My breasts produce too much milk

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Avatar f tn They will grow. Some grow early some don't. But you will produce milk after you have the baby regardless.
Avatar f tn Its dried up colostrum aka your (pre-milk) totally normal.
1454858 tn?1306787978 This pregnancy, My breasts barely bother me at all (I'm 12 weeks). Does this mean I won't produce much milk? 2.) Any pointers for breastfeeding, should I have adequate milk supply? 3.) should breastfeeding hurt? Last time it hurt my nipples so bad, I could barely stand it. they were raw. is that normal? all this said, I'm not sure how this is going to work out, but I'd like to give it a try.
Avatar f tn I'd recommend you breastfeed each feeding and then supplement and pump to make your milk production increase with time. You tell your body how much milk to produce by the amount of times you breastfeed/pump. In the first days there is only colostrum. Until your milk comes. A lactation nurse visit can make all the difference. I went in a few times. Good luck.
1785035 tn?1314886418 I around 6-7pm I am having to use my milk from my storage supply because my daughter starts to get frustrated and fussy like there is no milk in my breasts. Is there anything I can do to help myself produce more milk? It just seems like I am nursing my daughter all day long and pumping all day long! I am going back to work in a month and i just don't want to give my daughter formula. She is growing like a weed! Help!
Avatar f tn I need to take at least 1000mg a day in order for my milk to possibly come in. So, we are going to slowly take my dose back up to the 1500 mg I was on before and see if it helps. It moght not simply because it has already been 5 weeks. They told me that it would take a few weeks to notice a difference, so wish me luck. I did talk to them about the Reglan, but they said that it wouldn't do anything for me.
Avatar f tn I have never been pregnant, not have i ever breastfeed, but i am kinda weirded out because my breasts produce a yellowish white liquid that seems like glue or liquid at times and my breasts hurt a lot sometimes. what is going on?
Avatar f tn Help! My breasts are not producing enough milk!
Avatar f tn Not everyone leaks and not everyones boobs grow. I wouldnt read too much into it yet. Your milk wont come in until after baby is here.
Avatar f tn I started breastfeeding him and his latching on but I'm not producing enough milk to feed him every 2 hours. What can I take or do to produce more breastmilk?! Please help I hate to see my baby spit up an throw up every time I give him formula.
Avatar f tn My baby is 4 days old and I'm breastfeeding but my breasts started to get really hard/heavy and they hurt. My baby can still feed but I feel like I have an overproduction of milk.Is there anything I can do to alieve this?
Avatar f tn Is this normal? And will my breasts start leaking because I did that? Also, will they continue to produce colostrum until the baby is born or once it comes out, then milk starts being made. I have no idea how any of that works and clearly I'm a ftm. I plan on breast feeding but this just threw me off a bit.
Avatar f tn This is my fourth too and my breast are 2 cup sizes bigger also but I love it!!!!! :-) I'm normally a 36C now I'm a DD cup. Wish I can keep them forever!!!!
659471 tn?1229463290 Between these days she eats every two hours and i can barely keep her from feeding to feeding. Is that my milk production not enough? My breasts are small, so i thought maybe they do not produce enough?
123128 tn?1189759427 My breasts didn't begin to leak until 3 days post partum when my milk came in. Leaking breasts during pregnancy is not at all an indication for one's ability to breastfeed. Good luck.
736293 tn?1316521442 I noticed when pumping that on my right breast i am getting 3 oz, but on the left side i am only getting 1 oz. My daughter nevers seems to go hungry and i know that i am going to produce milk based on demand, but is there a way to up my supply on the side that isn't producing as well? After my daughter is done eating i always pump to make sure that they are completely empty so that i will produce more, but nothing seems to be helping on the one side.
2011481 tn?1374266267 But I just got thinking that maybe my body doesn't produce enough milk?? When I had my first baby back in 06, I was breastfeeding, and either he drank too much or I didn't produce enough because I was completely dry when he was 10 weeks old. And again with my second baby, I dried up when he was 6 weeks old. Another thing to add, I COULDN'T pump. I tried every pump known and nothing worked, it would take me all day to get about 3 oz of milk....
284738 tn?1283110419 You don't want to put cold ice packs on your breasts... That will prevent milk from coming in.....My sister in law did that .. She was breastfeeding my nephew, and she put ice packs on her boobs, and her milk dried up......
Avatar n tn Breast size has nothing to do with how much milk you can produce. To boost your milk supply, if this is possible for you, try to feed your baby every 2-3 hours for a day or 2. Don't pump, just nurse, and this should build your supply. As the other ladies said, it is all about supply and demand. When you notice your baby wanting to eat a lot, it is probably a growth spurt. Go with it and let her boost your supply. I know what it's like to have a big eater, my daughter was the same way.
Avatar n tn I am small breasted but feel like I should bound my breasts like they used to when our milk came in after giving birth. Here is a site that may help all of you who are suffering:
10665671 tn?1413748049 I'm a stay at home mom. Breast fed my both kids till 1 year. I'm on my 3rd baby now & plan on breastfeeding again. If you plan on being with your baby 24/7, there's no need to pump all the time. You can if you want milk on hand, your milk will be good frozen for a few months. If you don't have a heavy supply of milk I heard there's a tea you can drink it's all natural, that helps your body produce more milk.
1431138 tn?1294570494 As I've been looking at some of the other lady's posts I'm starting to feel like I'm not producing as much milk as I should be. I know right now with my duct being clogged and having mastitis it's harder to pump. But I can hardly get 3-4 oz at a time to store in the fridge and then he wants to eat right away so I give him the bottle I just pumped. Is this normal or is there something I can dobro increase my milk supply? Oh I forgot to mention he is just over 6 weeks old.
Avatar n tn Fluid may leak from one or both breasts. Galactorrhea occurs because your body is making too much prolactin, the hormone your brain produces to stimulate milk production when you have a baby.
676912 tn?1332816151 Worry wart or what? LOL...
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2031435 tn?1336012440 If ur pumping along with feeding your body thinks it needs to make that much milk. Stop pumping and only do it if you need to relieve your breasts if they get too full. Good luck.
Avatar f tn This might sound crazy but literally all my friends grandmas have told me to drink a beer the moment I get home from the hospital, no your baby will not get drunk lol but there is something in beer that makes you produce milk like crazy. All of my friends aunts who's moms have told me this confirmed it too, my best friends aunt was like I thought my mom was crazy but that it literally works she did with all 3 of her pregnancies!
3588173 tn?1357320784 I still have a little bit of milk in there because it will leak if I squeeze it...
Avatar f tn My left breast always produced more milk and my second daughter stopped breastfeeding from my left breast at about 6-7 months. I asked my LC, she said it is quite normal for one breast to produce more milk and interestingly enough, many of my breastfeeding friends produce more milk on the left hand side. It took ages for me to pump from the right side too.