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5864500 tn?1380893197 There are different kinds of depression, but I think what you're talking about is clinical or chronic depression. Unfortunately. most people diagnosed with clinical depression are kind of stuck with it. That doesn't mean it cannot be managed and treated however. Like you said, it's kind of like diabetes or's something you'll always have, but it can be controlled, and there will be periods where it's a non-issue and other times when it's a big issue.
Avatar n tn __ Sleep disturbances (insomnia, early-morning waking, or oversleeping) __ Eating disturbances (loss of appetite and weight, or weight gain) __ Difficulty concentrating, remembering, making decisions __ Feelings of guilt, worthlessness, helplessness __ Thoughts of death or suicide, suicide attempts __ Irritability __ Excessive crying __ Chronic aches and pains that don't respond to treatment In the workplace, depression may be recognized by: __ Decreased productivity __ Morale probl
1564367 tn?1296001270 I have been diagnosis with chronic severe depression. And realizing as of lately I have Autism - Asperger's Syndrome. Is there a treatment for this disorder? I take Prozac for the depression.
Avatar n tn That new research doesn't surprise me at all..... Depression was HORRID for me last round... I just wish I had of known "WHAT" exactly depression was when I had it... & how SERIOUS it can be... Although I had a lot of personal baggage at that time (which has since been resolved) it most definitely affected me negatively last round...
Avatar f tn Depression is a common side effect of interferon. Yes, it will go away after treatment is over. You can go on ADs or you can constantly remind yourself that it's just the meds. I don't take ADs but I do break down now and then. ( avoid the news) My best solution is watching comedies.
5211527 tn?1365185765 I have also been having symptoms of depression lately,,from life style changes etc...I know depression symptoms can also have effects on your body like headaches and muscle aches/spasms.Why do I feel so nervous and excited inside? I feel like I am having a panic attack when these headaches/muscle aches/spasms come on and I dont really know how to describe it!!! Any advice would be appreciated.
209591 tn?1267418314 if that's your main fear. Chronic pain has increased my depression at times; especially when I grieve who I used to be and what I will never be again. Good luck & let me know how it goes...
209591 tn?1267418314 From The sound of it you're having some really bad depression. Chronic pain can deffinately cause depression. I have RSD and other problems that cause me a lot of pain. They cause some depression problems for me. If you are in a lot of pain all the time and it isn't being treated good enough it can deffinately cause some SERIOUS depression problems. That's the story of my life. Also stopping some medications can cause depression. It is a common side effect of withdrawls from many meds.
Avatar f tn I don't know why the doctors would be refusing Hepatitis C treatment for people with Depression. Interferon can cause Depression but you won't be using Interferon. There are Interferon free treatments available. Even with Interferon treatments, the doctors treated people with Depression unless they were very unstable or suicidal. I have a long history of Depression and I treated in 2011-2012 for 48 weeks with Interferon, Ribavirin, and Incivek. I did fine.
901137 tn?1267629789 I have treatment resistant moderate depression. (My doctor characterizes it as "moderate" as I am able to function on a daily basis. While saying this he acknowledges that it doesn't feel moderate to me) I tend to keep the hurt to myself. I was wondering if there are others who are experiencing the same situation.
Avatar m tn With a teenage girl at high risk suicidal thoughts, it is difficult to find a treatment center that can keep her safe. My question I have is; If there was a very "BEST" treatment center in the world where would it be? -We need a place where she can be safe from herself -We need a place where she can be safe from running away -We need a place where she can recieve DBT therapy If this place exists where would it be, the "BEST" place possible?
Avatar n tn This really sounds dibitating. I have had Chronic depression myself along with pesticide poisoning. I recently visted a doctor who specialises in both conventional medicine and natural medicine. I was given strong vitamine b12 injections which have helped considerably.
948882 tn?1270557407 15 In general, for the HBeAg-positive patient population that is identified with evidence of chronic hepatitis B virus (HBV) disease, treatment is advised to be administered when the HBV DNA level is ≥20,000 IU/mL (105 copies/mL) and when serum ALT is elevated for 3-6 months.
Avatar n tn We know so little about each other and yet we share so much of ourselves here. I was just interested, if anyone is will to share, about what brought you to treatment. How long did you know you had hep c before deciding to treat. How did you make the decission, was it a hard one to make. Your biggest fears before hand, durning and after (if you have gotten that far). I'll start I am 48 known I have hep c for over 20 years. I ignored it for a long time because I had no effects from it.
Avatar f tn You will find many many conditions that cannabis helps. Depression is one of the most common along with chronic pain. Stop bashing a natuar herb in favor of a chemical drug! Thats what got us all here in the first place!
Avatar m tn absolutely no energy, poor appetite, and too exhausted to cook pale stools depression/anxiety about treatment of Inter-FEron regiments....DR. says if I can hold on there are drugs coming thru for FDA approval, with high success rate, unlike inter-feron .....Problem is I can not work, dont qualify for disability because I am a IN home Support /Care Giver for my wife , who just had liver transx..16 mos ago.... If i start treatment of IFRON, Dr. says I will feel 100% worse..
Avatar n tn Poor balance Depression Decreased cognitive skills Dry skin Thyroid tests come out normal SED Rate normal Slightly elevated liver enzymes We've had two children since we've been married and while she is pregnant she does not have any of these symptoms. When she isnt pregnant the symptoms will come and go. About every 2 months or so this will flare up and she is miserable for about 1 to 2 weeks.
1253197 tn?1331212710 I am off of it first because of the cost and second because of the realization that it was making my depression (chronic anyway) worse. When I stopped the med I saw the change in mood. It all comes down to choosing which "possible" side effects and which dosing schedule you want. I would say don't be afraid of the intramuscular injection. I have surprised at how quickly people became quite accustomed to it.
Avatar f tn Not even that one political thread and I really had things I wanted to say to I've not been doing well. I made it all the way through treatment with no depression and no meds other than the ones to deal with the wild mood swings. And now that I've done treatment, I've sunk into this deep dark depression. I've been quietly trying to battle it and I'm not doing well. It's completely irrational. It isn't because I got pulled off treatment early, that's not what I'm focused on.
903604 tn?1274721174 for Schizoaffective disorder, anxiety, ADD, high blood pressure, depression (yes, I really am only 31), Do any of you out there have chronic pain treated with meds PLUS hep C? What is the long term damage to the liver, and how long can it keep repairing itself before it just tires out and begins to become fibrotic? Are there effective ways to treat chronic pain from DDD, ruptured discs, fragments, etc. that don't require meds and won't harm the liver?
4592241 tn?1359816738 Can anyone tell me if suboxone helped with depression??? I have PTSD and chronic depression, been on every anti depressant under the sun...nothing worked...Then started on Suboxone and Wellbutrin from my doctor and felt so much better....I have self medicated for years to stop feeling so depressed and became addicted to opanas and hydro for two years and then went to doctor to get help to stop...that is when I got prescribed Suboxone. I had no idea it was going to be hell to get off this med.
Avatar f tn Too often, people suffer in silence! You don't have to! From what I read depression is very common in a chronic illness such as MS. I tried lexapro shortly after I was dx to help with the overwhelming feelings I was experiencing. But I only stayed on a few months as I didn't like the side effects. Then I tried switching to Welbutrin, and only stayed on a few weeks as it made me VERY anxious and manic. Everyone responds differently though, and I am not one to like meds anyway.
Avatar m tn I have sufferedd with anxiety,and PTSD for many years last two yers iam taking valium,but it doesn seem to help much, i dont sleep well ,have night mares,depression, and anger I read soem wher that valium and similar meds wernt the best fot PTSD.
Avatar n tn I'm sure it's easier said than done, but try not to let this get you down- I'm sure it significantly impacts your life, and you still have a long life to live. Anxiety and depression can also make your symptoms worse, so if these are issues, please talk to your doctor about treatment for these. Best of luck.
Avatar n tn hi- i,m new to this forum. Can anybody tell me why the depression i feel whilst detoxing from tramadol is so severe when i am prescribed and take regular paxil for depression.
Avatar n tn I have mixed results with drugs - sometime better, sometimes worse. But I have worked out that stress and particularly depression have big impact on my stomach symptoms. I am trying Chinese medicine to help 'balance' my system - I think it is helping (but not if I drink red wine, or smoke, or do other exacerbating activities). You are chinese? Perhaps you could try alternative approaches to assist in management.
Avatar f tn Hi, I'm a twenty year old girl and I've had chronic headaches for the past 2 years. I have a history of headaches, but this is a persistent headache that just wont go away. There are some points at which it lowers and intensifies, but there is no correlation to the time of day, my food or work. I'm in college, but I don't really have stress. I eat healthy throughout the day and have no other symptoms apart from fatigue. I sleep regularly, except when the headache is so bad that I cant.