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Avatar n tn This sounds very familiar and I wish I would have had this site back when I was at this point. Now, years later and thousands of dollars spent of pills, methadone treatment and recovery aids, I have finally learned the truth. I hope that it does not take you down the same journey to get to this desitination. It will only be mildly uncomfortable right now if you stopped, but in time it will become a beast. You should consider taking melatonin for a natural sleep aid.
Avatar n tn Many arm-reduction advocates worry that Congress, by approving prescription buprenorphine, will feel that they have done all that is necessary to fight heroin addiction, and that the expansion of methadone treatment and the easing of access to the drug will not move forward. Others feel that prescription buprenorphine is a first step to getting Congress to approve legislation that would allow doctors to prescribe any anti-addictiondrug to their patients, including methadone. http://www.
Avatar n tn My friend is 21 has a three yr old boy, and pills run her entire life. She takes Vicodin/Lortab, about 16 or so a day, and still functions, sometimes. She is very good to her son but could do much much better. When she doesn't have any she is is so sad and depressed, she will do anything to get some, its sad. I posess much experience with addiction to quite a few things, mainly the pills though. I have not yet taken Soma, my mom was on those and she abused them...well...
Avatar m tn If you can withstand the pain by just taking your normal dose of Methadone, then don't take the Lortabs. Hope you will stay and post and read this site -- should you ever decide to come off of the Methadone, this is a great place to find help. All the best.
Avatar n tn The only thing that she warned me about was that she wanted me to take the methadone AND the Vicodin together for a few days because since the methadone has such a long half life, it takes about 3 days for it to build up in your system and start working. She didn't want me to start taking the methadone after the Vicodin ran out because I would essentially have had no coverage for a day or two until the methadone kicked in.
Avatar f tn To the Devil, It really will depend on how long, and how you were taking. the more you took, and the length, and you age are factors for physical withdrawal. 72 hours is great though, and it should not be much longer. Get in a hot bath, make yourself a cup of tea, put on a good movie and try and get your mind off of it. It will pass.
Avatar n tn I was offered the option of taking methadone for two weeks and stop the fentanyl right them. I have an addictive personality and methadone scared me so I'm sticking with the taper. I have heard of it working but I have also known people that ended up trading one addiction for another. Take care and I wish you luck....
Avatar n tn I would give anything if I had not started on Methadone, I was on Lorcet prior to that (the same thing as Lortab) and also Oxycontin which is another drug from the devil.
Avatar m tn I would not go over 10mg of methadone to begin with. The WD from lortab might be more intense and for a less period of time. 3-5 days. The WD from methadone will take up to 2 weeks...based upon how you've taken and for how long. that said, if you do decide to take 3 or so mg's of methadone and taper that could work. you have got a hard thing going for you may be addicted to alcohol and xanax. having multiple addictions isn't much more complex.
723749 tn?1230940745 if u have a doctor/other than this one/can u talk to him/her? methadone can be prescribed legally for pain and a doctor could taper u off the methadone and supervise the transition with safe meds to help...perhaps ur clinic doctor is an exception to the rule and will help u taper down without a hassle..u never know til u ask...
662972 tn?1270169901 some are on sub short to long term...both methadone and sub long term have their consequences..
Avatar n tn And then when the methadone detox becomes methadone maintainence, you'll be right where I am, and I am in NO shape to rollerblade. I have no idea what to expect with the w/ds... Can anyone tell me? It seems that it takes a really long time before I start feeling bad... Four or five days... is that normal? Does that mean I won't have a bad w/d??? I'm taking about three drops a day and just waiting for the bad w/ds to hit. How long will it take to get through the worst???
Avatar n tn How could i feel alone, he calls constantly (collect!) lol! He is addicted to methadone and oxys, and he is determined to detox in 5-days. I don't see how it's possible. The dr wanted to do it in 9-days, but he wants them out of his system asap, the fastest they are out, the more time he has to heal in the 28-days. he feel apart when i told him that our 8-year old said 'hi' to him as if he were still here. She was playing, but they miss him very much. i was sorry i told him that.
Avatar n tn I would ask your doctor about the effects of methadone. I stopped Lortab cold turkey five days ago and had been taking it daily for at least three years. I did things backwards of course and only went to my doctor on day 4 of withdrawal b/c I was feeling so badly. She said that if I had come to her first, she would have recommended a slow tapering off of the pills so that my body would have had time to adjust.
Avatar f tn if you have been 5 days without anything....then you should be coming thru the other side of the storm any day now. I was taking between 15 and 20 lortab a day for years, and for me...the worst part was over in 4 days. So...hang in there....and congrats on your success. Keep it up!
Avatar m tn i have been taking lortabs 7.5 for 4 weeks. I was on methadone for 5 years and got off of them. i had some dental work done and had to have meds. i honestly did not know lortabs were an opiate. can this event trigger me becomming addicted all over.
Avatar n tn My husband has a bad back, and for the past year and a half, his dr has put him on Lortab, Darvocet and many other pain killers. Hes been on them almost the entire time. He has realized that he has become addicted to them, and cannot do without them. We cannot afford rehab. And for now, we are not living in the same state. We talk every night. He has gone without them for 2 days, and is going through withdrawl.
Avatar m tn I even had days every now and then where i would benge and take 70-100 pills dont ask me how i am not dead. I have a relly good job and a very lovely family and its to the point about 2 years ago after almost everyday use it would stop workin on me so i would take more to try and compensate( so it got to a very disturbing amount). My job and family life is suffering so much i am deciding to stop no matter what it takes i got it through my head already and i am changing a whole lifestyle for it.
Avatar f tn I not only took lortab, but anything I could get my hands on...Lortab, Percocet, loracet, Oxycontin, and methadone...I have looked into some of the rehab places here locally but they are so expensive and I am struggling so badly right now...
445838 tn?1205790177 My son was on lortab for 3 weeks after a surgery and said he felt mild withdrawal from it...he worked at a methadone clinic and is scared to death of narcotics...I was at around your level of usage and my WDs lasted 4 days...the runs lasted 10 days...If you were taking 10-12 a day/even tho they were 7.5s/you were taking more than prescribed I would guess...and that is borderline beginnings of abuse.....I would flush the rest and get it over are not in too deep...
Avatar f tn My husband and I have been addicted to lortab 10/500's for about 6 years now and 4 days ago started withdrawing. My husband has had none since we began and I have had 2 7.5's the first 2 days and nothing since. I was use to taking around 10 a day. Tonight I was extremely sick and suffered chest pains and began vomiting. Could I have a heart attack from cold turkey withdrawals?
Avatar f tn If you are serious about getting off the pills for good and think you made need some meds to stay off than read some posts about the meds out there now (suboxone, subutex, methadone and others) and see which may be right for you. I lived on lortab for about 15 years and quit last Feb.and take Methadone, but it's a big commitment going to a clinic almost every day the 6 mos so I am cutting back to quit taking that as well. I don't think that would work for you.
Avatar f tn where you will be taking much more just to feel half as good,as you originally felt in the first year or two of addiction. yes, take it from a five year vike addict(me) and a 1 1/2 year methadone at the same time(worse wd's you can imagine) If you think its bad getting off them now, wait till you are on them for a long time. although it still can be done then, it will take about twice as long too shake off. get out NOW,while it will be much easier.
Avatar n tn After my last detox of 7 days at a exclusive drug rehab center in Vegas I started my recovery this was in July 05 I had no choice to enter a methadone maintained program for 2 reason first was to control my cravings for morphine and second I have severe chronic pain from 27 operations and other injuries sustained over my work career so this was do or die for me because at this time I knew that I was too banged up for my type of work, and that if I was going to take more drugs I knew my family w
Avatar n tn how are you both doing? day 2 for me of no lortab and man it is AWFUL!!! cravings and depression and being "cold", just pray that i can hang in here alone. tks for all your encouragment as i do need it @ this time. do/did either of you try suboxone, just wondering if it is effective and since i am in the medical profession if my ins. company, and the doctor would notify my employer and the nurses board of this claim , for my license will @ state.
239164 tn?1207266607 Anyway, they had me on 3 ultram and 3 lortab a day for about a year. I stopped the lortab myself about 8 months ago (it was a very hard week), but, I survived. About 2 months ago, I was in an accident that really aggreivated my back/neck. He put me back on the lortab along with the ultram and said that dosage was not too high. I suppose it isn't reading this forum, but I didn't like what I had to go through 6 months ago. I was able to make it through work, etc.
Avatar n tn Norco and Lortab and Vicodin are the same drug, different names. They can come in 5 mg, 7.5 mgs and 10 mgs. The rash can mean you are sensitive to the hydrocodone, most likely. Try Tylenol #3. You'd need 2 to get the same pain relief as a 7.5 Norco. BTW, Percocet IS oxycodone. Just has Tylenol in it. And that stuff makes me itch so bad. Must be morphine based. I can't have morphine either. Try the Tylenol #3. Old stuff, but it does work. Any narcotic can make you sick to your stomach.
Avatar f tn Tell us some of your story and we will try to ease your mind and give you tips to get your life back. Welcome and congrats on realizing you gotta stop.
Avatar n tn However, after day 4 you will really feel yourself again. I am currently taking some methadone, no more than 10mg a day and plan to do this for 2 more days. I have been told not to even go this route so I personally recommend it, yet haven't experienced and problems with it. A total of 4 days is my focus. Methadone is SO SO SO dangerous, be careful. I Plan to take 5mg tomorrow and 2mg the next day. If sleep is hard for you a benzo like vallium (10mg max) works well.
Avatar f tn I had my wisdom teeth pulled on Janurary 9, 2009 and was given 5/500 Vicodin for the pain. The very next morning, mouth all swollen and killing me I received a call from some lady I'd never met telling me I had lost my job of 16 years. My husband had lost his job the month before so my anxiety level went through the roof. I began abusing the pills. Of course I ran out but quickly found a way to get them. I'm up to between 3-6 10/500 Lortabs a day now.