Methadone and hallucinations

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Avatar f tn Dilaudid for me produces hives but no hallucinations and I have had large doses of demerol without good pain control and no side effects. Methadone does nothing for my pain but did produce vivid dreams but no nightmares or hallucinations. So everyone responds differently. I hope your husband will find something that is effective for his pain without any of the side effects that methadone caused for him. I wish you both the best.
Avatar f tn Hi, I need some help my sister has gone cold turkey after 3 years at high dose of methadone. She was at 150 and dropped to 90 then cold turkey. It has been 10 days and the hallucinations are getting really out of control. She has been checked in to the hospital because the methadone has done extreme damage to her liver and they are very worried about that. But are not doing anything to help with the methadone wihdrawls.
217599 tn?1202854552 She had hallucinations and thought I had killed both my brothers and my husband and I was after her. It was prescribed after surgery and once they realized what was going on, they took her right off. Within 4 days or so she was okay and did not remember anything. That being said, I don't think it is anything to fool with. I would call the doctor immediately. Everyone is different and although I can share my mom's experience, I cannot tell you how your hubby will react.
Avatar m tn And eventually turning myself into a cuckoo's nest where i was chemically restrained against my will, shot with haldol only to get released with the possible diagnosis hallucinations by possible methadone withdrawl. im in pain today but ill never go back on that stuff question is how many people have had hallucinations while detoxing from methadone?
Avatar m tn what are the symptoms of methadone withdrawals? Do they include hallucinations? Hearing voices? Restless legs and arms I get, but what about the other? Help my son is really suffering!
Avatar n tn He only gets tylenol when he complains or told to go on med watch, which is naked in a cell while being monitored. I plan on calling the methadone clinic and ask but any info here would be appreciated.
Avatar n tn Methadone is the hardest drug to quit Ive ever come across, and with her high dosage and depending on how long shes been on methadone the withdrawls are very hard to cope with. Its very likely you could hear voices and hallucinations when abruptly stopped at her levels, I hope she is getting some good care at the health facility. Ive never been through that process, and I know alot of states, counties are different in how they deal with methadone(opiod)dependence when they are arrested.
Avatar n tn im like 51 hours in with no methadone ( dropped called from 40mg) and i have had a couple of cerapax and some phenergan and although i feel like im carrying lead weight, i feel pretty damn good.
Avatar f tn He has been taking hydroxyzine pam for the tremors. He took amitriptyline and the hallucinations started. IT is going on 24 hours with no sleep for 2 to 3 days. I need help.
Avatar n tn I hate hospitals-but I knew I either go or the dehydration from vomiting,the horrible pain, the hallucinations, the hot and cold sweats, the rapid and high blood pressure, the shallow breathing, and no sleep for 72 hrs, were going to kill me!!!(THEY GAVE ME A STRONG SHOT OF VALIUM AT THE HOSPITAL, AND THAT didn't phase me )It took four shots of valium,five shots of vomiting medicine(within 6 hrs) to just ease the symptoms. I lost ten lbs. in 48 hrs.
Avatar m tn Hi, my wife has been on methadone for about a year now for her codine addiction and has decided to go cold turkey. Her dose has always been 27mg but she has just stopped rather than come down in dose first. Things have been fine until now, day 5. I really wish she would go back on it but she refuses too. She is suffering all the usual withdrawl symptoms but she is also hallucinating which is quite frightening along with threatening to take her life (which she has tried about 10 years ago).
228686 tn?1211558307 After 7 days in pure Hell, involving exquisite pain, severe drug withdrawals, auditory, waking dream hallucinations, nasty smell and taste hallucinations causing nausea, no sleep, couldn't eat, guilt over my daughter’s situation, and not being able to help my wife from jail, you know the drill (what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, and what God leads you to, He brings you through). Luckily my only two-bed cellmate was a born-again Christian.
1641357 tn?1470498993 My husband was taking 4 wafers of methadone a day and when he wouldn't have those he'd take 7-10 xanax bars. He stopped taking both pretty abruptly about a week and a half ago. 3 days ago he took 4 yellow bars. About 2 days prior he took 3 footballs to try to help withdrawals a little. Around that time he started acting weird, kind of out of it. Now he's screaming crazy things, talking gibberish, saying weird stuff and repeating same thing over and over. Have any of you experienced this before??
1636392 tn?1302714288 Will this pass faster since I was only on Methadone for 6mnths? I topped at 65mg and tapered by 5mg every 3 days....and i asked if theu could maybe split up my five....maybe after a few days of mg5 (was on 5mg for 6 days at the end) and they said no...which I was told I COULD DO...but thats besides the point. I am here now and mentally I still am just getting very tired. Anyone in similar situation or a past situation that relates?
Avatar n tn my opinion (for whatever it's worth), is i would save the methadone option until later in your life if you can control and limit your oxy intake to as perscribed, and it works, why would you want to change? at any rate i think a little bit longer than 24 days on this one.
Avatar n tn Here is a link that should give you the answers you are looking for considering methadone. I am on methadone,and it has helped me in more ways than I can say. I have been a heroin addict most of my life. I got clean then after many years of recovery, started taking vicodin for chronic pain. I dont know about any other addicts, but taking pain pills is my trigger.. The methadone I am on, helps with the chronic pain and also keeps me clean and far away from heroin.
541465 tn?1219431486 I spent 7 days in the icu mixing methadone and xanax. DONT DO IT! Please....
401095 tn?1351395370 how many had success with CT? tapering down and then quitting their DOC? SUB and now off of sub? methadone and now off of methadone? real stories from those who have made the 30 day clean mark from all narcotics and how u got u felt and advice u would pass on? the toughest time/like the first week/first day etc? what u would do different if u had to do it all over again...?
1563022 tn?1296336199 5 years ago and is definitely entrenched in the pain managagement circus. They prescribed her methadone last week, unbeknownest to me. 1 10mg per day. She took 4 doses over 4 days and was as nauseous as she can ever recall. She was still taking her 10/650 percocet 4x per day, the doc supplemented those with the methadone. After speaking to the doc, he advised she quit taking the methadone 3 days ago. She has been having incredible WDs.
1063524 tn?1258735804 Needless to say, I had seizures, vomited for 7 days, didn't eat for 14 days, had hallucinations, and thought my bones were going to rip out of my skin. I also didn't sleep for a very long time. Anyway, after leaving the hospital, it had been maybe two months and I guess it was just the mental thing and having no energy (I know it's gross but there times I would go days without taking a bath or leaving the house), and I ended up right back at the clinic.
Avatar f tn Ive been on methadone for just 2 months - currently at 50 mg. After the first six weeks I decided it wasn't for me and asked clinic doc to taper, which he refused to do. So, only having takehomes for Sundays, last Sunday I skipped my dose. When I went to dose Monday morning I mixed my liquid with that tang they provide and only drank half (tossed the rest). I figured if they won't do it then I will take matters into my own hands and do it myself.
3105263 tn?1363140825 the many days and nights with no sleep, hallucinations, having to wear diapers because i lost all bowel and bladder function, not being able to feed or bathe myself but worst of all is the leg pain. Two years later I have lost 50 pounds and I am not a slave to the methadone clinic,but sleep still evades me and the pain is relavent.
Avatar f tn I have heard that is the best way to get off of methadone. I have watched my mom go in and out of methadone withdrawals every month for about 10 years now. I wish she had the desire to quit. She is so beautiful but I feel like the methadone makes her look pale and her teeth look yellow. She chooses to hoard the pills and then go for about a week without, and she can't do anything, can't go to work. I can't believe she hasn't been fired.
Avatar n tn Go to Google and type in The Thomas Recipe for Opiate Withdrawal and read it then start it asap, this is the safest and healthiest way that I have found and followed myself. I am 39 yrs. old and have been on Methadone since 1999 and it was a nightmare! The worst part for me when I tried "cold turkey" was the sleeplessness and my mental state because everything (reality) seemed so surreal and frightening. Then I found the "T" recipe and it made all the difference!
Avatar m tn Any addictive medication is going to stick around somewhere but for some reason methadone binds to anything and builds up and builds up. That's the best way I could interpret what my psychiatrist told me. I'm not a doctor though...
3074366 tn?1340780287 I'm ok , for now.
417564 tn?1287986427 DO NOT MAKE THIS MISTAKE I used to know so little about Methadone. I had read some of the major websites on the internet, which try to portray Methadone as safe and effective. What I didn't know was the extreme danger and lethal side effect of this dangerous medication. With so little knowledge, my son and I decided for Matthew to enter a Methadone Maintenance Treatment program after relapsing on pain-killers for about a week; he had been drug-free for over six months.
Avatar f tn We are so worried they will send him home to stabilise but he is adamant that he will not take it anymore. He is experiencing delirium and hallucinations and we are not capable to mind him. Anyone any advice on how to approach this if phys ward says no admission as drug related and hospital say he's ok if he takes his meth or other drugs.
Avatar n tn My point here is that everyone has something to offer, including some excellent chemical analysis and research skills and we welcome whatever skills you can offer, including moral support. My personal goal is consumer advocacy. I want to publish as much information and analysis about Tramadol as I can find. If you have something to share, welcome. My personal agenda: I am for personal empowerment through information. I am a lawyer who has done consumer protection class action work.