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Avatar f tn I am concerned about a growing lump at the base of my ear on the jawline. It starte two nights ago with acute pain. The size of the lump has grown as has the pain. It is also showing bruising.
Avatar n tn My friends dog is a 9 year old cockapoo, and the other day I noticed she had a red bloody spot in her fur behind her head, on the backside of her neck. The lump is about the size of a walnut; hard and leaking small amounts of blood. My friends not sure if the dog scratched it to make it bleed, so she took a close look at the sore spot and gently squeezed it getting more blood and puss out of it. She then washed it with antiseptic wash and covered it.
Avatar f tn Headache, neck ache, diarrhea, feeling of lump in throat, neck feels fat, tiered, voice change, dificalty breathing, dificalty eating,
Avatar n tn my cockapoo has a lump on the back of her neck were a tick was removed a year or longer ago it left a small lump and its getting bigger size of dime or it could have been when she got a shot a year ago or so shes not sick and it doesnt bother her what could it be?
155639 tn?1251738603 Phoned vet and since he was eating and not lathargic it was not an emergency. Now it is Sunday and his neck area still is enlarged, it has not increased in size and not sure if it has gone down, maybe a little. He is still acting well and eating. Any ideas on what this is. Am I looking at the possibility of lymphoma? Thank you so much I am very worried about my dog and will be bringing him to the doctor tomorrow evening.
Avatar n tn My 9 month old lurcher has a lump the size of a golfball on the back of his neck. It has come up virtually overnight so I am thinking it could be something to do with his microchip. He was chipped at 4 months by the blue cross before we adopted him. I am taking him to the vet obviously but has anyone else had the same problem? Michelle is your dog also chipped?
Avatar f tn there's a lump in the back of my neck. it hurts. and it's driving me a little nuts.
768754 tn?1373918737 Saw Dr. Hall for lump on right side of neck.
Avatar n tn my dog has a lump on the side of her neck...not in the middle--more under her cheek. she is a boston terrier and is overweight and has a couple of soft fatty tumors on her body but this lump on her neck is new. I just noticed it today and its abt the size of a golfball, soft and she doesn't cry when i squeeze it gently. what could this be? It doesn't seem to have a head like an abscess would.
Avatar m tn My 16yr old Schiperkke was backed over by a neighbor on a cell phone. Dog went to vet and x-rays revealed nothing broken,"Her fat may have saved her life". While that is very funny, after a long recovery, she still has a mass where the tire pinched her butt to the ground.She gets along OK but now has poop sticking to her fur,as her tail is no longer inside her tail flap,(Skips don't have tails).So I deal with that. But a year later?, the flappy large area is still there. The Vet.
Avatar m tn I recently noticed that my dog looked like he had a lump on his head on one side of his face. The vet advised that this was not a lump but his bone and that the muscle tissueon the side of his face has wasted away due to nerve damage in his Jaw. He had aan operation to move a growth inside his mouth last year could this be cause of the nerve damage , the nerve being severed or damage during the operation. The vet has now put him on steroids .
Avatar n tn my dog has a lump on his neck what might that be it seems like its getting smaller
900105 tn?1241939323 and I doubt that they are related. It could be the type of lump that is related to homonal levels in the body. In any event I would suggest that you make an appointment with you Dr. for a clinical breast exam and possibly an Ultrasound to determine the nature of the breast lump. Anything new or different involving the breasts should NEVER be overlooked for any reason. Regards ...
914782 tn?1243435663 I went to Dr. on this day "lump" in left side of my neck, swelling and popping in my right knee, pain in back of my neck, knot in my back on left side, c/o difficulty swallowing, general weakness, fatigue, malaise.
Avatar n tn ulta sound on lump in right arm, showed as normal extreme lathargy and burning pain in neck
Avatar f tn The dog may have a permanent bend in the erect ear, but the pocket of fluid has not returned - been at least two months. Our dog has also developed lumps on his face and neck, just two so far. They were removed with surgery and biopsy done. No cancer and these have not returned. I have no way of knowing if this relates, but it does suggest there are more aggressive measures that may be indicated.
Avatar n tn I noticed the last day or so my dogs skin seem to be drooping like a double chin under his jaw an when I was petting him I noticed a hard lump just below his jaw in his neck. Now it seems his whole right side is swollen and now his eyelid is swollen an our vet cant see him till next week. He is a Minnature Pinscher four years old.
Avatar n tn We had planned to get the little lump removed in february of 2008. Recently, the little lump grew huge like it did in the past before we gave her antibiotics only this time its acting like a cyst or a boil on a person. I noticed a tiny bit of blood coming from the lump and i thought to believe it was because of her playing with our cat. Well it squirted out brown puss and blood and there appears to be a hole in the lump. It is draining.
Avatar n tn Went to Dr. today to see what she had to say about lump in my neck. She feels its a swollen gland but doesn't know why it's so swollen. She did a chest xray to check lymphnoid action...seemed to be clear she said. They also drew blood. We'll see what that has to say in a few days. If it continues or gets bigger in 2 weeks I need to give her a call and may do a catscan at that time.
Avatar f tn A large lump has grown in middle of the back of our ten-year-old Husky mix. He also has large lumps around his neck and chest areas, years back the vet said they were just cysts, and unless they interfered with his normal behavior, not to worry. But this lump on his back is exactly where he injured it about eight years ago. His mate and him charged up the back steps and our Husky fell off and wrenched it somehow, he kind of had an arched back for a while there.
630173 tn?1234278714 woke up and noticed a lump just below my ear.
Avatar n tn For the past maybe two years I have had charlie horses occuring in my neck. Or maybe its in my throat because when a charlie horse comes about, if I swallow, it tightens it more. The on-set of the charlie horse I have noticed has varied. I had one once after coughing up some water I had swallowed while swimming. Another time I was playing with my dog on my bed (laying on my back) and extended my head back and a charlie horse started.
Avatar n tn if you have already gone to the vet, i would go back. recently my dog had a lump removed from her upper back. i had gone to the vet after i noticed a lump. It was moveable, and the vet thought it was cancer. i brought her to a specialist who thought it was not cancer, that it was a hemotoma. He told me if it grow, spreads, etc we need to have it tested. we had it tested with a needle, and they found cancer cells.