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Avatar n tn As withdrawals can feel same as depression, we have to give it time after we stop. Withdrawal symptoms will come on pretty quickly after we stop, depression rather slower. We will know ourselves what is happening, as you and I did. Your suggestion to wonder502 is a good one.
Avatar m tn Natural sources/herbs: Valerian(Valeriana officinalis) Passion-flower St.
Avatar n tn Severe depression can direct to impotence and impotence can lead to depression. It factory both behavior.
Avatar n tn 3- what else can i do to rid me of these symptoms and depression.
Avatar m tn the way I think about this is that when one has unsolved problems and anxiety or stress then the original symptoms of PTSD are liable to intensify. If I were you I would look at your life and try to identify your sources of stress and be more active in doing something about them as a way to prevent any suffering with PTSD symptoms. You are in therapyfor a long time and perhaps you have to refocus your efforts on the source of current stress.
Avatar n tn I need to get rid of it, it's embarrassing, and i find myself having other symptoms some sites have mentioned, like depression, and being angry and moody for no reason, I don't have my period by the way. I've also been very tired and once I nearly fell asleep during class. Please give me some remedies i could try, and wether or not you think they work? Thankyou, I'm depending upon you! I can't live with this!
Avatar n tn Is it inevitable that fybromyalgia will cripple you in years to come, or can things be done to prevent this? I've told her to see her GP about weight loss. She's not grossly overweight, but with her being in pain she's not been exercising as much and it wouldn't hurt her to lose a few pounds to take some pressure off her joints.
396332 tn?1320007215 Nothing has ever shown up, while I still think that something is wrong with the muscle there I think my anxiety/depression is making it 5 times worse. When I take Klonopin pain is reduced 1/2 to 3/4th of the orginal pain, does this mean its party anxiety related? Or does klonopin just reduce pain?
Avatar f tn I know how awful it is as I've suffered with anxiety and panic disorder all my life. It sounds as if you're experiencing the same thing. My symptoms were all the same. Felt like I was going to pass out, or die, blurry vision, tightness in chest, lightheadness, sick to my stomache, headache, labored breathing, unable to sleep, unable to eat and just scared all the time. The food allergies are a drag to be sure but totallty manageable.
Avatar m tn I have a long lasting depression and it cures and starts again i am on medication, can anybody guide me to come out of it permanentely. please guide.
Avatar n tn Hello, I am diagnosed with diabetes, upper and lower back pain, Juvenile Rheumatoid arthritis, epididymitis, high blood pressure, depression, and a possible MS disorder. I have symptoms of peripheral neuropathy even though this hasn't been added to my list of diagnosis. I have excruciating crushing and burning pain running through my left arm on a nonstop basis. I feel pain all over but the arm back overshadows the rest of my body pain and I have to do something to get rid of it.
Avatar m tn Sometimes anti-depressant medication is necessary to improve your depression on the chemical level. However, medications cure the symptoms of depression, not the cause. "You Can Cure Your Depression" is a book on the natural ways to improve/cure your depression. It also helps the reader understand the science behind depression, and how the body and the mind are interconnected and what affects one (positively or negatively) will affect the other.
Avatar f tn I think that post tx depression, lethargy, brain fog, and lack of motivation seem to be the biggest complaints. Mine have lasted over three years beyond finishing tx, and I am SVR. I truly believe that the interferon changes the brain chemistry, and possibly also the nerve circuits and pathways, thus causing a wide array of post-tx complaints long after the drugs have cleared from our systems.
Avatar n tn Dear friend Don't ignore the symptoms of depression, talk to your doctor for an depression assessment. I was feeling well for the 6 month and I was ignoring the depression until one day I had to go to the hospital with suicidal thoughts and so depressed that I couldn't control myself. They put me on CELEXA and now I can say I function but still have very bad days. I cry a lot and feel empty and hopeless.They even put me on psychotherapy for severe depression.
Avatar n tn How do I know whether I am looking at clinical depression or evidence of drug use? I don't want to make false assumptions but I would respond to one differently than the other. If my son is clinically depressed, my expectations of him being self supporting are different than if he is using heroin ( he claims he no longer is). I just don't want to perpetuate the problem by enabling him to continue use, if that is what it is. How can you know for sure?
Avatar f tn So it is possible that getting the Thyroid levels in proper order MAY solve the depression like symptoms. It is however possible that depression is truly present in which case that has to be dealt with as well. It all depends on how sick/depressed she is. But I personally wouldn't like taking mind and mood altering drugs as a first step. I would try to be patient and wait for the Thyroid meds to start to work. This may take up to 6 to 8 weeks.
Avatar n tn These studies have demonstrated that consuming Tyrosine enhances the production of neurotransmitters and may, in fact, alleviate certain symptoms of depression and improve alertness and focus. Also, studies performed by the military have shown that consuming a L-Tyrosine supplement may enhance cognitive performance. What doses of Tyrosine should be taken? There are no definitive studies showing what doses of L-Tyrosine are most effective.
Avatar n tn I finally got to post!! I have been experiencing severe withdrawal/depression the last few days, so much that I have found myself crying on a few occasions, I have been feeling like there is no way out of this awful life style, and if I get close to being clean, I get scared when I think of leading a sober life..... I can't handle it anymore, I lie to everyone, I hurt everyone and I waste all my godamn money on drugs, what the hell is the point?
Avatar n tn When I was very stressed ( a really traumatic event was happening in my life and I tried to minimize it and so the stress was building up because I wasn't dealing with it) I got really sick with stress and anxiety and then depression followed.
Avatar n tn There is no known prevention of RLS, but often regular sleeping habits, moderate daily exercise, avoidance of caffeine and alcohol will help decrease the symptoms and allow for less disruption of daily life. Treatment varies considerably, but we are seeing a general format being established for an organized treatment approach. Mild cases of RLS may be treated with nonpharmacological methods.
Avatar n tn I just found this on another site and thought I would copy/paste it here for you.....only because you mentioned the heavy arms/legs in the morning..... Fibromyalgia (FM), formerly known as fibrositis, is a common musculoskeletal syndrome that causes pain in the connective tissues, muscles, joints, and ligaments, as well as an assortment of other symptoms such as sleep disorders, fatigue, and depression.
Avatar f tn DO NOT buy the Midwest Program for Anxiety and Depression. It is a fraud and a scam, sold by charlatans, like Natural Cures They Don't Want You To Know About - both programs/books/tapes are equally full of quackery. It is a supposed panacea, albeit extremely expensive, designed to make the designers rich while bilking people at one of their most vulnerable times, at their weakest, when they feel as there are no options left. Well, then.. maybe it actually has a use?
20831188 tn?1527202946 Sometimes it's not the drug at all, you just have a bad day or week because no medication cures depression, they just make it less bothersome. Some people do get cured in therapy, but we don't know what causes depression yet and so we can't cure it with medication. Very few things in life are cured by medication -- mostly they just tamp down symptoms. And they can all stop working if we're unlucky and our bodies just get too used to it.
Avatar f tn Did anyone really succeed in curing depression with an alternative treatment. I am watching my friend here who was hospitalized with severed depression after marriage breakup, she was also sexually abused as a child and she is spending a fortune on an alternative health practitioner and she is "feeling her feelings", through Art therapy etc, the results are amazing, She is off her medication now, she suffered through withdrawals, she is amazing.
Avatar m tn Ive become extremely depressed and borderline suicidal because of this problem, the only relief i have from the symptoms comes from taking xanex or adderll, but these are both short time cures and once the effects wear off I find myself trying to deal with this problem. Ive pretty muched given up on my dreams because my grades have plummeted and i find it more and more difficult to do anything now.
574118 tn?1305138884 As far as the sleep issue, there was a study done that made news headlines that teenagers who struggle with depression stayed up late versus teenagers without depression who had parents that enforced a bedtime. When I was in the hospital there was a room full of 30 patients who said they had sex to relieve their depression. There is some research that says people who have depression have more sex than people who don't have depression. I personally can't take Vitamin E.
Avatar n tn It makes the anxiety bareable, but doesn't do much for my depression. However, there has always been one thing that has relieved all my symptoms; pain medications. First I would like to say something that Im sure everyone knows; these medicines are very addictive and should not be abused. Unfortunately, they are the only things that work for me. The make me completely calm and relaxed, and not wozy and out of it like benzos do.
407850 tn?1231641277 I guess what I am asking...Do the symptoms of Fibro/CFS/etc worsen through the years as does a cancer for example. I had been told by my physician at the beginning which was about 6 years ago that they do not. But my body is telling me something completely different!
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