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1250698 tn?1371354879 Going to call WHW to see what I should do about this or if I should be concerned. This is my second lump in this breast too, but the first time was a fibroid and blamed on my birth control. Not sure what else to do...
Avatar n tn since i grew up i have experience this lump in my breast.from 15yrs till now 20 i still feel the lump in my breast.
Avatar f tn ultrasound the doctor said they didn't see anything on either test, but yet she did a physical exam, felt the lump and when touching the lump it sent shooting pains in my breast up to my armpit and down my arm. Does anyone have any suggestions, ideas or whatever to help me out here. My Mom thinks I should go to my regular doctor and request another mammogram and that I should push the issue because it isn't normal to have such pains, there must be a reason. Just looking for some insight.
Avatar f tn So I found a lump in my breast. I am 30+4. Not sure what to think. It's not painful to touch so it can't be a blocked milk duct. I see my ob on Monday. Just worried.
Avatar n tn I recently found a small, hard beebee size lump in my breast, should I be worried? I had a mammogram done and they sent me to have an ultrasound immediately after. I have not gotten the results yet. I am a little worried, should I be?
Avatar f tn I've found a rather large lump in my right breast -- spherical, about the size of an in-shell walnut. Poking at it is painful, and some movements & positions make it very noticeable. Oddly, about a week ago, I had smaller lump in my right armpit, about the diameter of a dime. That went away in less than a week. This is totally new to me -- I've never had any lumps, bumps or swelling before. I have been takling bioidentical hormones for several years under the care of a natropath.
974983 tn?1248164638 It is a reasonably solid lump and is behind my nipple (or maybe a bit higher) at the back of my breast., and it moves around when I touch it. I thought maybe because I just got a new bra this might have had something to do with it (believe it or not I have just been wearing a training bra! This is my first ‘real’ bra.) Or it could be a total coincidence. Please could you tell me what you think this might be? Thanks very much for you time. Tioni, age 16.
Avatar n tn I went to my Gyno- about 4 months ago the day after when I found a lump in my breast. It was about the size of a pea and I only could feel it when my breast was hard. My GYN told me that there was nothing wrong with me except that I have thickening in my right breast and no lump was felt. Sine then my lump and grown about the size of a quarter an it sensitive at times. I just got a script for a mammogram. Is this is sign of Breast Cancer? I am in my late 20's and scared.
Avatar f tn Hi, I'm pregnant in my 28th week, I have pain at my left breast near the nipple in the upper side, I checked and I found a lump (round one) and it is under the dark skin around my nipple.
Avatar f tn I am 20 years old and I have a lump in my right breast for about 5-6 months. And I was wondering if there is any need for concern cause I am really freaking out about this. And I hope it's not breast cancer any replies would help thanks and I am a male.
Avatar n tn i'm of age 21 and from 2years i'm having a lump in my left breast which is not painful and it is also slightly moving what should i do please please guide me
Avatar n tn Upon a self-breast exam I felt a hard lump on my right breast. Since I don't have breast cancer in my family I have just been keeping my eye on it. The lump is hard, and does not change in size with my menstral cycles and is painless. 3 weeks ago, I noticed yellow discharge from my nipple on my right breast. I finally went into the doctor and a mammogram was ordered.
Avatar f tn I will be 22 in 3 weeks and I recently found a lump in my left breast above my nipple, I called my doctor and had an appointment 2 days later, he sent me to have an ultrasound done, it came back and he said my "lump" is 3.8 centimeters an something about " echo" and " float", and that there is no liquid inside my lump, my app was June 26, my doc said to keep eye on it and if it he's bigger to call him for another app before my 6 week breast check up.
Avatar n tn Hi ladies b4 I found out I'm pregnant I was seeing a doctor regarding my breast lump of which the results showed its not yet cancerous, I'm worried if I'll ever be able to breast feed my baby? I'm even scheduled for an operation next month.So he said the ocpd doc will decide if it's worth operating. Has anyone experienced this?#worried.
Avatar n tn I have a small pea shaped lump right above my left breast in the crease of my breasts. It has grown in the last month and feels like it moves around.
Avatar n tn This year in the month of June and July I had pain in my right breast and I could find a lump in the same breast. From then onwards I stopped wearing Bar whenever I am at home. Because I was worried that the elastic of the Bar may be putting some pressure on my breast. After that for three months I did not get pain. Just a week ago I went for physical checkup but the Doctor said that my breast condition is normal and she said she could not find any lump in my breast. She said nothing to worry.
Avatar n tn I am premenstrual, and I know breasts can become lumpy in this period of time, but I have a lump in my left breast which I noticed around a week ago, and I have been experiencing pain in this area for 2 weeks now. I am also very stressed as I have exams very soon, and wonder if this could possibly be Da Costa's syndrome? I'm really worried, but know if I see my GP, he will say to wait until my period comes. Please could you give me some advice. Thank you.
Avatar n tn In 4/2006, I had a core biopsy done in my right breast. This is the 3rd solid mass that has been diagnosed in my right breast over the last 2 years. 2 have been removed & found to be benign. The results of the core biopsy indicated fibrocystic changes, chronic mastitis, & microcalcifications. It was recommend that I have a follow-up mammogram of my breast 6 mos later. I have put all this aside, but now that the time is nearing, would like to make sure I ask the proper questions.
Avatar f tn I'm 27 years old and have recently found a lump near to my armpit in my left breast. There is some movement but feels quite solid and is painful to touch. Can anyone give me any advice before I go see my doctor as if it could just be a swollen gland due to a viral infection I don't want to waste their time.
Avatar n tn hi i have painless lump in my right breast. there is difference between my right and ledt breast. earlier it was firm and round now it is shape less. i have a dull pain during my mensus. that too not all time. very rare. do i need to take up a surgery to remove. or will it get well by its own. i have clear difference in the shape and size of my breast. will it turn a cancer.
302467 tn?1214056034 I knew it was there because my right breast is slightly larger than the left. Though, it's normal for women to have one breast larger than the other, it's NOT normal for me. I touch my breast all the time (self breast exam), I look at em, I like em a lot : ) So I know when there is something 'off' about them. My boyfriend noticed that one was larger than the other one day. He said that he thought it was strange (he knows my breast well too). I downplayed it.
Avatar f tn Okay so I've went to the hospital because I wasn't feeling very well and it turned out I had Hyperemesis Grandivum (Spell check)I asked them to check the lump in my breast they said the cat scan didn't show anything.I've had it before I was pregnant, its like Hard,and its hurts very badly when I sleep.I DONT quite know what it is.Do you?
Avatar f tn I have a lump in my breast. It's been there since I was a teen and I'm 25 now. Around my period it tends to feel prickly and sort of sore. My back tends to feel prickly too. I don't know if the lump hit a nerve because my upper back feels prickly all the time and seems to get worse around my period. I also think that its affecting my leg because my leg feels pinched too.sometime my arm feels the same way. I want to get it checked out but I'm scared.
Avatar n tn I have a lump on my right breast and it has grow from a pea to the size of a quarter in the past 3-4 months. My gym checked it out when I found it but she said that my breat was just thick. I am getting a sonogram mam. next week but I was wondering if anyone can help before hand. I feel like there is a pattern when I can feel my lump. When I am on my period I can not feel it.