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Avatar n tn My thirty year old daughter was having episodes of colorful hallucinations, and paranoid thoughts along with hearing voices, following an overdose on benzodiazipan and methadone. When she was given Haldal to calm her she reacted adversely with high blood pressure 224/125 and a pronounced seizure. When treated with Benadril to countereffect, she was mumbling in a sleep-like state, tense and stiff. Part of the time she just stared up with her eyes rolling back for several hours.
323051 tn?1206928283 but i have been through cold turkey off methadone and now far thank seizures..but muscle pain,dizziness, Cathy said the restless arm and leg syndrom is most annoying and very typical..keep will pass..i know that sucks for now..but it will..
Avatar f tn Once you put Methadone in your system, it will attached to your receptors, starting the process again. Methadone is a very hard and lengthy withdrawal. We treated it in our hospital under medical supervision where we can medically speed the process. If you have had seizures in the past and is hallucinating for lack of sleep, you should seek medical attention ASAP. Do not put yourself at risk. Please look for help and stay safe.
550931 tn?1219498420 hey james, i as on and off methadone for 15 years, in 2004 i kicked for the final time, i was getting 2 weeks take home, 200mgs 14 bottles,i was averaging 300 to 400mgs a day, my detoxed was a bit complicated the last time, in the past i could go cold turkey off methadone with about 3 weeks discomfort, and i always got back on drugs because i refused 12 step meetings, now in 2004, i had serious liver problems and my bodied had become atrophied, i was rushed to icu i believe it was my second week
Avatar n tn Any medical doctor can prescribe methadone for pain relief. Methadone clinics are for methadone maintainence (for addicts) and not for chronic pain sufferers. They are governmentally subsidized which is why I assume your doctor referred you there and not to a pain management specialist. I am quite surpised the methadone clinic accepted you.
Avatar n tn How could i feel alone, he calls constantly (collect!) lol! He is addicted to methadone and oxys, and he is determined to detox in 5-days. I don't see how it's possible. The dr wanted to do it in 9-days, but he wants them out of his system asap, the fastest they are out, the more time he has to heal in the 28-days. he feel apart when i told him that our 8-year old said 'hi' to him as if he were still here. She was playing, but they miss him very much. i was sorry i told him that.
Avatar f tn Will Methadone withdrawal cause a patient with a history of Grand Mal Seizures to have more Grand Mal Seizures?
Avatar n tn I looked up the intereactions between the two and found that seizures can occur for some reason. According to its a "major-interaction"... I don't plan on taking them together but today I took 5mg methadone to transition from the wd of hydrocodone. i don't plan on taking the methadone much either, due to its horrible life of dependency and yada yada... has anyone experienced seizures or problems with combing tramadol with other opiates such as these?
Avatar f tn I am 23 and have been suffering from intense migraines for about 12 years. Seizuresfor about 3 years, but this isn't about the seizures.
Avatar n tn I feel like this has been the cause of my seizures and they've found no other cause. Could this be causing these seizures, even though the barbiturate was still in my system with the first one? I have gone to a neurologist, and he knows I take fioricet (he prescribes them) but I haven't told him how many I take. Thanks.
Avatar n tn I am currently using methadone and have started taking neurotin. The withdrawl symptoms from trying to stop taking the neurotin is almost unbarable. How do I detox from neurotin safely. Methadone is prescribed.
Avatar m tn she had to go off klonapin cold turkey and is only on methadone. she has severe anixety and depression and lithium has been mentioned. i am worried it will make her zombie like. does anyone have any information on this dose of methadone .
Avatar f tn I really hope this will help!
Avatar m tn 50 mg of methadone and about 6 blue xanex daily
Avatar f tn He got out last September and was only out for a month and got back on the methadone cos he started using heroin again and knew where that would lead. So he has been on drugs since he was about 18 yrs old, but clean while locked up, once for a year, and twice for 9 months.
Avatar f tn Going from 20 to 15mg was a 25% drop and that's too much, in my opinion. I would be concerned about fetal seizures and fetal demise under that kind of stress and I think the taper is too fast. This is such a delicate time in your pregnancy. So, I would be concerned with what's happening now as opposed to when the drop is from 5 to 0. Dosage demands increase during pregnancy so all the more reason to taper slowly and by small amounts. What is the rush?
Avatar n tn My friend has been on clonipins for 10 yrs and was going to a methadone clinic about 3 yrs ago and both we're legal and her Dr. knew so I'm not 100% sure if it's ok, but I do know she was taking both by presciption...You could also try contacting a pharmacy and they may know or call poison control and ask them they may only tell you if you've already taken it.
Avatar n tn He only gets tylenol when he complains or told to go on med watch, which is naked in a cell while being monitored. I plan on calling the methadone clinic and ask but any info here would be appreciated.
Avatar f tn that's great if you can do it, no argument on that. I've read a lot of posts about Methadone and Suboxone here, and the very large majority in this club (especially re Methadone) regret the day they signed the form -- it scared me enough to not consider it (that, and the lining up in a drug store like some outcast from society, which I may very well be, but that description certainly doesn't apply to most. Oh.
Avatar n tn They surmise it will be around 15 years before I start feeling any improvement. also have TBI, tremors, and seizures and every time I have a seizure, I injure my back more. I have 24 hour attendant care and do not put my socks on by myself, nor do I bathe myself. I have started the paperwork for medicare, but that too take a long time, especially when you're fighting insurance companies over $ and benefits.
Avatar f tn I tried twice to drop the Oxy's and the Methadone cold turkey. It lasted about 2 weeks and ended with me in full blown seizures and nearly dying twice. Anyone considering using Methadone to come off Oxy's, Roxy's, Lori's, Perc's, Vike's, Tab's or Hydrocodone.....Trust me, I've had em all...Been prescribed em all and I would never again do what I did thinkin it would be easier or better for me.
Avatar n tn I took buspar, prozac, trazadone, and xanax to get yhrough the physical withdrawls of taking 60mgs a day of methadone ( a waffle and 1.5) and that really helped my anxiety, and insomnia. However I have been suffering with a newfound major depression that has been causing cravings, very imense cravings. I am waiting to get a med coupon in the mail to seek outpatient treatment, but it is taking forever. I just wish I could feel content sober again. Reading your story helped me see I am not alone.
472139 tn?1211336163 Stop taking the valium. Withdrawing from it can cause seizures and even death. Adding that of methadone withdrawl is like adding fuel to the fire sweetie. The drugs may have pulled the trigger but YOU are the one pulling the strings. Best of luck.
Avatar n tn Hi everyone, I have been having a lot of trouble accessing my Inbox so I have set up a new account. My name is Gayle, I posted here once or twice , the first time was in March. I have been lurking a lot in the past few months but I think its time I start posting for support. I have been on Methadone for 7 years, the highest at 130mgs two years ago. I started tapering then, really slowly.
471518 tn?1215637151 Hi, I've been going to a Methadone Treatment Clinic for about 1 year, and for the past couple of months I've been slowly detoxing off of 110 mgs. I'm now at 64mgs. For the 4th of July weekend I received 4 take home doses of 64 mgs each. I've taken 1 bottle and skipped yesterday's dose altogther. Is there any chance I would be able to take a little bit when I'm feeling bad and not have to go back to the clinic. I have 2 little boys to take care of, so I can't be too sick or tired.
Avatar n tn If there is anyone out there that is no longer on methadone? how long did it take to get off and how slow did they decrease? and after you got off completely did you feel completly back to normal? My freind did it and is always depressed. Kinda scares me. Thats why Id like to hear from someone who got off methadone completely and what your experience was to feel completly normal again. Also can withdrawing from methadone too quickly cause damage to nervs.
Avatar n tn I'm in my 6th mo on Methadone at 130mg and I sleep and nod all day and go home and sleep all night and I am not using other meds. I know my dose is to high causing this and i am lowering it now. Does your b/f have any trouble speaking when he looks pie eyed. When I took to much soma it affected my speech and I would stumble around some. Make sure you get more than 2 or 3 words out of him and see how it sounds. If he is using lets get him back to the good person he was and not hang him here.
Avatar n tn hi all, I,m going through methadone withdrawal at the moment, it has been 2mths and 1week and it has been HELL!!!! still not sleeping properly, i have the tingling in my legs constantly, day and night. I thought that there was something wrong with me and had anemia, blood sugar, under-active thyroid, HIV and hepatitis a,b and c blood tests, but every single one of them came back NEGATIVE! i am counting my blessings, i can tell u.