My breasts produce too much milk

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Avatar f tn Not everyone leaks and not everyones boobs grow. I wouldnt read too much into it yet. Your milk wont come in until after baby is here.
Avatar f tn They will grow. Some grow early some don't. But you will produce milk after you have the baby regardless.
Avatar n tn My breasts are small as well. With my first they didn't grow or hurt but after i started breast feeding my breasts were engorged, but ended up going back to normal maybe just a bit bigger after stopping breastfeeding. You will produce milk without your breasts growing. So don't worry. I'm on my second pregnancy now, and they maybe grown a little.
Avatar f tn Its dried up colostrum aka your (pre-milk) totally normal.
2109562 tn?1347253848 Haven't been on here much since my little boy was born. He's now 3 weeks old as of tomorrow. At first i wasn't having much trouble breastfeeding besides he didn't like taking to right one without the nipple shield. I would pump after he got done feeding but then he would wake right back up and want more right after i pumped. So last week i decided to stop pumping BIG mistake i think I'm trying to dry up now.
Avatar f tn I, myself have pretty big breast naturally and dont feel any soreness or tenderness.. my nipples feel a little sensitive but thats all. I feel like maybe i wont even produce milk.. is that possible? Or is this normal for some girls?
Avatar f tn Real milk doesn't usually come in until a few days after birth. If its colostrum you are thinking of it varies. With my first pregnancy I didn't leak prior to baby. With my second it was like a week or two before delivery and with my recent pregnancy I was 23 weeks pregnant but with this last pregnancy my breasts didn't get any larger until after delivery.
Avatar f tn Is this normal? And will my breasts start leaking because I did that? Also, will they continue to produce colostrum until the baby is born or once it comes out, then milk starts being made. I have no idea how any of that works and clearly I'm a ftm. I plan on breast feeding but this just threw me off a bit.
Avatar f tn My baby is 4 days old and I'm breastfeeding but my breasts started to get really hard/heavy and they hurt. My baby can still feed but I feel like I have an overproduction of milk.Is there anything I can do to alieve this?
Avatar f tn I have heard that some women who have larger breasts don't produce as much milk as much or can't keep up with their child. Have any of you had this happen?
659471 tn?1229459690 Between these days she eats every two hours and i can barely keep her from feeding to feeding. Is that my milk production not enough? My breasts are small, so i thought maybe they do not produce enough?
Avatar f tn Most of the time.its bc u don't have a bar on if u get.
Avatar n tn But is there anything that I can do or take to increase milk supply? Because I dont feel my breasts as full as before. Also is reglan a prescribed pill or can I find it any where?
Avatar f tn The milk won't come in for a few days after you give birth, you will produce colostrum from now until then
Avatar f tn This is my fourth too and my breast are 2 cup sizes bigger also but I love it!!!!! :-) I'm normally a 36C now I'm a DD cup. Wish I can keep them forever!!!!
7989976 tn?1403493624 You will produce colostrum after you give birth, and this is all your baby will need for the first few days and then your milk will fully come in. Many think that this isn't enough, but it truly is, as their tummies are so small, like a marble at birth. Good luck with the breast feeding, it's truly worth it!
Avatar n tn Ok so with my first Pregnancy my drs told me that one of my breasts was underdeveloped and wouldn't produce milk so we went straight to bottle. Three days later I had milk in both breasts!!! I tried but my daughter wouldn't latch after that long. I'm very interested in breastfeeding with this baby but my daughter is 3 now and my sister breastfeeds my niece and my daughter literally freaks out... gets mad... tries to breastfeed off of anyone with breasts and has nightmares.
3588173 tn?1357317184 I still have a little bit of milk in there because it will leak if I squeeze it...
5154295 tn?1372284196 t change at all while pregnant, once you give birth your body releases hormones that makes you start to produce milk - not much at first but around 3 days afterwards your milk "comes in" the amount of milk you produce really goes on how much baby feeds - the more baby needs the more your body produces :) it's quite amazing how our bodies work really
Avatar f tn I have been leaking too! It started around 22weeks.
Avatar f tn Ok so is it weird that someone produces milk b4 baby is born. With my last pregnancy i produced milk b4 i had my son. When i had my son the nurse check to c if i could breast feed and said o u already got milk coming out and thats all.
Avatar f tn I talked to my doc she said it because my boobs are trying to produce milk. A women can produce milk at 14weeks. I have to wear breast pads cause they are leaking and they hurt to even have my bra rub on them.
1785035 tn?1314882818 I around 6-7pm I am having to use my milk from my storage supply because my daughter starts to get frustrated and fussy like there is no milk in my breasts. Is there anything I can do to help myself produce more milk? It just seems like I am nursing my daughter all day long and pumping all day long! I am going back to work in a month and i just don't want to give my daughter formula. She is growing like a weed! Help!
283175 tn?1295537265 I did hear also that you can pump a bit just to relieve some of the pressure but not too much where the breasts are being too stimulate and where you will produce more milk.