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Avatar n tn well the 1st day was not that bad, but today i feel pretty sick. how long is methadone in my system? i was at 25mg originally & went to 0 in about 2 weeks. just wondering if its outta my body yet & if this is the worst of it.
Avatar f tn Once you put Methadone in your system, it will attached to your receptors, starting the process again. Methadone is a very hard and lengthy withdrawal. We treated it in our hospital under medical supervision where we can medically speed the process. If you have had seizures in the past and is hallucinating for lack of sleep, you should seek medical attention ASAP. Do not put yourself at risk. Please look for help and stay safe.
Avatar n tn methadone hangs around in your system for quit some time it gets into the fatty tissues after 12 yrs your body is saturated with it just try and go off the withdrawal will last like 90 days from long term use I was on 6yr and it took 90 days to feel right good luck to you........
Avatar f tn it is against forum rules. a methadone taper is handled best, by small drops every 2 weeks. methadone has a long half life, meaning it takes a long time for it to get out of your system. when you drop a dose it doesn't manifest itself in your system until about 3 to 5 days later. so the drops have to be slowly. the clinic will advise about the taper. she can see them and then let us know what they say. most times the clinics all adhere to the same guidelines.
Avatar n tn I haven't taken anything for over 65 days, actually probably more then that, I haven't kept count. I'm curious as too how long it stays in your system, how long does it take for withdrawal to start after your last day of use (assuming the above usage) etc.... I'm just curious for the general knowledge. Could someone help me out, no big rush because thank god I have been clean for so long now....... well atleast it seems that way. Thanks again.
Avatar n tn First you need to calm down and relax......this stuff isnt a fast or easy fix. Might help if there was a little more information. How many of what strength are you doing? Almost a year.....sounds to me like you are starting withdrawls when your mind races. Its actually a classic panic attack and is quite common when quiting a narc. Check out the health discussions at right side of page. Look up the Thomas recipe and Amino Acid Protocols...and read them. Then think about using them.
417564 tn?1287986427 The only thing that was a pain was sleeping at night but our clinic doctor prescribed something non narcotic that worked wonders...We are drug and methadone free for 4yrs .... now and it's doesn't matter how long your on it..meth stays on your system for such a long period after..Meth also takes the calcium o out our body..taking asupplement is a good idea long after...but keep up the hard is worth it and can be done when the time is right..
Avatar f tn meaning it build itself up in your system..lets say according to your wifes metabolism that the methadone stays in her system 36 hrs..her body only metabolizes around 80% then the next day her dose does the same thing and so on and so on..when you start to wean down from methadone..the exact thing happens in reverse. So even a 2mg decrease will most likely be felt a bit by the next decrease.
Avatar m tn He has slowly reduced amout he has been taking - how long does one usually have to stay on methadone?? Fortinately his is able to work 40 hours a week and we play squash three times a week. He is doing well in my mind.
Avatar m tn What, or how will I feel coming off methadone and go on subbtex can I just got on them soon as poss or will I have to do a detoxs first? Will they offer me any other medicine to do this??
Avatar n tn I took my first suboxone after 3 days of no Methadone. You have to be down to 30mgs before you are supposed to detox off of the methadone. How much do you take per day?
Avatar m tn good for you wanting to reclaim your life. methadone is a long and slow only started 10 days ago? and are at 65ml or mgs?
Avatar m tn Hello JMB429, How long has it been since your last dose of Methadone and congratulations on holding your ground. As for myself I was on Methadone for over 10 yrs and have been clean going on 90days but I also detoxed slow and stopped at 3 mg. I can tell you that it was very ruff for the first month. Even today I deal with low energy and bouts of depression but I know with time this will get better. Please let me know details. God bless and keep on keeping on....
Avatar m tn has anyone even heard of taking 400ml of methadone. i have no idea how i got this high but my doctor just kept bumping me up, just cause i told him i couldnt sleep. i get up every hour. And wow i cant have a bm to save my life. i want off this devil drug. I wish i neva went. i was hooked on vics percs oxys morph and what ever opiates i could get my hands on.. does anyone know what i should do????
1577364 tn?1296693384 it just takes determination and perseverance in a few days you should be feeling a lot better try the vitamins I told you about I found those after months of research on the internet and they work just give it a few days to get into your system other then that I just want to encourage you to go threw with this it is so so worth it in the end BTW rapid detox rarey works for methadone due to the long 1/2 life and you cant get around the post withdrawal.......
Avatar n tn sorry to bring up such an old post, but i came across this doing a search. i wonder how things worked out for "Mark", a follow up would be nice huh? let us quote, "i stopped methadone in 1 week, the other issues in your life are what make it hard to get off, not the drug", really? this guy sounds like alot of our doctors.. sorry i sound so bitter, i'm just wicked frustrated i ever started taking this devil-drug !!
Avatar m tn I think that he should start decreasing his dosage before he goes into rehab. He has not been on methadone long maybe just over two weeks. I know he wants to get clean and is desperate to get clean. He has just taken a break from his girlfriend (she wants him off methadone and has been very supportive) and of course with being on Methadone their sex life is not as it used to be.
Avatar f tn Just so ya know,I am on methadone too. Have never gone cold turkey but am tapering off.Am at 16mg a day. How long have you been on it? There are some things that can help you.Look at the top of this page on the right and click on health pages and you will see a thing called the "thomas recipe",this can help. There is no wonder cure,you will be very uncomfortable for 7 or 8 days.Drink all the water you can,this will help detox your system and keep you hydrated.
Avatar n tn THEN, I'd take no oxy the next day and take 10 mg's methadone, and be prepared to need an additional 5 mg's methadone at night. Then for the next 4 days take a split 10 methadone in the morning, 5 methadone at night. Then...I'd stop and see how it goes. Keep in mind that I'm partly guessing here, based on other people's experiences. There's no guarantee it would work; but if you have NO methadone history, it's possible.
Avatar n tn also told me i was her first patient to switch from strictly methadone, she said it would have been an easier transition had i still been shooting heroin because methadone stays in your system sooooo long compared to a short acting opiod, she also told me she wont ever do that to a methadone patient again, she will prescribe them percs, vikes or whatever other short acting opiod she can because of how bad my transition was, most methadone patients that switch to sub.
4597556 tn?1383308643 Methadone has a long half life. Meaning it stays in your system a long time. You are opiate tolerant. Meaning your body can handle the dose. You will not OD. Esp since you are decreasing the dose.
Avatar n tn I have been off methadone with absolutely nothing else in my system except for the fluids and food that I force down for twelve days now. For the first 2 days I just felt lazy, yet anxious at the same time. NOTHING WORSE. Then a week following that was severe diahrrea,Stool discoloration(light in color), which means the methadone did something to my liver too.
Avatar n tn Yes, I have researched the topic (and found this site in the process) She gets the Methadone from a local clinic, it is liquid form, the bottles are not identified as how much of a dose but she thinks it is 80mg. She gets a week worth of the Meds at a time, having to down the first dose in the lobby of the clinic, how can you taper off the dose if you have to take a full dose at the clinic each week? She wants help, she knows that this must stop; I will be there for her to help in any way.
Avatar n tn How much methadone were you usually taking a day and for how long? I went c/t off of 25 mgs after being on it for almost 2 years through an clinic.Not going to lie methadone is a beast to come off of.You really just have to hold on tight and dig deep.Keep posting here for support and like others have mentioned,start participating in some type of after care.The more support you can get right now the better off you will be.Hang in there,it takes some time,but it does get better...
Avatar f tn Someone told me that methadone doesn't show in your system.. Also, I think the nurse isn't giving me the amount I asked for! I am used to taking 60mgs a day (from the street), and she told me I should stay at 40mg. I never knew you only took one dose a day and it lasted you 24hrs. I would take some in the morning and at night. So I really am kind of uncomfortable at night! I looked at the cup, and she was like its 50.. It really didn't look like anymore than what I have been taking!
Avatar f tn Then I slept a couple hrs this morning. So how long did you say you have been clean? How long before you felt normal? I think I want to feel normal so bad,that I'm getting agitated...but I keep reminding myself it takes time. I've been abusing my body for so long. it won't happen overnight.