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Avatar f tn the lumpectomy was benign, but since i had a history of fibrocystic breasts and a breast lump so close to the rib, they put me on the tamoxefen. i would rather have periods than 25 months of hot flashes! happy new year!
Avatar n tn Dr told me that water is in the lump in my left breast. What is the best way to correct this ?? Thanks This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/260958'>Lump in breast</a>.
1271365 tn?1306763979 I found lumps the other day after my shower i was examining my breast and found it that caught my attention to go to the Dr. I am a mother and i already had kids in 2001 and 2003 my youngest is 9 and my oldest is 11 my second baby i lactated until she was 5 and a half and i thought it was supposed to dry up the milk glands. She is 9 now and i am noticing a lot of discharge coming out.
Avatar n tn In the last several months, I have developed a painful lump in that breast. A mammogram and ultrasound were performed, showing a mass that did not look like a cancer. The lump is moveable. The outer lower side of this breast is painful to the touch. The pain radiates to my armpit and down my hand into the palm. My back has also started hurting. My doctor took me off my hormone replacement to see if the pain and lump would diminsh. (I took prempro and estratest.
Avatar n tn The appearance is abnormal after the menopause. The doctor then referred me to see a gyno which I had been waiting for over a month and went to see her today. The gyno told me today that she needs me to do another u/s as the other u/s shows a volume of 17cc which she says that she need dimensions so this is why she wants me to do another u/s and probably to see if it has grown.
Avatar f tn But it's still hard and the lump is definitely still there. This lump also appeared a short while after menopause began. Any ideas?
Avatar n tn I discovered a soft oblong lump at the base of my breast . My breasts seem to stay tender these days but I have no pain in that area. I had a hysterectomy at a very young age after being diagnosed with endometriosis. I have been on hormone replacement therapy for almost two years now and am wondering what the chances of cancer are. What are the characteristics of a cancerous lump and how much does that vary?
Avatar n tn After that, the lump disappeared and never really flared up again. Now, I have another lump in my breast that is really painful. It's not hard or soft but firm and moveable and the pain extends under my arm yet again. I have PCOS and have recently lost 34 pounds as we want to try for another child. Would this have anything to do with a lump appearing as my hormones will have regulated themselves and I may be producing estrogen again?
Avatar n tn How old was your mom when she went through menopause. Studies have revealed that women go through menopause around the age there mothers did. As for being pregnant is you have noticed these changes for 3 weeks or more and you just got a - pg test, safe bet is your not pregnant. But go to your ob and get a hormone workup.
Avatar n tn i didn't realise that so many women out there have increased palpitations with menopause symptoms. My cardiologist and gynocologist will not comment when I ask them if the 2 things are linked. I know that my menopausal symptoms are worse at the moment - horrible sweats day and night, but having tried all sorts of HRT have decided to just ride it out naturally. The palpitations are much worse. Coincidence? I don't think so. Why don't these health professionals talk to each other?
Avatar n tn old and assuming that I am through menopause. Last night I felt a lump and/or thickening under my left arm (original side of breast cancer). I have had a double mastectomy and adjuvant chemo after the surgery. The type of cancer was ductal and it had spread within the breast, but not into the lymph nodes. Tumor was 2.5 cm. Since the diagnosis, I tend to be anxious about every lump or bump.
Avatar n tn The lumps may be hard or rubbery and may be felt as a single breast lump. Fibrocystic changes can also cause thickening of the breast tissue. In cases of extremely fibrocystic breasts, it can be very difficult to examine by palpation. Even mammograms of such cases may be difficult to interpret. In these cases, breast ultrasound exams and other tests can be very helpful. If not, regular follow-up as often as every four to six months is recommended.
Avatar f tn I have made the decision not to take hormones as there is a causal link between early menopause/hormone replacement/breast cancer. The best research I have found is from the UK. I will PM you some sites when I get a chance. Hope this helps.
Avatar n tn I am 41 years old and had a lump (1,5 cm) in my right breast six months ago. I did the US, Mammography and biopsy and it was diagnosed as a fibroadenoma tumour. Sometimes after the biopsy I am experiencing a little pain and sore down my armpit and breast area which I didn't feel it before biopsy. Is it because of the biopsy or the tumour ? Please advise whether I should remove the lump.
2002676 tn?1327791932 They are usually left alone, if they don't cause pain or enlarge too much.These lumps are partially hormone-dependent and frequently regress after menopause. Some women choose to have them removed from their body for peace of mind,and you could surely discuss again with your doctor regarding this matter. You could also take your films to another radiologist for a second opinion and see what he/she recommends. All the best...
Avatar n tn Fibroadenomas are known to regresss after menopause and tend to increase in size and become painful sometimes during the menstrual cycle, with OCP or HRT use. They are managed consevatively, as in your case until they grow very large or are painful when they can be surgically removed. You need to discuss with your physician about getting a screening mammogram done, a biopsy or removal of the fluid if it is cystic, whether a course of antibiotics will help you.
Avatar n tn I don't know why a benign lump would suddenly give a burning sensation but pain is not often a factor with breast cancer. You didn't state if the lump was a cyst or a fibroadenoma. Cysts can cause discomfort and being related to hormone levels this could be related to the changing going on in your body. It wouldn't hurt to have it ck. out; since you are at the menopausal age I hope you have been having regular yearly mammograms; they are recommended after age 40. If not, you should ....
Avatar n tn One of them might have got enlarged , or secondarily infected most probably. Fibroadenomas are known to regresss after menopause and tend to increase in size and become painful sometimes during the menstrual cycle, with OCP or HRT use. They are managed consevatively, as in your case until they grow very large or are painful when they can be surgically removed.
Avatar n tn It's the first place my face nuzzles into most of the time. We nearly always end up making love after I've been pressing my face into Her breast region.
Avatar f tn Particularly when you mention that they told you this would go away after menopause. If you have been on antibiotics then abscess is the correct term. If it's the cystic condition then this does come and go with the changes in hormone levels in the body. They aren't normal but they do occur quite frequently. They are of no particular health concern but are very uncomforable and can be removed surgically if necessary or drained as you mentioned was done in your case. Regards .....
378425 tn?1305631894 Also many women suffer breast pain when approaching menopause, and in many cases this will continue through and after menopause. I am afraid it's impossible to tell over the internet, what exactly is causing your pain.It's a good thing though that your doctor is sending you for more testing especially because initially you think you felt a lump in your breast which should be always investigate to rule out any serious condition.
1347434 tn?1282595378 A year goes by and the other day I notice that I have a new lump. The other one was at two o'clock, this one is at 4. Same breast (left). The lump seemingly appeared overnight again. It was quite large, about 2x3cm. And wasn't there the month before. Again, I'm on the week before my period and the pms this time has been atrocious. Last month it was so bad I believed I was pregnant. This month it was twice as bad. Anyways, I go to the doctors again. She gives it a thorough examination.
Avatar f tn Hello, I am 46 years old and last week found a large lump "mass" in my right breast. I have an appointment for a mammogram tomorrow and will see where things go from there. I have been very sick for 4 years. I suffer from adrenal insuffeciency and am taking life time steroid replacement therapy. I was treated for a virus with high dosages of steroids 4 years ago that spread to my eyes and destroyed part of the retinas in both eyes. I am legally blind in both eyes.
Avatar m tn My wife is 41. Last week, the radiologist found a lump under her right breast. It was biopsied and today she was told the lump was cancerous. The lump was about 1 mm. Obviously our heads are spinning, mostly on fears of what is going to happen -- not immediately but long term as our children are still quite young (7 & 11). She has had exams annually since she was 35 as her mother had breast cancer post menopause and there was never a sign.
Avatar n tn She has no family history of breast cancer,never took HRT anytime after menopause(5 years back),is not obese or overweight,avoids fatty diet.We are cluless to what the diagnosis would be.could her lesion still be a benign fat necrosis of the breast?.... as i found in the internet sites that fat necrosis gives similar findings as cancer.Can atypical cells be found in biopsy of fat necrosis as well?? kindly enlighten...
Avatar n tn After teenage, it might be fibrocystic changes, cysts, dysplasia, etc. After menopause, a new lump has a bit more likelihood of being serious. Any new lump needs evaluation. Most turn out to be ok.
Avatar n tn I had an ultrasound done in Dec last year cos the breast doc detected a small lump at right breast but that time, it was only thick breast tissue, no lump. I had a mammogram last week,diagnosis: Two small specks of benign-type calcifications seen in right breast. – No suspicious lesion seen to suggest malignancy. BIRADS II. I went for the mammogram cos I still felt the small lump and felt uncomfortable. As I had an adenoma polyp 0.
Avatar f tn old and prior to becoming post-menapausal, I always had fibrocystic breasts (very lumpy) but never a diagnosis of distortion. After menopause, the lumpiness was much reduced. All I know is that after each of these recent diagnostic tests, my left breast (the one in question) really hurts. Prior to all this testing, nothing at all. Could this be a sign of a cyst, an inflammed lymph node or just muscular soreness from the compression? I was uncomfortable for 3 months in May, now this Oct.