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Avatar m tn I have a long lasting depression and it cures and starts again i am on medication, can anybody guide me to come out of it permanentely. please guide.
Avatar m tn t cure depression, it offers relief from the symptoms of depression if it works for you. There are some claims of cures with the application of certain kinds of energy to the brain, but those claims are not consistent. The only known cure is therapy, when it works.
Avatar m tn Sometimes anti-depressant medication is necessary to improve your depression on the chemical level. However, medications cure the symptoms of depression, not the cause. "You Can Cure Your Depression" is a book on the natural ways to improve/cure your depression. It also helps the reader understand the science behind depression, and how the body and the mind are interconnected and what affects one (positively or negatively) will affect the other.
795414 tn?1240416459 Was worried that I may be having a stroke due to symptoms lasting so long. I just took it easy and slept as much as I could.
Avatar m tn Natural sources/herbs: Valerian(Valeriana officinalis) Passion-flower St.
Avatar n tn Alias, there are not cures for these conditions. Both are herpesvirus, a family of virus (not sexually transmitted)that produce chronic infections and which can transmit "normal" cells into "malignant" cells (not cancer). Symptoms can be mild to severe and "come and go".
882350 tn?1333368328 I'm 14, I have severe depression, and it's stopping me from sleeping. What can i do to help myself sleep?
Avatar f tn Iron deficiency anaemia, worm infestation, thyroid disorders, hypoglycemia, depression all can lead to these symptoms. You may need to see a doctor and consider having regular counseling sessions. A hospital stay may be needed if you have been seriously underweight or have severe medical problems. The aim of treatment is to restore a healthy weight and cultivate healthy eating habits. Try to eat small frequent meals. Gain weight it is one of the cures for anorexia nervosa. Do write to me again.
Avatar f tn I think im depressed. But im not sure. I have most of the symptoms. I've tried to speak to family about it but they just think its apart of growing up. They dont understand!!!! I just want some help or some else to even speak to about it.
Avatar m tn the way I think about this is that when one has unsolved problems and anxiety or stress then the original symptoms of PTSD are liable to intensify. If I were you I would look at your life and try to identify your sources of stress and be more active in doing something about them as a way to prevent any suffering with PTSD symptoms. You are in therapyfor a long time and perhaps you have to refocus your efforts on the source of current stress.
1488668 tn?1288195272 even though my mother died quite some time ago, i still cant get over her death until i know everything about why she is gone and how can this happen to her. i just want to know what causes it and what cures or treatments are there.
Avatar f tn i personally dont think any antidepression tablets cures symptoms of anxiety,it just puts a lid on it for a while,its up to you.
Avatar m tn I take herpes generic medicine (acylovere) only when I sense symptoms coming on, which seems to shorten the herpes week long cycle a bit. Symptoms of herpes presence usually include a heaviness feeling and depression and irritability, followed by small blisters in groin area. Now no external blisters, but instead pain in the lower colon. Can genital herpes migrate to the colon? What are the remedies/cures?
Avatar n tn I have noticed several threads here and on other communities about these types of unfounded cures for depression and bipolar. Again, no proof of this hypothesis exists.
215461 tn?1331862765 I guess it was only a matter of time before depression grabbed me with its nasty claws. The constant anxiety has finally won over. I want to live life. I look out the window longing for some normalcy. I feel lonely and vulnerable. It's as if I am the only one in my world, physically. I'm tired. It's so tiring to constantly be fighting a battle you can't win.
Avatar f tn joint pain, excess prespiration, mood swings, foggy mind,meal related bloating, reduction in breast fullness some cures: estriol ??
Avatar m tn Food Cures Eating asparagus can prevent a hangover! Asparagus contain Enzymes that break down alcohol. You can prevent PMS by eating pork ’n’ beans! They contain thiamine and riboflavin, that’s B vitamins they could prevent you from developing PMS, according to research from the University of Massachusetts–Amherst. lemonade can cure kidney stones! Lemon juice has the highest levels of citrate of any citrus juice.
Avatar n tn As withdrawals can feel same as depression, we have to give it time after we stop. Withdrawal symptoms will come on pretty quickly after we stop, depression rather slower. We will know ourselves what is happening, as you and I did. Your suggestion to wonder502 is a good one.
Avatar n tn i'm 21 years old..i've symptoms of balanitis and left it untreared for several years..the symptoms appear as white dots on the glans and around the glans..i try to treat it with clotrimazole cream/lotion but the infection doesn't settle..recently i try clotrimazole powder the inflamation has settle but the infection is still present..which ointment i can use to clear the infection??
Avatar m tn I want to know what are the symptoms and cures for liver cirrosis
Avatar n tn I have a Syrinx in the t5 to t6 and endure extreme back and muscle pain because of it. I am currently taking many medications from a pain management doctor. Are there any cures or success stories in eliminating syrinx's? I've also heard stories that syrinx's "could just go away over time", is that true?
12502967 tn?1425638358 I suffer from severe PTSD depression anxiety disorder . I do not use that as a crutch to why my addiction started but I can say that pain pills made me feel a whole hell of a lot better about things and that's why I fell so deep . and now since I've told my doctor they will not prescribe me anything that doesn't put me straight to sleep for my disorders ..
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