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Avatar f tn Several hours later, a hard lump appeared with bruising and swelling on top of hand behind knuckle of index finger. After applying ice, two days later swelling and bruising is fading but still have pea sized hard lump on top of hand that hurts when pressed? This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/202817'>Hard Lump on top of hand</a>.
2191761 tn?1338288058 Stop pressing on the lump! Let it heal. If it doesn't go away after a while, see your doctor. Also, don't punch walls!!! This post was sent using humor. I stand by my advice though!
Avatar m tn Yes I get them I have one on my hand , I have had them on my soles of my feet , they are cysts , some say calcium, mine usually go away by themselves, I am massaging the one on my hand .However I still think that an Xray or test is a good thing .to put your mind at rest , the lumps I get are small and firm ..
Avatar m tn Some months ago a soft long lump is formed in the palm of my hands, both left and right hand. It's bigger on my right hand and it's about 1 inch long. It doesn't hurt except for some slight cramps that happens very rarely, sometimes I even feel some slight cramp or tension that goes to my forearm (don't know if that's related). I had made X-ray tests and it all seems normal. Is this a tumor or anything I should be too worried about?
Avatar n tn On my right hand, just above my wrist there's a hard lump in my hand. Everyone says it's cos i'm so skinny & that my bones show but no one else has it there and my mum says she doesnt think that it's a bone. What could this be??
Avatar f tn Only a veterinarian would be able to tell you what the cause of the lump on your hamsters hand is. Your veterinarian could perform a biopsy of the lesion which could be examined under the microscope or sent to a pathologist for diagnosis.
Avatar f tn I could lay down and have a normal flat belly. I just moved from a weird position to lay flat on my back and I feel a lump on the right side of my tummy. Like the size of half my hand doesn't hurt or anything just nervous since this is just one little lump FTM and all. Any ideas on what it could be???
2115026 tn?1334509302 My yorkie/bejun(sp) has a little hard lump on the left side of his jaw. He continues to eat, but wont bark or try to bit your hand like he use to when he needs to go out. Really sad, not playing, why?
Avatar f tn about 2 months ago i started getting a pain in my hand and a few hours later realized i had a small hard lump under my skin on my left hand below my pinky finger. i told my dad about it and he said he gets them all the time and they go away.., ive had it since than and it hasnt changed. it doesnt hurt anymore but i can still feel it under the skin. i was just wondering if it was anything i should worry about or see a doctor about ?
Avatar f tn I by chance this morning found a small (approx 3-4mm) lump on the skin of the labia major. The skin was smooth all over, slightly red with no pain. I actually picked in and surprisingly it came off easily, there was no puss, it did bleed a little bit but again did not cause pain. In my hand I held the tiny firm piece of tissue. When I squeezed, it stayed together and did not change form. There is no reddening around the skin where I picked it off from and barely a scab to be notice now.
Avatar n tn He can perform some physical tests and can request other laboratory exams like ultrasound to establish the nature of the lump. If your doctor should suspect cancer (relatively small chance, but possible), he would recommend a biopsy to be done. Regards...
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Avatar f tn I have noticed a sudden lump appear on the top of my hand. It is kind of like a marble under the skin, similar size to a knuckle. It's not itchy, but quite hard. It hurts sometimes, but not always. It started out smaller than a pea, and I massaged it a little, then the next morning it was the size of a marble and has remained that way since.
428506 tn?1296560999 OK, so I just happened to notice that I have an unevenly shaped lump on the back of my L hand. (I am right-handed). It doesn't hurt when I press on it, and feels too firm to be just fluid. My inital google turned up ganglions, but it is not on my joint and seems perhaps too large? It's about 1.5 inches across, and about 1.5 inches above my wrist (closer to my fingers).
Avatar n tn At first, the pain came and went, but not it's constant. The lump does not exist on the other hand. This may or may not be a factor, but I work out daily with heavy weights. Any opinions? Thanks!
Avatar n tn Doc says nothing showed on x-ray. After 2 years, it began to reduce in size. My grandmother has a large lump on her hand as well. In her case, it is the cyst you mentioned in your post (sorry that I can't think of the name just now). She can have it removed, but opted not to. It doesn't really cause her any pain, but it looks like it would. The appearance is probably worse than anything. Hope this helps to put your mind at ease.
599170 tn?1300977493 I have a lump, "hard , non movable" on my hand it is between first didgit nd middle finger on the area closest to first knuckle on middle finger, I am guessing its a cyst of some sort . It is becoming increasingly painful, no trauma was preceding this. I am just recovering from an anterior cervical discectomy w grafting and fusion and cant handle toughts of another surgery, Do you think this could be dealt with at a urgent care clinic?
Avatar f tn It is possible that you have developed a bone spur on your hand as a result of the injury. Try soaking your hand in hot water to which white vinegar and baking soda have been added. And take Grapeseed extract capsules or tablets. Grapeseed has been known to dissolve bone spurs. - the vinegar soak will make the spur soft and pliable. Hope this helps. I got rid of the bone spurs in my feet and heels doing this.
Avatar n tn lump on hand like a cyst or a boil that will not heal. Sometimes it hurts and when it hurts really bad I sqeeze it to release the pressure. I keep hoping a piece of glass or sliver will pop out the wound on my hand that wont heal below the nuckle on my right pinky. I have now had it for two years. It is the weirdest wound strechy white stringy stuff comes out or little yellowish beady balls come out.
Avatar n tn The disease is progressive and not curable, but is treatable once a certain level of contracture is present. There is a simple, clinical test involving placing your hand on a flat surface (such as a tabletop) and measuring in angle of contracture using a ballpoint pen. If no contracture is present, that no surgery will be necessary. DO, however, get a doctor's opinion on your condition!
Avatar n tn I also have neck pain at the base of my skull on the left side and in the front of my neck on the left along with a feeling of a lump when I swallow.I also had this last year and it went away on its own after about 3 months, now it has come back and I have had it for 4 months now.My Doctor has treated me for GERD, post nasal drip and depression. I went to the ENT last year and he also saw nothing. I do get some relief when I take ativan but it returns after about 10-12 hours.
Avatar n tn i hit my hand and there is now a lump i dont know if i have just bruised the vein
Avatar m tn i found a lump on my right side i am scare to death i can only feel it when i stand the lump is below the rib i can rub my hand cross my side and feel it but when i lay down i cant feel it i also have pain sometimes can someone please tell me what might be wrong This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/199591'>feel something on my right side...</a>.
Avatar f tn Hi, As I read from your post, the lump is not on the penis, but, in between the scrotum and the penis. What is its size? It is mostly a calcification of the tissue and since you have not mentioned any inconvenience from it, I would consider it as harmless. However, you need to get a confirmation from a doctor and do not shy away from it.
Avatar n tn A few days ago when I was trying to make a fist I noticed a lump on the back of my right hand. It feels like there is liquid in it and it is deep in my skin(not like a blister). Today I noticed one on my left hand a little smaller but almost symmetrical. I have heard of ganglion cyst near joints but not on the back of a hand. It is about a inch below my knuckles. Has anyone heard of anything like this associated with arthritis or an autoimmune disease.
Avatar n tn I have recently found a small hard lump on the back of my 5 year old son's head on the left hand side. It is approx 1cm in diameter. Hes perfectly fine but the lump is very noticeable. What could this be?