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Avatar f tn I have this large lump under my skin on my butt by my thy, for about a month. Its very painful especially when I sit. There used to be pimples there but they went away and now I have this hard ball like lump under my skin, but u can't see it except there is some discoloration like a pimple. its like the size of a marble and it hurts. What is this? Should I get it checked out? Should I see if it goes away?
Avatar f tn My dog (whipet) recently had surgety to remove a large segment of skin on her abdomen due to skin cancer. It has been approximately 2 months since the major surgery and now a hard lump the size of a walnut has appeared under her skin near where I think the internal stitches would still be. What could be the possible causes of such a lump? I have booked in to revisit the vet but am very worried the cancer has now spread...
Avatar n tn my dog has a small lump behind his left front leg. it causes no pain what could it be?
Avatar f tn I have an older large dog. He has several lumps around his body - the vet just said they're warts, and wasn't at all concerned about them. Some are under the skin, some grow raised and bare of hair (no skin discoloring.) Some are larger than others, none seem painful to the touch. Most are pretty small, a quarter inch in diameter, and he has maybe 8 of them. They are kind of firm, but still fleshy (to me, they feel like the swollen lymph node I once had on my neck.
Avatar n tn My dog has a pea size lump on the side of her neck just under her jaw, and I can pick it up with her skin, what can this be? I discovered it about 2 weeks ago, still same size.
Avatar n tn My dog has had these bumps on his skin for quite some time. Every time I take him to the vet they say something different. From normal to staph to skin tags. Buffett (dog) has gotten really lethargic the lump on his lower back (upper hind quarter) has gotten so big that the hair is unable to lay flat, and now he has two others starting to grow. One on his leg and one under his neck at the breast bone area. I have talked with the vet numerous times but with no clear cut answere.
Avatar n tn My dog has a soft lump under his jaw and this morning his face was swollen on the same side as the lump. His whole face wasn't swollen, just the jowel on the same side as the lump. I have an appointment to take him to the vet but was wondering if anyone had any ideas of what this might be.
Avatar m tn I'm a 16 year old male, and i've had a lump under my armpit for about a month now, and i was wondering if anyone could give me any insight as to what it is. It isn't very big, it doesn't hurt, although it can get a bit tender if i mess with it, it's pretty hard, and seems to be under the skin. I read somewhere that using an antiperspirant can cause bumps like this, and i use Mitchum Unscented roll on. Does anyone know if this has any type of connection?
Avatar f tn A few days ago while I was in the shower I noticed this bump on my bikini line. I decided to try to pop it and eventually it did, but now I look at it and there is a uncomfortable hard lump underneath my skin where the bump originally was. I'm not sure what it is could it be a ingrown hair, cyst, growth or something worse?
Avatar f tn Dogs do tend to develop lumps of one kind or another, particularly as they mature, and most are cysts or fat deposits under the skin and nothing to be concerned about. The only real way of being certain about a suspicious lump is to have it analysed. A vet will insert a needle into the lump, remove some tissue cells and have them analysed under a microscope. Just ask your vet to perform this test if you are at all worried or concerned.
Avatar f tn Is the lump oozing/open or is it just a lump you can feel under the skin? If it is open, it may be an abcess which needs to be drained. If it is a lump under the skin perhaps it is something that is having a hard time being passed from her rectum? An abcess is fairly easy to treat, drain and it usually goes away in a few days. Peroxide or topical antibiotic if necessary. The lump may present several different secenarios, something she can't pass or may pass in a few days.
Avatar m tn t move around under the skin, it seems stationary. He has an appointment for his last set of shots in two weeks. If there is no change, would it be okay to wait until then? Would this also possibly be the bulbous gland?
Avatar f tn Hershey is a 10 year old Australian Shepard hasn't had much health problems other than three ear surgeries on his ears for burst blood vessels. Today I found a lump next to his penis it's not the other set of "balls" as I call them. It's roundish and moves but doesn't feel like its free moving. Seems to be connected under the skin it doesn't seem to bother him to the touch.
Avatar m tn My Puppy Lab Mix has a small lump about the size of my pinky finger nail under the skin on his right ear. It is smooth, round and moveable. It doesn't seem to bother him, even when I move it around. Should I be concerned about this and take the dog back to the vet?
Avatar n tn My 5 month old dashund puppie has lump on the left side of his neck, right under his jaw-line. He's acting normal but its the size of a grape and has me worried. It doesn't seem to hurt him when i touch it. do you know what it is and what should i do?
Avatar n tn When you feel the lump, does it move freely under the skin, or does it seem to be attached to deeper tissues? The reason I ask is that dogs can get all kinds of benign growths at various points in their lives, and those usually can be moved around pretty freely under the skin. As long as the dog isn't biting and clawing at it to the point that the skin is broken, there shouldn't be a problem.
Avatar f tn i have a male shitzu that has a lump on his right side right under his chin,what could it be?
Avatar m tn Though, I have decided to make another one, since I have more information. I have a lump under my penis skin that is somehow hard. I had it for about 3 months. I woke up one morning having it. I am a virgin, so it is not related to sexual activities. The problem was associated with a curvature of the penis when it is semi-flaccid. I had a curvature to my penis even before the beginning of this problem but I did not have a semi-flaccid curvature.
Avatar n tn I've been to an OB/GYN and have had a mammogram and breast sonogram for a lump under my left nipple. They diagnosed it as a cyst. This was about 2 months ago, and it just went away. (BTW I am 46) A couple days ago my dog stepped on my breast and the cyst came back and it hurts SO badly. Is this normal for the cyst to come back? What can I do about the pain?
Avatar f tn Quite often they are pasty in texture but sometimes they are hard. They show up as a white lump under her skin. They do not bother her, except when I squeeze them. We feed her a mixture of home made dog food and Purina Dog Chow. Are these common on this type of dog? I am trying to find out information as to what they might be and what we can do to prevent them.
1202152 tn?1265471495 Do you think the lump is hard or does it fill like its filled with fluid? Could be a hematoma , but it would be the best idea to take your puppy do the veterinarian. Better safe than sorry.
Avatar n tn I ignored it assuming it was nothing and over the course of 2 weeks the lump got larger (size of a dime/quarter) and my entire foot started swelling. I then proceeded to have another lump under my right knee cap (size of a nickel). Both of these lumps were tender to touch, red in color and somewhat painful. They both were hot to the surface. I went to the doctors and they assumed I had a bacterial infection that my body was fighting. I went on antibiotics and the lumps did not go away.
Avatar f tn they look as if there going to pop also under my armpit is a uncomfortable bump under the skin??? im 21 years old and im scared of whats going on with my bodie ... the bump under my arm is getting bigger by day and seems to be spreading ?? mabye someone out there will be able to help?
Avatar f tn Big lump on the left breast, visible under the skin. Dense nodular mass. Infection? Antibiotics? Pain in left armpit. Linked to lump? Radiologist did U/S of armpit and says it's muscular pull? But I think it is linked to the lump on my left breast. Chronic Cough linked to the lump as well???
Avatar m tn s a really helpful article that may help you narrow this down. From your description, this lump seems under the skin but erupting to a bump (bug bite in appearance). To me, this sounds possibly like a lipoma. These are not cancer. If you feel this is skin cancer, again, please see a dermatologist at once.
Avatar m tn The lump needs testing. They think it IS skin cancer? It could be biopsied, so you would know. It may need what's called an "incisional biopsy" where the lump is removed, but if she came through the emergency spay (I presume for Pyometra?) -she should sail through an anesthetic for the lump. It might be good for you to know for sure if this is cancer? It all depends on what stage the cancer is at. Some cancers can be cured by surgery alone. Some do need follow-up chemo.
Avatar f tn I have a painful throbbing red lump the size of a nickel under my right breast. I'm 42. This developed at end of my cycle but is staying the same. I've had it fir 6 days. It aches if pressed or bumped. I can squeeze my fingers around it but it is attached under the skin. Help.