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Avatar m tn They would inject their troops with methadone and then they were able to cope with the elements and the nazi troops were actually harder to kill while on this stuff. They created some kind of "super trooper." The world became aware of this as nazi troops were captured and began to go through w/d's. So we have hitler to thank for this carp.
Avatar n tn Ok guys L's here and i just wanna say i had my first experience with methadone last night/today. Last night i didn't really feel anything off of it but it did get rid of my sweats and allowed me to get 7 hours sleep. Which was great, well today i woke up feeling GOOD and i'm talking way better than i should feel on a normal day with no hydrocodone. So i'm thinking that methadone is possibly my miracle drug.
Avatar m tn The acute withdrawal is usually about 3 wks after you stop methadone. My largest struggle was the Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrom. I am at 57 days without methadone and am finally sleeping and dreaming. Don't give up. I can tell you that it is worth it. Just remember, a few months is worth the rest of your life. You came here because you probably didn't like the last years of use. A few months is not that lone for a new life for the rest of your days. You will feel capable of anything after this.
Avatar n tn Seems to me like you would be one who would need to taper off of methadone/suboxone. I have used methadone for the past 4 years and and I have been going cold turkey for the past 10 days and am just now starting to get the shakes and stuff under control....I am sorry to be so blunt but methadone is evil to ME..and I too have done oc's and vic's and perc's and tabs and any other thing with codeine in it. someone will come along soon to give you better advice..
541465 tn?1219431486 I spent 7 days in the icu mixing methadone and xanax. DONT DO IT! Please....
Avatar f tn Yes, Oxycontin is a very good and effective pain reliever and I also think Methadone is as well. The difference between the two is one will give you the euphoric effect and the other does not. I feel that the Methadone is probably a better drug for relieving pain but that's my opinion. I do know that the Methadone is a natural drug rather than the Oxy that is synthetic. Like Nick said, Be honest and don't ask the Doctor for a specific drug. Let him do the prescribing.
Avatar m tn im ten months clean from it, and im still really sick, and because i came off cold turkey, but ill kill myself before i go back on it and let them think they can control me like this. And trust me, once your on methadone, you are a useless member to society in their opinion, so they dont care who they hurt or kill in the process..all they cre for are statistics and numbers. If you think methadone is to help you, you are dead wrong. Its to minimise crime and control lives.
Avatar n tn is, will taking methadone instead of oxycontin detox me from oxy,and how long till i can stop taking methadone and not feel any withdraws from oxy? 2nd how long does it take to become physically dependent on methadone? im **** this myself no doc im getting it off the street. my goal is to stop physical dependence(withdraw) to oxy but not take methadone long enough to get physical dependence. i was taking 160mg of oxy a day, now im taking 30mg. methadone for the last 4 days and no oxy.
484568 tn?1208561338 Methadone is synthetic herion, and it's long acting, and very easy to over dose on, because you don't think you feel it. I suggest you send it back and get something else, it's the worst withdrawal ever. If you keep it don't play with it and take it as directed. It's been 2 weeks since my last one and i'm still feeling it.
Avatar n tn My husband just detoxed from methadone and oxys, and they used phenobarbital, and klonopin (i think), and a mild muscle relaxer for the cramps. He was off of everything in 5-days. Your boyfriend needs a good program, preferably a 28-day program that is able to handle methadone addiction, because he can be a tricking one. If his dose is higher than 40 mg, you will have a hard time finding a rehab that will even take him prior to a hospital visit.
541465 tn?1219431486 while at the methadone clinic,I encountered daily for a year many heroin addicts and had many discussions with them..not one of them said they wouldn't rather go cold turkey off heroin 5 times to methadone once..
Avatar f tn I realized that I was part of the problem, as long as I still used methadone and subs. Now, I try to be part of the solution and educate people about these drugs. i will help in any way I can. So, are you getting off subs, detoxing now, or what? With a long, slow taper, you can minimize the symptoms of detox and good nutrients can help speed up the healing. Is there anything we can do to help or any info you are looking for?
532820 tn?1213575628 I am seventeen, in two days I will be eighteen (on June the twelfth,) and I am an open and admitting drug addict. For years I have abused morphine, and for longer than that smoked marijuana. Five months ago I started abusing cocaine - it, for the time, consumed my life and mind. I have been without the cocaine for over a month now, and feel practically no urge to return to it. The opiates, however, remain as more than a small problem.
267243 tn?1189759435 People killed by the millions, instead of thousands. Whole races nearly wiped out (Hitler and the Jews,) ...and finally, the Atomic Bomb. Suddenly we have the ability to completely eradicate everyone. It is because of these tools that more than ever we need grow up as a species and be cognizant of these tendencies and realize we can destroy EVERYONE now.
Avatar f tn I'm scared though, I've been through this twice before and I know what lies ahead for me and it ain't pretty. The wds tend to hit me hard and fast, I have a gift certificate so I think I'll use it to get the Thomas Recipe stuff this afternoon while I'm still mobile. So here comes hellweek for me. Any encouragement would be great, I know I want to be clean and as I type my little boy is on my lap telling me he loves me - do I need any other sign to tell me I'm doing the right thing?
410221 tn?1227635437 When I was on Methadone (1969 and 1988), they gave it to me to help with the withdrawal and to curb the cravings. If used as maintenance, it is used to keep the patient away from the drugs and allow them time to get their lives back in order. Personally, I think the devil invented it because although it may do those things, it has the worst long term side effects of anything and it is a bear to come off of. Did they think this through? Hell no!!!!!!! But they are making money.....
1541838 tn?1294330771 Methadone and Sub come with their own set of problems. They are both a powerful narcotic and wd's are usually really rough.
1416679 tn?1282086982 *****! So then, why do I stay on methadone and more importantly, why do I champion it, recommend it, and get a little infuriated when I see people blasting it as being so terrible. To be blunt; because it saved my ******* life. Before getting on methadone I had been to treatment 13 times. 8 of which were before I was even 19.
Avatar n tn Please be advised your choice to get your son off an opiate and on Methadone is suspect......Methadone is highly addictive and the W/Ds symtoms are worse than his original opiate W/Ds...his problem is has now been compounded for his addiction to Methadone is much stronger than the Oxycotins....... Can you get him into a professional detox? and then straight to an inpatient drug rehab?
Avatar f tn I feel like Im going to Dr. Hitler. Anyway, thanks for the replay - I just need to stay busy and cool headed. Probably take a miracle knowing me. How are U?
Avatar m tn was so easy i was dropping a mill. a day and so on and so on. I got to 45 and decided i was super man and was going to quit on my own and that worked till about day 5 and was in so much pain i ended back up at clinic and as soon as i walk in how much you want this time. I was like WHAT!
Avatar f tn Suboxone makes it easier for many people that are ready to quit - bashing it, making incorrect comparisons to try and make it look like methadone or that it is even used like methadone is confusing and incorrect. And it seems intentional on your part to use incorrect information to try and make it look like methadone. Perhaps it is just that you received wrong information yourself and didn't realize it?
Avatar n tn I fell in love with opiates the first time I used them and have pursued this affair with a ruthlessness that would impress the ghosts of Hitler and Stalin. I have become what I am by my own hand. That I did it for love only suggests that I may have a genetic predisposition for opiate addiction, or some psychological defect that only opiates can correct. After 3 decades, I still don't really know ... But addiction or no, there is much joy in my life.
Avatar n tn Once people get hold of the ring of power, they get even crazier (look at Gollum.) Put Hitler in charge of a methadone clinic and....well, I hate to think! Rattling those liquid chains! You are a funny writer. And bitterness fuels your humor! I'm trying to get over to EZBoard; I got registered but can't get anywhere. H.
216878 tn?1196041120 The only way i could kick it was with God's help and i have been totally off of vicodin, xanax for 23 days and methadone for 8 days. a long drawn out process, but worth it.
52704 tn?1387024397 I got Norco (10/325)and am trying to tox off using that. Methadone sucks you guys. Done Bup and Methadone. Hard WD's. METHADONE (DOLAPHINE) WAS CREATED BY Adolf Hitler AS A SYNTHETIC DRUG REPLACEMENT FOR MORPHINE FOR HIS ARMY and named after him. Irony of Evil. It is the hardest Drug to WD from even at the doses I was on. Heard it is harder than heroin. BEWARE AND BE CAREFUL BEFORE YOU GO ON METHADONE maint., IT IS SUPER STRONG AND VERY HARD TO RECOVER FROM.
Avatar f tn I am a former oxy user myself, only I took around 300 mgs a day, for about 1 year straight, ugh, big mistake, but I made a even bigger mistake, due to my fear of withdrawal I decided to go on methadone, a even bigger mistake, by the way I am currently tapering off it, I was at 90 and now Im at 34 and doing fine, but what I wanted to tell ya is that had 5 years ago if I would have used my brain I really wish I would have just gone thru the 3 day withdrawal period, Id of gladly taken 3 to 4 days
Avatar f tn I have recently learned how to do these stupid pills just enough days to not go into withdrawal and wait a few days and do them again. The longest I was clean in 2010 was 30 days. I made it 21 days 2 other times but most the time it is 4 to 10 days. I do not do a lot mainly up to 50mg hydro's a day spread out. I like the high but do not like to be out of it. It's the only way I can hide it. I feel like I am living a lie, one big secret.
Avatar n tn The Cosmic Star Goat is the creator of all things, that is, except, Methadone, which was created by Hitler and his Henchmen as an evil and subversive plot to turn America into a bunch of whining drug addicts. Oh, BTW, don't worry about Pillman torturing you with his longer than ususal half-lives. He is safely locked away.
Avatar n tn I got Norco (10/325)and am trying to tox off using that. Methadone sucks you guys. Done Bup and Methadone. Hard WD's. METHADONE (DOLAPHINE) WAS CREATED BY Adolf Hitler AS A SYNTHETIC DRUG REPLACEMENT FOR MORPHINE FOR HIS ARMY and named after him. Irony of Evil. It is the hardest Drug to WD from even at the doses I was on. Heard it is harder than heroin. BEWARE AND BE CAREFUL BEFORE YOU GO ON METHADONE maint., IT IS SUPER STRONG AND VERY HARD TO RECOVER FROM.