Will my breasts ever grow

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Avatar f tn s no way my breasts will even fit into an A-cup. Gotta look for plastic surgery perhaps. The only time my breasts were bigger was when I was nursing my baby-girl. We do things to the body that might and will never mend - allthough many things can be mended. It's sad but I think that when the breasts stop developing, it's not much at all that can have the halt undone.
Avatar f tn Hi there. Well, it is hard to say. Breast size is dependent on genetics, hormones and fat. When did you go through puberty, get your first period? Breasts change throughout life-- pregnancy, aging, etc. Gain weight, your breasts will grown. Lose weight, they'll shrink. Get pregnant, they will grow. Nurse a baby, they will grow. When finished, they will shrink. I would try not to get caught up in something like breast size. Who is that for? Guys?
Avatar m tn I'm 15 and have a lot of problems with my body. I have a period for 18 days every month, and my hormones are not balanced. I got the nexplanon implant 2 months ago to help. My boobs are only a 32A and I'm wondering if they'll ever grow. All my friends have boobs except me.
Avatar m tn no an injury to your breasts is not likely to hamper development, the size of your boobs is determined mostly by genetics and your diet can play a big role as well, so if your mother or your dad's side of the family has small breasts chances are you will too, and if your really skinny your body might not have enough fat to accumulate in the first place, keep on a healthy but not limited diet and ask your doctor what a healthy weight for you should be because chances are if it's not a gen
Avatar f tn You already have breast milk in your breasts it's called colostrum. It's just really thick. So don't worry about not being able to breastfeed, I'm sure you will be able to! And not all women's breasts grow fast! Give it more time. I'm sure they will swell up in the 3rd tri.
Avatar f tn I'm on my 5th pregnancy. My breast didn't grow with any of my last 3 except postpartum.
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1715474 tn?1318189449 No, nothing will naturally grow your breasts. The only way to change them would be to get implants and I do not recommend doing that. Your breasts will enlarge when you get pregnant, but don't run out and get pregnant just to have larger breasts. Learn to love your body because you don't need big boobs to be beautiful. Take care.
Avatar m tn yeah its pretty normal at your age. your chest is still growing and will continue to grow for a LONG time. This is probably just your breasts developing. dont be surprised if just when the left one stops hurting, the right one starts.
Avatar f tn ) I ask because it is already hard to find my size as it is because my ribcage is small. If my boobs grow I fear it will be even harder.
671431 tn?1225775663 My breasts have been swollen and sore for the past two or three months. They also vary in size from day to day or week to week, where they grow a whole cup size overnight, and it is really uncomfortable that none of my bras will fit me from one day to the next. There is no way that I could be pregnant, but I am on birth control. But could the pill actually be making them this bad? I'm starting to get worried about it, and am sick of them hurting all day, every day.
10734189 tn?1412988958 s normal for them to be there regular size ? Will they grow ? Can I do anything to help them grow because I do plan on breastFeed...
Avatar f tn But having a good exercise routine will help u prevent the sagging. This is my 3rd pregnancy n my boobs r still perky. But I exercise alot during pregnancy and after. Even if ur breathing sag a little right after delivery alot of push up will make them perky again.
Avatar f tn Hi, I'm 14 and was diagnosed with chiari malformation last month. I'm 6 mm I think over normal and if you're over 5 mm then you have chiari malformation (from what I'm gathering) But I know that my brain isn't fully developed for another few years so I'm wondering if my cerebellum will get longer? Also, since I'm 6 mm that makes me type 1, right?
Avatar n tn How far long are you? I'm 27 weeks and I had very tender breasts at beginning of my pregnancy for first trimester and some of second its just that your breasts are growing and the hormones making them hurt to is all...it went away for me nipples are still sensitve but breasts are ok now I'm in third trimester so it'll prob start again soon ....
Avatar f tn ve been made to feel uncomfortable about feeding in public, so for me that was my decision). No matter how long you feed for your baby will he fine moving on to formula what ever age, you can also choose to not switch to formula and continue to breastfeed, like I already said they will need solids aswell after 6 months old.
Avatar n tn ve had 3 kids. My youngest is almost 8 and though I am in shape my breasts are GONE. I have to wear a padded bra, and it has to be a certain kind to make it look like I even have anything!! I am an A but not even an A. :( So I know how you feel! And if I were to gain weight, it goes to hips, belly and butt. I think the only alternative is plastic surgery. I can't afford that, nor do I think I want it. If I were to ever get it, it would be only to a B cup.
Avatar n tn a few years ago my now 14 year old daughter was attacked at school and a huge amount of hair was torn out.She still has a bald spot today and wonder if it will ever grow back or if the hair replacements work on a young girl.She just started high school and it has affected her self image which is understandable.I know nothing about weaves or any of that.Any ideas?Thanks.
1855476 tn?1356739693 Hi. I am 16 years old and I have a problem about my breasts.Well I am a very sportive person but still my breasts are in the size of the palm of my hand. http://plasticsurgerystar.com/forum/topic-ideal-breast-size-and-shape-for-breast-implants Like the first one in the second line. -> Are they going to grow up? They say you usually have your mother's breasts and my mother has normall breasts. Are they going to grow up?
Avatar n tn My breasts are small as well. With my first they didn't grow or hurt but after i started breast feeding my breasts were engorged, but ended up going back to normal maybe just a bit bigger after stopping breastfeeding. You will produce milk without your breasts growing. So don't worry. I'm on my second pregnancy now, and they maybe grown a little.
Avatar f tn t even take NSAIDs because I have to have surgery on my hip in less than 7 days ... but if my period is still going at it after the hip surgery I will take your advice and set up an appointment see my Gyn. I keep thinking that the period I have just suffered through was my last, and I keep getting disappointed!
Avatar f tn so extra weight will also add size to your breasts. So, your breasts will change, grow some, lose some, etc. Overall though, we are often are what we are. You can try lifting some weight and firming up the muscles underneath your breast tissue which might lift them a bit. Chest presses and things like that. You may eternally not be the biggest busted woman. And that IS okay.