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Avatar f tn I found a lump in my left breast (4 oclock) on May 31 and went to the doctor June 1 to have it examined. He then sent me to have a mammogram and an ultrasound on June 3. The doctor there said she was going to schedule me to see the surgeon, even though she couldn't tell me what was wrong (current appointment July 1 - original June 22). Since then, my lump has gone away, (when I started my cycle), but it still hurts in that area.
Avatar m tn im 23 and I have a lump in 1 of my breast..its been there for maybe 5 years or more and it hurts sometimes only in the spot where the lump is..around my period it seems to feel like pins and needles I guess and it feels a bit tender and my breast in general seem more tender. the lump hasn't gotten bigger and its seems to be moveable and hurts w/e spot it moves..could this be a cyst? also the arm where my breast is at seems to feel prickly like pins and needles sometimes..
Avatar f tn Okay so I've went to the hospital because I wasn't feeling very well and it turned out I had Hyperemesis Grandivum (Spell check)I asked them to check the lump in my breast they said the cat scan didn't show anything.I've had it before I was pregnant, its like Hard,and its hurts very badly when I sleep.I DONT quite know what it is.Do you?
552173 tn?1282606890 I'm 20 years old and about a week ago I noticed a lump on the side of my left breast. When I touch it, it hurts. My right breast hurts also but theres no lump on the side. My left breast is getting bigger and the right one is too but not as big as the left. My nipples are darker and bigger and the area around the nipple has these little bumps on them. I also have noticed more veins on my nipples and breast. Can the lump and everything be b/c I could be pregnant or Breast Cancer??
Avatar f tn Hi, First of all I don't think that because you have detected a lump in you breast you need to go to the emergency,but seeing your doctor is a very wise decision. This could be a cyst which can appear at any age, in teenagers as well as in older women.These cysts are related to the increasing hormonal fluctuations and the pain is particularly felt prior to the menstrual cycle and subside after the menses finish..
Avatar n tn I found a lump in my breast and I had it checked out and my OBGYN said she had never felt one so deep and under my breast tissue before. So I go and have it checked out and all they do is an ultrasound. The woman never could see anything on the ultrasound but could feel it and it kind of hurts. Then they just said it was breast tissue. Should I go get a second opinion or not worry about it?????
Avatar f tn im so sorry to here about the lump in your breast it must be a real worry for you my daughter found a lump last year but thank god it turned out to be a cyst i know its easy to say dont worry but im sure you will be fine please let me know how you get on take care.
Avatar m tn Hi, I'm 18, In my right breast I have a lump less than a inch wide that i noticed in the last few weeks. When I told my mom she said it was nothing to worry about "its just hormones," her mind changed when she felt the lump.. The lump hurts, like a sore throb, It hasn't grown or shrunk... Also from the mid rib cage to my right sholder and down to the bottom of my rib cage is a little uncomfortable, this is the same side as the breast lump, ( It feels like pressure, or numbness.
Avatar n tn My eight year old little girl has one breast and nipple that is swollen, a little hot to the touch and has an acorn sized lump behind her nipple. She says it hurts to touch it, I have made an appt with her dr on Monday, but should I have her seen before?
Avatar n tn You don't mess with a lump in your breast! don't know if you have read Lee Child's books, but he has a character called Jack Reacher, an ex Army military policeman, and his favourite phrase was: "You don't mess with the Special services", and I believe you don't mess around with lumps in your breast You need to get it properly diagnosed, just for peace of mind. If it is a problem you can then go on to address it and get appropriate treatment. Take care - and go see a doctor!
Avatar n tn and it is a myth! Young women do get breast cancer-- I am proof of it. I found a lump in my breast when I was only 26, which was allowed to grow and spread because of delayed diagnosis. I have no family history or other risk factors yet I have stage IV Breast cancer.
Avatar f tn Hi, Many women ,when they stop breastfeeding,they notice a lump in their breast and often times it could just be a clogged milk duct or maybe a cyst. It's really hard to say what this lump could be,but as your doctor suggested keep applying warm compresses and see how it goes. I hope that your upcoming ultrasound, will show a benign finding. Best wishes....
Avatar f tn If you had previous breast injuries, fat cells in the breast tissue may be damaged and produce a firm, painful lump in the breast. If lumps are accompanied by breast tenderness and redness, it may suggest an infection. Similarly, breast cysts can also produce firm, tender lumps in the breast that change in size and seem to appear and disappear as your monthly hormone levels change. They often cause pain before your period is due and improve when the period starts.
Avatar n tn Dear aaaaaa, Male breast cancer is rare, but one out of every 150 cases of breast cancer involves a man, usually in men over 60 years old. Although a painless breast lump is the most common sign, most breast lumps in men are benign (non-cancerous) and are related to some other cause. The first step in determining what the cause might be in your situation would be to have it examined by a health care professional.
Avatar n tn Hi im new to this, and im really worried, i found a lump in my armpit that hurts when i press it, i found it when i was nearly 6 months pregnant, i had an ultrasound scan on it and the doctor said that he thought it was just breast tissue that has develpoed under my armpit and that because i have no lumps in my breast i shouldnt worry and that it will more than likly go when im breast feeding or when ive given birth.
Avatar f tn I was having alot of pain in my breast and in my right arm. The day before I meet with my doctor I discovered a lump under my right arm pit and it was very painful I would say it is the size of a pea. My regular doctor said that it was lymp nodes and it would go away. I seen a specialist who drained every cyst that I had ever had and he said that it was not my lymp nodes because the lump was on the surface and that they would monitor it and if it got bigger they would remove it.
Avatar n tn I am a 31 black year old female. I recently found a lump in my left breast that hurts like crazy. I did the mamogram and bi-op. The test came back indicating cancer. From what I have read in my research of breast cancer, it do not hurt. Any suggestions. Should I go get a second test done. I am just confused.
Avatar f tn I had my lil girl on the 10th n i sometimes breast feed but sometimes she just wont take me... but this mornin i woke up n theres a hard spot in the top of my breast n its so sore... could it just be like a cloged duct or should i pump to releive myself?
Avatar m tn I'm a 3 yr & 7 month breast cancer survivor. I've learned more about breast cancer then I ever wanted to know. :( But one thing I can tell you is when your back when you were 20 years old most doctors ignore lumps like yours thinking your too young to have anything serious. (And please don't panic...I'm not saying you do have anything serious...I would have no way of knowing that.) I'm just trying to make a point.
Avatar f tn Hi I'm 16 years old and I have recently felt a sharp pain in my right breast. I've self examined the area and their is a lump under my nipple and hurts everytime I touch it but it's also causing pain throughout my whole right boob! What's goin on!??
Avatar n tn That something is wrong. However recently I discovered that I have a lump in my left breast, and it is VERY painful. Even to rub against something puts a lot of discomfort on me. After I found this I called and made an appt with my Dr. She did an exam on my breasts and confirmed that my left breast has a lump in it. She ordered me an ultra-sound, which I am having done on Tues, May 3rd. She told me that depending on what that shows, will determine the next steps to take. She said that the Dr.
Avatar n tn I had this for a month or so and it's a size of a quarter , when I touch around my breast it hurts I'm not sure ... When I move my lump it moves around alittle but not much and it feels alittle lumpy .. Does anyone have any answers please :/ ?
Avatar n tn woke up with big mass in my breast n it hurts !!!!!!!!! to even wear my shirt .
Avatar n tn Well I woke up this am and the lump in my breast was almost gone. It was at least half the size it was. My neck no longer hurts and the glands appear nearly normal. my arm no longer hurts. Go figure. I had booked a gp appt to figure out what to do next and she is sending me to a surgeon for follow-up. I'm wondering if anyone has any idea of what they will do. Apparently the cysts are fluid filled but something must have opened or popped for it to go down so much.
Avatar n tn i have a lump on the inside of my left boob it hurts really badly it disconfurt sharp pain and tightness the lump is hard i am only 15 a couple weeks ago on the same boob liquid was coming out of the boob not the nipple this is all in the dark circle part
4250330 tn?1388624779 Call your doctor and have him check it out. Any abnormal lumps in your breast should be asked about just to be safe.
Avatar n tn my daughter is 10 years old & 11 month she has a lump on one of her breast & it hearts, at the same time there is no sign of her breast starting growth, but when she was 9 month old she had the same symptoms her ped. had to slit the side of her breast & drain the infection, so I'm not sure what this could be.
Avatar m tn I am 21 years old, and for the past 2 months i have had this painful lump under my breast, i went and saw a PA about it and she said that it doesn't feel like it a cancer lump and that's all she did. I have noticed that it increases and decreases in size and it only hurts when i press on it. You can't really see it at all but you can definetly feel it right underneath my right breast, i would say it's about 1/2 in long. Do you have any recomendations?