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Avatar n tn Hello, Found a small lump (1/4") in right breast and tried to find similar in left. When I couldn't I went to the doc, had ultrasound - nothing. Had a mammogram and the radiologist said he could see nothing. My question is how specific are mammograms for finding trouble. I realize nothing is 100%, but is the test pretty specific for cancer. The lump is of course still there and I can't seem to get it behind me. Also, if it were cancer, how quickly would it progress.
Avatar n tn Hi, I am a 20 year old male with a lump under my left breast. Not very large. It seems like the nipple retracts, but no discharge. It has been there for maybe 6 months, but the last month is when it has really started hurting. Even when sleeping on my left side, the pain can be very irritating. I do workout on a constant basis and have recently lost some weight. I have read up on Gynecomastia, but do not have insurance right now to see a doctor.
Avatar m tn Please make an issue of this lump and request an appointment with a Breast Specialist. This type of finding can be serious in men in your age group .... not that it is, but it definitely deserves some intensive investigation until proven otherwise. Regards ....
Avatar f tn Hi, A male breast cancer,particularly in males over 60, typically presents as a painless mass behind the areola but malignancy or cancer in young male breasts is relatively rare.This could be a cysts or an abscess caused by infection and also Gynecomastia due to other causes like drugs or hormonal imbalance. It’s a good thing that your boyfriend will see his Doctor soon ...It’s very important to have this lump checked out to make sure it’s nothing serious. Best wishes to both of you..
Avatar n tn Hi Fred,First of all cancer is very rare in male breast, especially at your age.Also,pain is almost never associated with breast cancer.I would advise you to go to your doctor and have this lump checked out.It could be a cyst or maybe an infection.. and this need to be taken care of with medication.Please go and see your doctor,this will put your mind at ease that you are okay. OK?.Best wishes.
Avatar n tn I am a 62 year old male with a slightly painful small hard lump on my left breast, very close to the nipple. No other symptoms exist. Is this just a benign cyst? What should I do?
Avatar n tn Hello Everyone, Im a 21 year old male that has a lump in my right breast directly behind the nipple. I is about the same size as my nipple and seems to have stopped increasing in size for the last two weeks. It is somewhat tender if I try to feel it. It seems fairly firm but not smooth at all. The surface seems to be quite bumpy and rough! I would normally immediately get it checked out but I am in Germany for the next 8 weeks.
Avatar f tn I am a 15 year old male and i have noticed a very hard lump right below my right nipple.
Avatar m tn I have developed a mass near areola of my right breast in last few days. I has an intense pain and I am not able to understand what it is. I an 37 year old normal lean male with some hypothyroidism from last few years. Can any body help what it is. The lump is very painful. It should not be an infection as I a have no fever like symptoms.
Avatar n tn Hello, Im 14 years old ( Male ) and i can feel a small lump in my breast. My left Breast is Bigger than my right nipple . I noticed this about 4 months ago but havent yet seen a doctor, im getting worried about it because i know what it could Possibly be... Can you please help me and point me in the right direction. Thankyou.
Avatar f tn I am glad that you are seeing your doctor tomorrow.This visit is long overdue,and,if I may add, you should not have ignored this lump in your breast for as long as you have.There is something that you can do to lessen the pain...try to limit your caffeine intake as much as possible (chocolate coffee cola).Your doctor will examine your breasts tomorrow and maybe order an Ultrasound for a better understanding of what this lump might be.Best wishes and God Bless.
Avatar n tn I am a 49 yo male who is in excellent physical condition and is thin. Yesterday I noticed my right breast was very sore. Upon inspection I noticed an area the size of a half dollar on my skin that is red and very tender. It extends from the areola toward the collarbone. Underneath the skin there is a small lump that is about 1/2 inch across.
Avatar n tn My 5 year old male Doberman called Fiel, ( which means faithful / loyal in Spanish) has a hard swelling around his first nipple on his right side. It's about 3 inches round and protrudes out at the centre about 1/4 inch. It looks like half a large boiled egg. At first I thought at first it was a muscle strain but now it feels like its attached and is definitely noticeable. I will be taking him to my vet on Monday but I've got a terrible feeling this is something bad.
Avatar n tn Here this goes again: This is my question concerning breast cancer in a male, a nodule with a solid component, irregular margins are tall and not wide, what does this mean? Also if the person has an elevated prolactin level is this related to the breast. Can pituitary cells be regenerated into the breast?
Avatar m tn Right breast lump. Findings: On mammography, there is a circumscribed soft tissue nodule measuring 1cm in diameter in the central right breast tissue. No associated calcification is seen. No other mass densities are seen. On ultrasound, in the right breast, at the 10 o'clock position, 2cm from the nipple there is an ellipsoid hyperechoic lesion with a hypoechoic focus within it. The maximal diameter ofthe hyperechoic focus is 23mm.