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Avatar f tn Yesterday when I was in the shower I found a flatish lump under my left breast. Its about the size of a dime. On the surface of my breast it is redish and purple. I think i managed to get a tiny tiny bit of blood out of it with a napkin. I was told it could be a boil but I dont know because I have that flatish some what round lump inder it, but on the outside surface it does look like i have a boil or something but with out a tip of pus.
Avatar n tn i have a sore lump under my left breast that i just found and i also just found out my aunt has breast cancer so i was wondering if even though i am only 18 could i have breast cancer?
Avatar n tn Okay, I just turned 15 not so long ago and yesterday I realized something in the shower.... I have a red bump... type thing under my left breast, (I'm not fully developed, if that helps any...) Well, it's... not really a bump, but it's red, and whenever I get touched or hit there it hurts... and sometimes I get little tingles where the rash/bump thing is... Bad tingles. I don't know what this is, and I'm quite scared...
Avatar n tn Today my son (12 years old) found a small lump under his left nipple. He has been ill with a cough and sore throat (caught from me) since the 26th of January. Is this anything to do with breast cancer and should i take him to see a doctor? If not what is the cause and will it die away? Thanks.
Avatar f tn I found a hard lump under my left breast. I am going to the dr on Monday, but I am truly freaking out. What could this be? There's not one on the right side. It also is painful, mostly when you touch it though. I only noticed it because it was painful without touching. So i dont know???? There isnt a history in my family that I'm aware of, my mother passed in her 30's from heart disease. Please let me know what you think.
Avatar f tn I felt a lump under my left arm approximately 2 weeks ago. I cannot feel any lumps on my left breast, but it has become achy and numb in that area and it travels down my arm. I've had no fever, but I have felt run down lately. I have read that lymph nodes can become swollen fighting infection. I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow - should I be worried??
Avatar f tn hi there i have also just found a lump under my left breast on my rib and i am about to see the doctor tomorrow i am very nervous as this lump moves around i have been told that it could be scar tissue from an old injury or it coud just be by gaining a little weight the fat just sits there i will let you know what my doc says.
Avatar n tn I am 20 and have found a pea sized lump under my left nipple Should I be worried need advice thanx Simone
Avatar n tn Last month i noticed a painful lump under my left arm pit, I didn't take much notice. The pain went away and the lump got smaller. Now 3 weeks later the pain is back. It feel like I pulled a muscle in my left shoulder and there is a pinching pain under my left arm. If you could advise me in anyway it would be appreciated. Thank you.
Avatar f tn Yesterday I noticed that I had a bean size lump under my left armpit; that area had been a little sore for the past week before I noticed the lump; I also started my period 1 day after the lump appeared. Should I be concerned and get an appointment with my gyn asap? Or should I just wait a week and see if it leaves on it’s own? Could this be a sign of breast cancer or is my body trying to tell me I’m risk for it ? I’m really scared, and hope it’s nothing serious .
Avatar f tn Hi from the history of follicle manipulation (the shaving), this is most likely a localized infection of the glands around the hari follicles. this is really a common occurrence and this would usually resolve. However, there might be a residual lump due to fibrosis of the previously infected tissues. It is best to have this evaluated by your doctor since if there is still residual infection, this might have to be treated with antibiotics.
Avatar n tn A pea-sized lump appeared under my left arm, just above the arm pit, about 2 months ago. The lump is now about the size of a walnut. The skin looks discolored - a pinkish-purple color like a small bruise. When I press on the lump it is somehat hard, and hurts when I push on it. I haven't noticed any changes in my breasts. Should I be worried that this is a breat cancer warning? Your response will be very greatly appreciated.
Avatar n tn I have had a mid-size lump under my left arm since Dec. 2001. I had a mammogram done in January that came back good. The lump is still present, so I made another appointment to have the lump checked out. I have occasional throbbing pain in the area under my arm, and in the last few days my left arm has also been hurting. Any advise? Does this sound like some type of cancer?
Avatar m tn I have had a lump under my left breast for 2.5 years now. It didn't bother me until lately. I have small pain, just haven't bothered to go to the doctors. Any ideas what it could be? Thanks!
Avatar f tn I am 8 1/2 months pregnant and noticed a small hard lump in my left breast about 2 months ago (underneath my areola towards the very bottom) it almost felt like a bb, firm, immobile, and was smooth shaped. I had my OB look at it/feel it and she said that she didn't find it concerning as their are tons of changes going on with my breasts because I'm pregnant. She ordered me to have a ultrasound of it but I'm unAble to get in for 3 weeks!
Avatar n tn I'm 19 and I have a painful red lump under my right breast. It started off as a small lump and it grew and became red and painful. I also have two lumps under my left armpit but they have only been there a week. I'm just wondering if it is anything serious or not...
Avatar n tn Hi. My son recently found a hard lump directly under his left nipple. He is 13. The lump is very small, only 1 cm x 1cm and it is not painful. Also, his left and right nipples seem to be inverted a lot. They are not always inverted, and this happens moreso on the left. Should he go to the doctor for this? Thanks.
Avatar m tn Hi all, i am a 27 year old male and i have found a lump under my left armpit it feel big and sore what could it be, cancer is very high in my family my mam died aged 62 from cancer and my father is fighting it at the mine, what could it be?
Avatar m tn Hi I have had a sore lump under my left nipple for about a month now. It has grown to the size of a small pea. Does anyone know what this could be or had any experiences of this and would this describe any cancer symptoms.
Avatar f tn hello, i have a small hard lump under my breast on the ribcage, it has nothing to do with my breast, just the ribcage, the lump is the size of a small marble does not hurt or move, nut i can notice it when i feel my ribs, nothing on the other side like it, went to see one doc and she didnt examine the other side, just my breast, which i told her it wasnt, it was on my rib, she said it was part of my rib and to go away basically. iv not noticed it before.
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