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1453060 tn?1287443316 Today I set my alarm for 8am. I wanted to wake up early but unfortunately I didnt wake up till 4pm! When I woke I felt so depressed and dope sick. I missed all of my classes and I missed my doctors appointment. If I dont change my ways I will either end up dead or in jail. My goal is stay starting this month. I couldnt acheive this goal because I did not have any subs to keep withdrawal symptoms down so I went saw my heroin dealer for 3 bags so I could feel normal.
Avatar f tn Woke up feeling depressed. Texted Justin to see if he wanted to eat at my moms house tonight and naturally that was a no. Was frustrated and fed up, he didn't do the drive way yesterday and is showing no signs of coming home to do it. Pissing me off. So depressed, so suicidal. Do not want to call anyone, just stuck in it. Want to be left alone! I feel done in life. So so sad today. Justin came home with Kirsten, I went back to bed.
Avatar dr m tn Unfortunately, I see more people in the former group, in women as well as in men. One woman even told me that she curses the mornings when she has to wake up. Do you ever cry because you can’t sleep? ____________________________________________ Steven Y. Park, M.D., author of Sleep, Interrupted: A physician reveals the #1 reason why so many of us are sick and tired. Endorsed by New York Times best-selling authors Dr. Christiane Northrup, Dr. Dean Ornish, Dr. Mark Liponis, and Mary Shomon.
Avatar f tn I am surviving in the life I was given, not able to spread my wings, but merely surviving each day in torment, in pain, in want for something completely different. Loving another human being is like my paintbrushes and paint. Not being able to do so, for whatever reason, because I am not reaching out due to fear, or because others do not see that jewel within me, it makes for a sad, lonely and painful existence.
Avatar n tn this would help way more than depression meds try this first then go from there. you are in my prayers Let me know how it goes for you .
Avatar f tn Cause I heard memory loss and sleep disorder can be due to depression but in the meantime Hypersomnia/Narcolepsy can lead to depression. Only God knows how thankful I AM to YOU. Thanks.
3143186 tn?1342986441 I feel like I am caged in the deep recesses of my soul. I am definitely suffering from Major Depression and I hate it. I know it is only a feeling and feelings change and it is just going to take another week or two before I feel better. I just pray to God and ask Him to take this burden from me....or at least lessen my burden. I need to touch the hem of the robe of Jesus to get healed. Please Father, Help Me Cope!!!
Avatar n tn At first I thought it was some kind of depression and then I thought it was symptoms of the flu coming but I dont feel sick. When I got home I started to have chills. Could someone please help me and give me their opinions as to what is wrong with me and what I could do please?
694895 tn?1263662430 I am looking for an OT Expert who is familiar with work and individuals with Major Depression that have significant short term memory loss secondary to Major Depression as well as Very low Testosterone in middle aged man 45-55 . Patient's Testosterone level was extremely low and is associated with early onset dementia. I learned about this Low-T , Testosterone Deficiency(TD) by watching several short but very informative videos by Dr. E. Barry Gordon at www.**********.com.
Avatar n tn Today feeling better
98474 tn?1240105274 The last few days, I haven't been able to get out of this funk. This morning I woke up and realized what most of it is about. After all of this..still no answers. I guess I am doomed to live in limboland forever. I am so disappointed that I have never heard back from the Mayo Clinic after calling and talking to the head nurse. This should be a crime. When I spoke to her, she told me that she would get back to me at least with the answers to my 3 questions. Haven't heard a word.
342793 tn?1196400264 It was so scary I was wiling to try anything but never ever did I want to sink into a major depression again in my life, I felt like I died went to to hell, touched ground and back…. I had a lot of neck pain that is why my doctor wanted me to try Cymbalta. He suggested to just leave Effexor which I was taking 300mg and take Cymbalta…. one night I was so tranquil watching tv with my son when I started to feel I huuuge panic attack coming on….
Avatar f tn I was diagnosed with Fibro 5 months ago, my husband likes to have gatherings, cook outs, this usually go until 1-2-3 even 4 o'clock in the morning! I also suffer from migraine headaches, empty cella, anxiety, depression, OCD TO NAME A FEW!! I work full time and raise 5 teenagers! I have to sleep at least 8 hrs or I can't function!
Avatar n tn chaz to physch setback this week for me and major ones for chaz lost temper this week anger tears fear for chaz very emotional understanding him but at times he and his addictive nature gets in the way
3250415 tn?1347310615 loss of interest in normal activities, reduced sex drive, insomnia or excessive sleeping, changes in appetite, fatigue, feelings of worthlessness and thoughts of suicide. Men and women experience many of the same symptoms of depression, but the way women cope with the symptoms and the causes behind the disease vary. While depression affects all ages, it’s most common in women between the ages of 40 and 59. Hormone changes, life events and biological differences can all contribute to depression.
Avatar f tn Sore throat and I looked up some symptoms and syphiliss matched my symptoms.. Now I have dry spots on my chest and bumps are starting to appear now since 4 months ago !. Im so scared I dont know if this is syphilis, hiv. Or what .
Avatar n tn the chief symptom of testosterone dysfunction is DEPRESSION! I know this because i have to have artifical T, i dont make any. If i stop, boy, i get "gun in mouth" level depression. My minor is endo, i know these issues both acadymicly and personaly. The shrink who said that, frankly, dosnt know jack ****. Low T levels can also inhibit the effectiveness of anti-depressants.
Avatar f tn Hi I have posted a question in the heart rhythm forum but I am hoping that maybe someone will be able to help me here. I have major depression but my GP hasn't been able to find any medication that I can use as I also have Long QT and many antidepressants could cause a cardiac arrest (which I have had before) - I have been suffering depression for the last 4 - 6 months and after my mother's death 10 days ago I am ready to just give up.
Avatar n tn I was put on 20mg celexa in Feb. Then my phsyc. Bumped me up to 40mg a month later&gave me a refill in april. I felt real good like I would talk more n be happy&spazzy around ppl I really enjoyed to be around&i slept better at night...&im just 18 so they prolly will move yu up gradually.
Avatar n tn 07 Lynn, Suicidal thoughts and psychotic symptoms can be present in both Major Depression and Borderline Personality Disorder. These disorders often go hand in hand. In the midst of a depressive disorder, it may be difficult to diagnose borderline personality traits, especially in an adolescent. People may have thoughts of hurting or killing themselves in both disorders, so it is not a specific diagnostic feature. Zoloft is an effective antidepressant.
Avatar f tn I posted a question back in August about medication available for major depression whilst having SVT's and Long QT. I thought I would update everyone that replied, on my outcome.
Avatar f tn And I was in the hospital in labor and delivery 2 days ago for cramping.
Avatar n tn He was diagnosed with Major Depression with psychotic features. He has been on 20mg of Zyprexa, 100mg of Wellbutrin, 60 mg of Prozac for three years. Is this a normal course of treatment?
Avatar f tn Well there are several types of depression, major depression, chronic depression, bipolar manic depression as examples. Symptoms of depression can include an extreme feeling of sadness, sometimes you can’t sleep or you sleep too much, you cant concentrate, you feel hopeless, you have negative thoughts that you cant control no matter how much you try! you can lose your appetite or sometimes you even gain appetite. You can be easily irritated.