My breasts getting smaller

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Avatar f tn I’ve never really had regular periods before my implant as I was a late bloomer, I got my implant at 15 and I’m now 20. My breasts haven’t really grown at all in the past 3 years and now I just feel hopeless! :( Has anyone got any advice? Surgery is something I want to avoid at all costs but I don’t know what else to do.
Avatar f tn I think I received 350 CC saline implants which increased my breast to full Cs. I regret getting these C's. I would love to replace these implants to achieve the B size cups. Is this type of reduction possible? Would I need to get a maxtopsy again?
Avatar f tn After losing a couple of pounds just to get a bit fitter, my breasts have got smaller. It's not by much, but I'm just wondering if they will carry on getting smaller if I carry on exercising? And is there anything I can do to make them back to how they were? I know it's unlikely that there is! Why does this even happen, does anybody know? Thankies!
Avatar f tn Im 9 weeks pregnant and my breasts seem to be shrinking not getting bigger. Is this normal?!
450367 tn?1222200145 I had a full 'C' going into pregnancy and coming out of it. Now, almost 2 yrs. later, My breasts are smaller than an 'A' cup. Why are my breasts shrinking?
1300808 tn?1280279824 I was just wondering if anyone else is having problems with their breast being extremily painful, i am 11 weeks and only one my my breast are sore and its only at the bottom of my breast, it kills me to touch. Also im a 12F could i be in pain because they are so big and heavy?? or is it possible that i could have a blocked milk duct do we even have those yet??
Avatar n tn Implants are great because its only one surgery. Unlike getting a fat transplant. I personally dont see anything wrong with getting your breasts done before children. I am pregnant and have a 6 yr old. Hope this helps!
Avatar m tn Hi everyone :) I am 16 years old and starting getting my period when i was 13. I'm still kind of irregular with my periods, and there generally really heavy and last 5-7 days! My boobs are really sore like all the time. Both of them. Is this due to theme growing or something else? I have lumpy boobs but that's normal it's the same on both sides and I've researched it so I think it's normal? Anyway I'm pretty much a worry wort!
Avatar f tn Thank you, I planned on getting it checked out soon. It has become less and less sore and smaller as well. I rather wait til I am in my hometown in the beginning of May seeing the doctor I trust for answer. Or do you suggest I see someone sooner.
Avatar f tn on my upper and outer right breast for at least 2 months. It does get worse before period and also stays after the period, though smaller. My GYN said she didn't feel there was a definite lump, but certainly fibrocystic and dense. She also ordered a mammogram and an ultra-sound. I am only 26 and fortunately rational that my condition is unlikely to be cancer.
366779 tn?1291346996 This is my first baby, my breasts are really getting heavy and have gone from an A to a D and I'm only 27 I have plenty of stretch marks. Their really sagging and look heavy and terrible..they used to alot more perkier. They get all sweaty and get a rash underneath them. My husband asked me the other night if they will ever look the way they did? And I wasn't sure...will they ever be the same? (obviously not exactly the same) but better than they are.
1654570 tn?1364395883 I've noticed that since yesterday my boobs got less sore (almost no soreness) and smaller. i suspect my hcg level is dropping... I have to endure and wait til Wednesday, but my hope is minimal right now. Anyone experienced that? I'm 6w 3d pregnant, no heartbeat at 6w 1d..
Avatar n tn My breasts have been different sizes for quite some time. I always hear from people,"oh. Its just the normal thing for a girl." But I dont think this is normal. If I had to guess, I would say one is an A and the other is a good sized B maybe C. I would say C. I am nervous about going to a doctor and can't get the nerve up to going. Is this something serious?
Avatar n tn I had a breast augmentation 6 years before my first and this is my last so I am thinking about going and getting them redone here in a year or so.
173119 tn?1297003336 I have had a sebaceous cyst between my breasts for several years. It had always been fairly small, and I was able to squeeze a white material out of it and that would make it smaller, although it would always refill and get bigger again. It is movable beneath the skin, but before it didn't feel particularly hard, and now it does. Also I am not able to squeeze anything out of it anymore, I suspect because of scarring.
Avatar n tn I am nursing and one of my breast has become smaller than the other...I dont know if Im nursing to much on that breast or not enough...
1454858 tn?1306787978 thank you both. Should my breasts be sore? it seems like every pregnant woman in the world has sore breasts & I don't.
Avatar f tn I am 6 weeks pregnant and in the past 2 weeks my breasts have grown quite noticeably. Does this necessarily mean they will continue to grow this fast throughout the pregnancy? This is my 2nd pregnancy and with my first they didn't really grow until after I gave birth.
556740 tn?1218451534 and not only due to losing so much weight; I have always felt that my breasts were almost deformed. I have hidden them all my life and have never felt very pretty or feminine because of them. Where my breasts are "attached" to the chest wall,at the base, they are only about 2 1/2 or 3 inches wide from top to bottom (one is even smaller),and about 3 to 4 inches wide from side to side..again, this is their dimension where they attach at the chest wall...
Avatar f tn All my probs are in my right breast on the right side and since iv had all my issues it has always been smaller than my left breast and looking at them my right seems bigger now its prob just me worring too much. Its just very hard not to worry and its just been over yr since i lost my ex mother in law (my best friend) to Inflammatory breast cancer. We both had a lot of the same issues so hints to why i worry.
9924471 tn?1419958020 Hey ladies, i am a ftm 20 wks. I am wearing nursing bras because my regular bras just dont provide enough support but i am having a hard time find some in larger sizes. Pre pregnancy i was a 38DD now i am a 38DDD and the bras are becoming tighter ... Any suggestions where i can find or even order larger nursing bras that arent SUPER expensive?
1522391 tn?1311572455 the main thing ive noticed is the fact that my breast have gotten smaller and maybe not so much smaller as they've lost the whole perky full/ heavy feeling to them... and maybe this is normal but ive always heard that when your boobs get smaller it means your loosing weight! but i havent been doing anything out of the ordinary...
Avatar f tn OMG I had this between my breasts and around my neck, scrubbed the hell out of it, tried anti fungal only faded a little. I was trying to get rid of a wart I had and was listening to Kent Hovind who said to use zinc.
Avatar n tn Will I need a revision now? I have shown 5 close family and friends my breasts without my surgical bra and they all agree I will. I am devastated!
Avatar f tn 75 cm diameter on my areola. The next day there were similar, smaller patches on both areola. The larger patches had flesh-colored centers, but the smaller ones were just red. The spots ONLY occurred on the areolas; nowhere else. They didn't appear to grow or shrink; they just appeared. I saw my gyno, as I was concerned about Paget's. She said it was not Paget's and prescribed a steroid cream (Clobetasol) for two weeks. This appeared to make the rash worse, and the entire area became red.
Avatar f tn Although I am still getting sore breasts and slightly lactating, my breasts are getting back to their usual texture (for wanting of a better word there!) and reducing in size. I am hoping that this will continue, but unfortunately it does take time. I hope this helps you.
Avatar n tn I have experienced pain as well. I am a 42DD. Like many women one of my breasts is a little smaller than the other. I discovered a specialty bra store. They created a bra that has cups fitting each breast perfectly. It has wide straps and back with a front hook closure. I still have a little pain once in a while. But my new bra has helpded tremendously. Happy to be a woman again.