My breasts getting bigger

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Avatar f tn Hello everyone, I am curious as to why my breasts are randomly getting bigger. The past month is when it all started. Let me first start by saying that I am in fact not pregnant. I know for a fact because i got my period last month and i took a pregnancy test last month as me and my fiance are in fact trying to have one. I was also in the hospital last month and hat to get a CAT Scan and they had to make sure i was not pregnant before they did that.
Avatar f tn i have had the same size since i was 16.theyre nt getting any bigger and im starting to worry that if i get pregnant i wont be able to breast feed my there possibly something wrong with my boobs?
Avatar f tn I am 4'10. Its ridiculous! Im 24+5 and ive gained 10lbs and I swear 4 of it is in my breasts. Then rest *** and belly lol. My back amd shoulders are killing me! If you plan to breastfeed I found an amazing bra. Its a medela underwire soft cup. Supportive super.Comfortable the spft cup os designed to expand and conform as breasts increase amd decrease throughout the day. Got it.
Avatar f tn they are still there and getting bigger but now they are starting to grow sprouts??? is that normal?? im really scared im only 18.
Avatar f tn Now, suddenly today I am very aware of my breasts! Surely it's my imagination that they have grown from last night! Maybe it's the bra (so what if it's a bra I wear often)??? I have extreme anxiety so I am creating this "symptom"?
9924471 tn?1419958020 I was in a 36DD befor i was pregnant and now im not sure what i am in but my bra is way to tight that i sometimes just say screw it and dont wear it... i need to go get fitted.. my boyfriend says they have gotten like 3X bigger.
2020005 tn?1476662562 Chloe is almost 9 weeks and still EBF, lately it seems like my breasts are getting larger, maybe because increased milk production as she gets older, she's eating more? Anyone else notice their breasts getting larger as baby grows?
Avatar f tn But, i'm sorry i digress I haven't noticed that my breasts getting any bigger, i have noticed my milk has come in a little bit earlier then last time though I'm 22 weeks exactly today. I already have big boobs so i hope they don't get too much bigger...
1715474 tn?1318193049 I have also tried some enhancement pills but those didn't work either. I am very self conscious of my breasts they are very small for my body size. I have to wear an expensive super padded push up bra to even feel good enough to leave the house. Is there anything I can do to make them grow without getting surgery?
Avatar f tn Im 9 weeks pregnant and my breasts seem to be shrinking not getting bigger. Is this normal?!
Avatar n tn what can I do to reduce my breastfeeding tender and my breastfeeding keep getting bigger change two sizes already. any ideas .
Avatar n tn Hi im 27 weeks and i just noticed that my girls have been leaking and my bra has the evidence..... is that normal? Should i buy a bigger bra ?
447077 tn?1222794170 Ok I know this is probably a silly question but I figured I would just see what you ladies have to say about it. Ok I'm about 27 weeks now and my breasts just keep getting bigger and bigger and I find it very strange that one is noticably larger than the other, the nipple is wayyyyy bigger than the other one and just the size of the whole breast seems to be bigger. Is this something I should ask my Dr about or is this just cosmetics?????????
Avatar f tn My boobs started getting sore at 4 weeks
Avatar f tn The skin feels normal to the touch, and my breasts look and feel normal otherwise. Is this a result of my breasts getting so much bigger, or should I be concerned that this is peau d'orange and a sign of breast cancer??
Avatar f tn The skin feels normal to the touch, and my breasts look and feel normal otherwise. Is this a result of my breasts getting so much bigger, or should I be concerned that this is peau d'orange and a sign of breast cancer??
Avatar n tn At first I thought that it may have been fabric softener or dry skin or something but then I began to wonder if there was a bigger problem going on. I scratch across my breasts (nipples too) that I leave red scratch lines. I scratch so hard that I don't care if my skin bleeds! Hopefully you get an answer soon. I'll check back later.
635176 tn?1222713043 one of my breasts is swellling larger than the other. haha this is my first pregnancy so i have no idea if that is normal.
Avatar f tn Me and my husband are on baby #4 and he's never been a fan of my boobs leaking and he usually loves my boobs he lives that they are getting bigger But hates that I start losing so soon. And since he doesn't like it I think it's funny to write it on him when they leak its just milk its not gonna get him.
Avatar f tn So i am around 4 weeks and have naturally bigger breasts anyway but last few days then have been so painful and heavy :( please tell me this wont last the whole 9 months? :( anyone any advice to relieve the pain?
Avatar n tn Hey everyone, I also wrote in 'sore breasts' and got this result. My breasts usually get sore right before I get my period and then by the end of the cycle my breasts are back to normal. I usually get my period at the end of the month, and my breats have been sore for about two weeks now, and no period yet.
Avatar f tn I have nodules growing on top of my rib cage. It started on my left and is now on my right and they are growing all around to my back. There is probably at least 20 or more on the left and at least 12 or more on the right, now they are going under the ribs. When you look at my rib cage it looks like I am growing two new breasts, they looks like round baseballs. The nodules are soft and vary in size. They are now getting really painful and feel like I have something squeezing me.
Avatar m tn Underneath and around the incission area is a large area of rock hard tissue that seems to be getting bigger. I have pellett sized lumps all over the one breast that was operated on, and I don't know whether they are milk ducts or veins, but there is some type of vessel in my breast that is really inflamed and also rock hard, I don't have any pain, just discomfort from the one breast having a sort of heavy feeling to it.
Avatar n tn however my left breast feels as though it may be a slight bit bigger than normal and is a little sore. i think my breasts are always a little sore and sensitive it might all be in my head, but yet i am paranoid and still nervous about the possibility of being pregnant? any one have any insight on my chances of being pregnant, or why my breast may feel a bit larger and tender? Thanks everyone, this is such a great sight, so glad i found it!!
5787494 tn?1387152284 I'll be 37 weeks tomorrow and I'm still wearing my 22s but you can definitely tell there is a baby bump there, my tummy sticks up really high (which makes my breasts look nice and perky ;) ) but the bottom of my bump is a bit flabby. Still there is no mistaking that there is a baby in there.
366779 tn?1291346996 This is my first baby, my breasts are really getting heavy and have gone from an A to a D and I'm only 27 I have plenty of stretch marks. Their really sagging and look heavy and terrible..they used to alot more perkier. They get all sweaty and get a rash underneath them. My husband asked me the other night if they will ever look the way they did? And I wasn't sure...will they ever be the same? (obviously not exactly the same) but better than they are.
6295353 tn?1395245095 I noticed that my breasts have started getting light brown spots is that normal? Will they go away after delivery?
Avatar n tn I took another one yesterday positive. My breasts were really sore and getting bigger that's why I took test . But today my breasts don't hurt at all and don't feel that heavy . No spotting or discharge so far... I had chemical pregnancy a year ago and miscarried around 5th week... Is it a bad sign that breasts stopped hurting?