My breasts have gotten smaller

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Avatar f tn I have had nexplanon in since Jan 2013 and my breasts have shrunk as well. I thought they might go back to normal because I was having lots of negative side effects inlcuding horrible mood swings, complete loss of sexual drive, when I do pretty much force myself to have sex with my boyfriend I can't get wet, I have acne all over my back which I have never had before. My face has also broken out, I have the ance somewhat under control now but it took over a year.
550943 tn?1330727580 I am currently 35 weeks pregnant and my breasts never got any bigger or vice versa/smaller. As much as I would have loved to have gotten that part of the pregnancy, being that I am smaller didnt happen for me!
Avatar f tn It helped with menstrual cramps and made my breasts a cup size bigger! But I stopped taking it because it causes severe blood clots and now my breasts have gotten a lot smaller. Can anyone recommend a great birth control where you've experienced an increase in breast size?
Avatar f tn I breast fed both my girls and mine have gotten smaller both times but I think it could be from loosing my weight to fast. I have friends who were heavier befor pregnancy and theirs didnt get smaller so maybe its different wirh each person. Im definitly going to look into it further tho because I dont have much more to loose after this time. Befor I got pregnant with my 1st I was a 38 b (i know not very big) and now in a 34 a if that!
Avatar m tn I am 16 years old, and I also started my period at the age of 12. I have about the same breast size as you. Breasts come in all shapes and sizes, so yes it is completely normal for them to be small! My mom has always had large breasts, and I've never gotten them. There is no such thing as a "normal" breast size. Everyone's are different, and I know from experience that having smaller ones isn't a great feeling, but you just have to try to OWN it.
Avatar f tn They have all gotten smaller and less painful but still what could this be. I really rather wait til I am home with my doctor I trust I don't have one where I am now.
Avatar n tn My breasts have gotten a lot smaller after pregnancy. Is there any way I can get those back?
Avatar n tn I was where you were- well, actually, I was 5'5", 112 lb, and a small C cup (but proportionally speaking, we probably looked similar- skinny/small boned). Since you are SO small, a 32B probably looks bigger on you than it would on your C cup friends. There's a reason nobody notices huge boobs on very overweight women- because everything is huge! same thing with tiny girls. If everything is tiny, 32B boobs look totally normal.
Avatar f tn Breast tenderness is just like morning sickness, some women get it some don't but it doesn't mean that isn't normal. Mine were super tender for a fee weeks in the beginning but have been fine since and I'm almost 39 weeks. My boobs have gotten bigger though, but my doctor said that even if they didn't get bigger that doesn't mean I couldn't breastfeed. Try not to stress out about it.
Avatar f tn Consider yourself lucky. I was already a DD. My breasts have almost doubled. And it hurts terribly!!!!
Avatar f tn I'm 9 weeks and my breasts were pretty engorged until week 8. Now it seems like they've gone down significantly. Is that possible? I thought breasts tended to grow throughout pregnancy. It makes me nervous...
Avatar f tn I had a miscarriage at this time exactly last time I was pregnant. I noticed today that my breasts have actially gotten smaller. They were growing and I couldnt fit into my bras, but now they are looser and I can fit into em more. My doctors apt isnt until the 19th. My question is this normal?? Shouldn't they continue to grow and not downsize? Im scared I'm going to have another miscarriage..
Avatar n tn m not pregnant cause i had my period six times and they disagreed and since then my stomach has gotten tighter and i think i had milk on my breasts should i take a pregnancy test?
Avatar m tn I've read African americans have higher rates of affection. The sores so far have been there for about 7 days but have decreased in size. They don't hurt unless I rub on them/try to masturbate. I haven't had any pain during urination. The bumps almost seem to be under the skin rather than on top of the skin. They haven't changed in color at all.
1299272 tn?1312476830 Sometimes my nipples will be flat while my areolas are puffy. Other times, my nipples are hard and my areola size gets smaller. Is this normal?
Avatar n tn I am currently struggling with the shape of my body, and cannot seem to change it. I am 5 5", and weigh about 130 lbs. So, I am not overweight, and seem to have a healthy BMI, but i'm not satisfied with the shape of my body. I have a 36" bust, as well as 36" hips, but my waist is 29". I notice that alot of people my size that don't weigh less than me, but look soooo much slimmer because they have these small waists, and more prominent hips and butts.
Avatar f tn my left breast is smaller than my right when am naked i look at myself and my right sags more than my left am a 38 C cup my my left cup fits good and my right bra cup marks a bit more is it normal?
Avatar f tn I have recently noticed that my nipples are not the same size. One is suddenly significantly larger than the other, and this was not always the case. I'm honestly not sure if one has gotten smaller or the other bigger, but it is definitely a noticeable change. My breasts aren't sore, I'm not experiencing any pain or tenderness, my skin looks normal, and I have no unusual discharge. I also don't feel any abnormal lumps or bumps.
Avatar f tn I'm pregnant with baby #4 and my butt has gotten big. I have stretch marks on it from my first daughter but they kinda disappeared. Lol. But my books have gotten bigger with each pregnancy and I hate it.
Avatar f tn What kind of workouts did u do!? Is their a specific way that's best to dry up your milk when u don't want to breastfeed any longer? I just let it dry out by them selves not doing anything which to forever w my last 2 pregnancies but I feel like that didn't help my breast volume at all!
Avatar f tn I'm 14 and I'm a 32B cup and I feel so insecure about my breast size. I have a sort of slim figure aka my flat stomach but Im really wanting to become a 32C cup. Will that happen soon or will my breasts stop growing soon?
Avatar n tn Periods can be late which is really just a longer than usual cycle for a variety of reasons including stress, changes in routine, illness, weight gain or loss, etc. Holiday time is known for pretty much all of that. :>) Even though it sounds like it doesn't happen to you often if ever, it's happened to you now--- you are probably just having an irregular cycle that is longer than your norm. Really, nothing to worry about.
366779 tn?1291343396 This is my first baby, my breasts are really getting heavy and have gone from an A to a D and I'm only 27 I have plenty of stretch marks. Their really sagging and look heavy and terrible..they used to alot more perkier. They get all sweaty and get a rash underneath them. My husband asked me the other night if they will ever look the way they did? And I wasn't sure...will they ever be the same? (obviously not exactly the same) but better than they are.
Avatar f tn I found that there is a similar bit of breast tissue in exactly the same place as I found my lump (just on the other breast - i suppose I was comparing). It is smaller, this now makes me think the smaller one is normal and my other breast has some enlarged tissue in it. Am I making sense or is this the ramblings of a paranoid nutter? Thank you.
Avatar n tn How do i even it out? And after breastfeeding will my breasts go back to its original size? I dont want a perky or tight breasts. Small but sagged one will do. Tired of having heavy breasts and with uneven breats my back is aching and mynposture is gone so bad. Neckbpain is too much. Sorry for the ramble but this is affecting my confidence.
Avatar n tn Im very young, not going to tell my age. but .. So, me and my boyfriend had sex about 3 weeks up to a month ago. We used a condom, & im almost positive it didn't break. But, lately, my breasts have been hurting real bad. Almost like their bruised or something, maybe for a week or 2 now. I haven't gotten my period & i was supposed to like 2 weeks ago. Ive been urinating a lot more,especially in the middle of the night. I think my eating has been the same. But im tired more.
Avatar f tn all my friends are more flat chested or have really small breasts and i am a 34A but i want more flatter breasts so i want to know if there is a way to get them a little bit smaller without taking any medicine or faking it.
Avatar f tn Btw yes my breasts did hurt but I thought it was because of her teeth. Gl not everyone can get pregnant while breastfeeding.
Avatar f tn It depends on your breasts but from experience and my friends and mother and basically everyone I know experience the breast will become bigger and harder when your breastfeeding and then when you decide to stop they become smaller then they were before you got pregnant and a little saggy lol like an inflated balloon lol oh and don't forget the stretch marks on your breasts