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507703 tn?1218414573 Without knowing any specific details and history based on your post your dose is to low. Remember when using Suboxone or Subutex or Methadone you have to find the correct dose for the addict. It is also very important to deal with a drug counselor or a doctor to have a plan so that the drug can be used correctly.
Avatar f tn it is a tool to get clean after failing at ct or tapering..often for folks over 150 mgs a day of percs or hydro..or for a continuous relapser..sometimes u gotta do what u gotta do...sub costs alot but is cheaper than buying pills off the is the new and fancy form of methadone...not oo much diff when u get hooked tho..both r tough to come off of many do a 21 day taper to avoid addiction to sub..i have used bot...methadone fore 3-4 weeks for pain without addiction to it...
709686 tn?1277435759 in the healthpages to the right of this page will find a thread where our members talked about their experiences with sub...there are some good and some bad. good luck, i hope it works for you.
Avatar n tn Without money or good insurance, you're going to have to do it the hard way. Coming down a few miligrams at a time, and then hoping your primary provider will give you the couple of prescriptions you need to get through the worst of the withdrawal. plan for the possibility that when you get off, you'll have to stay home for a few weeks. That way, you don't have to give up and go back on just to get into work. Try They have a number of people out of taper/in taper.
Avatar n tn i couldnt exactly tell if it was methadone youare on for pain or other painkillers, but assuming its methadone you are on for pain its definitely going to be hard to get off of, it is a very effective pain killer and long alsting, and prduces less of a rush or euphoria than heroin and toehr strong opiates, but it is very addicting and can be lethal.- i am on it for a bad addiction to heroin and oxycontin(snorted) and its a great treatment option for me, but its def. addicting too.
Avatar n tn if it takes 6 weeks to get your bowels, some what back to normal, that means it must be physically bad...... if your on opioids or opiates for a long time 2 or more years, then your brain's receptors are going to be messed up,period. which means the wd's are going to be tough. now ,tough for one person can be not as bad for another.
Avatar f tn My husband took 10mg methadone everyday for that last 3 years and has cut back to 5mg the last 3 days. he wants to quit but is nervous about if he is going to have withdrawl symptoms. His use is recreational and all the places ive called seem like they are just for money. He would prefer to detox at home and thinks if he just cuts back he will be fine. If he was only on 10mg will it be that bad for him? Any advice would be great.
Avatar m tn 40 mil is to high of a dose to stop at, you will probably have bad withdrawals. Methadone is not something you can just stop, you have to do it the right way. Hopefully Gnarly will be along soon and he can give you lots of really good advice! He knows everything about methadone!
1579298 tn?1296341525 I had to go on the methadone. Now its been 1 1/2 years and I am at 170 mgs I want off so bad more for my family. My husband has supported me always, but 320.00 a month is really starting to **** him off. He's so pissed it;s hard for him to be supportive. What would be the fastest way?
Avatar f tn methadone detox is similarto most narcotics sweats chills stomach cramping leg crampng the runs and a host of other side effects the most complained abot is the lack of sleep that can go on for several months when I quit I went from 150 to 1 in 8 1/2 mo but dident get well for 90 dats you got to be in this for the long haul and stay clean or you justt set yourself back keep posting we can talk good luck and God bless......
Avatar m tn I really need to talk to someone who knows about Methadone detox. I havent done Methadone before (!st time), but I was there for approx 9 months...heard thats very short compared to others. So I don't know much. I didn't know what I was getting into cuz I thought they were supposed to help, but I found out all the bad things about it and now I'm working on stopping. It's been a month exactly. I want to know what should I expect (basic symptoms) and when will it subside?
4597556 tn?1383308643 i kept a possitive attitude i hated takeing methadone from the start, i was at 80mgs i tapper 5mgs a week till 4mgs and stop, i should be fine, i dont think i will get sick when i stop i stayed on vitimans has a lot to getting off this and a good attitude helps and my bp meds are helping beta blockers my bp the highest its been was 160\ 95 and didnt stay there, i have always run a little higher then norm 135\ 74 or 147]83 not bad for me thank you john
Avatar m tn Methadone takes a long time to come out of your system. Your dose and how long you were on it are factors also. When i came off meth my stomach was a messssssss because methadone is a heavy narcotic and i had too be at work real early and Im not a morning eater so id drink my meth on an empty stomach,and it specifically says take with food. so if you took it on an empty stomach that could be it or even not it does tear your stomach up. Ive heard it from alot of people.
Avatar f tn I also take three xanax and one ambian. Do you think my body will adjust to the change in methadone or am I going to go through withdrawl.
Avatar m tn there's not alot of good news when it comes to methadone,time heals along with some good the thomas recipe at the bottom right of this page,also try not to seclude yourself to much and try and take a walk every day,it helps,seclusion is what i believe was the main culprit in my relapse along with no aftercare which is so important.
Avatar n tn Do you get a Buzz of it or what? I know someone that is on methadone for getting of Oxy's but now I caught them snorting methadone. I am worried that they are going to FREAK out like they did with Oxy's.
Avatar f tn I am comin off methadone im in my FIRST day n its soo bad i dont think i can do day 2 what do i do? does neurotin help with sickness??
1909286 tn?1379438737 Hi atthebeach, So do u think 1 week on 5mg a day is long enough to jump? I'm not feeling to bad, just can't sleep real good. I'm mostly scared of whats to come. I read so much about how sick u get when u stop completely, I'm so stressed about it because I have 2 kids to still care for.
Avatar n tn you go thew doing this thats your going to need some help with ..N/A is good as well as a good drug consolor but it helps to have something in place wile your going thew this..keep posting you will find much support here and in the end it is so so worth it so hang in there you can do this it just takes some perseverance good luck and god bless..
217599 tn?1202854552 Were you in MMT at a clinic and did they help you with meds or anything when you decided to stop. I just want to sleep 24/7 and after 6 mos i have had it and i dont want to take another 6mos to taper off. I take 115mg now and just stopped taking it 2 days ago. I am going to ask at the clinic Mon.
Avatar m tn I sent a message to one of the regulars to check out your post with some help. Hang in there til he (gnarly) gets here.
Avatar f tn word of advise if u do use methadone or subs do as little as possible for as little time as possible. U will kick from both if u stay on either for long.
Avatar n tn Often Methadone Detox turns into Methadone Maintenance. I needed the maintenance and counselling that the (orange juice) clinic offered me. I did get to a high dose, due to coming off of dilaudid. I just now have started to detox. I went down 10/day, so now my dose is 90mg/day. I'll stay here a couple of weeks, then I'll drop another 10mg/day, my dose will be 80mg/day. I'll continue that until I get to 60mg or 70mg/day. Then I will wait a month before I drop any more.
Avatar m tn never stayed at a stable dose...i went cold turkey and i went 5 days straight.. I really didnt feel as bad as i did when i stopped the OXYS.. but its the duration...Well here is my question.. a friend helped me out so i didnt have to be sick for thanks giving... IF i took 30 mgs today and dropped 5 mgs daily after a 5 day NON methadone intake... would the withdrqwls be just the if i can wheen down with 20 pills and make tham last a week and a half or 2 ?
Avatar f tn Also the epidural works just fine even though you are methadone because it is not counter acting with the methadone or the receptors that methadone goes with. Once I got the epidural it was smooth sailing from then on. Before the epidural it hurt worse than it did with my other 2 children just because you cant take anything else and because the methadone lowers your toleration of pain so it is more severe than if you were not taking anything.
Avatar f tn Any one else out there on methadone matinence or have been while pregnant? I'm 38 weeks on Monday, and I'm steadily getting more anxious for delivery. My dose is 120mg daily, I'm being induced on the 23rd and I'm so nervous my little guy will have withdrawals :( Some babies do well and go home, some have to stay and detox. Anyone else have experience with this? Thank you!
4407520 tn?1363015465 Well as some of you know i tried to get off methadone by substituting with pain killers, big mistake considering that was the whole reason i started methadone, i was on a low dose of 6mg and taking pain killers for about 3 weeks, then i quit the methadone and very quickly started taking more and more pain killers until i was taking like 100-150mgs per day, well after about 8 days without methadone i ran out of pain killers and think i starting detoxing off both at the same time, the back pain wa
Avatar m tn you can jump off at 5ml and its no worst then tapering below 5ml so why torcher yourself just jump at 5 going on sub is only trading addictions and its no ezer to get off especially if they give you a high dose to start with witch is farely common ...Id just stick to the methadone and finish it off it will be eazer in the long run....good luck and God bless.....
Avatar m tn some get down to 20-30 mgs and switch to suboxone for the final part of the taper..others just slowly taper down to .25 mg or so and then get off...but to do it without bad wd it has to be done slowly..there is a great article in the health pages on tapering from methadone....sub is also addicting so switching to it is not always the answer..having used both...methadone for pain...sub when i ran outa pills....
Avatar n tn because I never was a morning person, but I just had to say that I know of a few people right now who have gone from 1 mg to 0 in the past month and they said that its been fine, not great, but no getting sick or anything as bad as their heroin withdrawals, so thats hopeful for people like you and me, keep up the good work!