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Avatar n tn none of the topics apply ... my question is: I have a lump in the roof of my mouth. Right smack in the center. Is that normal? Sometimes is flares up and is sore and throbs. And it hurts to eat food or drink anything hot. This has been going on for about 2 to 3 years, I think. I'm not sure exactly how long. I've been diagnosed with high blood pressure, no apparent reason.
Avatar n tn i noticed a small pen size hole in the roof of my mouth. i have had it for about a week. no pain or redness from it. last week i did have sore throat, my daughter had strep throat but i didn't, doctor gave me antibiotics for it. i had bad taste in mouth with the sore throat and noticed the hole after taken the antibiotics. is it an ulcer?
Avatar f tn A week ago I noticed a definite protrusion from the roof of my mouth, almost like a large heavy golfball is sitting above the roof of my mouth and causing it to cave inward. I have facial pain and numbness on the same side, which I have had for years. If I rub the impression on the roof of my mouth with my tongue a bit, it causes my face/front of my cheek on that side to tingle and start hurting with nerve pain.
Avatar f tn About a month ago I noticed a small round lump on the roof of my mouth towards the back, now since I have dentures I normally run my tongue around the upper palate after I take them I know this is kind of new. I had my upper shortened in the back so I know its not the palate of the denture because it doesn't cover it anylonger, but the edge of the denture does push on this spot. It doesnt hurt at all, now this is scaring me!!!!
Avatar n tn Upon running my finger along the roof of my mouth, there is a hard, pea-sized lump on the roof of my mouth. If I open my mouth and look, it is not visible, and is located under the tissue. As this literally began to hurt within a matter of an hour or two, I am wondering if it's some sort of inflammation that will pass. The internet has provided few answers, and pointed me towards cancer: is it possible that cancer could start to bother me that quickly?
Avatar f tn My ten month old son has a lump in the roof of his mouth,its the same colour as the roof .The lump is about the sike of a pea it doesnt seem to cause much discomfort,he,s a little bit upset when eating but i dont know if that is because he is teething.
Avatar n tn I have a large lump in the top of my mouth, and some of my teeth are 3rds and 4ths, I also had polops removed from my ccolon that were not cancer. I don't know of any genetic problems in either side of my family and we are all close so I don't see this being Garners which I only heard about online. What else could this be? The roof of my mouth bothers my and it hurts to get teeth at 38. They only come in when one is removed like the one I'm getting now was pulled 6 years ago.
Avatar n tn For the last three weeks, I have hat a small, hard, painless bump under the skin on the roof of my mouth. It's on the right side of my mouth and is right near where the roof goes down to my teeth. As stupid as this is, I took a needle and punctured it, it did not hurt, bleed or anything like that. I have also been rinsing with antiseptic mouthwash for a week, ther has been no noticable size change. I have no insurance and cannot get to a dentist. Is there anything any one can tell me?
Avatar n tn However about two weeks ago i began to notice a small bump on the roof of my mouth (hard palate). I at first thought i was a pimple, since i believe i got this before, and so i picked it.. but all that happened was it grew back on me... upon further inspection i noticed it has a whitest head and in certain lights almost grey, but im not sure if this is becuase the shadow that the flashlight im using.. it doesnot look like a colliflower like i have seen most warts, but more of a small BB look..
Avatar n tn About 3 weeks ago i noticed what felt like a small bump on the roof of my mouth. I believe i might have had this before and so i decided to pop it, by ripping off the top. After two days the bump had reformed itself. Upon investigating with a light the bump has a white look to it and is about the size of a BB. It has a smooth feel to it and in the mirror does not show any colliflower type shape.
Avatar f tn Hi, I am a 62 year old female and for the last two weeks have been suffering with a mouth that feels as if its on Fire. My tongue stings and burns and the roof of my mouth really hurts. I sometimes feel there is a lump in the right side of my throat. I am at my wits end as nobody seems to have a clue what is wrong. I am getting really worried has anyone else had symptoms like these ot knows anything about them? Many thanks for your help.
Avatar f tn While I was there the dentist pushed on the swollen lump on the left side of my mouth and got it to drain some of the infection out. However, I am still very swollen on the roof of my mouth and it does not seem to be changing. I have been on antiobiotics since 5/14/12. This is very painfully and I am worried since I have had MRSA about 2 yrs ago. Any advise would be greatly appreciated!
Avatar m tn I have a lump on the roof of my mouth towards the back corner. It comes and goes. It used to not happen too often but now I get it every few days, usaully after I eat something. It appears as a little, hard bump and then swells larger and larger until it eventually pops, like a blister or pimple(yeah, I know, kind of gross). Even when it's gone I can still feel a kind of hardness beneath the skin. It first started to appear about 7 months ago. I'm worried it could be mouth cancer.
Avatar n tn I have had a small white-ish colored growth on the roof of my mouth for a little over a year now. Last Dec. my dentist said it was nothing and that was it. Said to come back if it grew. Went to the dentist last week and this time they are referring me to an oral surgeon!
Avatar n tn I have braces, and a few days ago my lips suddenly became very sensitive to them and got cut up, now I have a small lump on the left side of the roof of my mouth, and the right side is extremely swollen and sore. It hurts to swallow, I have extra mucus in my throat. what is going on?should I see my doctor?
Avatar n tn after not eating all day i went to eat a burger and with in the first few bites, the roof of my mouth was inflamed. it hurt so bad, also under my tounge, same thing. it was painfull to swallow, it lasted only an hour or so.. I can still feel lumps in both places, but no pain. its happened in the past but only a few times. one more thing..
Avatar n tn Today I have started another course of antibiotics (3rd in 5 months) and noticed that the bump on the roof of my mouth is not pertruding any more but has larger surface area. Can anyone tell me if it was cancerous would I still be standing 2-3 years later? Or if its likely? Or if theres any other explanation? I should mention I had tooth extraction 2 weeks ago as tooth had chipped away and area had become infected also on right side of mouth.
Avatar m tn Yesterday the pain increased significantly and by last night was bearly tolerable. Late last night a small bump about the size of a large pimple appeared in my mouth, almost on the roof of my mouth above the tooth. By this morning the lump has increased in size, still smaller than a dime but extremely painful. Also experiencing extreme nausea. Is there anything I can do for this at home since I am out of work and there is no money for a dentist/oral surgeon?
Avatar f tn I asked if it could be a build up of dried sinus and if the sinus fluid is trying to find a way out and if it could be the cause of the the bubble in the mouth. I also have some small sore inside the mouth that looks like it's being eaten up by acids. I have had all the tests done to rule out, herpes, cold/kanker sores etc. It is also not mouth cancer. Has anyone checked into this? I have yet to go to my appointment to find out about the sinus.
Avatar f tn In late December my throat was tight, a lump appeared on my lower neck for five days, one say my whole body felt numb and tingly and a lump appeared on the roof of my mouth that went after a week or so, my tongue also got two swollen bumps on it in the centre. Are these HIV symptoms? Should I retest? Is burning mouth syndrome a symptom of HIV? Or am I in the clear 100%?
1954883 tn?1324946482 Hi i have had a soft lump on the roof of my mouth for 4 years .My Dentist said it was a fleshy pink lump like a polyps .He asked me if i wanted to be refered to a Hospital to have it removed .Well as it did not interfere with my dentures .I said no. Well now it is a bind when i put my top dentures in as they take about tem mimuites to settle .Any one had a polyps removed please?
Avatar m tn Hello, For the past couple of weeks the roof of my mouth has been bothering me. When i feel it with my tounge it feels like a bump or lump, but when i look in the mirror and glance at it, there isnt a bump, just looks like lines or veins with the same color as the roof of my mouth. It just annoys me because i am always touching it with my tounge because its there and i would love to find out what it is. I hope someone can help. thanks!
Avatar n tn It commonly involves the lips or the tongue but can also occur on the cheek lining, floor of the mouth, gums and roof of the mouth. In oral cancer there is a sore, lump, or ulcer in the mouth which may be painless at first but can develop pain in later stages. Ulcers can take a couple of weeks to heal and are likely to keep appearing .Correct any underlying iron, vitamin B12 or folate deficiency if present. Do discuss above mentioned possibilities with your doctor. Best wishes and regards!
Avatar n tn About a year and a half ago I used a denture soak to clean my partial and I failed to rinse it off prior to putting it back into my mouth. The result of this was that I "burned" the roof of my mouth. An "imprint" of the outline of the partial was actually quite visable on the roof of my mouth as well as the gums on both sides of the partial. About a month after that incident I suddenely started to bleed right in the center of my mouth directly under the partial.
Avatar m tn For the last 10 years Ive had this lump in the roof of my mouth that comes and goes every 1-2 months. If i remember, it started after having sex as a teen. It's not really painful. More bothersome. Its a long lump near the teeth. Always near the teeth, never at the top of the mouth roof. I usually start washing my mouth with Hydrogen Peroxide when it happens and it's usually gone in a week. Can it be a parasite? Some type of std? I've gone to std clinics years ago and always came out negative.