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Avatar m tn So that would be roughly 1040 acts of oral sex in the past two years. Many of these are the same men, but my personal list has about 100-120 men on it, which I realize is unusually high. I am concerned that I may have passed gonorrhea on to these men while I might have been asymptomatic. Could you please provide some more information on this? 5) Regarding this hypersexuality: Several years ago, I was put on bupropion. This drug combined with psychotherapy saved me from suicidal depression.
484508 tn?1290010544 Depression, lack of energy, loss of sexual interest, may be symptoms of low testosterone. Your physician has wisely chosen to repeat the test to confirm the value. Usually morning testosterones are highest though the variation in the course of the day tends to diminish as men get older. Generally, though, I would suggest a morning value along with a prolactin (another hormone that rarely is related to low testosterone) as well as a check on your thyroid function.
Avatar n tn Yes, he could have had it and not known it - trich doesn't usually produce symptoms in men. He will also likely test negative for it, as its hard to find trich in men. The fact that you have it, and he had sex with you is enough that he should get treatment anyway. Its doubtful you had it before. You should not have sex with this guy again until he gets treatment, and about a week has passed.
Avatar m tn My levels are off again and battling through another recovery. My main symptoms have been depression, jealousy, and insomnia. I'm 7 weeks into some of the worst thoughts of my life, but slowly coming out of it. I retest on Monday and fully expect an increase in synthroid on Tuesday. I would assume men with auto immune history get this disease more ofter, although I have no scientific evidence to prove that. Good luck!
Avatar n tn According to blood tests, his thyroid levels are now where they should be, but he is still experiencing symptoms of hypothyroid. Most of the symptoms he is still suffering with seem to be mental in nature - depression, irritability, and 'brain fog'. He is in the I.T. field (mainly database stuff) and these symptoms have severely hampered his ability to work. He can't seem to focus or problem-solve. This has been a nightmare for both of us. Is this normal?
Avatar f tn It is quite common for women especially but also for men to be diagnosed with depression when it really is low thyroid condition. Dr's are seemingly quick to prescribe anti-depressants but loath to test for Free T3 and Free T4 or believe that depression symptoms are associated with low Thyroid. I think it is a pharmaceutical conspiracy. They can make more money selling 6 drugs to cover (not cure) 6 different symptoms than a single drug that cures the source of all 6 symptoms!
Avatar n tn A few months ago I had unprotected vaginal\anal sex with a woman. Within a few days I had a lot of discomfort in my urethra and minor, clear discharge with no odour. I'm in the UK so went to the local GUM clinic, I've been tested for everything under the sun and all tests are negative. One swab test did show some pus cells so I was treated with Ofloxacin for 2 weeks which made no difference to my symptoms.
Avatar n tn However, it is not uncommon that men treated with for prostatitis can develop chronic inflammation or recurrences of their prostatitis which can lead to fluctuating or persistently elevated PSA levels despite treatment. It is common that men in your situation will undergo many repeat biopsies to rule out cancer due to their fluctuating PSA level.
685931 tn?1226966388 i felt ever depressed because i hve done nothing to push him away. cruel...all men are cruel. after they got what they wanted from you, they disappear never thinking of how they will u cope for breaking your heart and their promises.. life.....i shd be thankful im alive but maybe i think i shd never be born.. regrets in all i all i feel...empty and hollow and lonely and alone.
924817 tn?1244034409 I have more clarity than I can remember having for a very long time. The depression after treatment stopped was pretty bad for me but it did eventually lift. There are those who continue to fight the depression for some time after treatment, I felt I got off lucky by being able to get off the AD's at 4 months post end of treatment. Hang in there and ride it out.
Avatar m tn They typically develop in men aged 20 to 40, and around 10 per cent of all men are affected. They may be mistaken for warts, are not infectious and require no treatment.' 'Fordyce spots are small (1-5mm) bright red or purple papules that can appear on the glans, shaft or scrotum and usually affect younger men. They may occur as a solitary lesion, but frequently appear in crops of 50 to 100.
Avatar m tn Hello eqe You have a chronic HBV infection. You need to check your liver damage (ALT) and do a fibroscan or biopsy for your liver in order to determine if you need any antiviral treatment to stop and reverse liver damage. Fibroscan is much more reliable with no risks compared to the biopsy. Also, what is your HBV DNA count?
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Avatar f tn In such cases, prescribing FDA-approved erectile dysfunction medications could be appropriate There has been far less research regarding opiate-induced endocrine deficiencies in women than in men. Hypothetically, androgen treatment would relieve clinical symptoms and reduce risks of osteoporosis in affected women. In younger women, oral contraceptive pills (OCPs) might have benefit; particularly an OCP with a relatively androgenic progestin component.
Avatar f tn Your son probably should be evaluated by a mental health professional to address the depression. In turn, this might increase his desire and motivation to lose weight should this be his goal. The school counselor might be a good resource for this support.
Avatar m tn Hi just to let you know...we do have a few men on this forum, but they seem to have gone quiet for a while. If you don't get an answer soon, be patient and they hopefully will chat to you in the near future.
Avatar f tn Hello everyone, this is a very hard question for me to ask anyone but I am desperate! Does anyone know if ECT or magnetic treatment really helps a person with severe depression? I have taken every type of anti depressant out there and either they do not help my depression or I cannot tolerate the side effects. Right now I am not taking anything except for something for my anxiety and I need something that will help my depression. I am desperate to find something that will help my depression.
Avatar m tn medical students showed, over 12 weeks, that those who received high-dose omega-3 fatty acids (2,496 mg once daily providing 2,085 mg EPA and 348 mg DHA), had a 20% reduction in anxiety symptoms compared to those receiving placebo treatment. Treated students also had a 14% decrease in a marker of inflammation (stimulated IL-6 production).
Avatar m tn medical students showed, over 12 weeks, that those who received high-dose omega-3 fatty acids (2,496 mg once daily providing 2,085 mg EPA and 348 mg DHA), had a 20% reduction in anxiety symptoms compared to those receiving placebo treatment. Treated students also had a 14% decrease in a marker of inflammation (stimulated IL-6 production).
Avatar f tn I have not been diagnosed with depression, however I feel as if I do suffer from the symptoms! I am scared to ask my family and friends for their help because I have always been a very outgoing individual but recently have found myself batteling my emotions. Its becoming too tiring and tedius to hide these things from my family but dont know how supportive they will actually be I just need some type of reassurance that things will be ok.
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