if they're filling up with milk even though they don't look fuller and nothing's leaking. Is it possible for me to be producing milk already? Does my body know what it's going through the second time around and that's why it's doing that? Or is the pain related to something else? Anyone experience that with their second pregnancy? Thank you for your replies.
Avatar f tn Its been a week and i barelystarted producing milk. I really dont want to breastfeed at all. I have my reasons. And the lactation specialist agreed. She has been on formula since day one. What can i do to dry my milk???
Avatar f tn But how can i increase my milk supply? Right now she on a mix of both breast and formula. My dr said to pump about an hour after feeding. Which i have been doing but i only pump out about 2 oz or less each time. my breasts only feel "full" about twice a day which is when i get the full 2 oz. i want to be able to get her on breast milk alone and start "stock piling" it.
120255 tn?1197070547 I had my triplets last Wednesday (30 weekers, c-section) and my milk is just barely coming in. Is it normal to take so long? Any tips for helping get things going? I pump every 3 hours and get just a tiny bit, and only from one side. My babies are way too small to actually nurse, or even attempt to, so I know it might be harder without that stimulation, but I'm starting to get concerned. I'd appreciate any tips or advice. Thanks!
621803 tn?1302891941 I am totally proud of my boobs and how much milk I make for my baby!!! I'd second that above post with retting storage bags. Do you have a supply in your freezer?
Avatar n tn I did the same to the other breast and it also happen. Since then ever time I squeeze my breasts or just my nipples, to be more precise, it happens and not just a tiny bit, quite a lot comes out if I squeeze as if its being sucked on. As far as I know, I am not pregnant, but I could be. I have been having unprotected sex with someone (I know, this is terrible) but I have gotten off mostly long before he ejaculates. This is something I am very worried about.
7249185 tn?1399666762 You have started producing milk. It's really because they are growing in size and are getting irratated. Scratching too much increases stretch marks. Try rubbing them and putting cocoa butter on them.
1528695 tn?1360585920 Depends on if you want to store extra milk. Otherwise, as long as you are meeting her demands, you are OK. The best way to avoid dropping supply is to make sure that you pump until you are completely empty. Breast compressions help with this. Also, most women have several let-downs, so if you keep pumping you may find you get more. Make sure you continue pumping a few minutes past your major let-downs to signal to your breasts to make more next time.
730826 tn?1317946934 I haven't had any shortage on milk, that's for certain. So if someone is NOT producing any colostrum while pregnant I want to encourage you that it isn't significant on your supply (whether it will be low, high or just right). Are you planning on BFing Lucey?
Avatar f tn C (friday) and now it is the wednesday after i got it and i noticed my breasts are leaking, milk, well its not exactally milk its more watery! i am guessing it is just the hormones changing, but i am not sure. this was my first pregnancy and im 19. I also want to know if you should somehow get rid of the milk becasue i heard that not breast feeding can cause breast cancer later in life.???
Avatar f tn I am already producing the yellow stuff, I can see it every now and then, and it comes out if I put pressure on my breasts, because I masage them every so often.. they hurt like heck! Is masaging bad? So, my dumb question is ... Is it true that you do not produce breast milk until after the baby is born? And. Will haveing a C-Section make the milk production slower than having the baby vaginally. Does having vaginal birth signal the milk to produce.
Avatar f tn My hubby and I were talking about breastfeeding the other day and I said I didn't feel like I was going to produce much milk this time bc I haven't started leaking colostrum yet (I'm almost 33wks) and breasts are really soft. My first pregnancy i started leaking really early on and produced a ton of milk. My little girl was a perfect latcher from the start but I was really young and uncomfortable with the process and had no women to talk to about it so I quit after three days.
Avatar m tn Why on earth would you want milk in your breasts without being pregnant? And why are you posting on the teen forum if you're not a teenager? This is just too weird.
Avatar m tn yes... :-) i wanna adopt a child.. but i dont like to marry & have sex... thanks..
374593 tn?1257883550 How long was it out before it was frozen? How are you warming up the milk? How are you defrosting the milk? Maybe your baby does not like bottles and is going through a phase to reject them. Are you unable to nurse from the breasts if need be?