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Avatar n tn At first I thought it was some kind of depression and then I thought it was symptoms of the flu coming but I dont feel sick. When I got home I started to have chills. Could someone please help me and give me their opinions as to what is wrong with me and what I could do please?
694895 tn?1263662430 I am looking for an OT Expert who is familiar with work and individuals with Major Depression that have significant short term memory loss secondary to Major Depression as well as Very low Testosterone in middle aged man 45-55 . Patient's Testosterone level was extremely low and is associated with early onset dementia. I learned about this Low-T , Testosterone Deficiency(TD) by watching several short but very informative videos by Dr. E. Barry Gordon at www.**********.com.
Avatar f tn Hi I have posted a question in the heart rhythm forum but I am hoping that maybe someone will be able to help me here. I have major depression but my GP hasn't been able to find any medication that I can use as I also have Long QT and many antidepressants could cause a cardiac arrest (which I have had before) - I have been suffering depression for the last 4 - 6 months and after my mother's death 10 days ago I am ready to just give up.
Avatar n tn I was put on 20mg celexa in Feb. Then my phsyc. Bumped me up to 40mg a month later&gave me a refill in april. I felt real good like I would talk more n be happy&spazzy around ppl I really enjoyed to be around&i slept better at night...&im just 18 so they prolly will move yu up gradually.
Avatar f tn I posted a question back in August about medication available for major depression whilst having SVT's and Long QT. I thought I would update everyone that replied, on my outcome.
Avatar f tn And I was in the hospital in labor and delivery 2 days ago for cramping.
Avatar n tn 07 Lynn, Suicidal thoughts and psychotic symptoms can be present in both Major Depression and Borderline Personality Disorder. These disorders often go hand in hand. In the midst of a depressive disorder, it may be difficult to diagnose borderline personality traits, especially in an adolescent. People may have thoughts of hurting or killing themselves in both disorders, so it is not a specific diagnostic feature. Zoloft is an effective antidepressant.
Avatar n tn He was diagnosed with Major Depression with psychotic features. He has been on 20mg of Zyprexa, 100mg of Wellbutrin, 60 mg of Prozac for three years. Is this a normal course of treatment?
Avatar f tn Well there are several types of depression, major depression, chronic depression, bipolar manic depression as examples. Symptoms of depression can include an extreme feeling of sadness, sometimes you can’t sleep or you sleep too much, you cant concentrate, you feel hopeless, you have negative thoughts that you cant control no matter how much you try! you can lose your appetite or sometimes you even gain appetite. You can be easily irritated.
209227 tn?1242346745 I was diagnosed w/ Major Depression and an eating disorder 20 years ago and have been on Antidepressants ever since. Does anyone know of a good top-rated Antidepressant I can take that does not cause weight gain. I recently got back on Wellbutrin - 300 mg, but feel I need a little more of something. Was on Cymbalta but had to go off of it because I was sleeping to much when I was taking it. I was sleeping way to much. Felt like I was sleeping my life away on the Cymbalta.
Avatar n tn i had a house fire last april and the depression and aniexty has escelated since then depression was getting better but they lowered my lamictal and i was ok for a bit and now im right back to where i was and i dont like this feeling. Help me to see what i should or be telling my psychitrist to add or increase.
Avatar n tn While Major depressive dissorders can effect the body in many physical ways, I have never heard of "physical Depression" without mental depression. Maybe something I have never heard of before.
Avatar f tn I've been in a dark corner lately what are symptoms you have/get from depression??
665908 tn?1225291852 If she were suffering from Major Depression then there is a whole huge host of very profound symptoms she would be complaining about. (not always, but Major depression and anxiety is so painful that there would be other indicators I think) I would advise you to do a google search for "symptoms of Major depression." This will give a list of the signs and symptoms of a sufferer. You will find many sites that have links to such info as far as symptoms.
1582236 tn?1296582709 What are the most successful medications for a genetic-predisposition for long-term major depression? What are some of the most successful strategies employed for combatting long-term depression?
Avatar m tn Hello, I have not heard of Lovan, but you sound as if you are suffering withdrawal symptoms. The problem is withdrawal and depression can have the same symptoms, so it is difficult to know what is going on. If you are in doubt, I think you should have a chat to your doctor. You obviously do not want to take the anti-depressant any longer, so if you can, ride it out for a bit longer, and see if things diminish.
Avatar n tn I think depression can be a combination of things - both physical and emotional. I used to get mind blowing headaches, which was partly caused by my depression, and then because I had them, it made me feel emotionally worse. It's a nasty cycle. From what you've described, you've been under a ton of stress, getting married is up there in the stress meter! I know when I've been ill, which I went through recently, it sure made my mood drop.
Avatar n tn Women are more likely to have anxiety disorders than men. Anxiety can be manifested by symptoms such as dizziness, light-headedness, restlessness, sweating, among others. Like most other psychiatric disorders, anxiety can be divided into different types - Panic Disorder, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Social Phobia, specific Phobia,Post Traumatic Disorder, Acute Stress Disorder. Anxiety can also be secondary to a medical condition.
Avatar f tn In magnesium deficiency, neuronal (BRAIN) requirements for magnesium may not be met, causing neuronal damage which could manifest as depression. Magnesium treatment is hypothesized to be effective in treating major depression . These magnesium neuronal deficits may be induced by stress hormones, excessive dietary calcium as well as dietary deficiencies of magnesium.