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Avatar n tn is it harder to withdrawal from methadone vs. withdrawaling from lortabs? i was taking 10-15 lt's a day. i am not taking anymore at all. today is the first day i havent taken any. but i will be taking 30mg methadone for only a week, then i am going cold turkey. will it be easier withdrawaling from the week of methadone than it would be to just quit now and withdrawal from the lortabs?
Avatar f tn If you are serious about getting off the pills for good and think you made need some meds to stay off than read some posts about the meds out there now (suboxone, subutex, methadone and others) and see which may be right for you. I lived on lortab for about 15 years and quit last Feb.and take Methadone, but it's a big commitment going to a clinic almost every day the 6 mos so I am cutting back to quit taking that as well. I don't think that would work for you.
Avatar n tn I've been slowly tapering off of a 15 year Methadone maintainence program for about 2 years now. Roughly dropping 5 milligrams every month or so. About a month ago my dose was at 3 mgs. At that point I really didn't feel to bad during the day although the nights were horrible due not being able to sleep. At that point I decided to just stop the meth all together, rather than prolonging the agony of dropping from 3 -2, then 2-1 etc.
Avatar n tn If you had someone or some kind of medical facility dispensing a long-acting narc like oxycontin, ms-contin, or even methadone (I read all the time that this drug is actually quite good for pain but has the rep it has because of how it has traditionally been used up to now), you could have a good life without getting strung out.
Avatar n tn I went to a Methadone clinic and found that 100 mg of Methadone plus 2 Vic ES a day could get rid of the majority of my pain. I have Crohn's Disease and Fibroyalgia. I'm the crazy lady you see in the parking lot doing donuts in her wheelchair like a kid. :) My daughter is the 16 yr old who doesn't always pay attention and runs me into things. LOL. (Sorry, had to throw in some comic relief here.
Avatar f tn About a month and a half ago my IC pain became so severe that I had to be hospitalized. I was prescribed Lortab 5 for pain and told to take one or two every four to six hours (as needed for pain). When I followed up with the doctor later she instructed me to try not to take more than one every six hours. I usually have to end up taking two at 5 am., two at 1 pm., and then again around 7pm. So obviously I am over the reccomended limit on some days.
Avatar n tn now I'm sitting at my computer w/chills, diarreah and the jitters. I was up to 20 10/500mg Lortab per day (ten at a time) and 3 20mg Oxys. The lortab wasn't giving me the pain relief it used too nor was I feeling "good" anymore. I get a script of 160 lortabs and 94 oxy's a month. Last week, I decided to tell my parents, my daughter (she was the hardest as she thinks I'm superwoman who can do no wrong), my soon to be ex-husband and my first hubby that I have a problem with my meds.
Avatar f tn I'm 5 weeks and need to know what I can take for pain. Lortab methadone what?
Avatar f tn I have heard that some people have chosen a methadone program to quit oxy's. Is methadone actually a weaker drug or is it that the clinic just has control over your doses? Just curious. Thanks everyone! I am getting quite and education here!
797052 tn?1240514994 I have been on Roxicodones for about 5 months now,but before the Roxi's i was on Viodin,lortab,percocets etc,and now im done.I will live with the L5-S1 rupture!!!!I have weened myself down from 12-14Roxi 30"s a day and now im going to take Methadone for 5 days to help with the withdrawls!Will i get the withdrawls as Intense as i would if i just stopped cold turkey?Or will the Methadone lessen the w/d"s off the roxi"s?
Avatar n tn I became addicted to Lortab (hydrocodone) 7.5, and was taking about 4 a day after a brutal assault where the man strangled me, beat my head against a wall, then the floor (knocking me out cold both times) raping me, and cutting me. The headaches were UNBEARABLE, and they did every test imaginable to find out what was causing them. Nothing showed up, and they called it "post-concussive syndrome" that can last for up to a year after the head trauma.
216046 tn?1193947004 htm It appears as though about 115mg of morphine is equal to 100mg of methadone, but there are other factors involved such as oral administration vs. injection and if the methadone is taken for chronic or acute pain.
Avatar m tn As I am almost 9 days clean on my first detox & WD, I can't answer your question other than to tell you that if you were finished detoxing from the methadone then the percs shouldn't be 1/4 as bad. Just my experience with norco/percs,roxycodone, vs. hearing other peoples stories about methadone DT & WD. All I have ever heard about DT with methadone is that it is a much harder, longer WD than the norco/percs which are, correct me someone if I'm wrong, full agonist if I remember correctly.
Avatar f tn If there is an option of Methadone vs total abstinence choose abstinence but if the choice is Methadone or active use choose Methadone. Over 85% of Methaone clients who choose to get off Methadone return to illicit drug use. In NY State it is the only treatment that providers do not have to start dischagre planning at time of admission.
182884 tn?1259316506 I have different diagnois, Degenerative Disk Disease vs degenerative Facet Joints, VS SI disease. I take Methadone 60 mg a day, ( down from 90 mg a day ) as well as Lortab for breakthrough pain and use a TENS Unite, which doesnt do much. I have been taking Methadone for almost 5 years and realize I can not continue to take this the rest of my life, but workmans comp refuses to do much of anything as my case is about 8 1/2 years old already.
Avatar f tn I started taken sub as a treatment to help from w/d from Lortab. I had an addiction for the last 3 years. I am seeing a dr who was on a list from my insurance company. I started about 1 week ago. The dr. is a moron. He saw me the 1st time and gave me the wrong prescription. I tried reaching him after hours and he dn even have a service. I saw him on Tuesday and he was going to write script for next 3 months. I am having serious concerns if this was the right move.
Avatar f tn I'm reading about people who are prescribed methadone, lortab, oxy's etc.. How do these quack doctors stay in business? first off like I said, the methadone will cancel out the other two even being able to help. And if it's chronic pain, which is normally is, they need to take 30 mg's or more.. and anything from 30-50 is a blocking dose. This means your receptiors that opiates fill up are completely sealed up and no other medication can get in.
182884 tn?1259316506 , DDD, vs FAcet Disease vs SI disease vs a combination of the three. I think when people hurt their back, and even their neck, but esp their backs, it is diffiucult for DR.s to agree on a diagnosis yet alone treat it. Sometimes you have to suffer for a long time before dr.s will even bother treating you or treat you seriously. Let me know how you are doing and what your story is, I would enjoy hearing from you . Hope you can get the help you need.
Avatar f tn He should definitely document the Methadone. Do you still have Lortab to take? Did you fill the rx for Methadone yet? In light of this information, you better wait until you talk to him tomorrow or Monday.
Avatar f tn I was in so much pain last night and my primary care doctor will not prescribe pain medication. My previous one prescribed me Lortab 7.5 but I have built up a tolerance to it. I had to go to the ER last night. They hooked me up to an IV and gave me fluids, diladid and phengren. When they first pushed it through I was super nauseous from the pain medication. Then after about 30 seconds it went away and helped with the pain. It only lasted about an hour though.
Avatar n tn You have only one option left. Methadone/LAAM is the only option left for you tom. It WILL stop all cravings and withdrawals. The prosecuter will see you still on the medicine that you got busted with and say that you definintely have not learned any lessons from your mistake and prosecute you to the full extent of the law.
Avatar f tn 4 days seems like forever from now. i've read that suboxin or methadone really help, but i just dont have the funds to get it from a clinic. And is it bad that I am scared to call my doctor and tell him? My problem is, I have a disease, and I really am in pain, and they do help me, but I've gotten to the point where I need to take more than the dosage, I need to just get myself back on track. And what happens when I get my next fill? Do I just stop altogether and deal with the pain?
306867 tn?1299253309 its a very potent narcotic mixed with other ingredients that keep you from injecting or taking other drugs to get high. its s partial antagonist vs full gives your brain time to heal from the damage opiated has done to your Brain. its a very postive drug when used properly with other counseling aware you are taking a POWERFUL narcotic...stay on a low as does as possible..there are withdrawals that will accompany stopping the ise of SUB.
Avatar m tn Ten years ago, i started by taking 2 lortab tens a day. After awhile, it didnt do the trick anymore, so i took more and more...then i graduated to morphine because the lortabs stopped working. Needless to say, now im trying to kick a methadone addiction...and its hell. Its good that you've had this realization now, and that you are ready to do something about it. Dont get discouraged. Detoxing is not pleasant, but it gets better. It dont last forever. Good luck to you!!!
Avatar n tn I'm asking because my g/f's pain doctor might switch her from methadone to one of these. She doesnt abuse her methadone at all, she has no desire, but I have seen her take excessive amounts of oxycontin in the past. Thanks!
Avatar n tn For my part, I'm still weighing the pluses and minuses of methadone or ORLAAM vs. buprenorphine. There's a research and treatment group operating out of UCLA called MATRIX that has opiate-addicted individuals both detoxing and maintaining on buprenorphine.
182884 tn?1259316506 It is just when it deals with your health and makes you less than you were physically, as well as how the meds and pain invade your mental and spiritulal bodies as well, it is easy to want to give in sometimes. I don't hate the meds ( Methadone, Celebrex or Lortab ) that I am on, just the constant pain and the thought of getting worse and being able to do less and less as time goes by.
Avatar f tn thus making it about 3 days for your body to adjust to the nweer doseage. You will have some withdrawels I am assuming as like me..I am only putting in a small amount -vs- what I WAS putting in my body. So you can decide which works best for you. I found a few different suggestions on the forum here on tapering. I have them all saved and I will post them to you here one by one.
Avatar n tn I'm on hour 27 of methadone ct after 3 years of hopping from Vicodin, to lorcet, or Norco, to suboxone, to oxycontin to delaudid, to morphine (all prescribed for chronic pain by well-meaning doctors). What has been helping me are these people on here, knowing I'm not alone and clonidine! Lifesaver for the sleep dep. and heart palpitations. Immodium works wonders for those of us that can't walk fast enough to make it to the bathroom. And for the depression/anxiety/fear, etc.
694947 tn?1227991027 what was the last pill you took.