My breasts feel bruised

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Avatar f tn why does my left breast feel bruised but there is no bruise visible? When you touch the area it hurts, it feels like you're pressing down on a bruise. It's located on the bottom of my left breast. About 2-3cm. Im 18 and still in school. I go to college classes as well. I have an Anxiety Disorder and have minor depression. I also get severe migraines. Also when I was 14-15 I was diagnosed of my spleen being enlarged.
Avatar n tn my breasts are extremly painful almost feel like they are bruised i also have leakage which varies in colour and texture/white,clear,green/ sticky,milky ,iam 42 had a baby 4yrs ago
192055 tn?1263559137 I don't think I've noticed any lumps (not sure) but It is sorta hard spots (not so much lumps) all in my breasts. I've only touched my breasts so I dont know whats normal, haha. Is it ok to be a lil hard? More towards the outsides and the bottom. Tender? Thanks!
Avatar n tn It doesn't feel like the rib is bruised though, it may be. It feels more like the muscle/tissue. I have large breasts but, do not wear an underwire bra. I noticed this about 4 days ago and it is not changing (better or worse). I haven't done anything out of the ordinary that I can think of that would have caused strain or bruising.... not sure what to do! This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/258554'>sore rib under breast-any ideas</a>.
1152782 tn?1451105026 Periodically I feel stabbing pains all through my breasts. Or does it just feel sore like when you workout and your muscles are sore and tired??
Avatar n tn Hello All I was wondering if anyone had any other suggestions (besides possible pregnancy) that my breasts would be sore? They actually feel as if they are ready to fall off. My last period was 1/16 and ended 1/21. A few nights ago, I woke up to go to the bathroom and I practically had to hold them as I walked (no bra to bed) cuz they hurt. I went back to bed and they still were sore when I woke up.
Avatar n tn since i've been around 40 (so for the past 3 / 4 yrs) on an off and increasing on, both my breasts feel bruised internally, heavy and my nipples are sore some days they are fine, other days it's agony when i take my bra off.
Avatar f tn Found this post dated back in 2010 that describes what is happening to me right now perfectly: "Under my left breast, at my bra line, it feels like I have a deep bruise. It doesn't feel like the rib is bruised, though it may be. It feels more like the muscle/tissue. I have large breasts but, do not wear an underwire bra. I noticed this about 4 days ago and it is not changing (better or worse).
Avatar f tn Hello, I am 21 and for the past 3 weeks straight I have had very sore breasts and it has progressively gotten worse. I can't feel any lumps of anything like they just feel like they are bruised on the inside! Here's the thing, I have had implanon (rod implant contraceptive) for 4 years now all up so I do not get my period so it cannot be PMS (even when I did get my period I never suffered from sore, firm breasts because of PMS).
Avatar n tn So, two days ago my breasts started to feel sore, they felt raw on the nipples.. then later that day and the next day they felt brused inside... now two days later there still feeling brused and sencitive. my period isnt due for another 11days... nothing else seems to be differant, my bodys beeen tired and achey .. but i also had a mild flu last week which could explain my body achs but my breast are still sore wht could this be? if im pregnant..
97615 tn?1212682189 at the top of my stomache about 4inches or so above my belly button I feel bruised. almost like a straight line across my belly and it hurts to touch it but it feels like it needs to be massaged. Anyone else have this??? I am 36 weeks and go for my check up on monday but thought i would check w/ you girls til then.
Avatar n tn Just curious if anyone would know...Both of my nipples are bruised for no apparent reason, i dont take any type of medication for any reason..I have had Mamograms, sonograms, and a biopsy done and by the grace of God nothing came back abnormal..they are not painful nor are they tender, just bruised, and a dark purple bruised color...please let me know if you know what this is or whats causing it...thanks..and btw, im not pregnant, i had my tubes tied...thanks!
Avatar n tn It hurts up under my armpit and my breasts feel swollen and heavy. They have been huring for 2 weeks. I tend to have discomfort a few days before my period but this is painful. The right breast really hurts alot. Any ideas?
1475238 tn?1288137096 and every since i started my 2nd pack, my breasts have felt like their bruised. not so much the nipples, but just the breasts themselves. i've been on it for 4 months now and the only time i notice when my breasts don't hurt is when i'm actually on my period. why is that? and what can i do to stop my breasts from hurting? they only hurt when i'm not on my period. as soon as i get my period, the pain goes away. but when it stops, they start to hurt again. also, i've been VERY emotional!
Avatar m tn hi, im tender breasts around my cycle sometimes and lumps too. best thing to do is get it checked out and try not to freak out in the mean time. Many ladies that have breast cancer dont have detectable lumps so its always a great idea to have mammograms annually and especially if you have cx aka cancer in the family. best of luck to you both. take some arnica cream or oil and rub gently on area for pain relief and be careful of bras too, they can cause bruising and discomfort.
Avatar n tn I also drink diet coke but also not excessively. It's so strange, the actual day I got my last period, my breasts literally SHRUNK. People actually can see the difference. My female colleagues at work have made comments (nothing rude, they are good friends and aware of my situation), so it's an obvious thing. I have been on the Evening Primrose for a couple of months now. How many should I be taking?
Avatar n tn since i've been around 40 (so for the past 3 / 4 yrs) on an off and increasing on, both my breasts feel bruised internally, heavy and my nipples are sore some days they are fine, other days it's agony when i take my bra off.
Avatar f tn waves of nausea that come and go all day, in cars, when hungry, too full, or around certain smells frequent peeing, waking up at all hours of the night to pee feeling tired, forgetful, and clumsy, tripping over my own feet gassy bloated by the end of the day to where I look pregnant, but during the morning, my stomach is flat although I can feel a small, semi-hard bump below my bellybutton.
Avatar f tn Hi everyone! Today when I took my bra off I noticed that the veins in both of my breasts were protruding, visibly to the eye and when I touched them I can feel them almost like tiny ropes. They are not painful. I have to add I was wearing a tighter bra, and also when I took it off my breast was a little itchy. When I scratched my skin turned very red and now it is bruised. This was hours ago but the veins are still bulging. Is this because of the tight bra? What can cause this?
Avatar m tn He finished inside me each time. i'm almost 23. The last couple days my breasts feel so sore like they are bruised. I have never had this before but when i went off the depo shot a year ago my boobs got this sore but they slowly tapered off and now they hurt again. Why? my period was sept 7th so should come friday Did feel like their period was coming on, just curious, I don't but I have heard stories.
613536 tn?1294242047 I had a stretching/snapping sensation that I would feel in my lower abdomen (off to the side). During my second pregnancy, I actually knew I was pregnant before the test came back, because I remembered that snapping feeling (like a rubber band smacking you in the groin). Also, very tired, breasts hurt and aversion to smells.....The nausea came after a few weeks.
610710 tn?1228327055 After 2 attemps they got close i must say that i felt it though like a sharp pin stapping me in side my breast with a shock very strange. sore bruised swollen and a 2 inch scar i am Now just waiting my results my husband poor guy is having a real hard time with all this i am scared but i want to believe that it all going to be just fine i just have to wait to find out which i think is really hard but it is ok i have been on this journey since febuary.
Avatar f tn I ovulate tomrorrow but my breasts feel bruised. I am tired all the time. Is there any chance I could be pregnant. I'm due on my period on the 11th November.
1475238 tn?1288137096 but as soon as i stopped bleeding, my breasts started to hurt again. they feel like their bruised, just a real achy feeling. can anyone tell me why this is? could it be the birth control that causes my breasts to hurt?
Avatar n tn Hi i am very similar i have never had spotting before but mine is brownish and only when i wipe. my tummy does feel bruised inside. i did have unprotected sex two months ago but i have had two periods since i really don't know what it is and am worried to go to the doctor can anyone help?
Avatar f tn When I sleep at night in my bed it is as if I have bruised ribs and cannot sleep at all. My doctor says this might be from me sneezing, coughing and blowing my nose from allergies that never seem to go away. Dose anyone have any idea how I can get some relief and sleep? I take claritin every day... only helps so much. Im 27 weeks. Help!
Avatar f tn My hair growth on my head and body and really slowed down - I now don't need to shave my legs/underarms until at least day 6 after the last time and my hair has only grown approx 1cm in the last 6 months. More recently I have developed purple stretch marks on my breasts even though my weight hasn't increased. Most of the weight gain has been in my arms and upper body and I have severe fluid retention in my legs.
1131640 tn?1260238945 It always feels bruised and some days the pain goes away but most of the time I can feel it. I had an ultrasound like 8 months ago but the dr said it was nothing. My only concern is why does it still hurt all the time and lately my nipple some times slightly inverts itself (maybe I'm just noticing it now I don't know). I have no breast cancer in my family and I eat pretty well and have never been in a smoking environment.
Avatar f tn I know that many women get swollen, tender breasts before their period, but that never really happens to me. Since the first of Dec my bbs have been extremely heavy, swollen, and they feel bruised when touched. As of yesterday my nipples have started to ache badly, and bbs still sore. cramping most of the day, but still very mild. I am so lost, I dont know whats going on with my body... I guessed that I ovulated the 26th or 27th. Which would make me 12 or 13 dpo.
Avatar n tn I have cramps that go down my legs and on my right side i have cramps,which feels like stabbing pain, and between my overies and the bottome of my rib cage on the righ side, it feels bruised. I have been to 4 docs now, had blood tests to rule out std's and thyroid problems..all tests come back that im negative. I have had a pelvic and trans vaginal ultra sounds. No one seems to give me a clear cut answer, all they tell me is they "think" i could be endometriosis or ovarian cancer.