My breasts feel like they are burning

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Avatar f tn You know when you exercise, your muscles feel like they are burning? Well, I feel that without exercising.
99457 tn?1321878677 My thoughts exactly. They are probably let downs. Your body is reminding you that you are filling up, and when not pumping or draining as you normally would through bfing or pumping, the burning sensation (let down) occurs. Take a pain reliever, ibuprofen or tylenol to reduce the will eventually go away.
10064263 tn?1407870328 Not every woman gets every single symptom. I had super sore breasts with my 2 MC but this time around they aren't hurting and I am glad. I have enough other symptoms to keep my hope alive.
Avatar f tn My nipples are burning so bad and streaking in a few spots in and down my breast. Why? Is it my mammary glanfds over acting? And I've been cramping I'm almost 23 weks is the baby just growing?
Avatar n tn My son has malluscum and that what they look like. They are a virus come in kids and they go and way after 18 months or so.
Avatar n tn Im 15 years old and my elbows are slightly red and almost feel like they are burning a little bit. They are red/pink in colour and are a little bit dry. Do you think this is because of the weather? It's very cold outside. Or could it be resting on them? I'm not sure.
Avatar n tn This is really strange, but as it is my breasts are normally very sensitive, as in ridiculously sensitive. My boyfriend is hardly ever allowed to touch them anymore, which is sad for us both, but they've just reached that point. However, recently I've been feeling a strange burning sensation in my breasts. It comes and goes, as I mentioned, but when it hurts they feel awful and I can't even sleep!
Avatar m tn ve lost my classiness. My stomach is noisier than my outdated dishwasher and I have light (almost alien like gold) very soft stools all day every day. I also have new reflux (never had that before). No appetite loss and very little weight loss. My pancreatic enzymes have been low (lipase is significantly below low cutoff of 15 at 7 on the first test and 11 on the next test) My liver enzymes are all proper, a little too low in some areas.
1069888 tn?1421936741 My left breast has been really "burning" the past two days. My breasts have always been sort of 'lumpy" and I have a cluster of cysts in my right breast, but this is my left. (Previously when I thought I felt something, there was nothing there... based on Dr. exam and mammo.) The cysts have not caused any problems and it was actually caught on a routine mammo. I do not have any nipple discharge and my breast does not appear to be swollen.
1278876 tn?1304908319 I breastfed both my children, and with my first, I remember thinking my breasts were going to explode! The more you nurse, and more consistant with your feedings, the less noticeable it becomes. The letdown reflex feels like tingly mild stings in your breasts...
Avatar f tn Anyway I was learning to live with the skipped beats, but about a week ago, I got a sharp pain in my belly that went into my chest, like right between my breasts. It only lasted for about 2 minutes, but ever since then, I've been getting occasional achey pains in my chest. My arms were even achey earlier this week but seem to be ok now.
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1152782 tn?1451101426 Periodically I feel stabbing pains all through my breasts. Or does it just feel sore like when you workout and your muscles are sore and tired??
Avatar n tn Hey i have a lump inbetween my breasts it's hard and i feel a burning sensation when i touch it, i'm very scared, what could it be?
Avatar f tn Thats what I am confused about, I notice my chest pains had dissappeared , my periods started to become a bit more normal, the burning in my mouth, legs thighs are gone, tension and pressure in my head are gone, that tension that builds up in the shoulders when tense is gone, my shaking when I get up in the morning is gone, so I believe my anxiety has subsided , but I still have my biggest problem below.
Avatar n tn The burning sensation decreased and left my nipples feeling hard and sore and my breasts feel like they have black and blue marks all over them again. And to think yesterday I was almost symptom free only feeling minor burning sensations maybe twice in the day. I am continuing to write and keep updates in case this ends up helping someone one day. Again, comments are more than welcome!
Avatar f tn I had my baby on Sunday November 11th tonight my breast swelled up with milk so heavy that they are engorged I'm sore from my c section and its not helping I love spending time with my daughter but since we are sharing a room with another woman and her son he keeps crying and waking my daughter up I sent her to the nursery....I'm so miserable and in pain right now and this breast pump isn't doing anything but make me contract help!
Avatar f tn I noticed today that my aerolas are no longer dark brown, and are now the same color as my skin. I also noticed both nipples have basically disappeared, like they are completely flush with my breast, nothing protrudes out anymore. My right breast feels smooth all over, while all you can feel on my left breast is the on-going itchy dry skin patch next to my nipple. I've tried antifungal creams and pills, hydrocortisone, etc. but it still itches like mad and won't go away.
1087320 tn?1257895425 Later I learned that the stitching should have not looked like that, and at the time they should of fixed my scars properly after looking like that. By the time I had found out that they could of been fixed at no charge to me, it was too late. The second surgery was just to remove one lump on right was only 3 cenimeters and around the nipple, so the scar wasn't easily seen.
Avatar f tn My boys are 17 14 and 6 and I too feel like its just as exciting as my first , without giving u too much info I breast fed all after my second I lost weight and my blobs were just flat and empty then they seemed to improve after bfeeding my youngest but this time they seem enormous I can't imagine how they'll be when my milk comes lol I too thought that I wasn't having anymore my other half is ill and in treatment for it he's finding it tough and a nightmare to live with at the m
1182133 tn?1266851531 My feet keep wanting to be moving because they feel asleep. My back is BURNING... my stomach is BURNING and bubbling like a volcano! This is the tri-fecta (sp?). I am ready to go out my damn mind!!!!!! Ugh! Now I think I need to stop the vicodin. Yest I went over 13 hrs no vicodin. Then tried to sleep and the RLS kicked in, so I took a vicodin and thought that'd help. The RLS went away but still didn't sleep.... Somebody rescue me from this HELL!!!!
Avatar m tn But I am also the kind of person who does not become consumed with matters of health, and I have definately become consumed over this. I feel like I am sitting here watching my breast decay before my very eyes and I can't get anyone to listen.
Avatar f tn Rang docs they sed wait a few days if pain increases they will fit me in as they are fully booked till the 18th of next month!!
Avatar f tn I have this, too.... Except I'm barely an A cup.... If you find a way to help, will you let me know??? I have read about getting a bra that is too small and wearing that at night. I have read about icing them. I have read about hubby massaging them. Here's my problem: Being barely A cup, the smallest bra would be nothing. Icing them?? Hell no. Hubby massaging them?? Get real.