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Avatar m tn I hit the back of my hand with a hammer 4 days ago. It swelled up instantly like a big knot later. It's gotten smaller with a blue tint. I can grab stuff with no pain but the little knot that is still there is painful. The knot is over my metacarpus to my index finger. Did I fracture my hand or is it just a bruise?
Avatar n tn It did not bleed, so I squeezed it - hard. All I got was a small drop. This was on the side of the hand, about an inch from the wrist, where the muscle controlling the little finger starts to bulge. About 6 weeks later, I pushed the hand against a hard surface and it felt like it was pinched with a pair of pliers. When I looked at it, a small bump was forming there. The bump continued to grow, and became very tender, to the point I could not push open a door with the side of my hand.
Avatar f tn I have a warn tender lump on the top of my hand the size of a baby lima bean. I've Iced it but it not seem to help? do I need to see a doctor?
Avatar n tn Hi, My 8 year old son has a lump the size of a marble on the left hand side of his head, just above the hairline. The lump does not move and is not sore. My paternal granmother passed away from non-hodgkins lymphoma 9 months ago which I understand may be genetic. He has a Dr. appointment next week but I am quite concerned and was looking for some advice. Thanks.
Avatar n tn * If you have the fluid drawn out 3 times, your possibility of being cured goes up to 85%, particularly with a cyst on the back of the hand. * If you compare aspiration/injection and surgical removal, in general, cysts return less often after surgery.' Let us know if you need any other information and post us about what your doctor advises. Regards.
Avatar m tn Back in September, I received a boxer's fracture on the 5th metacarpal of my right hand. The bone healed with a downward angulation, so I got surgery (an osteotomy) to get the bone cut and realigned with a metal plate. That's all well and good. Now onto the question... It's about 5 weeks post-op, and I've noticed that at one end of the scar, which runs along the length of the outside of my hand, there is a large lump under the skin that has not gone away.
Avatar m tn 35 male, good health, non-smoker, have had a small, flat red birthmark on back of hand since, well, birth. About 6 weeks ago, noticed a raised bump in the area, it itched a bit, I put cortisone on it, no effect, and then I realized, after a few days, that it was going to stick around. Thought it might be an ingrown hair, but GP said no, suggested it might be a local irritation that got infected, healed, but scarred over with some inflammation.
Avatar f tn I could lay down and have a normal flat belly. I just moved from a weird position to lay flat on my back and I feel a lump on the right side of my tummy. Like the size of half my hand doesn't hurt or anything just nervous since this is just one little lump FTM and all. Any ideas on what it could be???
Avatar n tn Hello, I have a 2 month old baby girl that has a fluid like sac at the crown of her head. Her soft-spot in the back of the head has closed over however the one on the very top is still there. It is noticable to the eye and when touched it will move around. She has been to the doctor and they do not seem to know what it is, blood tests and x-rays have been taken however test results have not came in yet. any suggestions or comments would be great!
Avatar f tn And is sore when I press it. This morning I woke up with a new lum at the back of my neck. It is on the right hand side of my spine facing my ear. It is extremly painful when I touch it. I had not paid much attention to it. But I noticed that at the day went by my right arm started getting numb. And a pain down started to run down my back. Now everytime i take a deep breath it hurts. Please could you let me know what it could be?
428506 tn?1296560999 OK, so I just happened to notice that I have an unevenly shaped lump on the back of my L hand. (I am right-handed). It doesn't hurt when I press on it, and feels too firm to be just fluid. My inital google turned up ganglions, but it is not on my joint and seems perhaps too large? It's about 1.5 inches across, and about 1.5 inches above my wrist (closer to my fingers).
Avatar n tn I also have a small lump on the nuckle of my right thumb which sometimes hurts alot. Are they connected. I am 56 years old and to take daily mutivitamins could the be associated with a calsium or iron over dose ?
Avatar n tn I have a small hard lump on the back of my head, to the right hand side, and it is the size of a marble. It doesn't hurt, but have had a stiff neck this past week. Is this coincidental? and also is it something to be worried about?
Avatar n tn I will start by saying that I have had a raised circular wart on my pinky finger since last year. At the same time I developed what looks like small flat pink warts on the back of my hand. They did not bother me so I was hoping they would just go away. Three weeks ago I developed a tiny pink sore area at the base of my middle finger, right above the knuckle. It turned into a raised circular lump. It is smooth and skin colored expect for a redness at the base.
Avatar m tn Congratulations on the weight loss...that's great. Most likely, if the lump is due to some kind of infection, it will go down on it's own (although not always). If it doesn't go away on it's own in a few weeks then you might want to see your doctor again (or go see a different doctor). Although, I'm sure the ultrasound will help shed some light as to what it is.
Avatar n tn Hi, My 8 year old son has a lump the size of a marble on the left hand side of his head, just above the hairline. The lump does not move and is not sore. My paternal granmother passed away from non-hodgkins lymphoma 9 months ago which I understand may be genetic. He has a Dr. appointment next week but I am quite concerned and was looking for some advice.
Avatar n tn I found a small hard lump on the back my middle finger's midle joint that is painless, and hard as part of the bone (not soft or liquidy). It has been there for few weeks. Today I have a strange feeling in my fingers, a little numbness in the fingers and tingly, non-painful funky feeling for more than 3-4 hours that doesn't go away. What could this be and is it serious??
Avatar n tn lump on hand like a cyst or a boil that will not heal. Sometimes it hurts and when it hurts really bad I sqeeze it to release the pressure. I keep hoping a piece of glass or sliver will pop out the wound on my hand that wont heal below the nuckle on my right pinky. I have now had it for two years. It is the weirdest wound strechy white stringy stuff comes out or little yellowish beady balls come out.
Avatar m tn i have this small pink in colour pimple like lump on my left arm just at the starting of my hand on the upper side. It doesnt pain or anything when i touch it and it has suddenly poped up 2 months ago , i though if i give it time it might go away but it doesnt seem to leave.
Avatar f tn Im having scans tomorrow so will let you know, dont think its knots ive got a big bump left hand side then a cluster on the other side, docs seem to think overies
Avatar n tn Experienced yesterday what felt like a pulled set of muscle(s) starting at base of skull on back left side of neck. Also muscle running down left side of neck as well as down front of neck (to the left of throat) down to collar bone. Pain was not too bad except for front of throat. Today the strain feels better (although I still can feel it), but started feeling symptoms last night that have continued to today.
Avatar n tn My husband, and a few of his friends get those cysts on the back of the hand. None of them have RA or autoimmune disorders.
Avatar n tn Hi This is my first posting on here. About 3 months ago, I got a lump on the knuckle of my right hand ring finger. Shortly afterwards, I developed a 2nd one just underneath this. Initially I assumed they were warts so just left them alone. Now they are slightly painful if I catch them with a cup and the large one on the knuckle looks like it's been caught and has weeped. I intend to go to the doctor but wondered if anyone knew what they might be?
Avatar n tn Hello. I have recently found a small hard lump on the back of my 5 year old son's head on the left hand side. It is approx 1cm in diameter. Hes perfectly fine but the lump is very noticeable. What could this be?
Avatar f tn I have previously had a lump on this side of my face, but it was dismissed by my dentist and my oral surgeon as a minor swelling/potential abcess (though it was never diagnosed as such and that lump was on the right side of my face but in the middle of the cheek and again, not affiliated with the teeth or jaw). Can anyone advise as to what this may be or give me advise as to what I should do next?
Avatar f tn I hope someone can help me here, though I know my best bet is probably to see a dermatologist. I have an odd lump on the left side of my left thigh. It might be a wart, but I had a seed wart on my hand which was very different. This feels like a thick callous, but raised slightly and concentrated in an area about the size of a pea. It is darker than the skin around it, but not really pigmented differently, not like a mole. I don't remember a specific date it appeared, maybe five years ago.
Avatar f tn I an 14 years old and I have a lump on the back of my penis it is hard and it is located between the the ball sack and lover penis please help worried it's cancer