Why haven't my breasts developed

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Avatar n tn Does someone have any advice why else my breasts might be sore? really very sore? I am new in the UK and after several attempts to see a doctor, with NHS full of nonsense, to no avail.
Avatar f tn My 15 year old daughter developed some lumps under her left breast about 2 months ago.It started with one now there are several, they have also spread to under her right breast.It is not on the breast itself, it is right under it,like right below the crease, feels like they are sitting on top of her rib cage. Took her to the doctor,they did an ultrasound,but couldnt get good pictures.So they sent her for an MRI.
Avatar f tn He put me on Cabergoline for a month to 'see if it helped', but I didn't really notice a difference apart from that the sharp pains in my breasts disappeared. He tested my prolactin 2 months after I came off the Cabergoline and it had come down to 351 within the normal range, so he decided to discharge me, even though it was obvious my prolactin had only come down because of the cabergoline!
907672 tn?1381029323 I'm pretty certain pregancy isn't the issue since my husband has had a vasectomy. My periods have been irregular lately, my last one came only two weeks after the previous one. My next doctor appointment with my oncologist isn't until May and I hate to go see him if it is more related to hormones or my mentrual cycle then to cancer.
Avatar m tn This past month I have been to my local surgery three times, over fears that my palpitations were a severe heart problem, and then another two times about one breast being slightly bigger and harder/ ache than the other - obviously thinking I have breast cancer. Now, as I write, my left lymph node in my neck feels swollen, although my mum can not feel much, if any difference, and I am terrified this means that a cancer is spreading inside of me.
Avatar n tn My normal cycle is 25 days. My last normal period was May 28th. I was due for my period on June 22. And I'm 5 days late. But I'm concerned because my period normally runs like clockwork. I know the day, and sometimes the exact time I will get it. I have been haveing back pain, dizzyness, and ocaional nausea. I took two pregnancy tests. Both were negative. What should I do if I still don't get my period? Could I be pregnant, and its just not showing in my urine yet?
Avatar n tn 03, I'm worried it will lower my tsh, my gp doesn't know why my tsh is so low, but as given me this medication.. The back of my ankles have been really hurting me this last week, I'm having a lot more palpations and headaches I've also started getting sharp shooting pains in my stomach and head. My bones feel like I'm a 100 years old. I'm going back to see my gp on tuesday I can't continue like this.
Avatar n tn but i keep feeling pressure in my back and my abdomen especially my abdomen it feels like stretching or rotation i pee a lot my breasts feel weird sometimes im always tired and hungry.my belly looks like its definitely growing cause im really lil my belly is poked out im nauseous a lot of the times and at night i be have night sweats.what you guys think.
534785 tn?1329595808 So I had a pretty journal entry alllllllll typed out about my wonderful (read: terrible) experience visiting an endocrinologist for the first time, yesterday. Then I accidentally dropped my keyboard but caught it in mid-air, and in doing so, I inadvertently touched a bunch of keys that caused my entire journal entry to get deleted. I'm upset about this, so I'm going to copy and paste the depiction of the appointment that I gave to one of my friends via AIM. I hope this isn't too hard to follow!.
163305 tn?1333672171 why radiation? never arose. Why isn't there research into better cancer treatments? My thought about the difference may come from the mental side effects of interferon as found on the web site o:f irritation, depression, etc. To the coward who thinks they have to write via nygirl to me: It is unlikely a coward can enlighten one who is fearless. Enlighten thyself. I came close to dying from ESLD. According to my surgeon I had 6 weeks of life left in me before my tp.
514585 tn?1328743613 I had 2 Mcs this past year, and both times I got pregnant the very first month that I tried. Do you ladies know if the mild infection that I developed during my last MC could cause permanent damage and infertility? Hope you alll get your BFP soon.
Avatar n tn I honestly thought it was fantastic, very comfortable, no periods, no worry of pregnancy and no effects from the hormones that I am allergic to. If the mirena does cause cysts I can't understand why they would give it to my sister who has been suffering for so long due to polycystic overies...The normal pill made my tongue swell so bad i stopped breathing, yet millions use it - I had a very rare allergy to the hormones.
Avatar n tn I haven't noticed much improvement with my thyroid symptoms but have developed weird aches in my armpits and on the right side of my neck. I also get random "dead" arm feeling in both my arms at least 3 times a day. Went to the docs today and he wants me to come off Levothyroxine for 1 month and see what happens. Has anyone had this kind of problem before and if so what was the outcome? Hope this makes sense!!
Avatar n tn Last weekend when I was spending the weekend away in my ski house I noticed these redish slightly bumpy itchy spots all over my body...my legs, arms, back, breasts. I was thinking maybe it was body lice or bed bugs, but I didn't know. I knew that my little cousin (8 years old or so) may have slept in that bed less than a week before. On Monday morning I went to see my dermatologist and he said they may be bed bugs and gave me antibiotics (though I don't understand why) and cortisone cream.
Avatar n tn they dont icth...but it seemed to appear on my face then it left and now the are on my stomache, lower back and breasts. anyone have any ideason what to do?
Avatar n tn org/posts/show/594218 I still don't know what causing my twitching - I haven't gone to gyn yet about it, but maybe I'll mention to my GP when I go for my next visit in October.
1272624 tn?1395437957 Hello my Medhelp sistas, who's with me on my 2WW? My betas on 2/28/11. SSBD to Us All!
Avatar f tn They're pinprick small bright red dots on my arms, my legs, and I have a few on my breasts. Now the thing you mentioned does look like this large splotch I have over my left breast but ive had that for a while, at a minimum two years. My mom says I didn't have it before, but I think its just a birthmark I do know that a butterfly rash goes with lupus, and I also know I dont have lupus. My doctor tested for it because of my blush but my tests came back clean. I have no signs of immflamation.
Avatar f tn the lump that's developed (although it's likely fine) just to be safe. This is my 3rd baby and my breasts haven't really changed much pasted my 1st pregnancy, I do know that the change in nipple color is something I have also experienced.
Avatar n tn my ex saw it when we did have sex thrice and it was my first time doing it,it is so painful thats why he didd'nt inserted his whole P**** only the tip of it..and he did a withrawal. so when we did break up he did kiss and tell it to his friends about my labia,,and nasty things about me..i was so depressed because of it..
Avatar n tn Recently I have been trying to control my breathing differently and I think if I continue to try different techniques I may ease it. But I want to know why this happens?? I also discovered the same thing happens to my brother who is one year younger. It happens him when hes running,playing soccer and is finding it a real pain too. The pain is centered and slightly spread out directly underneath the first couple of ribs on my right side.
Avatar f tn The numbness in my stomach has turned into my entire abdomen (from groin to breasts) and around being completely numb. My calve muscles are sore so I'm struggling to walk and now my numb hands have started cramping. Each day in the past week things have gotten progressively worse and now I'm worried that the cramping legs and hands might start getting painful. I'm working with 2 neuros.
Avatar n tn Dear Josh, I'm so sorry to hear you weren't born with a uterus but do you have ovaries and breasts? Or do you just have breasts and a scrotum? Why would you make such a comment when there are women here who legitimately have questions about their health or are you just trying to get a sex education?
Avatar n tn now all my symptoms have gone away...for my period OR a pregnancy. All except for my breasts are full, nipples slightly sensitive, and constipated with gas. I guess my question is SURELY after this long, the egg would have had to implant...right?! There really is no way I could be pregnant now after the blood test was negative. Does that happen? Can you be pregnant with a neg blood test? How many women does this happen?
Avatar n tn My breasts are extremely sore which before I would have thought was abnormal but now its normal, my breasts kill a week to two weeks before my period is due... I am 12 days to. Anyway I know for a fact none of you can help me as none of you have been helped, and non of you are doctor's. I have a dr appt. on the 22nd, lovely watch me start on the day I go to the Gyno... love it! Anyway feels better to get it all out huh! Good luck to the rest of you!
Avatar f tn this is the first time back since they discovered a nodule in both my right and left breasts last year. i had the left breast nodule removed surgically and it was diagnosed as benign fatty tissue. i had a breast reduction in 2008, on both breasts. in my right breast the mri concluded it too was scar tissue against my chest wall.
Avatar n tn mites (eeeew I hope not), or fungus. I am going shopping tonight for something called NEEM. I read on a board similar to this one, and almost everyone that tried it there said it worked. There's also something called Egyptian Magic that they were saying worked like a charm, but it's $36 a jar so I am going to start with Neem Oil, and Neem soap. The only problem is, I don't want a quickk fix.
Avatar f tn I'm 35 weeks and curious to why I haven't developed milk. I am and always have been flat chested and I don't know if that's the problem or not? Everyone asks me if I'm going to breastfeed and it's an extremely uncomfortable question for me because it's obvious I have nothing ... Does it come in after I give birth?
475404 tn?1286508624 My pregnancy with my daughter I never developed one drop of milk! I am just planning on the bottle again...but my goodness! Why so big if they don't even produce milk?
345281 tn?1196142201 I'm pretty sure he had his hands on my body the time during making out whether it be on my torso, my breasts or my head/back. I was just curious because I finally just got my period yesterday, and again today.. very heavy flow might I add! (3 tampons in 6 hours!?) So I'm asking.. should I still take the pregnancy test to just be sure? Or does having your period MEAN you are NOT pregnant? Just want to be clear! Thankyou so much!