Will my breasts ever grow

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Avatar n tn i went to my gyno about some other problems im having, and she put me on the pill, i asked her about my breasts and she said the pill should help. i have been on the pill for nearly 4 months and still no changes in my breasts! my mother and my grandmother are both DD cups, so why am i not getting any bigger? am i going to be this size forever? please help me, i would really appreciate it!
671431 tn?1225779263 My breasts have been swollen and sore for the past two or three months. They also vary in size from day to day or week to week, where they grow a whole cup size overnight, and it is really uncomfortable that none of my bras will fit me from one day to the next. There is no way that I could be pregnant, but I am on birth control. But could the pill actually be making them this bad? I'm starting to get worried about it, and am sick of them hurting all day, every day.
Avatar n tn but no woman anywhere has ever been documented to have perfectly even breasts, so dont be too upset about it. my sister is now 16 and wears heavily padded wonderbras or something, because she still hasnt really gotten boobs and is self conscious about it. but give it time, see what happens.
Avatar n tn Hey everyone, I also wrote in 'sore breasts' and got this result. My breasts usually get sore right before I get my period and then by the end of the cycle my breasts are back to normal. I usually get my period at the end of the month, and my breats have been sore for about two weeks now, and no period yet.
1654570 tn?1364395883 I try to find distractions and they help for a short time. It's only 2 days more, I will survive. I just WANT MY SYMPTOMS BACK! I also pray for your baby to grow:) Take care!
366779 tn?1291346996 They get all sweaty and get a rash underneath them. My husband asked me the other night if they will ever look the way they did? And I wasn't sure...will they ever be the same? (obviously not exactly the same) but better than they are. When I sit down if I don't have a support bra on I feel like they are touching my belly button, its gross! Sorry probably a bit TMI but I'm only 20 and I don't know what to do with them Ive always had mosquito bites and now i feel like I have cow utters.
Avatar f tn Hello, I am 24 years of age and ever since puberty I have developed asymmetric breasts. I thought as I get older it will go away or change but I am getting older and its not changing. I am concerned about it because it has somewhat destroyed my self esteem. Can you give me some advice as to what step I can take to rectify such a problem? bunnys7.
Avatar m tn you could have a simple yeast infection, a common ailment in women when their vaginal fungi levels are high, all vagina's have bacteria and fungi in them that help the walls, but occasionally one outnumbers the other, or Vaginitis, which is inflammation of the vaginal walls, both of these are easily treated, worst case, you could be pregnant and the test you took could have not detected it, but worst worst case scenario, you have Ectopic Pregnancy, where the fetus is outside the womb, this can
Avatar f tn When I got pregnant I was already a ddd haven't really grown too much besides filling out more unfortunately the small town I live I doesn't have much in the way of bras for a larger chested woman...
Avatar f tn Go to a specialty bra shop and they can measure you so that you will know. I also had my breasts grow twice after my twenties! I was around an A or B at 18 and then went to a C around 22. I am now growing more and I am 28. Part of it is my weight. I was only around 100 pounds at 18, and then went up to 130 and now Im at 160 lb. Hope this helps!
975357 tn?1252708323 I joined there and they have been a huge help for me...more than my endo has ever been... please let me know the answers to these question as your situation could be very similar to mine, as they also initially though my tumor was a prolactinoma...do you like your endo? its so hard finding a good one that really takes care of you...they are all so afraid of ordering too many tests becuase the insurance compaines are at the top "watching over" costs....
Avatar f tn You can feed for as long as you like, there is no rule at all, I fed my daughter for 8 weeks (the only reason I stopped was because I've been made to feel uncomfortable about feeding in public, so for me that was my decision). No matter how long you feed for your baby will he fine moving on to formula what ever age, you can also choose to not switch to formula and continue to breastfeed, like I already said they will need solids aswell after 6 months old.
Avatar m tn i found this web page googling my problem your story fit me to a tee,its crazy i just turned 36 everyday i pray that i will out grow it but i havent yet its like a curse,,,,di you ever find a cure kevin if so inform me im desperate,my doctor doesnt seem to care he just prescribes me topical gels and antibiotics that do nothing ,i also have to use female cover up to hid the acne its sooo embarrassing,,,i cant even go swimming in public with my own son ,because i feel everyone is staring at my gro
Avatar n tn I also drink diet coke but also not excessively. It's so strange, the actual day I got my last period, my breasts literally SHRUNK. People actually can see the difference. My female colleagues at work have made comments (nothing rude, they are good friends and aware of my situation), so it's an obvious thing. I have been on the Evening Primrose for a couple of months now. How many should I be taking?
Avatar f tn My boobs aren't in the shape they used to be in, but it's only my man that'll see them.
339491 tn?1201708187 actually i would rather die, cuz' hopefully by the time i die my children will be old enough to understand that dieing is apart of life...i would hate to have t bury my son...i'm a worrier anyways, hes almost 2 now and i still chop his food into lil bites, and he doesn't go anywhere without me, i barely even let him have a cup with a straw...bad experiences with kids in my family....kids choking, getting jabbed in the throat with things, and i almost drowned when i was 5 so get my point?
Avatar m tn yeah its pretty normal at your age. your chest is still growing and will continue to grow for a LONG time. This is probably just your breasts developing. dont be surprised if just when the left one stops hurting, the right one starts.
405855 tn?1217104367 ) But i haven't even had my iui yet. Sorry if i confused you! I did my hcg shot last night and will have iui done tomorrow morning. So thursday you can put me on as 1dpiui. I will remind you tomorrow, and you can add me to tomorrows as 0dpiui if you want. Also, another update, Cheesecake7 got a BFP and her beta is 130 at 15dpo. So there's another winner!
547512 tn?1273248625 Everyday I checked to see if my belly had grown and also checked my breasts. I didn’t feel like I had a bump but my trousers were definitely much tighter. For some reason I expected to feel the baby at 14-15 weeks. Sometimes I am positive, sometimes I am more worried. My next appointment is at the end of October and if everything goes well, we will share the news. I am really looking forward to that day. I will write an update as soon as I know my fate….
93532 tn?1349374050 There are no words that can explain the feelings of profound sadness when you look at your children and wonder if you will be there to see them grow up.
Avatar n tn I've had 3 kids. My youngest is almost 8 and though I am in shape my breasts are GONE. I have to wear a padded bra, and it has to be a certain kind to make it look like I even have anything!! I am an A but not even an A. :( So I know how you feel! And if I were to gain weight, it goes to hips, belly and butt. I think the only alternative is plastic surgery. I can't afford that, nor do I think I want it. If I were to ever get it, it would be only to a B cup.
346570 tn?1267503627 Like this was the booby prize of all booby prizes! And why is it that no one bothered to tell me just how very large my breasts would become? My own father, may he rest in peace, took to calling me "BUSTY HOLSTEIN!" OK, I admit, they WERE quite magnificient, but "Busty Holstein!" Well, Cali, my old girlfriend............go buy a box of the coveted Midol and even tho you are only 33, it's never too early to begin preparing for the rigors of menopause!
Avatar f tn My 3 year old does the same thing he will pull up my shirt so he can lay his head on my stomach, I did not breast feed, but I think its a comfort thing, they remember the sounds of being in the womb, I think it relaxes him
1074733 tn?1256235219 Every time we went to the doctor he told my mom I was anemic and told her to put me on daily vitamins with iron and to make me cow liver at least once a week. My mom trying to get me to eat that liver was something I will never forget! During puberty, I had several bouts of horrible leg pain and severe menstrual cramping and bleeding. By the time I was 16, my mom had to take me to a doctor because I couldn't function for one week out of every month.
Avatar f tn I was convinced my face was deformed, and that my breasts weren't large enough, or my waist was too big. I've never had REALLY big breasts but they're usually 10C these days. Not sure what that is in American measurement. You and I both know that this is all in your head, as painful as it is. I don't think I've met a girl with low self-esteem who wasn't actually beautiful. My advice is to make a strong resolution to fight this.
674725 tn?1367443230 will it still continue to grow, how long will it take to m/c, how long before hcg levels decrease. I still have pregnancy symptoms ( nausea , sore breasts ) since 1st u/s last monday so I'm thinking either still viable or because of Hcg levels still high. I'm bracing myself for the answers but, I have to be realistic so I don't crash emotionally on monday.....still praying for a miracle though ...... Thanks for your responses.
Avatar f tn hi i'm 18 years old i wanna ask an imp. Questions i'm so confused about my penis i think that i have a small one or normal i dont know but i wanna enlarge it can you help me i dont wanna take pills or something i want exercises or what ever .
Avatar f tn No fevers ever here. Through it all that has baffled everyone. My breasts are the only thing that refuse to heal. Biopsys in both breasts, two months old, and there are still fresh incision marks. The right breast infections have experienced some healing on prednisone...but the skin is still sensitive, and you can still see clean incision marks. Started weaning today. It is really cold here. I think my joints are feeling more than they have for the past two weeks. I crave junk food.