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Avatar n tn I have a lump next to my ear on the front side. It only hurts when I press on it, it doesn't move, I can't feel it on the inside of my mouth. It is right next to my ear. I have also been feeling achy in my back and neck. I thought maybe I'm fighting an infection that I am unaware of. I have no sinus symptoms or anything. Could this be cancer?
Avatar f tn I have a lump on my jaw just below my ear lobe. It doesn't hurt just looks like I have a gland swollen. Does anyone have any suggestions to what this might be??? I have an appointment next week to have a CT scan done but was wanting to maybe find some ideas before I have it done.
Avatar n tn I have a lump on my jaw since Jan 06. The dentist couldn't help or the oral surgeon. After 9 different antibiotics I went to an ENT. I had a CAT Scan that showed nothing but my jaw was swollen and my neck and very painful. The ENT performed surgery on June 20, 06. It is now August, the lump is still there and my lips on the left side where the lump is, don't work. I can't pucker or talk or eat or spit or drink right since. The ENT dismissed me telling me to gently massage the area.
Avatar n tn Hi i have found a small lump on the left side of my jaw bone i can feel in when i touch the external side but i can not feel it on the inside of my mouth, should i be concerned? it is sore to touch. Your advice would be very grateful as i am a mother of a small newborn and dont want to go to the doc unless it is necessary.
Avatar n tn Hello, I'm a 24YO female and I've had this very small lump on the inner jaw close to the bottom of my mouth for about 4 years. It's under the skin, it doesnt move and it feels like a cyst (I have one behind my ear). But I don't see anything when I look in the mirror and when I read about cysts inside the mouth it says you should see it and that you have to have it removed. Mine doesnt bother me it's just there but I was wondering if it is a cyst or if it could be something else?
Avatar m tn Father had some cancer in his neck/throat, Grandfather had skin cancer 2 years ago I felt a lump in my neck, it was checked out and said to be an enlarged lymph node, it is still enlarged up to now. 3 month ago I felt another lump this time right below my ear on the jaw line, checked again and doctor said it was englarged lymph node Blood tests revealed no lymphoma About 2 months ago I felt a lump in my check near my lower jaw line.
Avatar n tn Hello, I'm a 24YO female and I've had this very small lump on the inner jaw close to the bottom of my mouth for about 4 years. It's under the skin, it doesnt move and it feels like a cyst (I have one behind my ear). But I don't see anything when I look in the mirror and when I read about cysts inside the mouth it says you should see it and that you have to have it removed. Mine doesnt bother me it's just there but I was wondering if it should be something to worry about.
Avatar f tn I had a root canal done about 6 months ago on my left hand side. I now have a lump inside my cheek, towards the upper jaw area. You can not see it inside, you can only feel it. Does anyone know what it can be? My oral surgeon said it was nothing to worry about, but I am very worried.
1261134 tn?1269781554 I have too a picture which you can see from the link below of my mouth, the jump is on my right jaw (left one in photo) as you can see its bigger than the other side. any idea what it is? Thanks.
Avatar n tn I went to a dentist in August 2008 because I had intense pain in my jaw which I knew was most likely a tooth causing it although I didn't know which one because the pain was so bad that I could not open my mouth to eat. I would hold my head & cry. I was told by this dentist that it was my wisdom tooth but I knew it wasn't because as the pain started to subside I had a tooth on the left bottom that was super sensitive.
Avatar n tn I have severe pain in my jaw and it is difficult to close my mouth without tension/pain. It sends stabbing pain both in my jaw and ear at night. I also have a lump on the jaw joint near my ear!!! I has been going on since begining of september.I wake up screaming. It is like some stabbed me with a long knitting needle after held over a flame!!!!!! This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/434413'>Lump on jaw?</a>.
Avatar f tn It was as though I pulled something in my neck. Today I woke up and its very tender and there is a lump about the size of a cherry just to the right of the center about an inch from the tip of my chin. Any suggestions?
Avatar m tn but the small pain and feeling it still there also feel pain infront of my ear and inside mouth around jaw join but open or close jaw doen't feel pain. So should I try a different ENT again?? or can this be cancer?? what should I do now??
Avatar f tn So I came home and researched bony overgrowths in the jaw. Everything I found was on Tori, but my lump doesn't look like those. Plus, tori happen on both sides, mine only happened on one side. Tori are slow growing - mine wasn't there one day and is the next. Plus, now it is uncomfortable and it is bigger (OK - it could be uncomfortable because my tongue won't leave it alone, but it is larger now).
Avatar f tn I have just found a lump on my lower jaw, underneath my ear right at the jaw joint. It is approximately the size of half of a grape. It definitely feels attached to my jaw feels like s grape- not too hard or soft. It is slightly uncomfortable when felt. Any ideas of what this might be? I am going to go ahead see an ENT- but I have month and a half before I could get in. Just a little concerned. Thank you for any help!
Avatar n tn The most obvious cause would be a fistula, which is a drainage site forming from an abcessed tooth. Not everyone will feel pain from a dental fistula - depends on the location and what nerves are nearby. Your first course of action should be to see a dentist.
Avatar f tn ok so the lump seems to have went down a bit i can say that but it is still there but now i can feel a spot in my mouth where the lump will be under PLUS a red spot like thing on my gum next to my tooth dentist tomorow he said he seen an infection on the xray but if was why the antibiotics not take it away and whats with the red bubble like but feels smoth and my mouths a little numb
Avatar n tn Recently, I noticed a small (~.5" dia) lump in the floor of my mouth. It is not visible from above, or below, but I can feel it. It all came in a day, I did not notice it when shaving a couple of days ago, but Friday night my jaw was somewhat sore like I had a cramped jaw muscle (which I get sometimes when yawning), and I felt and noticed the small lump. Should I be concerned that this is cancerous?
1128565 tn?1316724743 I also have some discharge in between two teeth, sometimes slimy and a salty taste in my mouth now and then. I have been referred to oral surgery in the hospital go on the 15th thank goodness. Any ideas ?
Avatar n tn But over the last 4 days I have had a pain in the right side of my jaw. It's painful to yawn and to fully open my mouth. There is now a small bump located directly under my ear, behind my earlobe on my neck inbetween my jaw line and the large muscle on the right side of my neck, that little soft spot or pocket inbetween the skull and jaw.... The pain is moving into my ear and causing me to have headaches all through the day all on the right side of my head. Any ideas what this could be from?
Avatar n tn The one thing that i have noticed is that around the same time i noticed the lump, my gums on top of my wisdom teeth(or where they should be) were tender and swollen, along with tolerable pain in my jaw. so maybe the two are related somehow? I have a tiny jaw and i know that my wisdom teeth are most likely badly impacted. (my moms were also severely impacted) I have a dentist appointment next week so hopefully theyll know what this lump is (do dentists deal with salivary glands?
Avatar n tn I am very scared about a small lump in my neck/under my jaw. Let me start off by saying that I am a healthy (hopefully) 25 year old male. Really, the only thing wrong with me is that I have very bad premature tooth decay which Iave not adequately dealt with that began about 6 years ago. Anyway, a while after having some extensive tooth work done about two years ago, I noticed that I had sore spot under my right jaw.
Avatar m tn my jaw isstill not quite right, i am not able to open my mouth fully, i am limited to two fingers high. my jaw when opens is slightly ascew, also when my jaw open there is a lump under my leftear and not on the right...
Avatar f tn i have a hard lump the size of a marble, situated above my top jaw bone, on the right side, it is painful when pressed, and cannot be moved. you can't see it, any ideas what this could be?
Avatar n tn About four weeks ago I found a painful lump right were my jaw hinge is in front of my ear. After about two weeks it wasn't painful and shrunk in size. Then it started to hurt again and now it has remained the same size since it shrunk and is not painful. When i open my mouth wide i can't feel it there anymore. Don't know what it is?!