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Avatar m tn had very mild cough did not worry about any treatment and symptoms went away no other issues.
5856747 tn?1403348682 The news emerging about Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) keeps getting better all the time. Recent published clinical trials show benefit for this treatment far beyond boosting libido or reducing erectile dysfunction. It is now becoming apparent that TRT has the potential to not only prolong life but to also improve the quality of that prolonged life. In addition to this exciting news, criteria for deciding who might benefit from this treatment have been greatly simplified.
Avatar f tn i woke up today in a bad mood. i didn't want to go to my meeting where i make coffee, pray, or meet with my sponsor tonight. i was thinking of ways to get out of it but knew i had to show up anyway. i don't want to start giving into my unhealthy thoughts. was happy i went to mtg and felt better. got a call from mom about my irresponsible behavior financially over the summer. i was already feeling bad about my situation/behavior...we got off the phone funky.
1308308 tn?1273427323 missing manias again... feeling dizzy and lack of motivation. I could be mildly depressed again. Sometimes I doubt if I would really like to be normal. Oh my god how I miss my manias.
428886 tn?1217682034 I have made a conscience decision to opt out of treatment. It was begining to cause serious mental effects. I was becoming very aggressive and violent. The last few days of treatment, I would say I may have even been suicidal. Of all the side effects that I feared, the mental health issue was not even a concern that I had. I would have never guessed that it would have been what knocked me out of the race. I want to thank you all for your support. I wish everyone the very best and success.
Avatar n tn Mild depression..
209591 tn?1267414714 I see that can be quite common, for the dormant symptoms to become visible after use of antibiotics. My symptoms first symptoms last January was numbness and tingling in extremities; as well as severe fatigue and headaches. During my first visit with my PCP I was unable to distinguish between two different objects on my right side with my eyes closed (one sharp and one dull).
Avatar f tn Mild throat tension for 2-2.5 hours after treatment at Andre's. Only issue may have been the open windows, but not too bad. Also some tension after laryngoscopy by Dr. McElwain at 9:30. Very mild. Snacked on roasted garlic bread and Trader Joe's mixed veggie bruschetta at 8. Sore taste bud on right tip of tongue is very tender now. Makes wheat seems suspicious, yet again.
Avatar f tn after dusting and while vacuuming. Had to stop and lie down before finishing.
1444838 tn?1456170952 wen i wiped myself today i had fresh watery blood on my tissue, wen i got home there was nothing still haveing mild pains in my stomach and my boobs are mild to
Avatar f tn 45 p.m. before hubby get off from work. If im still wheezing will get a treatment at 9 pm. which will be every 4 hours. Treatment at 10:19 p.m. Still coughing.
Avatar f tn Went and got a 3 day treatment and started my period the second day of treatment. I have GAD as well as mild depression.I started taking lexapro Monday 5mg daily. Until Thursday. On Friday I had to switch to the full dose of 10mg. Thursday and Friday I had hot flashes and cold flashes, nausea, severe depression within the first few hours I take it, loss of appetite, and I'm exhausted and sleeplessness.
620877 tn?1282764097 had mild burning in left arm, left eye twitching, tingling in legs. Had first medical massage. Very stiff and sore saturday night. after being in (obviously) wrong position, got out of bed and fell - stiffness was so bad couldn't stand. some mild anxiety.
683148 tn?1248110006 I am now experiencing some mild depression. Sleeping a lot, lonely, low self sesteem, not caring about anything else,etc...
Avatar f tn My doctor says no treatment is needed. My understanding is the anitbodies will continue to destroy the thyroid. Should I be treated or wait until the free t4 is lower and my TSH climbs?
525545 tn?1293181194 t seem to get it to ease off. My Fibromyalgia symptoms seem to be getting worse. I find myself bumping into everything, dropping things a lot more, and the Fibro. fog gets really bad. I am not giving up, I am just having set backs again.
Avatar m tn Usually Abilify is used for schizophrenia, bipolar disorders and as an adjunct therapy (add on therapy) for major depression. The treatment prescribed depends on your psychiatrist’s assessment of your case. However, the dose prescribed is the lowest for the drug. Treatment for depression usually begins with a low dose of SSRIs (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors). Some doctors prescribe benzodiazepines too.
958034 tn?1247072625 Symptoms mild to moderate today.
Avatar m tn We may call mild depression mild but it is only mild depending on how hard it affects your life. If the depression is making it to where you can no longer get out of bed then it is time to think about seeing a dr. This is if you have been depressed for a while, like weeks or months. Everyone has depression at some time. If you have ever been happy then at some point you are going to be sad.
796506 tn?1370188305 Symptoms: Fatigue Mild cramps Swollen boobs :)
619439 tn?1282094079 washed hair again with another lice treatment just in case. scalp is scabbed over, but not itching as bad.
Avatar m tn worst ive had recently.
Avatar f tn when my first treatment my sx were anxity depression and imsonia i was denial for 2 month during ongoing treatment my gi doctor ask me if i was ok and i told her i am fine and prented everhting is good i have been to emgency room more than 15 time for anxity i thoguht i was having heart attack and i was begging for something to put me sleep so they give me shot that is when i knew i have to be honest with my gi doctor how i feel i couldnt deal with my sx so my gi doctor
38309 tn?1270890103 I'm 36, 32 wks pregnant and enjoy relatively good health, save diagnosis of mild collageneous colitis. I would like your insights on the following, including possible treatment which is safe during pregnancy. A recent echo revealed 1+ mitral and tricuspid, plus mild aortic insufficiency but an otherwise normal heart. My cardio plans to run further tests after the pregnancy, mainly to explore the aortic leak.