My breasts getting smaller

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Avatar f tn Im 9 weeks pregnant and my breasts seem to be shrinking not getting bigger. Is this normal?!
Avatar f tn I’ve never really had regular periods before my implant as I was a late bloomer, I got my implant at 15 and I’m now 20. My breasts haven’t really grown at all in the past 3 years and now I just feel hopeless! :( Has anyone got any advice? Surgery is something I want to avoid at all costs but I don’t know what else to do.
3185867 tn?1348434443 that culd be. I just asked my fiancee if I look smaller and he said my stomach looks bigger but my waist looks narrower. maybe thats why?
Avatar n tn I was where you were- well, actually, I was 5'5", 112 lb, and a small C cup (but proportionally speaking, we probably looked similar- skinny/small boned). Since you are SO small, a 32B probably looks bigger on you than it would on your C cup friends. There's a reason nobody notices huge boobs on very overweight women- because everything is huge! same thing with tiny girls. If everything is tiny, 32B boobs look totally normal.
Avatar m tn yeah its pretty normal at your age. your chest is still growing and will continue to grow for a LONG time. This is probably just your breasts developing. dont be surprised if just when the left one stops hurting, the right one starts.
1299272 tn?1312476830 Sometimes my nipples will be flat while my areolas are puffy. Other times, my nipples are hard and my areola size gets smaller. Is this normal?
Avatar n tn I got my reduction 3 weeks ago. One of my breasts has a large indent (about 3-4 inches long) above the breast. The breast is also noticeably smaller. The Dr says everything will settle but I'm not feeling confident because the indent seems to be getting bigger and bigger. I also like the bigger breast better, Has anyone else had this problem and is there a way to fix the smaller indented breast????
Avatar f tn Thank you, I planned on getting it checked out soon. It has become less and less sore and smaller as well. I rather wait til I am in my hometown in the beginning of May seeing the doctor I trust for answer. Or do you suggest I see someone sooner.
8534099 tn?1410962115 I am currently wearing a 40 j UK size bra. Which is nipples are not very big and every time my son latches it a shallow latch and hurts / pinches...he never stays attached very long...but seems to be waking up often. He is a slight premie born at 37&1. He also had some respiratory issues and had to stay in the NICU for almost a he was bottle fed for those days. I don't know if he's getting enough from my breast feeding or not....
Avatar f tn my left breast is smaller than my right when am naked i look at myself and my right sags more than my left am a 38 C cup my my left cup fits good and my right bra cup marks a bit more is it normal?
10391713 tn?1417827668 This is my first pregnancy and i feel like my butt is getting smaller has anyone else seemed like their butt is getting smaller or is it just me ? Anyone know what ican do to not lose my butt lol?
Avatar f tn Hey everyone , I'm 32 weeks but I feel like my belly is getting smaller . And the past few days in my lower part of my stomach below my belly button has been soft. Not hard like it usually is . But everywhere else is hard. Even my belly button is starting to come back in (it's been starting to poke out more and more for a little while now ) . Is this normal ?
Avatar f tn I'm 34w4d and I've noticed my belly getting smaller. Like before my belt button was CONSTANTLY popped out but now its not. My 8 years old niece even noticed it bring smaller on Thanksgiving. Had this happened to anyone else?
Avatar m tn Thanks for your response, Dr. Hagan. I appreciate your knowledge and response. Considering the limitations without an actual eye exam, I know its difficult to give any medical theories about my condition. However, I am noticing that the actual eyes themselves are indeed getting smaller and sinking back because of the loss of volume. The eyes no long have the spherical shape they naturally had and my iris seems to be "unsupported" by the sclera above and below, if that makes sense.
Avatar f tn Yes it's normal. It's usually because the baby has dropped into the irth canal. I have measured 1-2 weeks bigger this whole pregnancy, but today I had my 37 week visit & only measured 36 weeks when last week at 36 weeks I measured 38.
372206 tn?1235168293 When I wake up in the morning my stomach is on the smaller side, and by the end of the day I swear my tummy stretches out a lot (making it feel harder and fuller - by the end of the day, I definitely "look" pregnant). Now this sounds kind of gross, but in all honesty I think that as you eat throughout the day it gives your tummy that fuller feeling.. and you'll notice it more if you're on the thin side. Obviously it's not all food in there...
Avatar f tn I was diagnoised for Breast cancer last year during that time I notice one of my eyes became very smaller, and even after treatment, my left eye remain the same.
Avatar f tn Im 17 weeks , and I feel as if my stomach is getting smaller , I was showing but now you can barely even tell im pregnant. This happen to anyone ?
Avatar n tn Im 34 weeks pregnant & it seems like my stomach is getting smaller . should i be concerned ?
Avatar n tn Im 34 weeks pregnant & it seems like my stomach is getting smaller . should i be concerned ?
Avatar n tn Im 34 weeks pregnant & it seems like my stomach is getting smaller . should i be concerned ?
Avatar n tn I have that my body resembles a rectangle with larger breasts, and a small butt. please help me, all kinds of advice are welcome. p.s, i already eat very healthy..plenty of water, fruits and veggies and all that...
Avatar f tn I breast fed both my girls and mine have gotten smaller both times but I think it could be from loosing my weight to fast. I have friends who were heavier befor pregnancy and theirs didnt get smaller so maybe its different wirh each person. Im definitly going to look into it further tho because I dont have much more to loose after this time. Befor I got pregnant with my 1st I was a 38 b (i know not very big) and now in a 34 a if that!
550943 tn?1330727580 My pg with my oldest my son I didn't get big boobs until the end when my milk came in. They got bigger with both my girls. This pg my b's are banging and big. It depends on the pg. It's a possible side affect enlarged breasts. Wait until your milk comes in Omg. Hipe this helps my friend!!!!
1300808 tn?1280276224 I was just wondering if anyone else is having problems with their breast being extremily painful, i am 11 weeks and only one my my breast are sore and its only at the bottom of my breast, it kills me to touch. Also im a 12F could i be in pain because they are so big and heavy?? or is it possible that i could have a blocked milk duct do we even have those yet??
Avatar m tn My girls breasts went from a double d to roughly a b cup. She also had 2 children. She has even lost a few pounds.
Avatar f tn What kind of workouts did u do!? Is their a specific way that's best to dry up your milk when u don't want to breastfeed any longer? I just let it dry out by them selves not doing anything which to forever w my last 2 pregnancies but I feel like that didn't help my breast volume at all!
Avatar f tn It depends on your breasts but from experience and my friends and mother and basically everyone I know experience the breast will become bigger and harder when your breastfeeding and then when you decide to stop they become smaller then they were before you got pregnant and a little saggy lol like an inflated balloon lol oh and don't forget the stretch marks on your breasts