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Avatar m tn I'm a 16 year old male, and i've had a lump under my armpit for about a month now, and i was wondering if anyone could give me any insight as to what it is. It isn't very big, it doesn't hurt, although it can get a bit tender if i mess with it, it's pretty hard, and seems to be under the skin. I read somewhere that using an antiperspirant can cause bumps like this, and i use Mitchum Unscented roll on. Does anyone know if this has any type of connection?
Avatar n tn my dog has a small lump behind his left front leg. it causes no pain what could it be?
Avatar f tn Quite often they are pasty in texture but sometimes they are hard. They show up as a white lump under her skin. They do not bother her, except when I squeeze them. We feed her a mixture of home made dog food and Purina Dog Chow. Are these common on this type of dog? I am trying to find out information as to what they might be and what we can do to prevent them.
Avatar n tn My dog has a pea size lump on the side of her neck just under her jaw, and I can pick it up with her skin, what can this be? I discovered it about 2 weeks ago, still same size.
155639 tn?1251742203 Hello, My dog, Nugent, male Lab/Sheppard Mix, 8 years old. 3 1/2 weeks ago underwent surgery to remove 5 lipomas from belly, one lipoma was very large and grew around ribs. Vet spent some time to make sure he removed it all. Per vet, these were not canerous and were lipomas. Nugent recovered and was fine. Fast for to Friday, May 9th. Came home and went to feed my 2 dogs. Noticed that Nugent had what appeared as "extra skin" hanging down from his neck under his collar.
Avatar m tn I have a labrador dog that has a lump under his neck. It just randomly appeared after being sick, i'm guessing that still considers him sick. He is 6-7 months old and he has never received any shots. While breathing he makes a semi-loud wheezy noise, and when he swallows it looks like it bothers him every 5 swallows or so. At first i thought it was just dangling skin, but no, this is a ball type thing, not major, but it feels kind of like theres liquid inside of there.
Avatar n tn When you feel the lump, does it move freely under the skin, or does it seem to be attached to deeper tissues? The reason I ask is that dogs can get all kinds of benign growths at various points in their lives, and those usually can be moved around pretty freely under the skin. As long as the dog isn't biting and clawing at it to the point that the skin is broken, there shouldn't be a problem.
Avatar n tn Thats the bodies way of healing is to boost up immunites to fight the virus, causing the fever. You should have the lump checked out, it could just be a subcutanious cyst that is growing under the skin. Have this checked, most likely they will remove it in the office and send it for pathology. Dont freak til you know what is going on.
Avatar n tn My dog has had these bumps on his skin for quite some time. Every time I take him to the vet they say something different. From normal to staph to skin tags. Buffett (dog) has gotten really lethargic the lump on his lower back (upper hind quarter) has gotten so big that the hair is unable to lay flat, and now he has two others starting to grow. One on his leg and one under his neck at the breast bone area. I have talked with the vet numerous times but with no clear cut answere.
Avatar f tn After about a week on the medication I noticed a decrease in the drinking and an increase in energy. I then noticed a lump under his eye which was a tooth root abscess. He was given clindamycin (sp?) and after about 2 days on the antibiotic he started the excessive drinking again. A urine cortisol test was done after about a week on the antibiotic with even more elevated results.
Avatar m tn My Puppy Lab Mix has a small lump about the size of my pinky finger nail under the skin on his right ear. It is smooth, round and moveable. It doesn't seem to bother him, even when I move it around. Should I be concerned about this and take the dog back to the vet?
Avatar f tn I tried to remove one with tweezers, and it was very tacky (as in sticky) and clearly goes deep under the skin. Part of it broke off but I could still see that the pore was plugged and a day or two later top of the plug was sticking out again. i can't find ANYTHING online that looks like it.
Avatar m tn ( Funny thing is I'm not depressed, my life was quite good until this bug showed up. I can feel them crawling under my skin, they hang out in my ear (not sure if under the skin or just in the canal) all day, it's gross. No one in the house (my wife and 3 kids) can feel them. My wife has bites all up and down her legs and even a protruded ring looking this on her forearm. As you might have imagined I'm loosing my mind and life, nothing is the same.
Avatar n tn I had the same problem - red swollen itchy eye which started on the skin just under my left eye as the weeks went on it spread to the eye lid, the bridge on my nose, between my eye brows and to to skin round my other eye. it drove me in sane it was so imbarassing going into work. On the days it wasn't as red it was very dry bumpy and scaly horrible. The attack lasted months and the skin was starting to look wrinkly!
Avatar m tn It doesn't move around under the skin, it seems stationary. He has an appointment for his last set of shots in two weeks. If there is no change, would it be okay to wait until then? Would this also possibly be the bulbous gland?
Avatar n tn My dog has about a 1.5" round lump on her abdomen on one side. It is not firm, very soft. There are darker spots on it, and it has yellow crust on it. It's not a smooth lump, but a bit bumpy. I havent a clue what it is, and we can't call the vet until Monday. I have a photo. She is a 2 year old lab.
203342 tn?1328740807 com/wiki/Dog_Cushings_DiseaseIt will explain everything to you. My dog was just diagnosed with Cushings she is 10years old. She is a Siberian Husky and she has a longer life expectancy so I am treating her. She has had all the symptoms you describe. Panting, drinking water like crazy, back legs very weak and lost a lot of muscle, eating like a wild dog,up all night has to pee all the time even in the house which she NEVER EVER did before. She lost her eyesight but that doesn't bother her much.
Avatar f tn Is the lump oozing/open or is it just a lump you can feel under the skin? If it is open, it may be an abcess which needs to be drained. If it is a lump under the skin perhaps it is something that is having a hard time being passed from her rectum? An abcess is fairly easy to treat, drain and it usually goes away in a few days. Peroxide or topical antibiotic if necessary. The lump may present several different secenarios, something she can't pass or may pass in a few days.
Avatar n tn He has not lost any weight recently. The hard bump is just under the skin and is about the size of a walnut. I took him to the vet today and she recommended general anesthesia and surgical removal with pathological analysis. I was expecting removal due to the recent change and addition of new hard lump. I wasn't expecting general anesthesia would be necessary due to location. I am confused and don't know that the best treatment could be. 1.
Avatar f tn Two months ago i had a simple mastectomy with sentinel node biopsy. Stage 1, no lymph involvement so no chemo or radiation. Since then, I have a hard area growing immediately under the incision. It looks like a "hot dog" under the skin. It runs the entire length of the incision, sticks out about an inch from my chest and is more than an inch deep at its "tallest" spot. I've asked my surgeon, who says it's not uncommon to get "lumps and bumps" after mastectomy.
Avatar n tn What does the lump feel like? If you feel it, can you kind of 'lift' it up underneath the skin and wobble it around? Has it got distinct, rounded edges to it? When you do this feeling around, how is he with that? Does he show any pain when you do? If it's not 'attached' to anything underneath, and wobbles around under the skin it most likely is a cyst. This can wait a little while as it's not critical, but it's still wise to get the vet to check it out.
375103 tn?1199227274 Dogs with floppy ears tend to have somewhat more ear issues than dogs with pointed, upright ears. Your dog may have a very simple, easily treated cyst-like formation in the ear flap; or an infection (like a big zit); a swelling from a bug bite; or something more serious. Until you find out for certain, I wouldn't mess with it too much. If it's infection, squeezing it will force that junk into the surrounding tissues and just make the problem worse.
Avatar m tn Its almost like once one kind of food hurts her stomach she wont try it again. We have tried Canidae, Califorinia Natural, Evo, and Purina food. Now the only thing she eats are nibbles of eggs, carrots, and brown rice. She has had to have an IC from the vet twice for not drinking. We were thinking that maybe protein could hurt her stomach/liver? Also, btw, she came from a very dirty rescue place.
Avatar n tn To your concern, have you thought about getting your dog x-rayed? It sounds to me like she is building fluid under her skin or she could be bleeding inside..just something to look at. I think it is good to go to other vets to get fresh ideas. You can pick up copies of your paperwork that you paid for. Don't feel bad doing this if you decide to do so. Your vet might be very good, but I had one that I tried to trust and she almost killed my dog, and then demanded money for treating her.
675347 tn?1365464245 I can actually 'lift it up' under the skin and wobble it about. It gives her no pain. It is about 1/2 inch in diameter. Of course I am taking her again to have this looked at, but does this sound like it could be a cancerous lump to you? I certainly don't think it's a lymph node, but who am I to know..? Thanks for any advice you can give.
Avatar n tn I noticed the last day or so my dogs skin seem to be drooping like a double chin under his jaw an when I was petting him I noticed a hard lump just below his jaw in his neck. Now it seems his whole right side is swollen and now his eyelid is swollen an our vet cant see him till next week. He is a Minnature Pinscher four years old.
Avatar n tn I heard that sometimes a tick will bury itself under a dogs/cats skin and the spot gets infected which makes it red and raised. I would still try to have it checked out. Most areas have a humane society which will normally look at it for little or no money.