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Avatar f tn I developed a small hard lump behind my left ear almost 12 years ago. At the time we went to the doctors and they told me it was just a cyst and to come back if it got larger and or painful. Fast forward to now and the lump is now quarter size and is so large it makes my glasses crooked on my face.
Avatar n tn My mum discovered a small lump behind her left ear a month ago. It is not painful and unmoveable. She is extremely worried that this is the beginning stage of cancer. We were informed by the government clinic to visit a specialist(Ear,Nose & Throat) for further check up. She is 66 years old and in good health and this issue had been bothering her. Please do advise me what I(being the only daughter) can do to ease her worry. Thank you.
Avatar m tn Hi, I am 14 years old and i have a hard lump directly behind my left ear on the bone. The lump is not too big but big enough that i have had people notice it. It is somewhat painful to the touch. Can you help me?
Avatar f tn I have had a small reacurring lump behind my left ear for at least a year, but has never given me any trouble and has remained fairly small. But within the past week it has swolen to the size of a pea and has become red a sore. A few days ago, what appears to be another lump has appeared just above and slightly behind the original lump. After a hot shower last night the lump seems to deflate a bit and this morning I noticed a small amount of blood on my pillow.
Avatar m tn Hi, I m 26 years old. i have a lump behind my left ear for past 2 years. i i got it operated 1 year back however it has grown once again. the size of the lump is about a groundnut. after i got operated i suppose approx after 8 months is grew. the size of lump before operation n after is the same.that means it doesnt grow after fixed sized. now since the lump gets in touch wit my earring hole its pains if i wear big earrings. the lump is hard, skin color, doesnt bleed nothing. it doesnt pain.
Avatar m tn I woke up this morning and found a lump behind my left ear on the bone. it is not sore to the touch but my neck and that area is sore. What could it be i think i have had this before.
Avatar f tn My son had a lump behind his ear (he's 30 ) but it still scared me. After taking all the meds from a Dr and still there he finally went to a Dentist and lump was caused from a tooth. Dentist gave him more meds treated the tooth and lump went away. You might want to get it checked out just to be sure it not from a tooth.
Avatar n tn i have a lump behind my right ear that i just notice i don't have an ear infection it only hurt to the touch not bad but aching feeling but there is one thing my aunt died of brain cancer and it is making me nervous and i don't know what to do can you please help me
524172 tn?1212301166 my sister, whos 8, showed me this lump behind the ear a couple weeks ago, little couldnt see it, could only feel it to know it was there. i said it was nothing, but to just watch it to see if it does anything. 3 weeks later its gotten so big its popping out of her head not by inches but a 1/8 of a cm. im thinking cancer but i don't no exactly. i have been looking online and then i found this web site and thought i would try it. can you please help.
Avatar f tn My son recently noticed a hard lump behind his left ear. He has also complained of back pain. Any possible suggestions?
1288586 tn?1271907761 but now it has swollen up and hurts a lot on and around the lump and i am having pain in my ear canal also. the lump is a little bigger then a pea. i can't see it, since it's along the bone behind my ear, so my fiance had a look at it and says it's red and looks infected. i also have a lump on the left side of my pelvis, which is also red and sore and my fiance says its starting to go purple.
Avatar m tn Two days ago I notice a small hard lump behind my left ear at the bottom of my skull the nesxt day the area right above the lump felt a little swollen and would hurt when i apply pressure with my hand. i am very nervous and think the worse can you tell me what it may be i am planning on goin to the doctor?
Avatar f tn Hiya, I've had a lump behind my left ear for a about 3-4 weeks now.. It's small & hard & it isn't sore or tender at all.. I had a cold about 3 weeks ago so I presumed it was something to do with that, & my Dr. said it was when I went to see him, however, my cold has been & gone & all that's left is a sore throat.. But it isn't sore all the time, just at night when I'm sleeping?
Avatar n tn there was a couple of times that i found lumps behind my left ear. eardrops took care of them. must have been some build up from the sinusis.
Avatar f tn Last night I found a good sized lump behind my left ear, right above that flap of fat that you get you put earrings in. It's hard and hurts when I push on it. I would have had my mom look at it but it was midnight and she was asleep. When I got up this morning to have her look at it she was gone. Do I have cancer, or could this be and allergic reaction to something? The lump/bump is under my skin, which means it's probably not a sist, right?
Avatar f tn I am worried about the lump behind my ear which ive discovered since year 1986. I am now 53 years old and Ive consulted doctors about this. They said its a parotid gland tumor and is not cancerous. When i look at the internet about the picture of the parotid gland it is located in front of the ear and not at the back. Please clarify me on this. The lump is 2 cms in diameter. In 1986, it was a size of a small pea and is still flat. It is located behid the lower back of my left ear.
Avatar m tn hi doc, i hve a lump behind my ear,it comes and disappears anytime,its getting larger its not lke a pimple,just a lump,it mostly appears after d day i am stressed out .
Avatar f tn Hi, i have a lump behind my left ear its hard and its sometimes accompanied by severe headache, nape pain, and nausea. I know that lumps behind ears are supposed to be indicators of infections and that its probably a swollen lymph nodes. But i just find it odd that every time i suffer from from severe headache its getting bigger and harder and always with the symptoms i mentioned above. Does anyone know what this mean? Thank you.
Avatar f tn About a year ago i woke up with a burning lump behind my left ear found a lump. Now let me add that i had wore some cheap earrings. But it has been almost a year since. The burning pain would shoot down my neck and into my breast that happened off and on for months and finally quite. i had itching all over and mostly on the lump. now the itching on the lump doesn't happen as often. Now the lump Burns like every 3/4 days. When i push on it it seems to flatten out but returns within hours.
Avatar m tn Took my 13yr old son to Dr today, he has a hard lump behind left ear. After an exam, Dr said not a lumph node, the lump doesn't move, about the size of a larger jelly bean and is sore when touched or pushed on. Not sure if pain comes from pushing on the lump or from the pressure of the lump against his bone when pushing. No sign of infection in ear or around/on lump itself. no sign of bite etc..... not sure how long it's been there, just noticed last night.
Avatar n tn I woke up with a hard lump behind my left ear about 3 days ago. It actully in the back of my earlobe. It has gotten a lil bigger now and is spreading back towards my jawline. It is red and it hurts a little. Today my cheek area closest to the ear is a lil swollen too. I had one a month ago on my left earlobe, that after a few days it bust in my sleep. Blood and some chunks of white stuff came out. It went away and has returned now on the other earlobe.
Avatar n tn I notice about a week ago this lump behind my ear. I left it alone until the other day. I showed my mom and she said its probably a pimple. So me being me I have to perform surgery on any zit lol i squeezed this lump and poked it with a pin thinking it would pop and my troubles would be over. This did not work at all. It did not pop and it was even more red and irritated. I looked it up on the internet and all the topics say it either a swollen glad or a tumor.
Avatar n tn Hard lump behind the ear. For almost a month now, I have been having sharp throbbing pains on my left side of the skull, mainly above the ear located right on the bone and thought it was just a migrane due to dizziness and have been taking exedrine migrane.
Avatar m tn Well about 5 years ago maybe more at the age of 9 I found a lump behind my right ear it was movable and was absolutely painless I forgot about it and didn't tell anybody because I was so young.
Avatar n tn Hi, I am a 20 year old male. I have had a hard lump behind my right ear for years least 4 or 5. It feels like part of my skull but it is not on the left side of my head so i know that it's not. I asked my doctor about it when i was younger and he said it was a swollen lymph node and should go away at some point. It never did, however, it also never caused me any discomfort so i never got it looked at again.
Avatar f tn I have had a hard lump behind my left ear for several years. I have been too scared to find out what it is (dr.Phobia).Over the years I have tried to get the stuff inside-out. The lump has tripled in size because I am always squeezing it. There is puss in it at this point and occasionally hard white stuff. It has also moved over the years from the center of the back of my ear to the bottom corner right behind the lobe. Too scared to find out what it is....
Avatar m tn I have a semi-hard lump directly behind my ear resting on the bone right behind my ear. It feels almost like cartilage. It used to be about the size of a pimple, but it just keeps getting larger. I recently checked it and it is about an inch in length now. The lump occasionally itches and seems to just keep growing. It doesn't hurt at all and is slightly movable. Any thoughts on what this might be??? Anyone worried??