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Avatar n tn When I brought her to the vet they told me she had an ear infection and she was feeling the pain in her paw. She has been on an antibiotic and seems to be doing better, however the lump in her neck is getting bigger and bigger. I am trying to make her an appointment but they don't have any openings until December 4th. Does anyone know what this lump could be? I have tried to look it up online but have had no luck. PLEASE HELP.
Avatar m tn my dog has a large lump growing out of the base of one of her nipples and it doesn't seem to bother her. it is soft on the outside and the inside is hard.
1038917 tn?1253502720 My dog Champ who is a yellow lab is 7 years old. He has a lump on his back leg, like on his hip. It is the size of a golf ball, it seems a little swishy but I am not for sure. I noticed it about 1 month ago and just didnt think anything of it, thinking it would go away, well its not gone. He has an apt. this Friday with his vet. I am wondering what it could be, the first thought that comes to my mind is cancer! I am wondering if there is anything else it could be?
Avatar n tn As I kept touching the area I discovered a hard lump in the place where I hit my head. I had since done x-rays and the lump is definitely on the outside of the skull, it is hard, it is not clear if it is a bone growth or a cyst. I am not sure if the lump happened after I hit my head on the faucet or if the lump was already there and I just happened to discover it when I hit my head on the faucet. Could hitting my head on the faucet cause the lump?
Avatar n tn My 13 y.o doberman, has a growing lump on his neck, his liver enzymes were elevated. Could this be a lipomsw, or lymphoma?
375103 tn?1199227274 Just last night I found a hemotoma on my dogs ear. I went through this a few years ago with the other hear. Back then it had drained on it's own by the time we had our appointment with the vet. My question is... can I apply a warm wash cloth with epison salt on it? Could this be a treatment for a few days before I call the vet?
Avatar f tn Tuesday night we came home and noticed a large lump on her side, she could barely walk. My husband got her out side and she had a bowel movement (she ate her dinner @ 5) after she came in she laid on the bathroon floor and just looked very sad. i decided I would take her to the vet in the morning. About an hour later she was laying on the floor in the dining room and was barely breathing. We put her on a blanket and she dies within a half hour.
Avatar n tn This morning the lump seems to have either stopped growing or maybe just a little bigger, but not much. Her appetite has not changed but the swelling makes it hard for her to eat. I'm frustrated because we've already spent $600 and don't have any answers yet. The vets aren't acting as fast as I'd like and Dixie, in the meantime, has to get by in her condition and I'm left to cry and pray. I want them to go in and remove this thing but they act like they don’t want to.
Avatar n tn Thats the bodies way of healing is to boost up immunites to fight the virus, causing the fever. You should have the lump checked out, it could just be a subcutanious cyst that is growing under the skin. Have this checked, most likely they will remove it in the office and send it for pathology. Dont freak til you know what is going on.
Avatar n tn It is only red in color raised and not draining or have a ring around it it is in a circle not odd shaped has hair still growing on it not crusty and no sign of a hole in it . Please help we really cant afford to take to the vet unless we have to.
788041 tn?1236611883 My 2 year old Staffy x Border Collie had a inflammation lump on his back, RIGHT between his shoulder blades. We had the lump removed and tested and found it was nothing serious. Stitches were in him for 11 days and removed, not a problem. That was on a Tuesday. On the Friday, three days later, out of nowhere, he developed a tennis ball sized fluid lump in the surgery area.
Avatar m tn She's in very good health and still has plenty of energy despite her age. About a year and a half ago, my sister noticed a lump growing on her back leg. After a vet examination, it was determined that it was a tumor. At the time, we thought it best to leave it be due to her age, but now the tumor's grown to the point of resembling a grapefruit and is breaking through the skin, ripping her leg open more and more every day. As mentioned earlier, while old she is fit and in very good health.
Avatar f tn Bosley would scratch at it here and there when on his ear. The bump has not been back on his ear. He had another bump appear on the inside of his leg, in which I gently squeezed hard pus out. It refilled 2 more times and stopped growing back. after squeezing I would but an antibiotic ointment on the site. Now he has a bump on his back that looks like the one he had on his ear. Not a zit. same color again as his skin.
595811 tn?1219344677 I have a female Chow Chow mixed and I am very worried about her. She has this Lump on her belly right next to her nipple. It also has a little red sore on it. It is hard and lumpy, but it is not hard like a rock, so I don't think it is cancer. I am going to be taking her to a vet, but I just really want to know what's wrong with my baby. She is pretty old and I know she is more prone to things like this. Please, any advise will help us. Thank You!
Avatar f tn needs to have it removed.....Any lump or growth on a dog needs to be evaluated as soon as they appear.....The longer you wait, the worse it will get & the harder it will be to remove......Your dog needs to see his Vet ASAP......Let us know what you find out!
203342 tn?1328740807 You also have to keep a Predisone prescription on hand in case your dog has a reaction to the lysodren (this is rare). My dog has been on Lysodren now for 6 years. The medicine did not work right away. In fact, her bloodwork did not return to normal until about 2 years. The doctor was patient and kept adjusting her meds until one day it worked. For about 2 years, then, her bloodwork was perfect. Now, she starting to have a little bit of a relapse which is normal.
Avatar f tn Two months ago i had a simple mastectomy with sentinel node biopsy. Stage 1, no lymph involvement so no chemo or radiation. Since then, I have a hard area growing immediately under the incision. It looks like a "hot dog" under the skin. It runs the entire length of the incision, sticks out about an inch from my chest and is more than an inch deep at its "tallest" spot. I've asked my surgeon, who says it's not uncommon to get "lumps and bumps" after mastectomy.
Avatar n tn Do I personally think surgery to remove this, on a 16 year old dog with serious heart issues -is a good idea? No, I don't. But the pacemaker might allow him to survive the surgery.....however implanting the pacemaker is a risk in itself! Quite a lot of older dogs go through surgery ok. But it depends on what surgery, and it depends on their overall condition for their age. I they are generally well, the risks are greatly lessened. It sounds as if he is in quite bad shape.
Avatar n tn My dog just had his testicles removed less than two months ago because of a growth he had on them them was growing rapidly. he used to get cysts on a regular basis but the always went away then a new one would form and drs always said they were be-nine but then he got one that just grew and grew for over a month and we had to get them removed and my sister had to put it on her care card because it cost over 800 dollars.
Avatar f tn my dog has similar, my dog passed it on to my other dog after having kennel cough or some kind of horrible flue. My vet looked at the eye and said not to worry, doesn't look serious but i think it is more and doing research, i cannot narrow it down. Along with the eyelid bumps, they both have occasional minor gagging. I think it is some kind of virus, guess I will have to have blood test?
Avatar m tn This thigh lump came up two months before this lump on my bum cheek. Do you have any idea what this could be? Could it be connected to the carbuncle/cyst on my thigh? They are quite far apart but on the same side.... but the carbuncle/cyst is healing nicely now. Both lumps have occurred in hairy areas of skin that are susceptible to friction.
2203919 tn?1338818455 Misfits4me gave some excellent advice above. I second this. You should take your dog to the vet quickly and get this lump properly checked. The fact that it is growing in size means it needs attention, especially as your dog is getting some discomfort from it.
Avatar n tn my 5 year old dog has had a scab on her right left leg.. The groomer always mentioned it, well she pulled it off the other day. I looked and it was an actual hole in her skin. I cleaned it with a q-tip and it was somewhat clean. The scab was a long soft plug.. I am concerned could this be cancer? She has another one growing this quickly in the same hole.. She wasnt in pain when the groomer twisted it off.. I dont know why she would have done that, I was annoyed.
Avatar f tn I didn’t think much of it at that time but as time progressed lump seemed like it was growing. The lump was right below the anal and my dog more frequently scratched his butt on the carpet. Finally the partial skin peeled off and started bleeding. I took my dog to the vet and my vet recommended lump removal surgery and also neutering him at the same time. All was done and I brought him from vet yesterday and I noticed that the stitched area wasn’t covered with any bandage.
Avatar m tn Based on what I have read here I am making another appointment. Someone brought up food. I have him on Nutro dog food and the refrigerated rolls of meat made by Nature. I also feed him chopped vegetables and olive oil as part of his diet (to offset the effects of the steroids). We live in the Pacific Northwest, where most of the time it is damp and cold - not good weather for a dog with hip displaysia.